Anniversary of Soviet invasion, Kurdish arabization on hold, live fire drill in Tibet, things to come: we are still here. (anti-China forces)

1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia

1968 August 21: The End of the Prague Spring

1939 August 23: Black Ribbon Day, European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

1989 August 23: Baltic Way

1991 August 24: Independence Day of Ukraine

1825 August 25: Uruguay Independence Day

1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day

1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day

1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day

1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day

1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day

1968 September 6: Swaziland Independence Day

1822 September 7: Brazil Independence Day

1991 September 8: Republic of Macedonia Independence Day

1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day

8 EU countries agree to step up investigation of communist crimes

Vilnius opens square named after slain Russian opposition leader Nemtsov

Missed Bond Payment in Xinjiang Stirs Chinese Debt Fears

The Mass Internment of Uyghurs: “We want to be respected as humans. Is it too much to ask?”

China’s re-education camps for a million Muslims: What everyone needs to know

Beijing blames ‘anti-China forces’ for criticism of its Xinjiang policy

Spanish King Taunted by Catalan Separatists at Ceremony for Terror Attack Victims in Barcelona

Spanish police officer caught removing yellow ribbons of solidarity with jailed Catalan independists

Unionists call on Spanish government to prepare for more direct rule of Catalonia

Catalan exports hit new record in first half of 2018 with €36.6bn

Puigdemont in Scotland to take part in diplomatic forum

Catalonia to go ahead with offices abroad despite Spain’s challenge

Spanish government takes first step to exhume Franco from mausoleum

Sikh organization in London holds declaration for establishment of Khalistan as a state

Why the ‘dead’ idea of Khalistan is being resurrected

Puntland threatens war with Somaliland over border lands

US needs to recognize Somaliland before Russia does

eSwatini stands by Taiwan despite Chinese overtures

Balochistan is not Xinjiang, Baloch leader warns China

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted six people from Kech and Gwadar

Serbian Police Close Paramilitary Youth Camp Run By Russian and Serbian Far Right

‘Trash is gold’ as Benin community turns waste into biogas

Russian lawyer reports mounting disillusionment with Russia in occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar political prisoner could face life sentence for ‘organizing’ a discussion gathering

Indonesia forces West Papuan children at gunpoint to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day

Taiwanese Presidential Stop at LA Bakery Causes Massive Political Fallout in China

60% of Hong Kong’s young people support Taiwan independence – HKU survey

What it meant to be Irish a century ago and an ocean away from Ireland

Netanyahu Expands His Struggle Against EU During Baltics Visit

Israel approves plans for 1,000 settlement homes

US cuts over $200m in aid to Palestinians

Cameroon Chiefs Flee Separatist Violence in Southwest

Ambazonians appeal for world to recognize their right to independence

A plea to President Fuad Masum: Stand up for the Kurdish language

Turkey: No country for Kurdish newspapers

Baghdad freezes plan to ‘Arabize’ Kurdish, Turkmen lands in Kirkuk

Inmates at Iranian prison attack Kurdish author after hunger strike

Rebels shoot Afrin civilian in leg to blackmail family for ransom

Baghdad, Erbil sideline Turkmen when making key decisions

Nadia Murad to marry fellow Yezidi activist Abid Shamdeen

Chinese military conducts live fire drill in Tibet

Tashi Wangchuk’s Five-Year Imprisonment Upheld by Appeal Court

Palau, a small Pacific nation, one of Taiwan’s 18 remaining allies, faces China’s wrath

China ‘weaponises’ tourism: How Palau may be the model of things to come

Report Claims Manafort Promoted Russia’s Interests In Kyrgyzstan

Fake it till you make it: Slovenian former comedian Marjan Serec becomes prime minister

China writes off $ 5.5 million loan to reduce Seychelles’ debt load

Ex-Comoros president charged with graft in connection to passports scheme

Merkel Calls Ottoman-Era Killings Of Armenians ‘Heinous Crimes’

Pope under pressure to open Vatican records on child sexual abuse

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega’s last stand?

Somalia’s first FGM prosecution ‘hampered’ by victim’s parents

UN pushes Burundi to reach deal on 2020 elections

Lesotho gov’t agrees to safe return of exiled opposition politician

The First Indigenous Miss Panama

An Inter-Tribal Gathering Is Helping Scientists Fight Climate Change

Nearly every Native American woman in Seattle survey said she was raped or coerced into sex

‘We are still here’: Advocates seek support for Native languages

Gwich’in Nation calls for permanent protection of Arctic Refuge

Evo Morales, indigenous icon, loses support among Bolivia’s native people

Budget cuts threaten international Sámi language cooperation

Equatorial Guinea repatriates North Korean workers, cuts agricultural ties

Czech Republic marks 50th anniversary of Soviet invasion

Austerity hasn’t ended — Greece is in a fourth bailout program, academic says

South Sudan Claims Civil War Is Over but Skepticism Abounds

Taiwan’s Diplomatic Isolation Deepens as El Salvador Defects to Beijing

Māori suicide rate the highest its ever been. What are we missing?

Tajikistan frees journalist and comedian Khayrullo Mirsaidov

A Haitian Slave Turned Emperor Brings Celebration and Controversy to Brooklyn

US sanctions Myanmar military over Rohingya ‘ethnic cleansing’

Mro villagers warn they will leave homes if Rohingya refugees return

U.S. Man Gets 17 Years in Prison for Traveling to Dominican Republic to Prey on Girls

Russia Signs Military Cooperation Deal With Central African Republic

Clashes erupt in Kashmir parts on Eid day, several injured

Fighters from new rebel group attack Chad soldiers at Libya border

How Russia finances war-torn Eastern Ukraine through South Ossetia

Flirting of Abkhazia and “South Ossetia” with Russia

Kyiv moves to restore pre-Soviet Ukrainian spellings, infuriating Moscow

Units from ten NATO countries and Javelins in military parade on Ukraine’s 27th Independence Day