Paraguay Marks Publication of 1st Official Guarani Grammar

1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day

August 14: Navajo Code Talkers Day

1947 August 14: Pakistan Independence Day, Youm-e-Azadi

1960 August 15: Republic of the Congo Independence Day

1947 August 15: India Independence Day

1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea

1960 August 17: Gabon Independence Day

1945 August 17: Indonesian Declaration of Independence

1919 August 19: Afghan Independence Day

1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia

1968 August 21: The End of the Prague Spring

1939 August 23: Black Ribbon Day, European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

1989 August 23: Baltic Way

1991 August 24: Independence Day of Ukraine

1825 August 25: Uruguay Independence Day

1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day

1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day

1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day

1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day

1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day

Unionist Ciutadans file criminal charges for allowing vote in support of Catalan independence

10 years after “Leaving Fear Behind” exposed Chinese repression, situation in Tibet has only gotten worse

China equips troops in Tibet with hi-pressure oxygen supplies to highlight military preparedness

Dalai Lama Tells Tibetans to Remain Non Violent Even After His Life

Five Fifty Youth Forum begins to deliberate on Tibet’s Political Future

Hong Kong separatist party leader Andy Chan Ho-tin calls China ‘a threat to all free peoples in the world’

UN committee accuses China of turning Uyghur-dominated region into ‘no-rights zone’

Xinjiang: The Free Expression Catastrophe You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

All Under One Banner Dundee march sees 16,000 independence supporters turnout

Freedom fighters lose compensation case in London Court

Zambia no longer legal in Barotseland, it will be forced out if need be – BTG

King David Kalākaua: The Original Most Interesting Man In The World

Media failing indigenous people

Morocco transforms Western Sahara towns into “real prison”

UN plans Western Sahara talks after decade-long deadlock

American allies wanted — why Kurdistan may be one

Three Kurdish groups in Iran are now fighting the IRGC

Yezidi ‘ex-sex slave’ trapped both in Iraq and in German exile

Is a ‘Syrian Kurdistan Region’ in the making?

Iranian border guards continue to kill Kurdish couriers

Iran’s Kurdistan Province: Nearly 1,000 underage girls married in four months

Kirkuk governor to appear before Iraq Supreme Court over ousting of Kurdish mayor

Kirkuk – Erbil road officially reopens after months of closure

Turkish warplanes conduct strikes on Shingal

Hundreds of Sikhs rally in London for referendum

Baloch fighter dares China before blowing himself in a fidayeen attack

US defence budget law calls for change to Baltic Air Policing mandate

Over 52,000 people join together in virtual choir celebrating Estonia’s independence

West Papua will not celebrate Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian militia terrorize West Papuans for not raising Indonesian flag on Indonesian Indepdencence Day

Libya court sentences 45 to death over 2011 killings

Classrooms Reopen in a Somaliland School for 1st Time since Civil War

A year after big protests, Faure Gnassingbé hangs on in Togo

Right of return? — The struggles of the Circassian diaspora to settle in Adygea

Beyond skyscrapers and parks, little has changed in Chechnya

Gay singer Zelim Bakaev went missing a year ago in Chechnya—what happened to him remains a mystery

The death of Temirkhanov again raises the ‘mistreatment’ of Chechens in Russian prisons

Tatar Activist Detained In Kazan, Questioned In Financial Fraud Probe

Why the Vatican continues to struggle with sex abuse scandals

Chile asks Vatican for information on sex abuse cases

Pennsylvania sex abuse report presents crucial test for Pope Francis

In Haiti, Slight Progress for LGBT Rights Seen as Victory

Relief for women facing treacherous journey to medical care in Guinea-Bissau

Lukashenko slams Russia for “barbarian” behaviour towards Belarus as Moscow mulls suspension of subsidies

One year after deadly Sierra Leone mudslides, survivors say they can barely afford to eat

In Kashmir, Security Searches Lead to Sexual Abuse

IPOB calls for panel to investigate killing of 38 pro-Biafra agitators

Nigerian Army begins operation ‘Python Dance lll’, warns Biafra agitators

Taiwan president visits Belize looking to shore up support

More Than 100 Cars Burned in Mass Arson Attack in Sweden

Comoros prosecutor accuses arrested opponents of planning a coup

How long can Bulgaria keep facing both East and West?

Viktor Orban moves to ban gender studies

Putin dances at Austrian minister’s wedding, setting off alarm bells across Europe

Catalogue of abuse: Seeking justice for the Rohingya

Nicaragua is on the verge of civil war

Survivors Remember Horror of Laos Dam Collapse

New Caledonia restricts tourism and bans fishing to protect huge swathe of coral reefs

Amnesty reminds Senegal, Mauritania over detention of dissidents ahead of Sept. polls

Paraguay Marks Publication of 1st Official Guarani Grammar

EU court agrees to hear case of families impacted by climate change

Adivasi man lynched

Sea turns red with blood after whale hunt in Faroe Islands

Moscow’s ‘little green men’ stage provocation in Moldova

Many Russians oblivious of Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968