Greenland eyes independence – large-scale raids in Crimea

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

ETA peace conference called for May 4

Basque separatist group ETA hands over weapons and munitions

Baloch activists protest in South Korea against Pak atrocities

Balochistan: Iranian forces shot dead three Baloch men, injured one

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted Eleven people in past few days

World Sindhi Congress participates in UN forum on indigenous issues

Anwar Maqsood apologizes for racist depiction of Sindhi culture

Sindhi political party protests against Pak’s atrocities

Are indigenous people united under the United Nations?

Ogoni-Land: Reception of UNEP Report, and Biafra

Biafra: IPOB members appeal proscription order

BIAFRA: Thousands of IPOB members from all over the world heads to Washington to protest against Buhari during meeting with Trump

Hmong chief ambushed, family killed

Attack on Hmong leader well planned, police say

Language club helps preserve Hmong culture in the US

Student Org Brings Awareness to Hmong Culture

Tapura wins first round of French Polynesia election

Bickering as French Polynesia prepares for second vote

Chinese diplomats accused of illegally occupying a French Polynesian mansion

Georgia joins European Year of Cultural Heritage with dozens of events

Red Cross Identifies Remains of Abkhazia Conflict Victims

Bibilov Invites Bashar Al-Assad to Occupied S. Ossetia

Nauru advocates for South Ossetia at UN

Israel Denies Mossad Gunned Down Palestinian In Kuala Lumpur

Palestinians file complaint against Israel under anti-racism treaty

How Natalie Portman became the latest Israel-Palestine flashpoint

12 year-old Palestinian shot by Israel army sniper loses leg

Tokelau’s first newspaper aims keep islanders informed about climate change

Chinese Hackers Targeted Japanese Defense Firms

China’s intimidation in the South China Sea poses an economic threat to Vietnam

China flexes muscles with ‘Guam killer’ missile; new drills near Taiwan

Despite Chinese Pressure, Taiwan Keeps Its Press Free

Moldova identifies dozens of fighters in Donbas

Maghrebi parties eye resuscitating moribund regional grouping

Algerian Berbers March for Independence of Kabylie

14th International Festival of Amazigh Culture in Morocco

Love, books and roses

Political overtone at Catalan celebration of patron saint

Spanish police ‘ban yellow’ at Barcelona game

Eduard Márquez: I am a Catalan writer and I want independence for my country

Catalan crisis: Switzerland to offer good offices but not interfere

St Andrews right to defend Catalan academic

Spanish home affairs minister under fire for confiscation of yellow shirts at football final

Jordi Sànchez punished for recorded message in election campaign

Catalan union in court over November strike

Unemployment in Catalonia drops to lowest level since crisis began

Junqueras requests transfer to Catalan prison

Barcelona rejects controversial La Manada verdict

Impact on Catalonia of six months under direct rule

Germany rejects Spain’s petition to award officers who arrested Puigdemont

Lawyer Anwar: Ponsati faces a death sentence if extradited

850km march towards Madrid prisons to support jailed Catalan leaders completed

World’s Sinking Islands Challenge Our Imagination

Some Scientists Predict These Islands Are Doomed, But That’s Not the Whole Story

Islands comb own shores for solutions to environmental pressures

Rising Seas Will Render Many Pacific Islands Uninhabitable by Mid-Century, Study Says

Europe’s Depopulation Time Bomb Is Ticking in the Baltics

Earth Day Curaçao 2018 – Klein Curaçao Clean-up

Uyghurs in XUAR’s Ghulja City Held in at Least Five ‘Political Re-Education Camps’

Kazakh Man Recounts ‘Reeducation’ In Western Chinese Camp

Uyghur Professor and Poet Abdulqadir Jalaleddin Detained in Xinjiang Capital Urumqi

Thousands March in Brussels to Protest Mass Detentions of Uyghurs

Please Sign Petition Calling on EU to Demand Release of Approximately 1 Million Uyghurs Arbitrarily Detained in ‘Re-education’ Camps!

Where Does The Caribbean Rank On Press Freedom?

French tycoon Vincent Bolloré accused of swaying elections in Guinea and Togo

Canadian police frees Khalistani ‘separatist’ Hardeep Nijjar after 24 hours in custody

Family does its part to keep Navajo language alive

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Battles to Keep Land

Trump challenges Native Americans’ historical standing

Trump Administration Supports Changing Indian Health Programs That Will Sabotage Treaty Rights

Native Tribes Could Lose Federal Recognition of Tribal Sovereignty Under Trump

A Pope Given to Apologies Has Nothing for Indigenous Canada

Why Is Oklahoma City Blocking This School for Native American Kids?

‘Real Indian’ running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren sues after city tells him to stop calling her ‘Fake Indian’

It’s developers vs Native Americans in battle over Berkeley shellmound

Brazil’s Indigenous March in Brasilia for Rights and Land

Inuit upset about Russian rocket splashdown in Arctic waters

Indigenous Remains Do Not Belong to Science

Canadian dies in ‘lynching’ in Peruvian Amazon, accused of killing an indigenous shaman

The hidden history of Indigenous stereotypes in tabletop games

Revitalizing Indigenous Education and redefining scholarship

Savagery of One True Religion

Alberto Fujimori to Stand Trial in Forced Sterilizations Case

Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World’s Largest

10 bipartisan senators push back on Medicaid work requirements for Native Americans

Gwich’in Leaders Gather to Re-Affirm Opposition to Arctic Refuge Drilling

Navajos: Utah County Wants Native Candidate Off Ballot

Brazil’s indigenous people protest against land threats

The Government of Canada Announces Funding to Support Indigenous Languages in Southern Alberta

Ban On Non-Cherokee Media In Tribal Council Chambers Sparks Free Press Debate

New Inuit program launches to prevent community support workers from quitting

Paulette Jordan, hoping to become 1st ever Native American governor, says she refuses to ‘wait my turn’

MP seeks probe into Adivasi youth’s death

Dalit, Adivasi organisations to form larger alliance

Australia’s forgotten indigenous World War II veterans

Aboriginal men’s alliance to start after Tamworth Pitch Night

Traditional Aboriginal sign language from Central Australia highlighted in Hobart Language Day

ANZAC Day: Australians recall ‘The Frontier Wars’ against Aboriginal people

Anzac Day marked with Frontier Wars protest and Black Diggers March

Respecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as Renewable Energy Grows

Native Knowledge: What Ecologists Are Learning from Indigenous People

Shifting Geopolitics May See Movement in Western Sahara

Swedish parties call on their government to recognize Sahrawi State

UN Security Council calls on Morocco, Polisario Front to hold negotiations without prerequisites

Estonia most westernized country among former Soviet republics

Reading North: Books in the Arctic

Fix it like Finland: ‘Nowadays there isn’t a single rough sleeper on Helsinki streets’

Finland will end its basic income experiment in 2019

Czechs to open honorary consulate in Jerusalem

Germany pledges continued support to Kurdistan, will facilitate voluntary return of thousands of Iraqis

US, KRG lay cornerstone for new Consulate building in Erbil

Turkish Speaker threatens MP with expulsion over phrase ‘Kurdish provinces’

Kurdish parties under pressure by Iraqi military authorities in disputed areas: PUK

HDP lawmaker urges Turkey to recognize Armenian Genocide

36 Kurds detained by security forces in Iran last month: Hengaw

Turkey sentences over dozen journalists to decades in jail

Era of racism against Kurds in Iraq ‘over,’ says Iraqi PM Abadi in Sulaimani

Curfew announced in 70 Kurdish villages, hamlets in Turkey

KDP calls for investigation of Oct. 16 attacks on Kirkuk

KRG delegation launches 2-week visit in Washington to meet with US officials, congressmen

Salih Muslim warns of ‘dangerous’ demographic change in Afrin, calls on UN to respond

Erdogan’s Revenge and the Kurdish Dilemma

French troops arrive in Kurdish-controlled northeastern Syria: reports

German party wants to ban arms export to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Iraqi military rule in disputed areas restricts Kurdish parties’ elections campaign: Party Officials

Pompeo visits Saudi Arabia, Israel, promises tough stand against Iran

Years in prison wanted for Demirtas as HDP prepares to nominate him for Turkey presidency

Turkey’s top Kurdish politician to run for president from behind bars

KDP’s struggle for Kurdistan’s right to self-determination will continue: Nechirvan Barzani

Kite-flying Yazidis trained to film genocide sites

Yazidis facing forced conversion to Islam after capture of Afrin

Yazidis who never came down Sinjar mountain

Like a Schindler for Iraq, This Unlikely War Hero Freed Women From ISIS

Ronak Ali Yazdin returns from Sweden to run for Yezidis in Iraqi elections

RDPP, UNICEF, UNFPA announce projects to aid survivors of sexual violence in Iraq

Should there be the same legal protection for the Welsh language as for race or religion?

Liz Saville Roberts aims to get the Welsh language protected under the Equality Act

Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts told to ‘GET A LIFE!’ after comparing Welsh jokes to Islamophobia

The new chair of Welsh Labour lives in Bolton in England

Calls for impact of new housing developments on Welsh language to be assessed

Now is chance for Kosovo deal, says Serbian president – but at what cost?

Tusk Urges Kosovo, Serbia To Work Harder At Normalizing Ties To Join EU

Serbia Bars Croatia’s Defense Minister in Tit-For-Tat Move

Nine West Papuans arrested by Indonesian police at the visit of a delegation from the Solomon Islands

Indonesia suspected of hacking pro-West Papua sites

Ben Bohane: China? No, let’s face the elephant in the Pacific room

Ukraine seeks church independence to bolster stand against Russia

Ukrainian disappears after mystery detention in Russian-occupied Crimea

Eastern Ukraine statelets “effectively controlled” by Russia – PACE resolution

Over 1,000 Ukrainian veterans have committed suicide

Library of Ukrainian Literature destroyed in Moscow

Honest History: Ukrainians today still struggle with memory of Holocaust

Ukrainian neo-Nazi C14 vigilantes drive out Roma families, burn their camp

“It’s better to die”: Ex-political prisoner Chiygoz on conditions in Simferopol’s remand facility

Mother of arrested Crimean Tatar activist sentenced for “depressing” police officer

Large-scale raids taking place in Crimea

The permitted and the forbidden: Ukraine’s security services turn their eyes to “banned” Islamic literature

Crimean Tatar businessman & philanthropist Resul Velilyaev seized in new FSB offensive in Russian-occupied Crimea

The Irish language is free at last and it’s going global

Losing our language costs Ireland its soul

Tibet can be in China if Beijing recognizes its distinct culture and autonomy: Dalai Lama

Tibetan Monk Woechung Gyatso Detained on ‘Cybersecurity’ Charge

Tibetan Refugees in India Protect Language and Culture

In a First, US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution on Tibetan Reincarnation

US Urge China to Respect Tibetans’ Right to Choose the Next Dalai Lama

U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern Calls on China to Free Panchen Lama of Tibet

According to reliable source, Panchen Lama Alive and Receiving Normal Education: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

France’s Macron Buys Into China’s Rights Vision

Bosnia court rejects extradition of Turkish national over Gulen’s links

New Zealand PM triumphs abroad, faces pressures at home

The AI-powered chatbot that can help you learn te reo Māori

Language Revival: How 7 Communities are Bringing Languages Back to Life

Calexit gets go-ahead to start collecting signatures

Struggle for independence worth it – former Cape Verde President Rodriques Pires

What does it take to create a new country?

Smaller economies among Portuguese-speaking African countries grow above the regional average in 2018

The ‘Palau Pledge,’ a Small Nation’s Bold Environmental Effort, Just Won a Top Global Ad Honor

The Batwa: Uganda is saving its gorillas – but there’s a human cost

Sierra Leone: Are brawls in parliament a sign of things to come?

Guyana abolishes colonial era juvenile offences

Book review: Russia’s Muslim Heartlands reveals diverse population

Russia reports 10 terror suspects killed in Caucasus region

Kadyrov says respect for human rights is higher in Chechnya than in US

Almaz Imamov, Tatar Man Who Claimed Language Discrimination, Faces Hate Charges

The first volume of the album on the Yakutian indigenous peoples’ culture introduced to the UN

Fourteen Alleged Members Of Hizb Ut-Tahrir Detained In Tatarstan

Bashkir Activists Demand Investigation Into Russian Comic For Alleged Insults

‘I’ll JAIL Trump and Merkel’ Chechen leader in threat as Russia tensions peak

Police Search Regional Parliament In Russia’s Sakha-Yakutia

Investigative Committee confirms detention of two Yakut deputies

Chechen rights group head Oyub Titiyev’s pre-trial custody extended

Tatarstan president visits Ankara

Voices4 Activists ‘Are In This For Life’ As They Fight For Queer Chechens

Guinea Bissau gets new Cabinet

Amid Brexit and rising populism — there’s a European country that’s still desperate to join the euro

Belarus leader says may loosen grip on power – but not yet

Authorities Are Afraid To “Outsleep” Revolution In Belarus

Will Russia Absorb Belarus?

Rival groups from Somalia’s army fight at former UAE training facility

Weapons stolen from training facility in Somalia, sold on open market

Somalilands Independence Bid Boosted by Geostrategic Shakeup

Greece, Macedonia hold new talks in Vienna on name dispute

Macedonia expects to get date to start EU membership talks soon

Why Swaziland Is Now the Kingdom of eSwatini

Swaziland has a new name – eSwatini – but will anything else change?

Good News For Uzbekistan Is Not Good News For Turkmenistan

Costa Rica: A Paradise For Retirees From Around The World

Trailblazers ‘pay a price’ says Costa Rica’s first black woman VP Epsy Campbell

Lebanon: reconstruction or destruction?

UN peacekeepers accused of child rape in South Sudan

South Sudan president rejects opposition calls to quit

Schools free disabled in South Sudan’s war zone from ‘curse’

Attacks on South Sudan health facilities, workers increasing

For medical workers in South Sudan’s war, just reaching the sick is a challenge

10 aid workers go missing in war-torn South Sudan, UN says

Greenland eyes independence from Denmark after election vote

Faroe Islands delay their referendum on more independence

Bahamas to ban plastics

Nikol Pashinyan shapes up as Armenia’s next PM

Armenian parliament fails to elect new PM

Togo: Remittances from diaspora reached nearly 9% of GDP in 2017

Mongolia and Singapore reportedly shortlisted to host historic US-North Korea summit

Tourists ignore state of emergency as Maldives reports record arrivals

Khalifa Haftar makes triumphant return to Libya after rumours of his death

Son of former top aide of ex-dictator Stroessner elected Paraguay president

Burundi: 8 arrested over plans to disrupt referendum vote

Burundi activist Germain Rukuki given 32 years for anti-Pierre Nkurunziza demo

Nicaragua scraps unpopular welfare plan, but unrest continues

Belgian Court Sentences Paris Attack Suspect Salah Abdeslam To 20-Year Term

Qatar PM went to wedding hosted by ‘one of the world’s most prolific terror financiers’

Saudi Arabia threatens ‘fall’ of Qatar government, unless it pays for US troops in Syria

Unstable neighbours and bad policy are just two of Jordan’s problems

Chad bishops oppose constitutional reforms which would increase president’s power

Venezuela, Panama to restore envoys, resume airline service – Maduro

Two Equatorial Guinea ‘coup suspects’ arrested in CAR

Tunisia: Media sector crisis continues, entering decisive phase

Tunisia: An Imperfect Blueprint For Post-Arab Spring Reform

Saudi-led air strike kills top Houthi official in Yemen

What does the death of Saleh al-Sammad mean for Yemen’s Houthis?

Four militants, 2 security men killed in Kashmir encounter

Report Claims US to End Military Training for Slovenia Due to Pro-Russian Stance

Gambia’s Road to Democratic Reform

Malta under “unprecedented” Europe monitoring in journalist murder probe

2017 sets new record for neo-Nazi activity in Sweden

Under U.S. gaze, Latvia votes to dismantle banking bridge to Russia

Everything Is for Sale in Cyprus, and China’s Buying

Civil organisations in Hungary brace for government crackdown on NGOs

Record Turnout in Bhutan Elects Third National Council

Wedged between China and India, Bhutan has to play juggling act

China, India hold 1st summit since last year’s Bhutan friction