Aboriginal Redacted from Birth

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

Congo: Civil activists push for release of colleagues and ‘political prisoners’

Lebanon’s gay pride week brought to halt after crackdown

Central African Republic: Fire and bloodshed in Bambari, a town symbolizing peace

The depths of despair in South Sudan

Rohingya: ‘This genocide is still going on’

Three survivors after plane with 110 aboard crashes in Cuba

Costa Rica plans to ban fossil fuels and become world’s first decarbonized society

Bhutan’s Happiness Faces the Growing Pains of Development

Turkmenistan: Fast and furious. And broke

New Zealand has its own population of blue whales

Compulsory te reo Māori is nothing to fear – it’s the decent and civilised choice

Chinese Uyghurs forced to welcome Communist Party into their homes

‘Worse than prison’: A rare look inside China’s detention camps to ‘brainwash’ Muslims

Uyghurs continue to be subjected to significant restrictions during Ramadan

Lithuania urges prison for last Soviet defense minister

“Putin is Serbia’s friend but he respects our path towards the EU”

São Tomé and Príncipe: This Small Island Paradise Is Showing Africa How to Beat Malaria

The Thistle & Shamrock: Brittany

Liberia needs both African and international partners to build lasting peace

Volodymyr Balukh, Crimean political prisoner on hunger strike, subjected to new ‘trial’ for ‘attacking’ a police officer

Russian military ‘overseers’ believed to issue the orders to torture hostages in Donbas

Filmmaker Sentsov launches hunger strike untill Russia releases all Ukrainian political prisoners

Why Ukraine needs a free and recognized Orthodox Church

Polish President Asks UN To Deploy Peacekeepers In Eastern Ukraine

Treebark pancakes and pinecone soup: “dishes” from Ukrainian 1930’s Holodomor famine served in Brussels

Trucker Putin opens Russia bridge link with annexed Crimea

Russian occupation forces will need Kerch Strait Bridge to leave Crimea – Poroshenko

Crimean Tatar faces huge sentence in Russian FSB’s ‘machine of wholesale persecution’

Verdicts awaited in Russia’s most openly anti-Crimean Tatar ‘trial’

Those involved in deportation of Crimean Tatars should stand trial – Chubarov

Crimean Tatar who sued Putin over annexation of Crimea ‘deported’ to Uzbekistan

Kremlin hires academics to deny Crimean Tatars their rights

Honest History: For Crimean Tatars, A Grim Anniversary

Prayer in memory of victims of 1944 deportation held in Crimea

Crimean Tatars mark 74th anniversary of deportation as 25,000 driven out of Crimea since 2014

Ukraine honors victims of genocide against Crimean Tatar people

Turkey marks 1944 tragedy of Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatars Detained for Honouring the Victims of the Deportation

ICJ requests information from Russia on implementation of order on resumption of Mejlis’ activities – Zerkal

Norway has given a cautious approval to Europe’s largest carbon-capture project

Guinea heads for reshuffle after street protests end

Portugal: from pig to golden child

Kyrgyzstan: MPs want to strip former president’s immunity

Higher Education for American Indian and Alaskan Natives Increases Employment Rate But Does Not Close Earnings Gap

The indigenous peoples of Interior Alaska

Canada’s inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women gets a failing grade

Can photographs save the Caribou people?

Gwich’in Nation Joined by Institutional Investors in Call to Defend Arctic Refuge from Drilling

3 Guatemalan indigenous leaders killed in separate incidents

Indigenous women’s art displayed on billboards across Canada

At a Killer’s Sentencing, Native Americans Talk of Both Healing and Enduring Suspicions

Former addict in NC runs Trail of Tears to raise awareness of drug epidemic

The Trump agenda has Native American tribes feeling under siege

Idaho woman challenges establishment and history in hope of becoming nation’s first Native American governor

Paulette Jordan, running to be the first Native American governor, wins Idaho’s Democratic primary

Who Should Teach Indigenous History?

Inside Contemporary Native Artist Rick Bartow’s First Major Retrospective

Could Congress step in to save the Navajo coal plant? New bill may offer lifeline

Indigenous Women Built These Tiny Houses to Block a Pipeline—and Reclaim Nomadic Traditions

Berlin Museum Returns Artifacts to Indigenous People of Alaska

Cherokee Nation lauded for hepatitis C elimination effort

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Will No Longer Honor Teams with American Indian Mascots

PBS cartoon to depict life in rural Alaska

Descendants of Ecuador’s Caranqui Seek to Find Their Roots with Museum

Campaign season opens for Navajo Nation presidency

Teens’ experience at Colorado State shows campus reality for Native Americans

New Youth Center at American Indian Museum Focuses on Invention

Alleged Fake Indian in Cleveland Indians $9 Billion Lawsuit Admits Stealing from Indians

Ronald Libertus, advocate and expert in American Indian art, dies at 79

Brit Reed Is Leading a New Generation of Indigenous Chefs

Native Hawaiians resist ‘bombing’ of their sacred lands

Australia’s stolen wages: one woman’s quest for compensation

Indigenous flag designer says idea to police the authenticity of Aboriginal art is ‘repugnant’

‘Aboriginal’ redacted from birth, death, marriage certificates after being deemed an offensive term

‘Walking in their tracks’: How Sydney’s Aboriginal paths shaped the city

UN concerned about 600 indigenous people and human rights defenders on Philippines “terrorist” list

The Constitution set in stone: Adivasis in Jharkhand are using an old tradition as a novel protest

The phenomenon of bertsolaritza in Frisia

A Basque terrorist organization has disarmed, which some hope will lead to new opportunities in the US

Eta’s armed struggle is no more. Now Spain must end its brutality

Basques watch Catalan independence bid with caution

A Rare Look Inside Oman

Leading Hong Kong independence activist convicted of rioting, sentencing to come

Anger in Vietnam after Chinese tourists are spotted in T-shirts with controversial South China Sea territory map

As Rosneft’s Vietnam unit drills in disputed area of South China Sea, Beijing issues warning

GAP ‘extremely sorry’ for China map T-shirt which omits Taiwan and the South China Sea

Chinese bombers make debut landing on disputed South China Sea runway

Australia boosts Pacific aid and diplomacy as China influence spreads

Fiji looks for private hospital operators, to the concern of nurses

Antigua and Barbuda makes historic “rasta” report to OAS

EU set to remove Bahamas, St Kitts from tax haven blacklist

Diego Maradona becomes chairman of club side in Belarus

UK businessman in Belarus penal colony without fair trial, say campaigners

World Sindhi Congress celebrates Sindhi Heroes day

CPEC: A death warrant for the Baloch nation

This Baloch girl is all set to make a mark by breaking stereotypes

TG4 star Sile Seoige explains why she speaks the Irish language more since giving birth

Brexit: As May casts doubt on border poll win Sinn Fein says time right for Irish unity vote

Could Brexit lead to a united Ireland?

Brexit: Senior Unionists from Northern Ireland ‘ready to talk’ to Dublin about possible unification

Council of Europe calls for Irish language act

New criteria to remove obstacle to Irish-medium schools

Major exhibition of Irish-language manuscripts in Trinity

Tajikistan Faces Epidemic Of Childhood Malnutrition

The place to be: Uruguay 1930 — where the World Cup began

A History Lover’s Paradise in Tiny Uruguay

Nicaragua: Ortega Finally Accepts Human Rights Investigation

In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega turns to Catholic Church in face of protests

Former El Salvador President to Stand Trial for Money Laundering

Water usage lessons from Namibia

Investigative reporter attacked in Bulgaria

Bolivia ambassador reads out names of Gaza victims at UN meeting

22,000 Icelandic citizens sign petition against next year’s Eurovision in Israel

Kuwait urges UN to condemn Israel and protect Palestinians

Stories of the catastrophe: Palestine

Ethiopia opens talks with exiled Oromo Democratic Front

Drug Trafficking, Election Funds Deficit Could Derail Guinea-Bissau’s Progress

French President’s trip to New Caledonia not welcomed by all

Tahiti’s Temaru wants UN to run New Caledonia independence vote

Paris ‘schizophrenic’ over its Pacific colonies, says Tahiti’s Brotherson

France obstructs Tahiti decolonisation process

Edouard Fritch is re-elected French Polynesia president

Historical figures from Georgia’s First Democratic Republic unveiled on Facebook

Botswana wants to shrink civil service so privatisation can grow the economy

Republic of Moldova: Transition from communism to democracy

Cryptocurrency may light up renewable energy in Moldova

Cook Islands to be fully powered by solar plus battery power by 2020

Support for Cook Islands youth web series

First Welsh language augmented reality map brings ‘prydferthwch Cymru’ (‘the beauty of Wales’) to tourists

Graffiti fun to learn about language and heritage

Machynlleth business backs Welsh language business initiative

First ever Welsh-language wellbeing app launches

Allegheny College student Sarah Shapley will participate in a Fulbright Summer Institute to study in Wales

Welsh Assembly backs controversial Brexit bill

Yes Cymru: No Government has the right to negotiate away Wales’s freedom

New Singapore anti-terror law can order media blackout

Singapore-Brunei Security Ties in Focus with Presidential Visit

Brunei’s independence tested by China, Saudi and waning oil

Everything is about independence in Scotland, so UK ministers should ensure Holyrood gets its powers

#Readytogo? Rift over timing of indyref2 marks a turning point for yes movement

The faces of Armenia’s revolution: Here are some of the people who helped change the government

Impact of the Change in Government in Armenia on the Karabakh Conflict: View From Baku

Azerbaijan Warns Armenia It’s Ready For ‘Large-Scale Military Operations’

Women, political power and gender equality law in Paraguay

Soros foundation to shut its office in ‘repressive’ Hungary

Bahrain Bars Members of Opposition Groups From Standing in Elections

Bahrain revokes citizenship of 115 people in mass trial

DUP-linked company accused of ‘whitewashing’ torture in Bahrain

Here’s how Sweden is preparing for an information war ahead of its general election

Security Council extends support for African Union force in Somalia

How the Maldives’ brutal regime lashes raped women for ‘adultery’ while profiting from Western tourism

Bosnia families bridge ethnic divide, demand justice for dead sons

UN concerned about 600 indigenous people and human rights defenders on Philippines “terrorist” list

St. Kitts-Nevis preparing to implement Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project

Cameroon govt to probe brutality meted out to separatist leader

Russia’s Offshore ‘Missile Tests’: Psychologically Undermining the Economic Security of the Baltics

Pay up now -Time to confront Britain on reparation, says professor

Uproar in Guyana after images of prisoners having a cocktail party goes viral

Fresh allegation against Scots Sikh held in India

Slovakia: Two Romani children shot in Poprad, perpetrator not yet identified

State terror: Romani children need protection from abuse in care homes

Canada grants former MEP Viktória Mohácsi political asylum

Former Romani MP and poet Kujtim Pacaku dies at 59

Ultranationalist Terrorist Kills Romani Man With Knife in Bulgaria

China says military exercises intended to threaten Taiwan

Taiwan slams global brands for siding with China

Isolated and threatened, Taiwan boosts domestic arms makers

EU to Lose Key Ally in Slovakia as President Won’t Seek New Term

Burundi: Killings, Abuse Ahead of Referendum to Extend President’s Rule

Burundi Voters Back Constitution Extending Presidential Term

Burundi opposition says referendum wasn’t free, transparent

Estonia Will Roll Out Free Public Transit Nationwide

Estonia best in Baltics for LGBT+ rights

Two-year-old migrant girl dies after being shot in the face during police chase in Belgium

Kosovo: One woman’s drive to rebuild her nation — through the stars

Iraqi Kurdish fortunes reversed in city they longed for as capital

Kurdish parties clash in northern Iraq amid ballot rigging accusations

Kurdish alliance emerges as key actor in Turkey’s upcoming elections

Iraqi commission announces Kirkuk vote results, Kurdish PUK comes first

We will continue providing aid to Kurdistan Region: Italian Ambassador to Iraq

Kobani is not Kurdish, Erdogan declares at Chatham House

Demirtas could be freed from Turkish prison within days, lawyer tells Kurdistan 24

Turkish warplanes attack PKK targets in Kurdistan Region

UK PM’s ‘Kurdish terrorism’ remark angers social media users

Turkey investigates 30 politicians for supporting KRG referendum, criticizing invasions of Afrin, Kirkuk

Iraq announces final election results; KDP leads in Kurdistan

In KDP victory statement, Barzani calls for strong Kurdish presence in Iraqi government

Time for ‘thorough review’ of Erbil-Baghdad relations, says Masoud Barzani

Montenegro Heads Slowly but Steadily Towards the EU

Rejection of freedom of information requests raises alarm in Montenegro

Montenegro: journalist Olivera Lakić attacked

EU warns Montenegro to address media freedom

Mauritius launches first cloud camp

Regional court to judge Sierra Leone schools ban for pregnant girls

India calls ceasefire in Kashmir for holy month of Ramadan

Libya hands over bodies of beheaded Christians to Egypt

Libyan National Conference process first phase preparations concluded, interim results announced

To Free a Human Rights Defender in Russia’s Chechnya

Chechnya ‘gay purge’: Russia claims it can’t find any evidence of LGBT people or violence

Joint Letter to FIFA Concerning the Human Rights Crisis in Chechnya

Dozens of people reportedly disappeared and executed in Chechnya are now charged with terrorism

‘World’s oldest woman’ says she’s never lived a happy day in 128 years

Beet Salad For Dessert? Russian Symphony Conductor Slammed For Mocking Tatar Music

Chinese Delegation Warns US not to Support Dalai Lama

Vice President of German Bundestag officially meets President, expresses support for Tibet

Putting Tibet Back on the Agenda

Tibetan Schoolchildren, Parents Warned Away From Religious Observances

Nomads left without compensation after land grab

Tibetan Monks Trained in India Banned From Teaching in Lithang

Exile Tibetans are representatives of people of Tibet to the world

Protest in Dharamshala: Where is Tibet’s Panchen Lama? China alone can answer!!!

Are we nearing an end of an era of China’s Economic Imperialism?

First Tibetan Origin American for US Congress Wins Democratic Primary

Moment of Pride for Tibet as Tibetan National Football Team Participates in CONIFA World Cup

Tibetan Protester Freed From Prison Two Months After Sentence Ends

Plural Morocco: Citizenship, Multiculturalism, and the Democratic Challenge – Festival of Amazigh Culture

Tahar Ben Jelloun: A Writer Who ‘Witnesses his Time’ – Festival of Amazigh Culture

Portuguese Parliament approves motion of support for Sahrawi people’s self-determination

A tragedy that changed the life of a Gambian philanthropist

Rights groups seek prosecution of Gambian ex-leader in Ghana

Europe is paying to keep young Gambians from trying to cross the Mediterranean

Gambia’s capital makes history by voting first female mayor

Taiwan relations unchanged despite Chinese pressure: Palau president

FINALLY! EU to INTERVENE in Spanish police ‘BRUTALITY’ in Catalan independence referendum

Clara Ponsati back in court

Spanish president only EU leader to not attend summit with Kosovo

Belgium rejects extraditing Catalan leaders

Hip Hop artist Valtonyc to enter prison in coming days over lyrics

Spanish Supreme Court accuses Belgium of “lack of commitment”

Protests mark 7 months since pro-independence activists jailed

Spanish government will not attend Torra’s inauguration

Socialists propose updating rebellion crime to match events in Catalonia

Ciutadans call for control of Catalan finances, police and public media

Spain’s Supreme Court warns Germany: Don’t commit ‘same mistake’ as Belgium

Spanish prosecutor requests new European arrest warrant against leaders in Belgium

Spanish court dismisses appeal by jailed Catalan leaders

Catalonia gets new leader determined to achieve independence

Watching the world: satellite company sets up European HQ in Barcelona

EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform calls for ‘unconditional lifting of direct rule’

President Torra to visit jailed colleagues on Monday

259 public servants fired by Spain using direct rule

Robert De Niro to open hotel in Barcelona in 2019

Catalan president writes to Rajoy calling for meeting to engage in dialogue

Catalan president names jailed, exiled ministers to govt

Torra nominates new government including jailed and exiled officials

If Spain ‘censures’ reinstatement of officials it will be acting like ‘dictatorship,’ Lluís Puig

‘I Can Finally Dream’: Tunisia Expands Protection for Battered Women

Bosnia Refuses To Extradite Suspect In Hamas Commander’s Slaying To Tunisia

In Chad, the Elephants (So Many Elephants) Are Back

Referendum scheduled in Belize

A plane linked to the Russian government flew into the Seychelles the day before a secret meeting that Mueller is investigating

Barotseland Administrator Afumba yet to return home!