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How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus

1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day

1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day

1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day

1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day

1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day

1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day

1878 December 18: Qatar National Day

1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea

China ‘Is the Only One in the Race’ to Make Electric Buses, Taxis and Trucks

Speech! Speech! Georgia’s Zurabishvili Puts The Accent On Victory

Over 105,000 Russians resettled to Russian-occupied Crimea

Prominent Crimean Lawyer Jailed For Five Days Over 2013 Social-Media Post

Crimean Solidarity rights activist added to Russia’s List of ‘terrorists & extremists’ for a Facebook repost

Fears mount: Putin’s Russia poised to seize more of Ukraine?

Russian threat highest since 2014: Ukraine military chief

U.S. Conducts ‘Extraordinary’ Observation Flight Over Ukraine

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer Suggests Blockading Russian Ships From All EU And US Ports

How Trump and G-20 could stand up to Putin the bully

U.S. could disconnect Russia from SWIFT over aggression against Ukraine

US sends warship into Ukraine’s Black Sea crisis

Black Sea standoff reflects Russia’s disregard for global rules, top U.S. military officer says

At 2008 NATO-Russia Council, Putin called Ukraine “artificial formation” and “mistake in history” – Linkevicius

Russian opposition gathers in Vilnius, supports Ukraine

The Russian Federation will disintegrate but not ‘just like the Soviet Union did’

U.S. Gives Russia 60 Days To Comply With Nuclear Arms Pact

In Gesture To India, Pakistan To Open Cross-Border Pathway To Sikh Holy Site

Sikh shrines in India and Pakistan – why construction of visa-free Kartarpur corridor is so historic

Khalistan is Final Solution to Punjab Issues

Kashmir’s youngest pellet gun victim could lose complete sight

Balochistan: Pakistani forces have abducted nearly a dozen people in one week

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct a 70-year-old man from Kech

NATO Gives Bosnia Green Light To Move Toward Membership

Role of Social Networks in Shaping the Identity of Economic Boycott Movements in Morocco

Scottish parties unite to oppose May’s deal and no-deal options on Brexit

2018: The year of the surge for independence

Poll finds 53% think indy is better for Scotland than Brexit

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa honors Hawaiian Independence Day

Jail term upheld for killer of top official in New Caledonia

France retains control of Australia’s near neighbour following New Caledonia’s recent referendum

Mourning the loss of George H.W. Bush, first President to meet the Dalai Lama

China’s exploitation of Tibet’s natural resources

Tibetan Youth Wins 2 Year Fellowship to Become US Diplomat

Tibetan youth immolates in Ngaba

‘Tweet for Freedom’ campaign initiated for Barotseland!

MASSOB to FG: Stop killing of Biafra agitators

Western Sahara: a ‘peaceful solution’ to conflict is possible, says UN envoy

Sahrawi people reject all solution outside self-determination right

Xinjiang Authorities Holding Hundreds From Kyrgyz Village in ‘Political’ Re-education Camps

Central Asians Organize to Draw Attention to Xinjiang Camps

Campaign of repression in Xinjiang is the most severe human rights crisis in China: US

Chinese internment camps are ‘torture centers worse than death,’ say survivors

A tale of torture in a Chinese internment camp for Uighurs

UN wants access to China’s Xinjiang ‘re-education camps’

China ‘rejects German human rights delegation’s request’ to visit Xinjiang

Chinese Arabic school to close as areas with Muslim populations are urged to study the Xinjiang way

Hong Kong’s anti-terrorism task force goes to Xinjiang to study local methods, as China rejects international calls to investigate mass internment centres

Hong Kong Bans Another Election Candidate Over ‘Implied Support’ For Independence

The Blurring Boundaries Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Hong Kong fears Trump will end city’s special trading status

China’s Intensifying Crackdown on Uighurs Extends Overseas

New Zealand China Scholar ‘Targeted’ by Beijing

One man’s fight to get US Congress to care about China’s Uyghurs

Google is currently developing a censored search engine for China

Microsoft sounds an alarm over facial recognition technology

Beijing may be ‘testing Tokyo’s resolve’ with drilling missions in contested parts of East China Sea

US warship challenges Russia claims in Sea of Japan

Hungarians protest against ‘slave law’ overtime rules

Hungary and Poland: EU capitals of homophobia

US renews ‘permanent diplomatic presence’ in Somalia

EU and UNICEF Launch Urban Water Project in Somaliland

Guinea-Bissau Women Team Up to Boost Business Know-How, Sales

How Welsh prisoners feel afraid to speak their own language inside

Former Bangor students’ Welsh language song is first to hit one million plays on Spotify

47 things every Welsh person has done at least once

Welsh Assembly votes to reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Catalan prisoners on hunger strike to protest ‘blockade of justice’

Catalonia used as electoral weapon in Andalusian election

Vox’s right-wing surge in Andalusia rings alarm bells in Catalonia

777 years in prison for Catalan leaders and suppression of self-rule: rise of far-right and what it means

40 MEPs support jailed leaders on hunger strike with manifesto

Belgian minister supports Catalan leaders on hunger strike – Spain to object

MEPs call for release of Catalan political prisoners on hunger strike

In Catalonia, it’s a not-so-happy anniversary for the Spanish constitution

‘Spanish constitution cage for our hopes and people,’ says Catalan president in Ljubljana

Exiled pro-independence activist interrupts speech by Spain’s foreign minister in Brussels

EU should allow Catalonia to be free

Police clash with pro-independence protesters during pro-Spanish unity rallies in Cataluña

Probe ordered after Catalan police charge at protesters

Council for the Republic working towards Catalan independence presented in Brussels

Barcelona chosen to head European sustainable mobility project

Catalan president begins 48-hour fast in solidarity with jailed officials and their hunger strike

Barça trounce Espanyol 4-0 in Catalan derby

Espanyol 0 Barcelona 4: Magical Messi dazzles in derby demolition

Pro-independence activists gear up for Spanish government visit

Self-determination Conference in The Hague Discussed the Political Possibilities of Catalan Independence

New Poll shows rising number of Basque Country residents want to remain in Spain

Burundi: Inside the secret killing house

Burundi Orders Closure of UN Human Rights Office

Be incorruptible like Botswana, or become ‘chaotic’ Nigeria

Gambians embrace new freedoms with environment activism

Armenia’s Elections Test Its Democratic Credentials

Still Recovering: Armenia’s Catastrophic Earthquake, 30 Years Later

Hero In Ukraine, Hated In Belarus

Belarus officially labels 500,000 people ‘parasites’

Depardieu Gets New Residence In Siberia After Tax Scandal In Mordovia

St. Petersburg Plaques Commemorating Soviet Purge Victims Ruled ‘Illegal’

Russia’s Constitutional Court overrules Ingush high court and upholds controversial borderland deal with Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov’s Next Target

Boy, 11, vows to cut off his enemies’ heads in chilling ISIS video before he and his brother, 17, are shot dead by police after ramming a car into cops in Chechnya

Chechnya Earmarks $750,000 to Service Leader’s ‘Palace’

Moscow official appointed as new Makhachkala mayor

Inmates In Russia’s Far East Launch Hunger Strike To Protest Prison Conditions

The Russian Federation will disintegrate but not ‘just like the Soviet Union did’

US sees Macedonia in NATO in mid-2020 after name change deal

Amid crisis, Nicaragua’s cardinal becomes a reluctant national leader

China Reneges on Its Deals. The Vatican Is Learning That the Hard Way.

Veteran Rights Defender Languishes in Kyrgyzstan Jail

Rwandan court acquits prominent opposition leader of forgery, incitement

Pope to visit United Arab Emirates in February

Tahiti opposition to circulate petition over nuke legacy

PM suggests Serbia could intervene if Kosovo sets up full army

Soccer player who fled Bahrain may be extradited after arrest in Thailand

Guatemalan father of slain North Carolina teen denied visa to attend her funeral

Bolivia’s Almost Impossible Lithium Dream

New scrutiny over Bolivian child labor after U.S. pledges aid cuts

Bolivia court allows President Morales to run for fourth term

European Union to open its third Gulf delegation in Kuwait amid mutual interests over Iraq, Qatar

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

Too Wild To Drill: journey to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in virtual reality

30 years broadcasting te reo Māori

‘Eternity’ Director Talks About Giving Peru’s Natives a Voice

Indigenous comics push back against hackneyed stereotypes

Native Americans On Tribal Land Are ‘The Least Connected’ To High-Speed Internet

Amanda Swimmer, Potter and Keeper of Cherokee Traditions, Dies at 97

Adivasis march for an end to violence

The Kalash who Pakistani Taliban vowed to eliminate, along with their protectors, the Western agents, if they do not embrace Islam

Yezidi Nadia Murad bestowed Nobel Prize after raising genocide awareness

Over 90,000 Ezidis left Iraq, Kurdistan since 2014 Islamic State attack

Sámi-themed short film makes Sundance lineup

Finland’s flagship library Oodi opens to the public in Helsinki

Armagh representatives lobby Westminster parties on Irish Language Act

Sierra Leone disqualified from African Nations Cup

Latvian KGB files to be published online within next three weeks

All aboard: Tickets go on sale for Finland-Estonia train tunnel, yet to be built

Black Hat Europe: You Can be Lucky if You’re the First to Be Attacked

Why is the EU paying its richest farmers more at the expense of those who most need support?

Lithuania imposes national sanctions on Russian Federation over aggression in Ukraine

If Brunei Takes China’s Energy Deal, Neighbors May Follow

Togo opposition accuses govt of ‘brutal’ crackdown after two killed in protests

Cameroon separatist leader goes on trial for ‘terrorism’

Russia warns Cyprus against allowing U.S. military to deploy there

Slovakia has expelled Russian diplomat for espionage

‘Peace Is Everything’: Ethiopia And Eritrea Embrace Open Border After Long Conflict

Czech Republic blames Russia for multiple government network hacks

Turkey court upholds conviction of prominent jailed Kurdish leader

Deposed Kurdish mayor to run again in upcoming Turkish local elections

EU Parliament refuses entry of veteran Kurdish politician

Iran arrests Kurdish Imam for criticizing border guards killing couriers

Iranian Kurds bury actor, filmmaker brothers killed in arson car fire

Syrian Kurds call on Germany to abolish YPG flag ban

Senior Syrian Kurdish official calls on US to implement no-fly zone to protect Kurds from Turkey

Is a peace deal between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds possible?

YPG spokesperson says Turkey wants to destabilize Syria’s northeast

Belgian PM set for minority after biggest ally quits coalition

A Decade Later, Iceland Sets Sights on Final Post-Crisis Exit

Christmas Book Flood: Iceland’s Literature-Loving Holiday Tradition 2018

Iceland celebrates 100 years of sovereignty

Qatar is pulling out of OPEC to focus on gas