Normal people who want self determination

How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus

1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day

1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day

1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day

1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day

1878 December 18: Qatar National Day

1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea

1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day

1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day

1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day

More than 90 percent of Finnish residents know at least one foreign language

As finances improve, Greece scraps pension cuts

UNPO Calls for the Immediate Release of Dr. C. K. Raut

Teenage American Indians and their babies: Another addition to the Wall of the Forgotten Natives

Poor health in Aboriginal children after European colonisation revealed in their skeletal remains

Family ‘horrified’ as Aboriginal man faces deportation to NZ

Māori Santa from Nelson parade coming to Wellington

How 10 Orphans From eSwatini Helped Write A Prize-Winning Movie

Guiana Space Centre to get new rocket tower in the jungle

Suriname community uses new open-source app to preserve storytelling traditions

Paris talks raise New Caledonia independence referendum aftermath

Great Escapes: The Technicolor Beauty of French Polynesia

China diplomats seek Tahiti gag for settling account

Georgian Court Upholds First Sexual Harassment Ruling

Tibetan youth sets himself on fire in eastern Tibet to protest China’s rule

Tibetans celebrate 29th year of Nobel peace prize conferment

Palden Gyatso: Tortured Tibetan Buddhist monk spoke out against Chinese occupation

Tibet gets a warmer reception as world wakes to Beijing’s methods

US moves to ban Chinese officials unless Tibet opens

Tibet visa legislation to help restore measure of reciprocity to US’ ties with China: Lawmakers

Moldovan Constitutional Court Suspends President For 5th Time

‘Why now?’ Anger grows over mention of Sikh extremism in Canadian terror threat report

European Jews feel under threat, think of emigrating: EU survey

Language organisations call to remain in EU over “potentially disastrous” effects of Brexit on the Celtic languages

Give the gift of Welsh to children this Christmas is language organisation’s plea

Yes Is More: Charlotte Church, Gruff Rhys, Gwenno and more set to perform at Welsh independence concert

‘Devolve broadcasting’ call as bilingual radio replaced by English-only station in Welsh-speaking area

‘Moribund monkey language’ author slammed for fresh attack on the Welsh language

Almost 60% of Scots think independence better than no-deal Brexit – poll

Niue launches legal action in Sweden over internet domain

Portugal repays IMF bailout loans in full ahead of time

Free Balochistan Movement hold protests to mark ‘International Human Rights Day’

Suspected jihadists on motorcycles kill 42 in Mali’s nomadic Tuareg camps

Natij Benseddiq, an Amazigh journalist in the Netherlands

Basque national team to apply for FIFA and UEFA membership

World’s first zero-emission cement plant takes shape in Norway

Fayitu office of the West Papua National Committee [KNPB] was burned down by the Indonesian military and police

West Papuans’ human rights violated on Human Rights Day

West Papua: explosive conflict in Nduga Regency

Human rights watchdog calls for police probe into ‘unclear’ Papua killings

West Papua Liberation Army refuses to surrender

Indonesia rejects demands for West Papua independence or UN peacekeepers as troops hunt separatists

Normal people who want to be free: West Papuans calling for their legal right to self determination are NOT separatists or terrorists

West Papua liberation movement calls for UN support for independence referendum in 2019

My Turn: Councilwoman correct to question legality ruling in Hawaii

US demands immediate end to violence, talks in Cameroon

Cameroon separatist group creates cryptocurrency to wean off colonial CFA franc

Separatists urge UN Secretary-General to take steps to resolve Kashmir issue

Behind the Fire that Propelled Nicaragua’s Uprising

Nicaraguan police raid NGO offices, seize records

Dayaks to have permanent rep at UN

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at its fastest rate in centuries

Why we may be able to save the Greenland ice sheet

As climate costs rocket, Vanuatu seeks allies to sue for damages

Fishing pressure and climate change challenge Tokelau’s food security

Palau, the tiny island nation that is standing up for itself

Indigenous groups call for attention to climate-forced migration

Kiribati President calls for completion of Paris Agreement

Anguilla Emerges From Irma; Back Stronger And Even Better

Cocaine Smugglers May Cash in on Guinea-Bissau Politics Feud

Papua New Guinea’s Solicitor General sacked

West MP told not to refer to Barotseland in Parliament

Deputy Speaker in Zambian Parliament forbids Parliamentarians from mentioning Barotseland!

South Africa will use its membership in the UN Security Council to defend the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination

A Saharawi political prisoner begins an open hunger strike

Bolton frustrated Western Sahara conflict has not been resolved

US bars entry of ousted Gambian dictator Jammeh

New US Africa strategy takes aim at China, Russia

DSS arraigns leader of Biafra Zionists Federation in court

Biafra: IPOB Members Protest In Jewish Clothes In Umuahia

Biafra: 51 of our members arrested during Jewish procession yet to be arraigned – IPOB

2018 for Ethiopia’s Oromos: Power, pain, protests [Review]

Bashkortostan Supreme Court Cancels Bashkir Activist’s Fine

Hundreds Rally In Kazan Against Government’s ‘Lawlessness’

Ice Harvest Still A Lifeline In Siberia

24 years ago, Moscow attacked Chechnya, triggering a war that changed everything

Chechnya: Alleged Former Separatist Militant Detained In Russia

LGBTI activists arrested for wearing rainbow police uniforms in Belarus

Lukashenka Says Belarus Will Never Be Part Of Russia

Human rights in Belarus: arrests decrease, fines increase

Spanish court sets Dec 18 for trial against Catalan leaders’ initial hearings

Former Slovenian president says linking Balkan country’s independence with violence shows ‘ignorance’

500 international MPs and ex-MPs support jailed former Catalan parliament speaker

Barricades, traffic jams, stoppages: protests called against Spanish government visit

Spain threatens to send national police to Catalonia after protests

Spanish president ‘has not a single positive idea’ for Catalonia, says Puigdemont

Spanish PM hardens Catalonia stance with eye on election

Jailed Catalan leader transferred to infirmary on day 14 of hunger strike

‘We won’t give up,’ say jailed Catalan leaders in joint letter

Commission to fine Bulgaria over gas market distortions

Togo’s government stands firm on election date

Slovenia appoints first-ever female police chief

France arrests Central Africa Republic war crimes suspect

No easy road out as South Sudan marks half a decade of war

Sierra Leone’s sick suffer untreated as doctors strike

Female Pedestrian Lights

The Estonian tricolour celebrates its 100th year as the national flag

Ligi: Fight for unified Estonian-language education system continues

Baltic farmers protest in Brussels, call for fairer deal

Hugo is here to help you translate Latvian

Assessment of NATO Forces in the Baltic States: Credible Deterrent or Paper Tiger?

Woman’s Screams For Help Ignored By Kyrgyz Traffic Cops

Nikol Pashinyan wins Armenia election by landslide in ‘revolutionary’ vote

Sweden moves to ban outdoor smoking

Raila a strong voice in Somaliland’s bid for independence

Lebanon says police thwarted bombing attacks by IS

Police fire tear gas at Jordanians protesting against tough austerity measures

Archbishop of Burundi leads march against gender-based violence in 16 Days of Activism

Malta Institutions Under Scrutiny After Journalist’s Murder

Hungary’s ‘slave law’ passes, sparking protests in parliament and on the streets

Solomon Islands passes dual citizenship legislation

‘Historic moment’ as abortion bill passes Irish parliament

How Ireland Outmaneuvered Britain on Brexit

Cyprus sees surge in migrants crossing from breakaway north

How Mauritania exports religion to Saudi Arabia—And not just the other way around

Tribunal orders Panama canal construction group to pay back US$848 million

Qatar rift overshadows Gulf Arab summit as emir stays away

Serbia, Montenegro Open More Negotiation Chapters With EU

Serbia warns of armed intervention after Kosovo approves new army

Pope removes two cardinals hit by sex scandals from group of close advisers

Australian court convicts once-powerful Vatican official on sex abuse-related charges

El Mozote, El Salvador, massacre waiting for justice nearly 40 years later

Human Rights Day: It’s time for global sanctions on China to end the Uyghur human rights crisis

Czech and Slovak Scholars, Public Figures Call on China to Close Political Re-education Camps in Xinjiang

Uighur lawyer Nury Turkel says Australia should sanction Chinese officials

Uyghur Scholar Arrested Over Politically Sensitive Book

Award-winning photojournalist ‘officially arrested’ in Xinjiang

Uyghur Journalist Reports on Own Family’s Disappearance, Fights for Release

Prisoners Tortured, Drugged, Killed by Injection in Xinjiang ‘Re-Education Camps,’ Ex-Inmate Reveals

Uighur families pay price for relatives’ U.S.-based reporting

Xinjiang Authorities ‘Preparing’ Re-education Camps Ahead of Expected International Monitors

2018 Review: Eritrea’s year of significant peace with neighbours

Violent riots on the streets of Bolivia

Tunisia’s road beyond revolution has been rocky but it might just weather this political storm

Western Diplomats Concerned Over ‘Periodic Blockage’ Of Websites In Tajikistan

Human Rights Day Shines Unwelcome Spotlight On Tajikistan

Slovakia seals its largest-ever arms deal

Russia Expels Slovak Diplomat In Spy Dispute

Rwanda Says Four Gunmen Killed in Battle With Congo-Based Rebels

Equatorial Guinea Primed for Huge Growth as Host of 2019 ‘Year of Energy’

In Mauritius, sugar cane means money, renewable energy

Through Nord Stream 2 Russia aims to sever Ukraine from Europe

Russia ramps up cyber warfare as it loses economic footing in Ukraine

Huge crowd greets released Crimean Tatar lawyer Emil Kurbedinov

Russia jails disabled Crimean Tatar activist on grotesquely absurd charges

Turkey court sentences ex-Kurdish MPs Baydemir, Birlik to 18 months

Top Turkish neurologist sentenced to 27 months for urging Kurdish peace

New wave of Turkish crackdown hits Kurdish party as police arrests 50

The Turkish state and Kurds — incompatible since 1923

US installs outposts overlooking Turkish border in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria

Erdogan says Turkey will start new military operation against US-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria within days

Christian leader says Turkish threats to invade Syria danger to Christians as well

US firmly warns Turkey against attack on Syrian Kurdistan

Can the US prevent a Turkish attack on Rojava?

US Demands Answers from Cuba on Imprisoned Dissidents