We Got It Wrong

1810 September 18: Fiestas Patrias, Chile

1983 September 19: Saint Kitts and Nevis Independence Day

1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day

1981 September 21: Belize Independence Day

1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day

1960 September 22: Mali Independence Day

1973 September 24: Guinea-Bissau Independence Day

2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum

September 26: European Day of Languages

1966 September 30: Botswana Day

2017 October 1 Catalan Independence Referendum

1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day

1960 October 1: Nigeria Independence Day

1978 October 1: Tuvalu Independence Day

1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day

1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day

1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day

Pakistan using enforced disappearances to silence minorities: Sindhi activists at UN

Construction of Dam on Indus river is illegal, unethical, says Sindhi activists

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted 12 people from three districts in past two days

Balochistan: Iranian security forces shot dead two Baloch youth

Moscow Writer Claims Crimean Tatars Destabilizing Uzbekistan

Crimean Tatar political prisoner on hunger strike after getting no medical treatment for life-threatening condition

Distinguished Crimean Tatar surgeon convicted of ‘extremism’ for prayer room in hospital

Castles light up in celebration of Gaelic and Scots

Walmart dumps items with Soviet symbols

Man wounded by Spanish police on Oct 1 under investigation for actions during vote

A year after 20-S: the police operation that sealed fate of pro-independence leaders

Jailed civil leaders remain defiant in letter to pro-independence supporters

Independence supporters protest on anniversary of Spanish police raids to halt referendum

Student strike called for independence referendum anniversary

Special Committee on Decolonization reiterates right of Sahrawi people to self-determination, legal status of Western Sahara as decolonization issue

Russia’s policies not expected to change anytime soon – Defense Ministry of Latvia

Three Ezidis rescued from Islamic State captivity

Just 2 Yezidis running for election to Kurdistan Region parliament

Turkey: Pro-Kurdish daily on trial

Turkey angry at continued US support for Syrian Kurds

Iran has executed 44 Kurds in past six months

Scarred for life, Kurds from Iran plead for UN intervention after Koya attack

September 25: The unforgettable day Kurds voted to leave Iraq

Vanuatu steps up UN bid for West Papua rights, new referendum

St Kitts marks 35 years of alliance and independence

Referendum-2020 for Khalistan

China’s Xinjiang Muslims live in fear of disappearing into camps

Five Uyghur Professors from Xinjiang University Held in Political ‘Re-education Camps’

Xinjiang’s Kashgar University Sacks Four ‘Two-Faced’ Uyghur Professors

China Has Chosen Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang—For Now

Maori Language, Once Shunned, Is Having a Renaissance in New Zealand

New Zealand celebrates 125 years of women having the vote

Why New Zealand was the first country where women won the right to vote

Fingers Point to China After Break-Ins Target New Zealand Professor

In a Corner of Moldova, Marx Casts a Long Shadow

IPOB sit –at-home witness’s partial success

UN approves New Caledonia voter registration

Tension stops New Caledonia campaign event

Chagos: Mauritius challenges British colonialism in a case with major implications

Domestic tourism booms in Tibet but restrictions on foreign tourists remain

Five Tibetan Monks Detained in Ngaba

Blue Mountains Council flying the flag in support of Tibetan community

New name, same flaws in eSwatini election

Cuba’s Stalled Revolution

United States keen to invest strategically in Greenland

Greenland and the hunt for better climate science

Tuvalu reminds UN of existential threat of climate change

Russian Efforts In Macedonia Latest Attempt To Influence Balkans

China opens embassy in Dominican Republic after break with Taiwan

Bhutan’s Elections Demonstrate Continued Democratic Progress

Trial for murder of Honduran environmental activist delayed

Dominica: Striving Towards Climate Resilience

Vatican defends upcoming China deal against “drastic” critics

South Sudan’s Troops Raped and Killed Civilians While the Government Pursued a Peace Deal

Namibia Economy Contracts for 9th Quarter as Manufacturing Drops

Belarus: How Take-Over Of Country Started

Rihanna appointed an ambassador of Barbados

“Botswana elephant massacre” story now proven false

Ingush Mufti unexplainedly absent from North Caucasus Muftiate conference

Russian authorities force Gulag museum to close

‘Digital Resistance’: Siberian Game Racks Up Political Points

Karachay-Cherkessia authorities ready to spend almost 7k on troll factory

UN calls for genocide tribunal over Rohingya crisis

Indigenous Ugandan tribes demand recognition by the Constitution

The success and struggle for indigenous rights in India

Assertion of Adivasi identity to take precedence

In the tribal hearland of Adilabad, Muharram is a part of Adivasi ethos

Adivasis to celebrate Liberation Day

San Francisco Removes Statue Of Native Man At Feet Of Colonizers

‘We got it wrong’: Governments apologize to Alaska Natives for banning migratory bird harvests

Indigenous communities crippled in Argentina amid economic crisis

For rural indigenous women in Peru, health care is inadequate and hard to reach

Canadian professor working towards inclusion for British Columbia’s Indigenous communities

Indigenous Peoples Link Their Development to Clean Energies

The Epidemic Of Violence Against Native Women We Aren’t Talking About Enough

The language of the indigenous, traversing the Americas

High Court in Trinidad and Tobago decriminalizes gay sex

France to press Mali to implement peace deal with rebels

Georgia: A solitary peacekeeping mission on the edge of Europe

The future of Chinese investment in the Caucasus – The case of Abkhazia

NATO: The path you are on will take Georgia towards membership

Trump Is Reinventing the U.S. Approach to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Palestinians killed in separate events in Gaza and East Jerusalem