The Year of Indigenous Languages Begins

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1960 January 1: Independence Day in Cameroon

1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce: Czech Republic and Slovakia

1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence

1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day

1956 January 1: Sudan Independence Day

1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day

1968 January 5: Prague Spring

1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

1990 January 19-20: Azerbaijan: Black January

1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia

Norway sets world record with electric cars sold last year

He Was Shot But Survived The Srebrenica Massacre At Age 7. Now He’s Rebuilding His Life.

Taiwan will never accept China’s ‘one country, two systems,’ says President Tsai

Taiwan president calls for international support to defend democracy

Thousands march in Hong Kong for democracy and independence from China

Tibetan leaders on India tour to seek support

Chinese policies damaging the ecology, says Tibetan govt-in-exile

China Orders Tibetan Pilgrims to Return Within 3 Days

Tibetan Students Are Forbidden ‘Extra’ Activities During Winter Break

Dalai Lama Returns to Dharamshala, Congratulates Nancy Pelosi

Tibet independence call made at annual Jan 1 Hong Kong demonstration

Tibet included in new law enhancing US leadership in the Indio-Pacific Region

Chairman Xi Jingping Orders Chinese Army to be Battle Ready

Insert the Tibetan flag emoji – because representation matters

2019: Optimism for Kurdistan Region, but worry for Rojava

Where do the Kurds fit into Syria’s war?

KDP returns to Kirkuk, Hashd forces to withdraw under new deal

Kurdistan Region Tourism Board says tourists tripled during 2018 New Year celebrations

PKK attacks Turkish military base, killing one soldier and injuring two

Turkish-backed rebels pushing for further mass displacement from Afrin

Christians fear Turkish attack could end Christianity in northeast Syria

Syria’s Yazidis will suffer the consequences of US withdrawal, activist

Bolton: US won’t leave until Turkey guarantees to protect Syria’s Kurds

7 Kurdish parties join forces with HDP for Turkey provincial elections

Indonesia destroys and steals the offices of West Papuan campaign for self determination

Villagers are still hiding in the jungle after Indonesia dropped chemical weapons on West Papuan villages

Ambazonia: Nigerian Lawyer in African Commission on Human Rights Court Case Against Cameroon Government for Arrest of Refugees

Twelve uplifting stories from Indigenous Peoples in 2018

Empowering the world’s indigenous people

First Native American congresswomen embrace after being sworn in

Brazil’s Bolsonaro targets minorities on 1st day in office

Brazil’s indigenous agency acts to protect isolated Kawahiva people

Murkowski’s broken promises grow as Arctic Refuge oil development barrels forward

Yearstarter2019: Preserving wealth of culture among Dayak community

Adivasis plan protest in national capital

U.S. to Investigate Discrimination Against Native Students on Montana Reservation

Australia’s adoption crisis: Just NINE Aboriginal children found new family homes this year

Wickham mural of Aboriginal boy’s face demolished

For Inuit, Arctic research left a troubled legacy

Western Sahara: Is One of Africa’s Oldest Conflicts Finally Nearing Its End?

Centre says it cracked down on 18 Khalistani terror modules, arrested 95 suspects over two years

Lawyer’s fears for ‘innocent’ Scot Jagtar Singh Johal

Court Grants 51 Jewish Indigenous People of Biafra Members Bail

Samoa and Kiribati first countries to celebrate 2019

Hopes of deporting Gambia’s exiled dictator from Equatorial Guinea fade with video of NYE despots’ dance

Guinea Bissau Weaver Takes Pride in Traditional Creations

Fate of two nations: Cambodia and East Timor

French court orders sending Central African Republic war crimes suspect to ICC

Dozens killed in ethnic violence in Burkina Faso

Violence, gangs cast pall over life in Honduras

Netanyahu Mediating Between Honduras, U.S. in Exchange for Jerusalem Embassy Move

Palestine TV offices in Gaza ransacked, equipment destroyed

Jordan’s Trade Unions to Place Israeli Flag in Building Entrances for All to Step On

Why most new immigrants to Israel aren’t considered Jewish

Lungu’s eSwatini girlfriend pregnant

Cuba’s Castro blasts United States on 60th anniversary of revolution

Belgium’s Flemish Region Bans Jewish and Muslim Methods of Ritual Animal Slaughter

“The Walloon language can be saved – but there’s not much time”

Kosovo: “Serbia is little Russia, taxes to remain forever”

Serbian demonstrators resume anti-president protests

Laos plans 12 new hydropower projects this year

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Officially Gains Independence From Russian Church

Belarus Is Standing In Line For Tomos

There Will Not Be Another Crimea In Belarus, There Will Be Another Afghanistan

Hanseatic League 2.0 reflects changing shape of EU

Kapitan’s Last Stand? Tajik Army Sticks With Russian Terms For Now

Sudan and South Sudan: The Tale of Two Economies

Mauritania’s anti-slavery opposition MP released

Somaliland protests Mogadishu expulsion of top UN envoy

Somalia Expels SRSG Haysom, Somaliland Invites Him in

Somaliland and Somalia Could Go to Sea War in 2019

Oil Keeps Oman on Debt Binge With $6.2 Billion Plan for 2019

Modern witch-hunts terrorise Papua New Guinea highlands

Rwanda gets first public coding school

Costa Rica Is On The Brink Of An EVolution

Emperor Nero Of Turkmenistan Sees Out 2018

Montenegro launches scheme offering citizenship for investment

Taiwan signs agreement with Marshall Islands to promote Austronesian language, culture

‘Men Kill Women Because They Can’: Inside El Salvador’s Devastating Femicide Crisis

Why did Russia’s new language bill draw flak from the Caucasus?

Quran Interpretation in Braille to Be Published in Tatarstan

Gang killed Ingush religious leader Belkharoev

Ramzan Kadyrov’s unchecked power in the Caucasus

UAE, Bahrain send activists to jail for speaking up

Is Armenia Playing a Dangerous Game with China?

Chad frees nearly 60 amnestied ‘political’ prisoners

Rohingya refugees left stranded in repatriation purgatory

Russia builds fence completely cutting occupied Crimea from Ukraine

Crimean Tatars See Budapest Memorandum as Key to Recovery of Their Homeland

Crimean Tatar activist who took aid to Ukrainian POWs viciously attacked & told this is his “last warning”

‘Patriotism’ of not speaking Uyghur

Dozens Detained As Muslims Resist Mosque Closures in China’s Yunnan

China Sentences Ethnic Kazakh Artist to ‘Re-education’ Camp

China Targets Prominent Uighur Intellectuals to Erase an Ethnic Identity

China unveils plans to ‘sinify’ Islam amid signs of spreading crackdown

Organ Harvesting Tribunal Finds Overwhelmingly Against China

Guyana government to challenge no-confidence vote in court

Tensions Roil Bolivia as Electoral Court Says Morales Can Run Again

How an unlikely friendship has grown out of Jeremy Vine’s Welsh language Twitter row

Voice recognition project offers big opportunity to Welsh language

Brexit has already created more than 4,500 jobs in Ireland

Moving back to Ireland was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done

Brexit sends Britons seeking Irish passports up 22 per cent in 2018

Is Ireland still no country for young people?

The Irish war of independence as seen by the international press

It may not seem so but Scotland is closer to leaving toxic UK

Angus Robertson urges Scots to back second Brexit vote

Balochistan: Youth abducted from Picnic point killed in custody

Balochistan: Aged Baloch man killed in custody, his body found in Hub

Violence by Spain is not just limited to Catalonia

Elizegi: I would like to see the Basque Country in the European Championship

Classic jerseys: No.6 Euskaltel

Here’s what happened in Catalan politics this year

Torra urges Spain to engage in “credible, honest and bold dialogue”

Referendum case trial to mark Catalonia’s near future

What will happen in Catalonia in 2019?

Clara Ponsatí: I fear I’ll not be able to go home until Catalonia is independent

PP and Cs insist Spain must suspend Catalonia’s self-rule again after Torra speech

Several events outside prisons remember jailed leaders during festive season

People’s Party wants to prevent Puigdemont from earning public money

Classics remain most translated Catalan books in 2018

Gerard Pique’s investment group completes FC Andorra takeover

Jailed leaders to defend ‘legitimacy’ of referendum in trial

Candidate Manuel Valls attacks literature award winner over ‘political prisoners’

With journalists jailed and activists in hiding, Nicaragua enters a new ‘reign of fear’

Timeline Nicaragua: Eight Months of Civic Rebellion