Survey about the political future of the Basque Country: Barcelona remain unbeaten: Glasgow indy march: Biafra Day sit at home: Why France wants to stay a colonial power

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

1963 May 1: The Day of Terror: colonial Indonesian military arrive in West Papua

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

May 5: National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

May 5: Uyghur Doppa Day

1950 May 9: Europe Day

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

Many Roma Feel Discriminated

Hopes growing for Scottish independence after Brexit

Trouble BREWS in Scotland as SNP renews attempts to use Brexit to push for independence

The Scottish Government backs plans to keep Gaelic alive

Tory immigration policy threatens Gaelic provision on Mull

Tens of thousands march for Scottish independence

Keith Brown: This is how far we’ve come on indy

Jaw-dropping support of indy march sends a powerful signal

Glasgow indy march shows Catalan Effect is taking hold

Antigua and Barbuda leads OECS in Quality of Nationality Index in the Caribbean

Urgent meeting on Wallis and Futuna as dengue spreads

Pro-independence French Polynesia leader walks out of TV debate

Call to annul part of French Polynesia election result

Pacific News Minute: French President Macron Visits Australia, New Caledonia

Return of New Caledonia colonisation deed puzzles

Polls show most in New Caledonia against independence

New Caledonia: What you need to know about the French territory’s independence referendum

Emmanuel Macron is more worried about New Caledonia than Australia

Macron to Noumea as independence vote draws near

Macron visits French territory New Caledonia ahead of independence referendum

Inequality key issue for New Caledonia independence

Why France wants to stay a colonial power

Pro-France rally as Macron visits New Caledonia ahead of independence vote

Pakistan- ‘Mankiali language’ of KP gets recognition in Ethnologue

Nine people abducted from different areas of Balochistan in past few days

Pakistan’s Shi’ite Hazara on Hunger Strike to Protest Targeted Killings

Mali Tuaregs killed in ‘jihadist revenge’ attacks

Dominican Republic Bows to Chinese Pressure and Ends Relations with Taiwan

China renews military threat against Taiwan as independence push grows

Russia, the Baltic Sea and Unexecuted Missile Tests off the Latvian Coast

“Floating Chernobyl” Departs St. Petersburg

Wage remittances to Moldova keep rising, strengthen local currency

Igor Dodon, Russia’s Ambitious Ally in Moldova

EU’s Mogherini Critical Of Moldovan Banking Fraud Investigation

Industrial spill at Bosnia factory pollutes river

Hong Kong’s pro-independence movement struggles amid rising pressure from Beijing

Trump strongly supports NATO membership for Georgia

New dawn or swan song? Czech communists eye slice of power after decades

Czech Brewer Mocks #MeToo, Calling It a ‘Pathological Campaign’

Czech Republic’s shrinking media landscape reflects declining press freedom

Czech president: Czechs made Novichok, citing spy agency

Barotseland: 1964 agreement,2012 BNC pushed off dialogue table

Palestinian president says Jewish behavior caused the Holocaust, sparking condemnation

US-based Khalistani Sikh body threatens Punjab’s jail minister

Huge Sikh Parade In New York Demands Separation Of Punjab From India

Seven Uyghurs & Kazakhs have been sentenced to 8-14 years in prison for “contacting friends & relatives in other countries”

Thousands March in Brussels to Protest Mass Detentions of Uyghurs

China Keeps Sinking into Paranoia By Massively Arresting and Pressuring Uyghur and Kazakh Minorities

China: Xinjiang, Agriculture and the Uighur Population

Perspectives | Navigating Xinjiang’s security checkpoints

Breizh Bistrot part of the second coming of the crepe

Linguist Marcia Haag: What We Lose When We Lose A Language

How Native American powwows evolved over years

Native American History Is A Dark Precursor To Their Inequality Today

Maine West High School retires American Indian mascot following debate over use

Inuit feast brings community together

The Birth of the First American Indian Birthing Center

Native American Photographers Unite to Challenge Inaccurate Narratives

Canadian lawmakers seek papal apology for forced schooling of indigenous children

After Stunning Democratic Win, North Dakota Republicans Suppressed the Native American Vote

“Am I Inuk enough?”

Artists seek films in Navajo language for inaugural Navajo Film Festival

You Can Now Purchase a Groundbreaking Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary

Groundbreaking this month for 42-unit center for homeless young American Indians

As the U.S. moves to open ANWR to drilling, Canada says ‘not so fast’

Halifax to host 2020 North American Indigenous Games

College Apologizes After Native American Students’ Visit Is Sidelined By Police

May 5 is National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

In Adilabad, tribals take to citizen journalism

Adivasis seek special column for census

Tea garden deaths on the rise in World Bank-funded plantations, claim local NGOs

Who is anti-national? Sedition charge against Bastar reporter for Facebook post raises key questions

Greenland PM Kim Kielsen to stay as PM following coalition agreement

Incomers to get ‘welcome packs’ to urge them to learn Welsh

6 reasons why the Welsh language is superior to English

What does the EU Withdrawal Bill mean for Wales?

Bougainville independence not ‘play thing’

We do not need to mimic a law assembled in 1919 for repression of colonial subjects

Greenpeace blasts palm oil industry deforestation in West Papua

Crimean savagely beaten for pro-Ukraine views gets 2-year prison sentence for ‘extremism’

Critically ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner Uzeir Abdullaev denied hospitalization

EU Delegation condemns violation of Abdullayev’s rights in Crimea

Crimean Tatar businessman & philanthropist seized in new FSB offensive in Russian-occupied Crimea

Suleyman Kadyrov: sentenced into silence for saying that Crimea is Ukraine & reporting Russian repression

History reveals Tibet was never part of China

Why China’s ‘liberation’ of Tibet was no such thing

World Press Freedom Day 2018: Xi Jinping, release Tibetan Tashi Wangchuk – charged over a NYTimes report

Many Tibetan refugees in Karnataka can vote in 2018 polls but they won’t, here’s why

Modi honours Tibetan institute

Dalai Lama to Attend World Hindu Congress in Chicago

Trending This Week on Social Media: Sachin Tendulkar Meets His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Spying: China’s Invisible Tentacles Extend into the Exile Tibetan Community

Wave of restrictions imposed on Lithang County

Catalan situation is ‘surreal’, says Barcelona deputy mayor Laia Ortiz

FCBarcelona players celebrate league in Barcelona streets

Johnny Ronan’s homage to Catalonia

Spanish government behaving like Franco on Catalonia, says Anwar

Supreme Court dragging Spain to “international shame,” says jailed MP Sànchez

Catalan teachers singled out after hate speech accusations

JxCat spokeswoman Elsa Artadi reemerges as potential presidential candidate

ERC to change tactics to achieve independent Catalonia

Two decades since Catalan police took charge of the roads

Catalan parliament demands ‘immediate’ release of jailed Catalan leaders

Catalan parliament urges EU to be ‘space of understanding, dialogue, and mediation’

Catalan parliament denounces verdict of ‘La Manada’ case as ‘disgraceful’

One in four rape victims in Catalonia is under 18

Catalan writers in Brussels condemn ‘repression’ by Spain

JxCat propose to swear in Carles Puigdemont as president

Barcelona remain unbeaten, in rough-and-tumble Clasico draw with Madrid

Can Gaeltacht schools be saved from extinction?

What are the best books in Irish? Weaponising the Irish-language canon

Trimble: There may be scope to learn from Scottish experience on Gaelic

National Irish Famine commemoration day ‘has been set’

Sahrawi Republic participates in the Japan-Africa Public Private Economic Forum in South Africa

Morocco cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over Western Sahara feud

Algeria Summons Morocco Ambassador Over Western Sahara Comments

Polisario Front denies Moroccan allegations concerning so-called “Hezbollah’s military support”

Russian activists call on Estonia to add new people to Magnitsky list

Juncker’s participation in Karl Marx anniversary is a disgrace

Kurdistan referendum main focus during UK forum in House of Commons

Iraqi Kurdistan: From scorched land to role model

Kurdistan to take path of independence if Iraqi partnership fails: Kurdish official

Barzani: Kurdistan will expand economic ties with Iran, create free trade zone

Former Israeli PM says Israel will continue to support ‘needs, aspirations’ of Kurds

Kurdish Vote May Have Major Impact on Turkey’s Polls

CHP challenges Erdogan to release Demirtas and ‘race like men’

Pushed aside by Turkey opposition, Kurdish parties seek third way

HDP nominates imprisoned Demirtas for President of Turkey

Jailed Kurdish candidate for Turkey presidency launches campaign behind bars

Kobane rebuilds, step-by-step without international aid

British officials highlight democracy, empowerment of women in Rojava

Turkey slowly implementing demographic change in Afrin

UN confirms civilians displaced from Afrin are prevented from going home

US slams Turkey over population transfers in Afrin

Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian forces resume offensive against Islamic State

Panahi death case on 70th anniversary of UN human rights declaration

Execution of Kurdish activist Panahi halted ‘for now,’ lawyer reveals

WHO: Finland has the world’s cleanest air

Finnish and Estonian governments to hold joint meeting in honour of centenaries

Maori business proves government ‘help’ not required

Niue: New coin series portrays Disney’s villains with first coin featuring the Evil Queen of Snow White

Biafra Day: Igbo groups announces date of celebration

30th of May Biafra Heroes Day – IPOB declares sit at home

Biafra: Zionists order mass return of Igbos May 30

Trump’s meeting with Buhari will bring Biafra struggle to limelight – IPOB

Pro-Biafra Groups Express Disappointment Over Buhari’s Meeting With Donald Trump

Kachin: another Myanmar minority is trapped by violence and in need of aid

Basque separatist group ETA says its journey has ended

93% of ETA has approved the end of the organization

Basque ETA separatists announce they are ‘completely’ dissolving

Gerry Adams quotes Bobby Sands and hails ‘historic moment’ at Basque peace conference

Arnaldo Otegi: The Basque Gerry Adams

Survey about the political future of the Basque Country

Austria accused of undermining new EU data law

Pirates ‘massacre’ Guyana fishermen off Suriname coast

This Is Where People Live Longer Than Anyone Else

Micronesians ‘slowly dying’ from poor diet – Palau leader

Nauru waives journo fees for Pacific Islands Forum

Vanuatu plans to permanently evacuate entire volcanic island

Mauritania ‘blasphemy blogger’ in jail despite serving sentence

Mauritania: Harratines protest slavery, discrimination

Mauritanian Government Lambasted at UNHC for Slavery

“50 best homophobes from Chechnya” hunt down Bashkiria gay men

Seventy years on, the Kumyk people in Dagestan are still fighting territorial claims

On Yamal tundra, a grand plan for reorganization of reindeer husbandry

Chechnya’s Kadyrov Wants to Revive Tsarist-Era ‘Savage Division’

Unemployment and outmigration keep Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia in stagnation

Chechnya Court Rejects Appeal, Leaves Activist Titiyev In Jail

Fighting the tropes of Russian propaganda

Comoros to hold referendum on presidential term limits on July 30

Brest Hotel Denied Putin’s Night Wolves Lodging For Night

Anguilla at a crossroad: Take the painful road set by Brits or take the road of unending economic struggle and loss

When Peace Agreements Fail: Lessons from Lesotho, Burundi, and DRC

Croatian LGBT Picture Book Causes Political Scandal in Serbia

Lebanon holds first general elections in 9 years

The Philippines Is Permanently Banning Its Workers From Going to Kuwait

Refugees continue to face starvation in civil war-torn South Sudan

10 aid workers in South Sudan freed a week after abduction

UN backs talks, not elections in South Sudan

Former Fiji MP jailed for two years for spray-painting anti-government graffiti

How an unrecognised state’s port deal could shift dynamics across the Horn

How it feels to be the foreign minister of a country that doesn’t officially exist

Majlis Podcast: No Longer Atambaev’s Kyrgyzstan

Honduras marches turn violent in anger over last year’s election

Honduran journalists face increasing threats and intimidation

Trump administration moves to expel some 57,000 Hondurans

How bad is it in the countries these migrants are fleeing from? This bad

What To Wear: A Style Guideline For Tajik Women

How Botswana Revived Africa’s Largest Mammal Migration

Heavy rains kill 183 in Rwanda in four months

Once a haven of peace, Uruguay unnerved by spike of violence

Evolution of Ethnicity in East Africa

Guinea Bissau: Overriding Personal Interest, Constitutional Lapses

Jamaica: St James parish state of emergency extended

Armenia’s Bad Week for Autocrats

Poverty-stricken Armenians pin hopes on opposition

Gabon Court Dissolves Parliament Over Legislative Vote Delay

Costa Rica’s new president promises plan to speed clean transport

Costa Rica Launches a Green Cryptocoin

Suicide attackers storm HQ of Libya’s election commission, 12 dead

Luis García Meza, Bolivian Dictator Jailed for Genocide, Dies at 88

The Bahamas moves to ban disposable plastics, flying balloons by 2020

Burundi jails official for saying president’s foes should be thrown in lake

In Burundi, a disputed referendum threatens to deepen a neglected humanitarian crisis

Burundi bans the BBC, VOA two weeks before referendum

Possible Use of Blinding Laser Weapon Near China’s Djibouti Base Spurs US Warning to Aviators

Australian Scientist, 104, Heads to Switzerland to End Life

The Gambia: A new era of press freedom

Inside Cuba’s massive, weekly, human-curated sneakernet

Latvia marks restoration of independence day

Enigma of the Three Seas Initiative

Turkey hints at alternative to federation for Cyprus peace deal

Mongolians sip ‘oxygen cocktails’ to cope with smog

Soros university promises no exodus from Hungary despite Orban law

Chad parliament approves new constitution expanding president’s powers

Singapore is ‘strongest’ candidate to host Trump-Kim summit in mid-June: South Korean daily

Girl power shines in robotics competition in Seychelles

Alarming drug results for Seychelles: survey shows 6 pct of population has used heroin

Belize sets date for vote on Guatemala border dispute

Rohingya refugees tearfully plead for U.N. Security Council help

Doctors prepare for spike in Rohingya women giving birth after sexual attacks