Nothing to Celebrate

1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day

1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day

1970 October 10: Fiji Day

1968 October 12: Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

1492 October 12: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

1991 October 18: Azerbaijan Independence Day

1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day

1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Uprising

1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day

1955 October 26: Austrian National Day

2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day

1991 October 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day

1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day

More than 20 Tuaregs killed in Mali

Crimean Tatar political prisoner released under house arrest after likely stroke

Russia fights Crimean Solidarity with long prison sentences and shattered childhoods

38 of the 46 Ukrainian Orthodox churches in Crimea forced to close by Russian occupiers

Putin Aide promises Donbas militants higher ‘pay’ & help with ‘elections’

OSCE catches Russia bringing anti-aircraft gun, other military hardware by night to Donbas

Ukraine wins approval for historic split from Russian church

Czech Republic politicians turning on Roma

Roma children traumatised by repeated attacks on their South Belfast home

Growing interest in Cornish language

Native Alliance Initiative

Learn the Hawaiian and Navajo Languages on Duolingo

New survey confirms strong social demand for education & visibility for #Breton

A woman refused to pay her TV licence to fight for Wales’ ‘freedom as a nation’

Independence on the table after Brexit – Plaid’s Price

Support for Welsh independence climbs to 19% in new poll

25% surge in Plaid Cymru membership in two weeks

Nadia Murad: Yezidis need security, justice

Iranian forces start final war games in Kurdistan province

Turkey arrests over 150 Kurdish politicians, journalists, and activists

Turkey condemns Kurdish reporter to 90 months of jail

Purge in Turkey reaches Kurds paid to fight for Turkish army

Erdogan vows to ‘finish’ Kurdish militants in Iraq

Kurdistan will become independent country sooner than later: Former US Ambassador

Masoud Barzani: People of Kurdistan have legitimate cause

US-Kurdish alliance important for changes in Middle East: Ex-Israel National Security Advisor

Iraqi delegation in Erbil to ‘turn new page’ with Kurdistan Region

Update: Kurdistan and the Battle Over Oil

Kurdistan counter-terror forces break up ISIS finance cell

Sindhi, Baloch activists oppose construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam

Baloch children don’t learn Balochi in schools, but set to be taught Chinese

Balochistan National Congress condemns Pakistan’s foreign minister’s ‘hypocritical’ remarks at UN

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted 9 persons in three days

Baloch Martyrs Day: Free Balochistan Movement to organise an event in Germany

Young singer named Gaelic ambassador of the year

AUOB Edinburgh march biggest pro-independence event in Scotland’s history

Fundraiser led by Elaine C Smith launched for indy campaign aiming to keep Yes support above 50%

Stir It Up heats up campaign with independence recipes

Spanish vice president: ‘There was no agreed referendum in Scotland’

Catalan independence question is ‘more alive than ever’

Catalan National Assembly calls for declaring independence and freeing jailed leaders

Six high-ranking Catalan police officials investigated for rebellion over referendum

Spain threatens ‘legal measures’ after Catalan parliament rejects monarchy

‘Nothing to celebrate’: Catalan businesses opening on Spain’s national day

Hundreds Of British Sikhs Protest Against Anti-Terror Raids

Big Sikh rally in New York demands Khalistan

Sikh group plans to hold Khalistan referendum polling in Canadian cities in 2020

Electric vehicle sales achieve new record in Norway with 45% of new cars being all-electric and 60% plug-in

Hong Kong press freedom in question as FT journalist denied visa

Japan and Vietnam join hands over disputed South China Sea

Philippines joining Beijing’s South China Sea drill ‘shows nations are hedging bets’ in Sino-US tussle

China Looms Large at Australia-Japan Meeting

Cameroon rebels outgunned in increasingly violent separatist campaign

MEP: Reality of my three days in occupied Western Sahara

1st International Conference of Liberation Movements establishes Forum for Liberation Movements and African Parties

Antigua and Barbuda gains access to Green Climate Fund

In Tokelau, a fight to reclaim homes from rising tides

Belgian beer named ‘Maori tears’ is slammed for being ‘culturally offensive’

Friends of Tibet group established in Czech Parliament

Repression on multiple fronts in Tibet, says report by US Commission on China

China set to build “world’s most challenging” railway line in occupied-Tibet

Central Tibetan Administration President on Three-Nation Europe Visit

Lobsang Sangay: Tibet’s charming champion

How the Chinese government destroyed Kashgar, fulcrum of the Silk Road

Georgian PM Opens Frankfurt Book Fair

Austria Tiring of Being ‘Ashtray of Europe’

New Zealand: World Indigenous Business Forum opens up in Rotorua

To conserve West Papua, start with land rights

West Papua human rights advocate calls for solidarity

West Papua Liberation Army leader at large in Highlands

Indonesia rails against Pacific support for West Papua

ULMWP Benny Wenda on growing Indonesian state violence in West Papua

Costa Rica grants asylum to Nicaraguan human rights activist

Fighter for Ukraine savagely beaten after being treacherously handed over to Russia

Land Grab? Why The Ingush Are Furious With Chechnya

Mari El ex-Head Markelov complains of abhorrent conditions in jail

West must deploy intelligence agencies to defeat poachers, says Gabon president

Macedonia parliament debates name change deal with Greece

Japan overtakes Singapore as world’s most powerful passport

Guam pushes for native-only vote on US relationship

Anguilla Residency by Investment Phase 1 to commence in November

Sweden’s St. Lucia’s Day holiday goes gender neutral

Eritrea Creaks Open the Door as Fears of War Recede

Human Rights Concerns Persist in Eritrea, Months After Peace Deals

A ‘Voice For The Voiceless’: Sainthood For El Salvador’s Archbishop Óscar Romero

In tech-laggard Cuba, President Diaz-Canel launches twitter account

Myanmar ‘unwilling’ to probe Rohingya abuse, U.N. must act: rights envoy

Reporters: No way home for the Rohingya

France has again boycotted the UN debate of French Polynesia’s decolonisation

France faces Hague complaint over Polynesia nuclear tests

Qatar blockade ‘has been a catalyst for change for the entire nation’

Researchers Say Human Toll of South Sudan War ‘as Bad as Iraq or Syria’

Sierra Leone cancels $300 million airport deal with China

Erdogan Toughens Stance as Cyprus Faces Permanent Partition

Fear and anger mark Kashmir’s first local poll in 13 years

Maldives strongman challenges election defeat

EU passport sales create ‘proud Maltese citizens’

‘President’ For a Day, Schoolgirl in Paraguay Shines Light on Violence, Equality

Burundi arrests aid workers for flouting foreign NGO ban

Police, slavery activists clash at Mauritania parliament

Guyana may be the next big beast in global oil

Attacks on journalists increase during Nicaragua protests

Albania beats EU nations on renewable energy

What tiny Bhutan can teach the world about being carbon negative

Minsk Priest Banned From Service For Criticizing Moscow Patriarch

Putin elite can’t retain power and property without another war, Pastukhov says

Lukashenka tells Putin’s new man in Minsk: ‘Belarus will not ever be part of Russia’

Russian sociological centers study Belarus like Ukraine before the war

BAROTSE CHANGE: Further reflections on Freedom of Independence versus Freedom of Dependence!

New Caledonia: the independence vote looms