Independence or Restoration? Self-government but not independence. The disappeared.

1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day

1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day

1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day

1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day

1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day

1968 September 6: Swaziland Independence Day

1822 September 7: Brazil Independence Day

1991 September 8: Republic of Macedonia Independence Day

1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day

1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia

1821 September 15: Costa Rica Independence Day

1821 September 15: El Salvador Independence Day

1821 September 15: Guatemala Independence Day

1821 September 15: Honduras Independence Day

1821 September 15: Nicaragua Independence Day

1810 September 16: Grito de Dolores, Mexico

1975 September 16: Papua New Guinea Independence Day

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This Culture, Once Believed Extinct, Is Flourishing

Four rebels convicted in Adivasi massacre

The Roots of a Growing Adivasi Resistance in Gujarat

‘An information black hole’: Exiled Muslim Uighurs fear for loved ones back home as China tightens its grip on Xinjiang

Russia, Sudan foster deal among Central African Republic militia

New Caledonia: Does the French public actually want to ‘set it free’?

Brutal Beating Of Bosnian Serb Journalist Draws More Protests

Work of Charter-97 is under Threat

Clashes shatter illusion of security in Libyan capital

China returns Tahiti consulate building

Bolivian chefs are trading colonial cuisine for national pride

The legend of Benin’s fearless female warriors

Neighbors square off with Beijing in South China Sea

Vietnamese website taunts Chinese drama fans with South China Sea quiz

Grenada announces ban on Styrofoam products

Call for the right to be taught in Gaelic

Independence on the agenda as SNP hold first National Assembly

Scotland’s independence movement is an inspiration to Welsh Yes groups

Poll reveals majority would back independence after Brexit

Free Ty Pawb language sessions for those wanting to learn to speak Welsh

Welsh newspaper Glo Man celebrates four decades

Indonesian police arrest 8 West Papuan people and a Polish tourist

The time for West Papua is now

PIANGO wants Pacific leaders to commit over West Papua

China leader calls for ‘anti-separatism efforts’ in Tibet

China spends big in Tibet to avert a crisis when the Dalai Lama dies

Hidden but not forgotten: Int’l Day of the Disappeared shines light on Tibet’s dark prison secrets

Translated court documents expose China’s sham prosecution of Tibetan language rights advocate Tashi Wangchuk, raise fears about use of torture

Sen. John McCain, American ‘maverick’ and Arizona political giant, dies at age 81

Assad can’t put the Syrian-Kurdish genie back in the bottle

A catastrophe in Idlib has now become more difficult to avoid

Pentagon: Manbij residents to govern Manbij

Turkey police violently disperse Kurdish mothers’ sit-in for the disappeared, arrest scores

Do Turkey and Baghdad plan to seize KRG territory?

Kurdish prisoner in Turkey loses his life in prison due to health conditions

Ezidis concerned over return of families involved in Islamic State’s Shingal massacre

Yazidis seek church asylum as Europe’s empathy for refugees wanes

Ambazonian President: We declared ‘restoration’ of our independence

Palau joins international biodiversity agreement

The fascinating history behind the Moroccan Amazigh headgear Madonna wore at VMAs

Poverty Among Berber Families in Morocco

To counter China, West plans bigger footprint in Pacific – sources

Former Israeli officials helping Rwanda join OECD

Pro-Biafra women protesters regain freedom

We’ve discovered 7 graveyards where 180 pro-Biafra activists were buried, NGO claims

Indigenous People of Biafra Declare Sit-At-Home In Protest Of Nnamdi Kanu’s Disappearance

Biafra agitators raise the alarm over Operation Python Dance 3

13 ethnic Somalis killed in Oromia: Ethiopia troops accused of negligence

Ethiopia’s reforming prime minister runs into a roadblock of ethnic unrest

Top Oromia parties hint of merger for Ethiopia’s 2020 polls

Serbia, Kosovo presidents broach border changes for historic deal

Serbia and Kosovo May Be Ready to End Their Feud

Germany warns on Serbia-Kosovo land swap idea

Kremlin money used to push propaganda in Baltics

The execution of Latvia’s most famous army man

Moldovan Leaders, Protesters Face Off On Independence Day

Circassian scholars call for creation of single alphabet

Moscow Works Hard To Block Syrian Circassians From Returning To Their Homeland And To Russify Those Who Do – OpEd

Kadyrov Pledges To Ban Rights Activists From Chechnya

Will the war in Russia’s North Caucasus ever end?

14 years of pain and of lies about the siege and storming of School No. 1 in Beslan

Turkmenistan: A banana republic for our times

Panama’s first indigenous beauty queen opens doors, breaks social barriers

Moderate Parties in Slovenia Sign Deal to Form Government

Maldives Opposition Warns Against Rigging of Presidential Elections

Burundi economy battered by years of political crisis

Major Fire At Recycling Plant Covers Malta With Toxic Black Cloud

Comoros President appoints new govt a month after referendum

Volatile Kashmir marred by protests over citizenship rights law

Equatorial Guinea MPs can travel only if authorized by president’s son

Surrogate Motherhood Thriving In Kyrgyzstan, Despite Society’s Misgivings

U.N. accuses Nicaragua government of widespread rights violations

Vatican knew of Pennsylvania sex abuse cover-up, prosecutor says

Germany returns skulls of Namibian genocide victims

How will Guyana deal with its oil windfall?

US ends all funding for UN’s Palestine refugee agency

Nauru attends South Ossetia independence events

The Toll of Putin’s Wars

Prominent Ukrainian Historian Found Dead With Stab Wounds

Russia Opens a New Front in Its War Against Ukraine: the Sea of Azov

Russia turns to politically-motivated excavations to rewrite history of Soviet Terror after jailing one of its main historians

The European Court of Human Rights’ politically-motivated denial of justice for Oleg Sentsov

Lech Walesa nominates Oleg Sentsov for Nobel Peace Prize

Russia occupies Crimea and deports Ukrainians for refusing Russian citizenship

Russian FSB comes for Ukrainian Cultural Centre activist in occupied Crimea

‘The disappeared’ – the hidden part of Russia’s hybrid deportation of the Crimean Tatars

Oscar foreign-language film race 2019: all the titles submitted so far

BAROTSELAND: Independence or Restoration?

Independence in 9 months, urges far-left CUP

Protesters attack journalist at demonstration against yellow ribbons

Catalan literature in demand around the world

Spanish president offers Catalonia vote on self-government but not independence