Balanced and Open: Blessed to Fly

1776 July 4: United States Independence Day

1962 July 5: Algeria Independence Day

1975 July 5: Cape Verde Independence Day

2009 July 5th: Urumqi Massacre, Xinjiang

1811 July 5: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

1975 July 6: Comoros Independence Day

1253 July 6: Crowning of King MINDAUGAS – Day of Statehood in Lithuania

1964 July 6: Malawi Independence Day

1978 July 7: Solomon Islands Independence Day

1816 July 9: Argentina Independence Day

2011 July 9: South Sudan Independence Day

1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day

1979 July 12: Kiribati Independence Day

1975 July 12: São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day

1992 July 17: Slovak National Council’s Declaration of Independence of the Slovak Nation

1810 July 20: Colombian Declaration of Independence

1831 July 21: Belgian National Day

Open Letter to EU Decision-Makers Sheds Light on Plight of the Hmong

Creation of African mechanism for Western Sahara, important step in resolving conflict

Beyond the Headlines, Catalan Culture Has a Long History of Vibrancy and Staying Power

Unilateral Catalan independence bid debate revives

‘We won’t give up until you’re home,’ says Catalan president to jailed leaders

‘Transferring us closer to home is not a gesture, it’s a right’

Pro-independence groups pay 2.1m required of former cabinet by judge

Catalan President and Scottish First Minister to meet on July 11

Catalan pro-independence parties reject new threshold for EU parliament election

Spain grants Dukedom of Franco to dictator’s granddaughter

Torra urges Spain to follow UK example and allow referendum

Catalan parliament agrees to ‘forum for dialogue” for all parties

Independence movement prepares 6km demo for Catalan National Day

New Spanish government to take pro-independence initiative to court for first time

Five key points of upcoming Catalonia-Spain presidents meeting

Sánchez says no to referendum, but is ready to lift veto on Catalan social laws

‘We will not give up self-determination,’ says Torra after meeting with Sánchez

Dozens of Uyghur Children of Xinjiang Village Camp Detainees Sent to Live in Orphanages

Uyghur Exile Group Leader’s Mother Died in Xinjiang Detention Center

Calls to stop 11 Uighurs’ return to China amid fears of torture

Russia’s transformation of ethnic mix in occupied Crimea an act of genocide

Jailed Crimean Tatar Human Rights Activist on Hunger Strike in Russian World Cup city

Jailed Crimean Tatar civic journalist subjected to punitive psychiatry for innocuous YouTube videos from 2013

In Provocative Move, Putin Names Regiments After Ukrainian Cities, Warsaw, Berlin

Ukrainians may stay in Serbia for up to 90 days without visa – new deal

EU aid not reaching Yazidi in northern Iraq, says NGO

Sulaimani protesters call Turkish forces ‘occupiers’

Barzani, Silliman break ground for US consulate in Erbil

What is the future of Kurds in the new Turkey?

Iran to create no man’s land on Kurdish border, gives 72-hour notice to villagers

UN report details large-scale human rights abuses in Afrin

Indonesian forces behind unlawful killings in Papua

West Papua a “black hole” for human rights

Basque students protest against refusal to mark science exams completed in Basque, effectively failing 180 students

Not just a joke: Why we should challenge anti-Welsh ‘humour’

Backbone of Britain: The battle to protect the Welsh language has already begun

Moldova’s Euromaidan? Protests in Chisinau recall 2013 Ukraine uprising

EU freezes aid to Moldova as row over mayoral election festers

Moldova’s Andrei Nastase: The Man Who Would Be Mayor — Or More

High-level Finnish and Swedish Support for NATO Membership

Finland and Sweden sign defence pact in Turku

How this brave Jewish Berber queen fought against Islamic expansion in 7th century Northwest Africa

Has Tibet finally lost out to China?

Tibetan Migration Into India Down to a Trickle

Kashmiri Tibetans Dream to Return to Tibet from Kashmir

Tibetans Marked a Grand Celebration of Dalai Lama’s Birthday in Nepal

Tata’s Vistara Airlines Feels Blessed to Fly Dalai Lama

New Zealand warns of security risk from China’s influence in Pacific

China Deploys Heavy Armed Forces in Tibet on Dalai Lama’s Birthday

Snubbed in world’s biggest war game, will Beijing make waves in South China Sea?

Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months

Islamic State in the Greater Sahara branch films clashes with Tuareg militias

July 1 democracy demo: Hongkongers fear dwindling freedoms, Chinese encroachment 21 years after Handover

Saint Lucia takes over chairmanship of CARIFORUM from St. Kitts and Nevis

How Cambridge Analytica fueled a shady global passport bonanza

France revisits 1959 conviction of Tahiti’s Pouvanaa

French Polynesia’s govt marks autonomy day

Meet the Teen Metalheads Saving the Maori Language Through Thrash

Sister of Adivasi man beaten to death by mob in Kerala becomes cop

Starting from scratch: Aboriginal group reclaims lost language

Kids are keeping Aboriginal languages alive — and learning just how different they are

New Farmington American Indian Ambassador named

‘Our lives are at stake’: Gwich’in fight to protect caribou at biennial gathering

Inuit hunting grounds get UNESCO World Heritage status

Investing in indigenous communities is most efficient way to protect forests, report finds

Smartphone app helps indigenous communities fight deforestation

Indigenous Lands in Canada & Colombia on World Heritage List

Navajo veteran is first to be named a Tillman Scholar

Record Number Of Native Americans Running For Office In Midterms

Call for balanced information campaign in New Caledonia

Dreams Of Change Deferred: Activists Can’t Work In Tajikistan, Can’t Live Outside It

Liberia: 76 Groups Seek Justice for War Crimes

Equatorial Guinea amnesty for political prisoners greeted with sceptism

Djibouti commissions $3.5 billion Chinese-built free trade zone

Gabon struggles to stem tide of child trafficking

US slaps new sanctions on Nicaragua over violence, corruption

Physicians say Rohingya scars ‘highly consistent’ with Myanmar atrocity reports

Somaliland: an isolated country runs on mobile money

An inclusive response: reaching Batwa communities to combat Ebola

Togo launches $1.8bn plan to provide universal access to electricity

In Bhutan, hordes of young people are giving up rural life to move to cities

Papua New Guinea Aims To Redefine Masculinity In A Way That’s Nonviolent

Burundi school ban on expectant teens ‘skewed’ against girls’ education

Biggest Melanesian festival underway in Solomon Islands

Belarus authorities thwart opposition rally in Minsk

Balochistan: Eight abducted from Turbat, dozens of students whisked away from a library in Quetta

Sindh: Meghwar Woman First of Community to Run in Assembly Constituency Elections