1.8 million-strong Papuan independence petition makes it to the UN

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day

2004 February 1: Erbil bombings, Kurdistan

1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day

1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang

1917 February 6: Sami National Day

1840 February 6: Waitangi Day, the national day of New Zealand

1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day

1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)

1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia

1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

Petition in Solidarity with Catalonia – for the right to peaceful self-determination!

2019 Basque Writing Contest

EU double standard over Venezuela and Catalonia

Catalan independence trial will start on February 12

International Trial Watch to send observers to Catalan independence trial

Spanish court rejects international observers being present in courtroom during Catalan trial

Catalonia: the trial will be about our ideological freedom

‘They’re judging an entire people,’ says Catalan president ahead of trial

Democracy on trial: Catalan leaders to face rebellion charges

Treatment of Catalan prisoners ‘is boosting independence cause’

Catalan President calls world to ‘join Catalan people’ in independence trial

Spanish government calls on president to “tone down” rhetoric

Report details brutal police methods during Catalan indyref

Great deal of concern in Westminster over Catalan independence trial, says Welsh MP

Questions asked after London event adds Spanish unionist to panel

Catalans show support as political prisoners moved to Madrid

Spanish police officer suspended over video mocking pro-independence supporters

UN council to push for free elections in Guinea-Bissau visit

Estonia is emerging Europe’s least corrupt country

Resilience of Necessity in the Baltics

Architect, former diplomat Jānis Dripe speaks out over collaboration with KGB

18 killed in Central African Republic attack

Cuba opens its first new church since the revolution 60 years ago

Canada confirms 14th case of diplomat falling mysteriously ill in Cuba

Tunisia’s secular opposition forms new party

Rohingya Refugees Create Music To Memorialize Culture For Future Generations

Global push to free Bahrain soccer player in Thailand after extradition request issued

Irish lower house passes bill to ban Israeli settlement goods

Killing of Palestinian by Israeli settlers ‘shocking’: UN envoy

Denmark again the least corrupt country in the world

UN Committee slams Finland over Sami electorate ruling

Chained by the neck and starving: Photos show reality of Aboriginal life post-colonisation

‘If it wasn’t for Brian, the Manx language would have died out’

The latest front in Canada’s effort to reconcile with indigenous Canadians: Language

Indigenous Bolivian Women Summit Aconcagua

New UNESCO Courier issue on indigenous languages and knowledge

Tanya Tagaq takes Inuit throat singing to wildly unexpected places

Go Cornish is launched online

Young Ainu aims for Olympic moment toward Japan’s diversity

Uyghur Businessman Dies in Xinjiang Political ‘Re-education Camp’

Muslim Uyghur survivors recount unspeakable horror in Chinese internment camps

US Lawmakers Nominate Jailed Uyghur Academic Ilham Tohti to Receive Nobel Peace Prize

NGOs urge UN to adopt resolution on China’s human rights abuses

Bitter Winter Monitoring Uyghur Persecution in China Vows to Continue Work Despite Ban, Arrests

Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s new company is building training center in Xinjiang

Protests in Honduras against president heat up

From the Archives: Nauru gets independence from Australia, NZ and UK

Nauru to help Ukraine separatists’ banking – claim

Majority of Orthodox believers in Ukraine identify with Ukrainian church

Russia sentences Crimean Tatar to 10 years for alleged involvement in ‘Ukrainian battalion’

New Russian laws can stifle any information about environmental disasters in occupied Crimea

Russian FSB rejects imprisoned Crimean Tatar activist’s alibi in favour of their ‘secret witness’

Papuans get independence petition to UN despite obstacles

Why nearly 2 million people are demanding an independence vote for West Papua province

5 West Papuan political prisoners: Indonesia can imprison us but they cannot imprison the 1.8 million

Indonesian government terrified of the West Papuan peoples petition for Referendum

Indonesian security forces are hunting for the organisers of the West Papuan peoples petition to the UN

Indonesia blocks websites circulating #LetWestPapuaVote petition

El Salvador’s presidential hopefuls skirt talking about violence

Nayib Bukele is elected president of El Salvador, vows to end corruption

Hong Kong tops ‘economic freedom’ chart despite political pressure from Beijing

Corruption rising in Burundi, survey says

Laos Pays Compensation to Families of Dead and Missing in PNPC Dam Disaster

Growing Chinese Navy Adds to Risk of Clashes in Asia’s Major Maritime Dispute

Maritime rescue center opened on South China Sea islet as Beijing seeks to reinforce claims

China outreach to Bhutan poses fresh challenge to India

With Name Change Out Of The Way, Macedonia Looks To Start EU Talks Soon

Baloch activists hold awareness campaign in London to highlight issue of missing persons

Balochistan: Pakistani forces disappeared seven people in four days

Balochistan: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement CC member killed in Loralai

Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Baloch, Hazara meet US congressman, raise human rights violations in Pakistan

Rugby Sevens: Fiji ‘running hot’ in Hamilton, USA suffers third straight final defeat

Lebanon forms government after months of deadlock

Rosneft’s Lebanon deal reveals Russia’s bid for Mideast influence

Bulgaria Hopes To Switch To Euro In 2022

Bulgaria, Russia agreed to build gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine

‘Yes’ to Bangsamoro self-rule

Philippine referendum returns big ‘yes’ vote on Bangsamoro self-rule

Expressing Religious Views is Risky in the Maldives

Court in Bahamas issues arrest warrant for Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard

Anger as Welsh language nurseries told they will have to teach some English to children

How a match day in England uncovers Welsh identity in Newport

‘They always come back’: French Guiana battles illegal gold hunters

Oromos must seize historic opportunity

Kosovo PM Proposes Conference To Normalize Relations With Serbia

Indy is essential part of answer to Scotland’s economic inertia

Scotland’s voice in the UK is being silenced by the BBC

Progress Scotland: Angus Robertson launches new pro-indy body

‘We Have Succeeded In Surviving’: An Interview With Exiled Tajik Islamic Party Leader Muhiddin Kabiri

‘Jihad By Camera’: How U.S.-Trained Afghans Photographed The Soviet Invasion

Environmentalist on mission to preserve island nation Vanuatu

Face-to-face with child soldiers told to rape and kill in South Sudan

China’s Huawei excluded from Czech tax tender after security warning

Czech national charged with terrorism after fighting for Russian-backed militants in Ukraine

The Silver Lining of an Exodus: Bosnia Cashes In on Exit Fees

India summons Pakistan envoy over phone call to Kashmiri separatist

Kashmiris launch calendar to remember disappeared loves ones

Blatant racism by Azealia Banks against the Irish gets a free pass

The Good Friday Agreement ended decades of conflict. Ireland worries Brexit could unravel it.

Brexit Irish Border Fears Spur Warning on U.S.-U.K. Trade Talks

New Archive Reclaims the Narrative of the Roma

Nicaragua’s expanding crackdown

This Old Basque Soldier Expected to Die 80 Years Ago

Leading member of Basque ETA group returns to Spain after jail term in France

White House’s map showing Taiwan and China as separate countries rattled some nerves from behind China’s Great Firewall

Kuwait parliament expels two lawmakers sentenced to jail terms

China, Mauritania to institutionalize an investment day

Hungary to reschedule Russian loan for Paks expansion

NGO: Hungary political rights at lowest point since 1989

Orban skips European Parliament debate on Hungary Article 7 sanctions

Turkmenistan: More Cuts and Bad Business

Seychelles scores its best ranking on the global Corruption Perceptions Index

Heading Home? Daghestani Relatives Hoping Russia Will Return Legendary Warrior’s Skull

Russia Accuses U.S. Intelligence Agencies of Preparing for Civil War and the Breakup of the Country

Mari El’s ex-Head to be tried in Nizhny Novgorod

Russian LGBT Network formally requests federal investigation on Chechnya amid death threats to director

Putin Shows Rare Soft Spot to Rescue Russia’s ISIS Children

Cape Verde seizes record cocaine haul from Russian ship

UN: New talks on Western Sahara expected in March

Young Sahrawi sets himself on fire at Guerguerat crossing

European Commission’s persistence to seal trade deal with Morocco, crime against AU member state

Court orders Guyana government to hold elections by March

Tibet, Mongolia and China were independent nations for centuries: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Narrative on China changing,” says Tibetan President in Japan

Chinese Police Detain, Question Tibetan Anti-Poaching Activists at Qinghai Lake

Tibetan Language Advocate Marks Third Year Behind Bars

Tibetan Monasteries in Nangchen Banned From Teaching Language to Young Tibetans

Tibet on fire amid campaign of suffocation

A Young Tibetan to Speak at 2019 Under 30 Global Women’s Summit

Tibetan community in exile honoured with Art for Peace Awards 2019

Hotspot of the week: Tibetan New Year

Zuwara to start using Amazigh Callendar

Amazigh Activists Commemorate Death of Murdered Activist Omar El Khalek

United Arab Emirates scores own goal with ‘gender balance’ awards

Kyrgyzstan’s Persistent Urban-Rural Divide in Reproductive Health

A Brotherly Takeover: Could Russia Annex Belarus?

Expert suggests scenario for Ukraine in case of Russian occupation of Belarus

Shhh! Belarus Wants You to Think It’s Turning Over a New Leaf

As U.S. marks Black History Month, Botswana offers a valuable lesson about racial harmony

Mongolia parliamentary speaker ousted amid corruption scandal

Attempted storming of Turkish base in Kurdistan Region of Iraq leaves two protesters killed

Turkey arrests Kurdish mayoral candidate, 21 other women ahead of elections

Turkey condemns two top female Kurdish politicians to 14, 15 years in jail

Increasing pressure to revise US decision on Syrian withdrawal

US warns Turkey on Venezuelan sanctions after shady Venezuelan official visits Ankara

Women. Life. Freedom. Female fighters of Kurdistan

Kurdish schools closing in Khanaqin

Chief of world’s Yezidis Mir Tahsin dead at 85

Body of late Yezidi leader repatriated from Germany to be buried in Kurdistan

Kawthoolei Travelogue: A Continuing Journey of Karen Indigenous Peoples to Self-Determination

Indigenous People of Biafra to hold Biafra referendum on Nigeria presidential election day