Value of Public Support

1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day

1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day

1960 August 7: Ivory Coast Independence Day

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

1965 August 9: Singapore National Day

1809 August 10: Ecuador Independence Day

1960 August 11: Chad Independence Day

1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day

1947 August 14: Pakistan Independence Day, Youm-e-Azadi

1960 August 15: Republic of the Congo Independence Day

1947 August 15: India Independence Day

1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea

1960 August 17: Gabon Independence Day

1945 August 17: Indonesian Declaration of Independence

1919 August 19: Afghan Independence Day

1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia

1939 August 23: Black Ribbon Day, European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

1989 August 23: Baltic Way

1991 August 24: Independence Day of Ukraine

1825 August 25: Uruguay Independence Day

Sahrawi Republic and Botswana establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level

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Value of public support for West Papua

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Health and self-determination on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

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Protecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as They are Forced to Move into Cities

Get talking – are we losing indigenous languages?

New prime minister announced in Haiti weeks after deadly protests

Three Million, Mostly Uyghurs, in Some Form of Political ‘Re-Education’ in Xinjiang

‘More violence in taxi strike than whole independence process,’ says Catalonia’s Jordi Sànchez

Intellects condemn distortion of Sindhi, Baloch history

Russian sympathiser breaks into Georgian Embassy in UK on 10th anniversary of Russia-Georgia war

South Ossetia: Russia pushes roots deeper into Georgian land

Algerian court convicts Berber activist for 2014 remarks

PM’s baby will speak Māori and English

How Maori-owned small businesses are reshaping New Zealand

‘I speak Tatar and change the future!’:Tatar youth forum delegates believe they’ll save Tukay’s language

Buddhism flourishes in Siberia, opening window on its pre-Soviet past

Kanaks have already lost New Caledonia referendum, says PCC

South Sudan government and rebels reach peace deal

Latvia leads Europe on deaths by assault

For Hondurans, staying home more perilous than taking the migrant path

Navajo robotics team heads to international competition

Rally to seek national holiday on World Adivasi Day

Welsh teacher for refugees wins award at Eisteddfod

Tibetan Protest Singer Freed After Serving More Than Three Years in Prison

Illegal in Tibet: Middle Way, Mother Tongue, Welfare Groups

Tibet’s Lithang Horse Race Festival Reopens After 10-Year Ban

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Buddhist Leaders to Meet in November to Discuss Future Dalai Lama

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Disinfo News: Moldova ‘Most Exposed’ to Russian Propaganda in Eastern Europe

The Forgotten Story Behind Crimea’s Only Displaced University

Russia imprisons Crimean Tatar philanthropist on an openly absurd pretext

Russia brings criminal charges against Crimean Tatar human rights activist over Facebook repost