Erasing Crimean Tatar Muslims to the Tunes of a Welsh Orchestra

1968 September 6: Swaziland Independence Day

1822 September 7: Brazil Independence Day

1991 September 8: Republic of Macedonia Independence Day

1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day

1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia

1821 September 15: Costa Rica Independence Day

1821 September 15: El Salvador Independence Day

1821 September 15: Guatemala Independence Day

1821 September 15: Honduras Independence Day

1821 September 15: Nicaragua Independence Day

1810 September 16: Grito de Dolores, Mexico

1975 September 16: Papua New Guinea Independence Day

1810 September 18: Fiestas Patrias, Chile

1983 September 19: Saint Kitts and Nevis Independence Day

1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day

1981 September 21: Belize Independence Day

1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day

1960 September 22: Mali Independence Day

Mass arrests in Papua following peaceful protest

Timor-Leste Remembers Indonesia’s Slain Human Rights Hero

Welsh musicians at centre of international row after performing in Crimea

How Russia is trying to erase Crimean Tatar Muslims

No Ukrainian school left in Russian-occupied Crimea – media

Sending Crimean political prisoners to Russia is a war crime

Russians provoking environmental disaster in Crimea

Crimea Chemical Disaster – Russia takes 2 weeks to evacuate children amid information vacuum

Journalist sentenced for criticising Russia’s occupation of Crimea urgently needs medical treatment

Russia refuses medical care to hunger striking Ukrainian political prisoner despite clear danger to life

Crimean Tatar civic activists jailed for social media reposts after day of armed searches & arrests

Crimean Tatar added to Russian ‘List of Terrorists & Extremists’ for 2014 ‘anti-Russian’ social media reposts

Crimean Tatar political prisoner to pay with his life for refusing to collaborate with Russia’s FSB?

Tortured for being gay after Russia annexed Crimea

Ukrainian Activist Flees Crimea Under Pressure From Russian Authorities

Occupied Donetsk: re-settlement of Russian “immigrants”, all-pervasive fear & ecological disaster

Prisoners die in unexplained circumstances in Russian-controlled ‘Luhansk republic’ prisons

Russia turns down Ukraine’s offer to swap their convicts for Ukrainian political prisoners

Why Does the Press Still Take Moscow at Its Word?

Sentsov tells about his health, asks to write him letters more often

S4C will broadcast ALL of Wales’ Nations League and Euro 2020 matches live

300,000 in Finland quit Facebook this year, expert tells paper

Romania-Moldova Unification Movement Grows Despite Obstacles

Ikea under fire for listing Taiwan as a country on its packaging

Taiwan grateful to United Airlines for imaginative website solution to ‘one China’ rule

Taiwan’s last African ally holds out despite overtures by China

Threatened land rights spark protest in Wallis and Futuna

Following an investigative report by BuzzFeed and others, a network of pro-Kremlin news outlets in the Baltic states suddenly admits to being run by the Russian state

Installation of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline starts in Gulf of Finland

US Lawmakers Urge Sanctions Against Chinese Officials, Companies Over Xinjiang Rights Violations

China’s Jaw-Dropping Family Separation Policy

Authorities Detain Uyghur Editor-in-Chief, Directors of Xinjiang Daily Newspaper

Chinese Embassies are Becoming Increasingly Assertive: the Case of Sweden

San Marino will have Europe’s first 5G network

China bans minors in Tibet from religious events

China’s democratic reforms in Tibet was a euphemism for Chinese communist totalitarian rule

‘China must grant autonomy to Tibet’

A Town Hall in London Hoists the Tibetan Flag for the First Time

13 MEPs to visit Catalan jailed leaders

Investigation into ‘disproportionate’ actions of Spanish police during referendum

Torra insists on referendum and calls for march to defend ‘civil and national rights’

Catalan police to be incorporated into Spanish intelligence agency against terrorism

Barotseland activists appear before the Supreme Court in Ndola

Benin is the latest African nation taxing the internet

Four Days in Occupied Western Sahara—A Rare Look Inside Africa’s Last Colony

Student union accuses university of drowning out pro-independence speech with ‘joyous party music’

Hong Kong students cautioned about independence debate as academic year begins

Hong Kong pro-independence student group says members’ families ‘warned’ by mainland authorities

Brexit could trigger Scottish independence and a united Ireland

‘Mither tongue’ Doric is given official status

Fifth dedicated Gaelic school officially opened

Journalists arrested over alleged theft of documents on Northern Ireland killings

Norwegian PM shuffles cabinet as male ministers seek family time

Iran’s Foreign Minister summoned to parliament for ‘paying tribute’ to Kurdistan flag

Turkey police bar protest against Kurdish prisoner’s imminent execution in Iran

Global silence toward Kurdistan independence ‘morally unacceptable’

Turkey sentences Kurdish leader Demirtas to 56 months for 2013 speech

NRI Sikhs raise pro-Khalistan pitch

Twitter accounts of Baloch political parties, leaders blocked days after Pakistan complained of objectionable content

Baloch activists remember Nawab Akbar Bugti on his death anniversary

Tributes flow for Father of Baloch nation

Balochistan’s resources belong to Baloch people: BNC

Balochistan: Enforced disappearances continue despite government claims of freeing abducted persons

Balochistan: Iranian authorities executed three Baloch prisoners

Why are Native American women vanishing? And who’s looking for them?

Community’s gifts welcome Native American babies to the world

Native American Indian Country May Make History With 2018 Farm Bill

The first truly American cuisine is having a revival

Lord of the Land: Leader of Lithuania’s Ruling Party Exposed

Research finds Lithuania was Soviet Union’s donor in 1st decade of occupation

€30 billion moved through Danske Estonia in single year

Oral History Suggests Māori Proverbs on Bird Extinction Mirrored Fears of Indigenous Group’s Own Decline

Minister pleased with response to te reo Māori strategy

Hmong Farmers Drive Local Food Economy in Minnesota

Beijing’s great game to win over Pacific’s small island states

Nauru demands China apologize for ‘disrespect’ at Pacific forum

Vanuatu welcomes ‘breakthrough’ over disputed islands

Russia-Eritrea Relations Grow with Planned Logistics Center

Djibouti, Eritrea agree to normalize ties strained since 2008

Ethiopia reopens embassy in Eritrea in further warming of ties

Temaru wants Tahiti decolonisation on Pacific Islands Forum agenda

Haiti – FLASH : UN warns of high risk of major unrest in Haiti

Poll shows strong opposition to New Caledonia independence

We are ready to welcome you, NATO chief tells Macedonia

Somalia: Suicide bomb attack hits offices and school in Mogadishu

Somaliland and the scramble for Suez: How old imperial powers are being sidelined in Gulf’s ‘Cold War’

United States’ City of Clarkston Calls for Recognition of Somaliland

Secret Chinese Arms Trade in the Horn of Africa/

Cloud of sexual abuse threatens to overshadow Vatican youth summit

One Year After Irma, This Gorgeous Caribbean Island Is Back in Business

Hurricane Irma: One Year Later

US recalls diplomats in El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic over Taiwan

Mauritius challenges Britain’s claim to Chagos Islands at ICJ

Belgium faces reckoning over racism after two high-profile cases shock country

Moscow Watches Anxiously As Pashinian Realigns Armenia’s Foreign Policy

Videos of Masked Militia Alarm Slovenia

Luxembourg lures asset managers ahead of Brexit

Gambia president tells China previous Taiwan ties a ‘huge mistake’

U.N. inquiry says Burundi still committing crimes against humanity

Rwanda’s opposition wins parliamentary seats for first time

Does Crazy Rich Asians showcase the real Singapore?

Mongolia forges a new path from between the hammer and the anvil

France charges Liberia ‘ex-militant’ for crimes against humanity

Serbia, Kosovo leaders abruptly cancel EU-brokered meeting on land swap

A new scramble for Africa has begun

U.S. Warns Nicaragua Is Heading Down the Same Path as Syria and Venezuela

Paraguay to Move Embassy Back to Tel Aviv From Jerusalem; Israel Retaliates – Shuts Embassy

South Sudan soldiers sentenced to jail for murder, rape in 2016 hotel raid

South Sudan can learn from Liberia’s road to peace

Slavery Was Part of Barbados Life for Centuries. But Its History Can Be Hard to Find

World Nomad Games Kick Off In Kyrgyzstan

Week of chaos a reminder that Libya is still broken

Bhutan’s tryst with democracy turns 10

From positive to profane, Bhutan is loving rap

Bhutan Parties Choose ‘Big Brother’ India Over Opportunist China

International Criminal Court rules it can investigate alleged crimes against the Rohingya in Burma

Microwaves suspected in ‘sonic attacks’ on US diplomats in Cuba and China

In Cuba, condom use stretches far beyond sex

Cuba’s real estate market is booming. But will it last?

Doctors reveal possible ‘neuro-weapon’ used in alleged attacks in Cuba

Yemen’s Houthis want UN guarantees for delegation as peace talks in Geneva stall

Maldives accuses U.S. of intimidation after comments on political prisoners

Mass wedding ceremony held on China-Maldives Friendship Bridge in Male

Mother Of Tajikistan Cyclist-Attack Suspect Douses Self With Gasoline In Protest

Transforming Tajikistan: how the Rahmon regime turned religion into a site of struggle

Russian ‘Bomb’ Ticks in the Geographic Center of Georgia

Leader of breakaway Abkhazia meets Assad in Syria

Breakaway Abkhazia remains among top destinations for Russian tourists

Conviction, Sentencing Of Two Soldiers Spark Protests In North Ossetia

Relatives of slain public figures in Karachay–Cherkessia demand senator be brought to justice for ordering killings

World Nomad Games: 7-months pregnant Bashkortostan woman to compete in archery

Governments Pressure Russia to Act on Chechnya Abuses

Chechen refugee forcibly disappeared after being unlawfully deported from Poland

Chechen ‘invasion’ sparks outrage in Ingushetia

Relatives of the young men who recently attacked Chechen police officers have been forced to flee the republic

Indigenous People Fight For Their Rights. Governments And Businesses Call Them Terrorists.