Exquisite Proportionality. Why China Frets Tibetan Language Classes?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

March 5: St Piran’s Day, Cornwall national day

1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq

1957 March 6: Ghana, 1st sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkars by Stalin’s Soviet Union

1959 March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

1968 March 12: Mauritius Independence Day

2005 March 13: Tunisian National Day of Internet Freedom

1855 March 14: International Circassian Language Day

1801 March 14: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

2008 March 14: Tibetan Unrest

1848 March 15: Hungarian Revolution of 1848

1988 March 16: Halabja Massacre, Kurdistan

461 March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

1956 March 20: Tunisia Independence day

1990 March 21: Namibia Independence Day

1992 March 21: Tatarstan Sovereignty Referendum

UFC Champion Cris Cyborg Brings Water to Pygmy Ugandan Tribe

International aid guarantees 90% of São Tomé and Principe’s budget for 2019

West Papua : Indonesian Government Deploys Hundreds of Troops with Road Building Pretext

Indonesian soldiers clash with rebels amid tensions over Papua highway

Indonesian Police Beat Up Two West Papuan Politicians

Women from Across Palestine Gather in Khan al-Ahmar, Call for Resistance

With Iceland’s Hatari Staging anti-Israel Protest, Eurovision 2019 Is Especially Political

Tatar Activist Released From Prison After Softening Of Criminal Code On Extremism

Cultural Autonomy and Spiritual Revival in Kalmykia: A Conversation with Valeriya Gazizova

A Lost Nation in the Caucasus

Trial Of Chechen Activist Titiyev Is A Warning To Journalists, Rights Defenders, Lawyers Say

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father accepts job as assistant to the Head of Dagestan

Three years after attack on journalists in Ingushetia, investigation is stalled

Stalin’s death anniversary reminds of love and hatred for “leader of nations” in Caucasus

Hands over Siena: How Bashkir oil is buying Russia the Tuscan city

Balkars In Russia’s North Caucasus Mark 75th Anniversary Of Deportation

China’s censors pull BBC broadcast from the air as it mentioned Uyghur Muslims

Members of US Congress slam Trump administration for ignoring China bio-tracking and locking up its Muslim minority

UN religious freedom expert requests visit to China’s Xinjiang

Hundreds protest Hong Kong student’s expulsion from university in row over free speech

Ainu leaders bash bill for absence of their aboriginal rights

The Schools That Tried—But Failed—to Make Native Americans Obsolete

How Alcatraz Island Was Reclaimed by Native Peoples

Indigenous group sues Ecuador for earmarking its land for oil drilling

Guatemala: Proposed new park on indigenous land treads fine ethical line

Venezuela’s indigenous migrants struggle to preserve traditions

Forced sterilizations of Indigenous women: One more act of genocide

Trudeau apologizes for mistreatment of Inuit during tuberculosis epidemic

‘Cherokee America’ Blends Family Saga, History and Melodrama

Renowned Sindhi intellectual Javed Bhutto murdered in US

Balochistan: Iranian forces killed and injured 28 Baloch in two months

Historic day as Scottish and Welsh parliaments reject May’s Brexit deal

How the Welsh Flag Became the Coolest Flag in the World

Crimean Tatar: NATO Reaffirm Support for Ukraine Over Crimea Issue and Expresses Concern over Human Rights Violations by Russia against Crimean Tatar Population

UN Security Council to discuss situation in occupied Crimea

Google puts profit before principle on Crimea, Portnikov says

Will Putin face the tribunal for Russia’s “human shields” in Crimea?

Russia breaks all records in Crimea with level of persecution of 8 Crimean Tatars

New persecution in occupied Crimea inevitable after Russia allows imprisonment for “disrespect for the authorities”

Benin: opposition parties barred from legislative elections

Climate Change is Impacting Indigenous Peoples Around the World

Namibian tribes seeking genocide damages by Germany to appeal against US court refusal of jurisdiction

The Killing Times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront

As the toll of Australia’s frontier brutality keeps climbing, truth telling is long overdue

No matter your skin colour, all non-Indigenous Australians are complicit in colonialism

Britain’s belated reckoning with imperial crimes

Cook Islands to choose new indigenous name and remove any association with British explorer

Minister evokes changing Wallis and Futuna statute

Call for quick New Caledonia independence referendum

The hidden history of America’s conquests overseas, from Guam to Puerto Rico

Bosnia Gives Green Light To Controversial Chinese Energy Loan

Greek prosecutors charge 20 over deadly wildfire in Mati

India’s Divisive Policies Marginalizing Vulnerable People, says UN Rights Chief

Bharat Bandh: From Forest Rights Act to UGC roster, here’s why Adivasi, Dalit groups are protesting

Adivasis accuse Maoists of extortion

Serbia’s Vucic Says No Recognition Of Kosovo Unless Belgrade Gets Something Too

Taiwan envoy: US commitment ‘never absolute’

Official: China Planning Series of New Moves to Unify with Resistant Taiwan

Spanish and French Basque Countries in talks to host Tour de France Grand Depart

Make St Piran’s Day a holiday in Cornwall say public

Welsh-language children’s literature festival to hit Cardiff

Storytelling Instead Of Scolding: Inuit Say It Makes Their Children More Cool-Headed

Peru’s First Indigenous Radio Soap Tells Tales of ‘Invisible’ Slavery

‘The night is thick’: Uyghur poets respond to the disappearance of their relatives

Marta Pessarrodona wins Òmnium’s Literary Lifetime Achievement Award

Growing Irish language sector targeting teachers

Unionists blast council decision to light up building for Irish language act

The importance of using Scots language in the classroom

Latvia: May 13 will become “State Language Day” next year

Students learn Inuvialuktun with puppets that don’t speak English

In Year of Indigenous Languages, Norway sends song with Sami joik to Eurovison Song Contest

Lapland’s indigenous Sámi score victory in fishing dispute

Why is China so terrified of Tibetan language classes?

20th year of raising the Tibetan national flag in Northampton

Tibetan community to mark 60th anniversary of uprising with march, flag-raising

2019 Tibetan Youth Leadership Program in Washington, DC

Tibetans Restricted in Sichuan, Gansu Ahead of Uprising Anniversary

“The Future of Tibet, Heartland of Asia” exhibition and reception event in the Scottish Parliament

Tibetan PM in exile welcomed in Prague

Taiwan Will Welcome Dalai Lama’s Visit Says Ruling Party Secretary

Botswana’s Former President Set To Visit Dalai Lama in India

Dalai Lama On Time’s Cover Once Again at 60 Years in Exile

US Congress will continue to support Dalai Lama

Yazidi refugees return to Sinjar in Iraq following collapse of Islamic State

Yazidi Children in Syria Await Family Reunions

An Estimated 3,000 Yazidis Remain Unaccounted for as U.S.-Led Forces Close in on ISIS

Turkey faces growing Kurdish insurgency in Syria’s Afrin

Turkey’s new Kurdish card in Syria: Kurds themselves

Turkey says it will stage raids with Iran against Kurdish rebels

Protesters Join Kurdish Lawmaker on Hunger Strike

Protest held outside Bristol City Hall to support Kurdish refugee on hunger strike

Belgian court: PKK not a terrorist organization

British officials join London Kurdish community to celebrate Newroz

Paris museum cancels concert by Western Sahara singer

Polisario Front delegation meets with UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for Western Sahara

UN Security Council to hold four meetings on the Western Sahara conflict in April

Western Sahara talks to be held in March: UN

Enemy’s barbaric policy will not discourage Sahrawi people

An oil leak in the Solomon Islands is threatening the world’s largest raised coral atoll

Tradition or trafficking? Guinea-Bissau children suffer in Senegal’s Islamic schools

Guinea-Bissau to vote in hopes of ending long leadership deadlock

Papua New Guinea’s men-only parliament eyes seats for women

Comoros president survives assassination attempt during campaign

An El Salvador Court Has Ordered the Release of Three Women Who Were Jailed for Abortion

Inside the El Salvador prisons where a ‘lost generation’ has been abandoned by mass migration to the US

It’s so dangerous to police MS-13 in El Salvador that officers are fleeing the country

The Free Press Is Under Threat in Northern Ireland, Too

‘This will be a wasteland’: Northern Irish farmers fear Brexit

Bombs sent to London transit hubs came from Ireland: cops

Belfast Shows the Price of Brexit

Northern Ireland Minister Apologizes for Saying Killings by U.K. Forces ‘Were Not Crimes’

Vatican Will Unseal the Archives of Pius XII, the Controversial Holocaust-Era Pope

Melodie Robinson becomes first-ever Māori Barbie doll

Panama slave descendants’ ‘congos’ recognized globally

Nikol Pashinyan: Armenia will not be authoritarian

Al-Shabab car bomb attack kills seven in Somalia

Somaliland – key to winning America’s longest war

Belarus leader says he wants closer ties to NATO

Lukashenka Says Belarus Must Balance Policies Between East, West

Belarus-EU Relations: Uneven Rapprochement

Will Russia seek to annex Belarus?

UNICEF Explores Blockchain to Improve Internet for ‘Every School’ in Kyrgyzstan

Wolves Kill Two Women In Tajikistan After Villagers’ Hunting Rifles Confiscated

Burundi Government Forces Closure of U.N. Human Rights Office

Protests against Cuba’s censorship law continue as Havana Bienal opening nears

Qatar 2022 expansion: Oman and Kuwait considered as co-hosts

The calypso caliphate: How Trinidad and Tobago became an ISIS recruiting hotspot

Lesotho government hangs by a thread

Montenegro President Milo Dukanovic receives first-ever European King David Award

Son of former Liberian President charged in probe into missing millions

Ebola survivors in Liberia face ongoing health issues, study finds

Croatia’s Journalists Demand End to Pressure and Censorship

Inside Singapore airport’s new £951million complex with rides and an indoor forest

The message to China behind Singapore’s US F-35 jet plan

South China Sea tensions at new high after Vietnamese boat rammed and sunk

In Albania, a unique Jewish history museum on the brink

Thousands surround Albania parliament, demand new elections

In conservative Mauritania, confronting sexual violence laws

Tackling domestic violence: Inside Sierra Leone’s Husband School

Former Spanish security secretary says ‘minimum force’ used in Catalan indyref

‘Exquisite proportionality’: Coordinator of 2017 referendum police crackdown testifies

Catalan speaker: “We will never give up on the will to decide our own future”

‘Fairy trap’ goes viral after Spanish delegate’s testimony

Quim Torra slams Spanish diplomat over indyref ‘violence’ claim

Referendum websites in the spotlight as witnesses take the stand

Vox takes credit for trial of independence leaders at Brussels event

Imprisonment of Kurdish and Catalan leaders ‘similar,’ says trial observer

Spain’s propaganda drive only proves injustice towards Catalan politicians

Catalonia’s Junqueras chosen as EFA party candidate to head European Commission in upcoming election

Jailed Catalan politician named top candidate for EU polls

Police under scrutiny in Catalan independence trial

Spanish police give their version of Catalan referendum violence

Mariano Rajoy’s staff accused of destroying Catalan referendum papers

The world must ensure Catalans are not left to struggle alone

Girona upset Barcelona to win club’s first Catalan Super Cup

Catalan MPs launch monarchy inquiry after independence referendum

All sectors down tools for Women’s Day general strike

Jailed activist to lead pro-independence ticket in Spanish election

Russian mercenaries back Libyan rebel leader Khalifa Haftar as Moscow seeks influence in Africa

Digital Savvy Estonia Is Set to Get Its First Female Prime Minister

Battleground Wikipedia

‘A Partial Freedom’: What Latvia Found in the KGB Archives

Who were the “dipīši”? The beginning of a long Latvian post-WWII exile

Lithuania renews opposition to Russian-built nuclear plant in Belarus

F1 faces pressure over rights ahead of Bahrain Grand Prix

Slovakia launches new environmental strategy

Digitising Slovakia’s literary heritage for posterity

Why Bhutan Is All Alone in the Carbon-Neutral Nation Club

How Fiji Changed the Way We Travel

Remains of air crew lost over Laos in Vietnam War identified

Prince Harry unveils memorial to victims of Tunisia terror attack

Tunisia to hold national elections in October and November

Costa Rica authorities raid Catholic Church offices

‘Everything Went Black’: Attack Rattles a Tense Jammu and Kashmir

The trouble with Kashmir

The Kashmir conflict: How did it start?

Honduras Counters Crime with Operation Morazán II

Opinion: Haiti’s Troubles Must Not Be Forgotten

Belgian carnival float depicting Jewish stereotypes condemned as anti-Semitic

Living with Leprosy on the Climate-Vulnerable Kiribati Island Atolls