New Era. China Vents Spleen

1878 December 18: Qatar National Day

1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea

1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day

1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day

1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1960 January 1: Independence Day in Cameroon

1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce: Czech Republic and Slovakia

1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence

1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day

1956 January 1: Sudan Independence Day

1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day

1968 January 5: Prague Spring

‘From One Grave To Another’: Afghan Hazara Fleeing Taliban Find Little Solace In Escape

Erasing The Rohingya: Point of No Return

Nadia Murad calls on Turkey to end its bombing of Shingal

Netherlands will continue support for a ‘stronger’ Kurdistan Region

Syrian Kurds shocked, scared by news of U.S. troop withdrawal

Kurds in Syria have already suffered ‘too much,’ says Barzani

Kurdish official calls on US to stop Turkish offensive

Turkey sends more troops to Syrian Kurdish area as US pulls out — monitor

‘An ally must be reliable’: Macron responds to Trump’s Syria pullout

Trump discussed ‘slow & highly coordinated’ exit from Syria with Erdogan

Syrian Kurds look to Damascus, Moscow to stop Turkish attack

Iraqi forces use live rounds for second week to disperse Basra protesters

‘Turkish Cyber Army’ hacks Twitter account of Kurd who served in Iraqi gov’t

Father shot dead, son wounded for saying ‘we are Kurds’ in Turkey

Monitor: Kurdish-led SDF forces arrive in Moscow to discuss future of east Euphrates

Syrian government supporters protest Turkish threats in Kurdish-dominated city

French troops seen patrolling near Syria’s Manbij

The 1984 Anti-Sikh riots – history and aftermath

Canadian Sikh Diaspora Unites to Seek Removal of Unfounded Remarks Maligning Image of Sikhs and Khalistan

US Sikh group’s call for referendum on Khalistan

World War 3: China starts BOMBER DRILLS as it BOASTS military strength in threat to Taiwan

Nuqanchik: Peruvian news and the politics of language

Moroccan Journalist Asks King Mohammed VI to Recognize Amazigh New Year as Public Holiday

Storytelling troupe revives Kurdish culture

Brittany: French Regional Officials Refuse Referendum on Uniting Bretagne Despite Mass Popular Initiative

Indigenous peoples denounce ongoing land rights violations in Ecuador

Trump Administration Takes Next Step Toward Oil Lease Sales In Arctic Refuge

Llamas help Andes peoples survive, but youths are leaving

Native American Adoption Law Challenged As Racially Biased

Adivasi scholars to bring their culture to limelight

Disproportionately high population of Dalits, Adivasis lodged in jails

Ancient Oregon Languages Being Nudged Awake

Award-winning Cornish language programme for schools in Penwith

Doric grows in popularity as language classes set to expand at Aberdeen University

Romanian Language Takes Root in Moldova’s Gagauzia

Women in Latin America Are Being Murdered at Record Rates

Prohibited From Speaking Quechua as Child, Peruvian Woman Now Professor of Quechua at Stanford

New Mexico tribe celebrates return of pueblo cultural items

US fails in funding obligation to Native Americans

Fighting for land in Guatemala

And again, experts proclaim the importance of indigenous rights

Cameroon Frees English Speakers Accused of Separatist Activity

Freed Cameroonians Ask for Release of Separatist Leaders

Yemen won’t see peace without addressing southern demands: Separatist leader

Activists, Journalists Detained As Kazakhstan Marks Anniversary Of Independence

1989 December 16–27: Romania’s Revolution, Then And Now

Bishops from New Zealand and Polynesia issue joint protest on West Papua abuses

Indonesian infrastructure isn’t quelling desire for independence in Papua

PNG’s Parkop pushes for referendum for West Papuans

Trial of Polish man accused of Papua arms deal is delayed

Peaceful resolution to Papua’s war for liberation

Talking Indonesia: roads, development and violence in Papua

Indonesia attack shines a light on controversial road project

Over 500 arrested on 57th anniversary of Indonesia’s invasion of West Papua

Papua Governor calls for military to withdraw from Nduga

Exclusive: Chemical weapons dropped on Papua

This Christmas, let the world remember the suffering people of West Papua

Forced labour being used in China’s ‘re-education’ camps

Popular Uyghur Singer And Parents Held in Xinjiang Political Re-education Camp

US sportswear traced to factory in China’s internment camps in Xinjiang

Bishkek Protesters Rally Outside Chinese Embassy Against ‘Reeducation Camps’

How silent nations can engage China on Xinjiang

Xinjiang Authorities Arrest Uyghur Court Official Who Denounced Political Re-education Camps

China’s Information War Against the Uyghurs

Muslim Pakistan says outcry over China detention camps ‘sensationalised’

Calls Mount for Indonesia to Speak Out on China’s Treatment of Uyghurs

Indonesian Muslims protest China’s detention of Uighurs

China Applies Xinjiang’s Policing Lessons to Other Muslim Areas

Waste no more: Benin confronts long history of chemical waste mismanagement

Israel urges international condemnation after finding fourth Hezbollah tunnel from Lebanon

Baloch parties, rights bodies hold protests to mark Human Rights Day

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct women and children from Dera Bugti: BRP

‘A Strike Against Democracy.’ No One Hurt After a Bomb Exploded Outside a Greek TV Station

The pregnant migrants risking life and limb to give birth on a French island colony

Russia’s Lingering North Caucasus Problem

OSCE Cites Torture, Executions Among ‘Grave’ Rights Violations In Chechnya

LGBTQ Chechens struggle to find their footing after fleeing to Canada

No Denying Chechnya Tortured Gay Men and Russia Allowed It

Legendary Kabardian Horses Galloping To Comeback

University divided after police detained Ingush students

‘Friend of the Crimean Tatar people’ banned from Russia for 55 years

Finno-Ugric movement activist banned from entering Russia for 55 years

Don’t Look Back: De-Germanification Campaign Gains Steam In Russia’s Kaliningrad

How many Father Frosts are there in Russia?

Hungary’s prime minister stole the country’s democracy. Now Hungarians are rising up.

U.S. Airstrikes Kill 62 Al Shabaab Militants In Somalia

MEP Speaks About Somaliland Quest for Independence

Albania expels 2 Iranian diplomats for security reasons

Belarus-Russia energy dispute snowballs

Montenegro unveils monument of ex-Yugoslav communist leader Tito

U.S. backs NATO membership for Bosnia, dismisses Serb opposition

Skopje, Sofia Not Speaking Same Language When It Comes To Macedonian

Kosovo and Serbia trade accusations over Kosovo’s new army

Catalan poll: 80% want a mutually agreed independence referendum with Spain

Spain’s former president: ‘Pro-independence leaders didn’t attempt a coup d’état’

Catalan pro-independence groups: “Now is the time for action”

Catalan political crisis ‘should speak to all democrats’

Turkey uses Spain as an example to justify detention of politicians, says Kurdish dissident

Ai Weiwei visits Catalan activist in prison

Spanish court to rule on whether it’s competent to judge case against Catalan leaders

I visited my opposite number in Catalunya. She’s in jail because of what she believes

MEPs ask Pope Francis to mediate in Catalan crisis

Madrid denies govt meeting in Barcelona is provocation

Catalan independence leaders claim political rights violations

‘I’m in jail for fulfilling the mandate expressed by Catalan society’

Jailed Catalan leaders end hunger strike

Puigdemont takes case to UN: ‘Catalan voters suffer arbitrary decision of judge’

Spanish Court refuses Kurdish precedent to release Catalan leader

Barcelona calls for Francisco Franco Foundation to be banned

Foreign investment in Catalonia up 56% in third quarter

Court of Auditors investigates former Catalan cabinet for referendum funding

Torra and Sánchez meet in Barcelona

Huge crowds turn out in Barcelona for pro-independence march

Catalonia unimpressed with ‘aesthetic measures’ approved by Spain

Catalan exports up 6.5% in October to reach all-time best

Catalonia pro-indy activists attacked by police before cabinet meeting

Jailed former vice president Oriol Junqueras hopeful “new era of dialogue” starts

Jailed Catalan leader heralds ‘new era’ of Spain relationship

Catalan government proposes independent mediation committee to Spain

Armenia Named The Economist’s ‘Country Of The Year’

Dominica going storm resilient

Female genital mutilation blamed for death of 10-year-old girl in Sierra Leone

Lesotho on road to redemption

Singapore court allows gay man to adopt son in landmark ruling

Indian troops enforce lockdown to foil Kashmir protest march

Comoros opposition leaders sentenced to life with hard labour

India’s Modi gives $1.4 billion aid to Maldives amid worry over its China debt

Fighting asbestos contamination in The Gambia

French jihadist linked to Charlie Hebdo killers arrested in Djibouti

Cuba Scraps Words Establishing Same-Sex Marriage From Drafted Constitution

El Salvador’s top cop pursues politicians; El Salvador’s politicians deny attorney general second term

El Salvador frees woman charged with murder over premature birth

Nicaragua police beat journalists in crackdown on free press

Nicaragua expels outside experts probing protest deaths

Trump signs bill to sanction Nicaraguan government

Before Night Falls in Nicaragua

Ruinous project in East Timor could open door to China

Tunisia busts cell planning attacks on security forces

How Greenland could become China’s Arctic base

How the dreadful Tignon Laws turned into a women’s only language in Suriname

Vanuatu baby treated in world’s first commercial drone-delivered vaccine

Mauritania—Will Islamist Crackdown Make It a Terrorist Target?

New Caledonia independence: adversaries meet in Paris

Five more jailed over post-referendum violence in New Caledonia

Latvia gives Soviet-time KGB card files to public

New Latvian Archives Show Ex-PM, Top Judge Had Ties To KGB

Kremlin targets Lithuania’s energy policy

The ghost of hostile foreign intelligence and spies shadow Lithuania’s Christmas

To Empower Women in Kyrgyzstan, Address Masculinity

Togo president’s party wins majority in parliament

For thousands of people across dozens of remote islands in the Pacific, Santa drives a US military C-130J Super Hercules

Botswana minister to challenge president, dropped from cabinet

Resorts in Jamaica covered up sexual assaults and paid victims, report says

National Assembly wants more Welsh radio news

More than half want more powers for Wales, poll shows

Marshall Islands: A third of the nation has left for the U.S.

Brazil’s Violent Drug Trade Overruns Paraguay: ‘Scenes You Only See in Movies’

Tibet Reciprocal Access bill becomes law, marking new era in US-China relationship and US support for Tibetans

Donald Trump signs bill on Tibet into law despite China protest

China detains Tibetan anti-corruption activist on politicised charge of ‘provoking trouble’

Standing up for Human Rights in Tibet: 70 years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Tibetan Activists Stage Massive Show Against Chinese Foreign Minister in Delhi

China vents spleen on Dalai Lama over US reciprocal access to Tibet Act

Speaker of Tibetan Parliament Expresses Gratitude to the President of the United States

Irish on mayor’s Christmas card ‘misuse of power’, say unionists

Irish government publishes no-deal Brexit contingency plan

Sacrificing peace in Northern Ireland is not acceptable price for Brexit

Alexei Bayer: Ukraine is the Ireland of the Russian Empire

Ukraine Moves To Form A Unified Orthodox Church Independent From Russia

Ukraine Navy vessels to try to pass through Kerch Strait with OSCE officials on board

‘Expert’ who helped jail Crimean Tatar lawyer for Facebook post called for “rabid Ukrainians to be killed”

Four Crimean Tatar political prisoners get horrifically long sentences for not ‘confessing’ to fake terrorism charges

Gravely ill Crimean Tatar activist jailed for a crime he physically couldn’t have committed

When the League of Nations expelled the USSR for bombing Finland

The Cozy Icelandic Christmas Tradition You’ll Want to Steal

Practices From the Inside Out: Christmas Book Flood