Language of Maybes

1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day

June 26: Crimean Tatar National Flag Day

1960 June 26: Madagascar Independence Day

1977 June 27: Djibouti Independence Day

1976 June 29: Seychelles Independence Day

1960 June 30: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

1962 July 1: Independence Day of Burundi

1867 July 1: Canada Day

1997 July 1: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

1962 July 1: Rwanda Independence Day

1960 July 1: Somalia Independence Day

1971 July 1: West Papua Day of Resistance

1998 July 1: Biak Massacre, West Papua

1776 July 4: United States Independence Day

1962 July 5: Algeria Independence Day

1975 July 5: Cape Verde Independence Day

1811 July 5: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

1975 July 6: Comoros Independence Day

1253 July 6: Crowning of King MINDAUGAS – Day of Statehood in Lithuania

1964 July 6: Malawi Independence Day

1978 July 7: Solomon Islands Independence Day

1816 July 9: Argentina Independence Day

2011 July 9: South Sudan Independence Day

1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day

1979 July 12: Kiribati Independence Day

1975 July 12: São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day

South American Poet Embracing a Language of Maybes

Irish language works get their own award category for first time at Irish Book Awards

Libya’s Education Ministry denies removing Amazigh language from syllabus amid accusations of racism

Rif: protest leader’s 20-year sentence sets off marches in Morocco

Small Nation, Big Wins: ‘Palau Pledge’ Tops Cannes Lions With 3 Grand Prix

How Russia’s security services target Crimean Tatars as “Islamic terrorists”

Sentences passed in Russia’s most openly lawless anti-Crimean Tatar ‘trial’

Mother Of Crimean Tatar Jailed In Russia ‘Starts Hunger Strike’

Video surveillance installed in cell of hunger striking political prisoner Balukh in Crimea

Crimean Tatars Celebrate Day to Honour National Flag

EU Leaders Agree To Extend Sanctions On Russia

EU refuses to congratulate Erdogan, says conditions for elections ‘not equal’

Congolese doctor helps Yazidi women overcome rape stigma

Honest History: Treaty of Peryaslav — In 1654, Ukraine becomes Russian vassal for 337 years

POLISARIO rejects proposals to extend EU-Morocco association agreement to Western Sahara

Koehler arrives to occupied Aaiun: the occupied city is under a tight security blockade

Occupied Aaiun witnesses a massive demonstrations demanding Sahrawi people independence

Ok at 83, Dalai Lama is Looking Forward to Living 20 More Years

Tibetan Exile Narrative Has Transformed from a Victim Mindset to One of Success

Tibetan Director Wins Two Golden Goblet Awards in Shanghai

Tibet-Nepal Railway Link will Serve Chinese Interests not Tibet’s

Dalai Lama to Visit Netherlands and Germany in September

Two Tibetans Arrested for Keeping Dalai Lama Photos

Tibetans warned against celebrating Dalai Lama’s birthday in Kham

EU, Germany Calls for Tashi Wangchuk’s Release at the 38th HRC Session

Trump-Putin to meet in Helsinki on 16 July

Trago Mills boss’s Welsh language comments have people turning their back on the store

Creating bilingual website ‘a business decision’ as demand for Welsh language services grows

Thousands stage march to Bannockburn in support of Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon appoints new generation of SNP ministers

11 English Scots for Yes tell us why they back independence

Glasgow University hears its first Gaelic graduation speech in 567 years

In Europe, the targeting of Roma sets off alarm bells for Jews

Baltic states to decouple power grids from Russia, link to EU by 2025

Greece hails debt relief deal as EU calls an end to crisis

Taiwan’s Tsai urges world to stand up to China

New Spain PM to move Catalan, Basque prisoners closer to home

Not everyone is in awe of Spain’s new progressive government

Documentary chronicles climate change through three children growing up in the Marshall Islands

How Equatorial Guinea became the only Spanish speaking country in Africa

Being Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Is a Crime in These Places

After Signs of Progress, Paraguay Turns Its Back on LGBT Rights

Jawar Mohammed to return to Ethiopia as Oromo Media Network opens Addis office

EU divided over Balkan accession as NATO says Macedonia welcome

Comoros: 3 opposition leaders arrested during anti-referendum protest

EU, Canada sanction Myanmar generals over Rohingya; Myanmar says two are fired

Moscow still refuses to recognize Soviet genocide of Ingermanlanders

Journalist Charged For ‘Attending’ Anti-Putin Protest in Tatarstan

Perspectives | Making dynastic rule fashionable again: The case of Turkmenistan

EU subsidy fraud in Slovakia: The dirty fight for arable land

MEPs back process that could strip Hungary of EU voting rights

Australia and Vanuatu to negotiate security pact to head off China expansion

Catalan secessionists cut formal ties with Spanish monarchy

Six Catalan delegations abroad reopened

Sagrada Familia, ninth most Instagrammed tourist site in Europe

Torra in Washington pledges to work until Republic is “internationally recognized”

Indictment for pro-independence leaders confirmed

Spanish president rejects agreed referendum for Catalonia

Catalan police heads to face trial for sedition

Catalan president walks out of US reception calling Spanish ambassador’s speech ‘offensive’

Spain uses European arrest warrants ‘disproportionately,’ says Fair Trials

Documentary makes the case for jailed Catalan activists

Exiled Catalan leader gets Swiss residence permit for five years

Puigdemont government ordered to pay €2.13m for October 1, 2017 independence referendum

Standing with Catalonia – International Solidarity in Defence of Democracy and Self-Determination

New campaign aims to boost Catalan in music

Kosovo and Albania collect money for fined Swiss players

UN Backs Call For Withdrawal Of Russian Troops From Transdniester

Xinjiang Rapidly Building Crematoria to Extinguish Uyghur Funeral Traditions

Uyghur Friendship Group Holds First Event in the European Parliament

Chinese firms cash in on Xinjiang’s growing police state

Will Trinidad and Tobago’s cybercrime bill stifle media freedom?

Maldives exiled former president abandons presidential bid

Opponents of constitutional change in Burundi face torture and execution

Is the acquittal of Ali Salman a breakthrough in Bahrain?

Saving the underwater wonder world of Belize’s reef

South Sudan foes in new peace talks to end deadly war

UN top court begins hearing Qatar lawsuit against UAE

Baby shot dead as Nicaraguan violence erupts again

How Ortega has stayed in power in Nicaragua

Kuwait’s economy shrinking for fourth year in a row

Radicalisation in paradise: Tackling the growing threat in Mauritius

Grenada’s new Parliament building opens

UN Rights Rapporteur Laments Lack Of Improvement In ‘Kafkaesque’ Belarus

‘Worst Human Traffickers’ Include Russia, Belarus, Iran, Turkmenistan

New Caledonian politicians head to Paris for independence referendum talks

New Caledonia independence referendum preparations going well – UN

French PM presses for dialogue in New Caledonia ahead of referendum

France to hold summit with Pacific Island countries in French Polynesia

Ex Vatican diplomat found guilty of possessing child pornography

What’s Stands in the Way of Tajikistan’s Development? Basically Everything

Trying To Stop Suicide: Guyana Aims To Bring Down Its High Rate

Baloch activists hold anti-China protest to oppose CPEC project in Balochistan

Baloch Liberation Army appeals to Baloch nation to boycott Pak polls

Balochistan: Enforced-disappearances continue unabated in different regions

World Sindhi Congress protests in U.S. against enforced disappearances in Pakistan

Pashtun, Baloch and Sindh Activists Protest Outside UN Headquarters In Geneva against Atrocities Committed by Pakistan Army

West Papua Liberation Army behind deadly Nduga attack

New Zealand’s Silence on West Papua’s ‘Slow Genocide’

Hawaii’s quest for a new type of independence

Criminalising Dissent: Repression of Sikhs in Indian-Occupied Punjab

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returns home from hospital with new baby

Multilingualism online: “Language barriers are a major challenge”