Life after IS: 60 years of exile of the leader of Tibet

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

1968 March 12: Mauritius Independence Day

2005 March 13: Tunisian National Day of Internet Freedom

1855 March 14: International Circassian Language Day

1801 March 14: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

2008 March 14: Tibetan Unrest

1848 March 15: Hungarian Revolution of 1848

1846 March 16: Book Smugglers Day, Lithuania

1988 March 16: Halabja Massacre, Kurdistan

461 March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

1956 March 20: Tunisia Independence day

1990 March 21: Namibia Independence Day

1992 March 21: Tatarstan Sovereignty Referendum

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1821 March 25: Greek Independence Day

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

1949 March 25: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

1971 March 26: Bangladesh Independence Day

1948 March 27: Balochinstan Occupation Day

1976 March 30: Land Day, Palestine

Small Pacific country roasts Australia over its coal mining policies

Peace deal brings glimmer of hope to Central African Republic

South Pacific reimagines its colonial past

These islands in the Pacific Ocean have changed their names

UN warns Bangladesh of ‘new crisis’ over Rohingya relocation plan

Rohingya women are still crying out for justice after their babies were ripped from their arms and killed

Myanmar’s land law to hurt ethnic minorities

Belarus, Russia locked in bitter diplomatic dispute over anti-Russian rhetoric

Bangsamoro in transition: Don’t call them by their noms de guerre anymore

Anti-government protests erupt in Nicaragua after extended pause

Turkmenistan’s Route To The European Union

‘Welcome To Hell’: Life In A Notorious Russian Women’s Prison

North Ossetia: deputy drags school teacher by hair over two floors

UK denies entry to Russian plotting to assassinate former PM of Chechnya Akhmed Zakayev

Russia ignoring Chechnya torture and murder, say European investigators

Chechnya: taxis, Islam and independence

Chechen Activist Titiyev Gets Four Years In Penal Colony On Drugs Charges

Ingushetia: 3 years after attack on journalists will impunity prevail?

Israel’s double standards on discrimination there for the world to see

Israel launches Gaza strikes after rockets fired at Tel Aviv

Māori man abused and told to ‘speak English’ during public meeting

A terminal cancer patient’s hopes for the future of Māori

More than half of children abused in state care are Māori

New Zealand in shock following mass shootings in Christchurch

Taiwan President to visit Palau and Nauru later this month

The Twelfth Wife of King Mswati III of eSwatini has Died

How China’s trillion-dollar trade initiative helped forge a humanitarian crisis in Xinjiang

East Turkestan: Uyghur Diaspora Finally Receive “Proof of Life” Videos from Loved Ones

Xi Jinping steps up ethnic repression in Xinjiang

Chinese Official Compares Xinjiang Detention Centers to ‘Boarding School’ and Says They May Be Phased Out

Xinjiang human rights activist Serikzhan Bilash arrested by Kazakhstan police, lawyer says

New film shows Kazakhs they suffered a Holodomor too, infuriating Moscow

1.5 million Muslims could be detained in China’s Xinjiang: academic

Tiny Costa Rica Has a Green New Deal, Too. It Matters for the Whole Planet.

Costa Rica’s Church seeks forgiveness after priests accused of abuse

Suriname-French Guiana row over borderline, violent incidents

Discovering South America’s forgotten corner, a land of walking trees and evil spirits

Norway accuses Russia of jamming its military systems

How The Kremlin Silences Critics: The Swedish Case

Russia sending two distinct messages to Finland, says new report

The Estonian Institute to celebrate a worldwide Estonian language week

Estonian rap phenomenon Nublu to perform in Edinburgh

Estonia’s foreign intelligence: Russia the main external threat

Baltic states no longer a bridge between east and west, says Latvia

Snapshots from Soviet Lithuania

Hybrid attack response drills kicking off in southern Lithuania

Russia’s Tragic Great Power Politics

Russia rewards Berkut officers who tried to crush Euromaidan, while revenging itself on Maidan political prisoner Kolomiyets

Moscow plans to have a million youths in its Youth Army within a year

Russia’s in the midst of an election campaign – it just happens to be in Ukraine, Kirillova says

Mejlis decides to support Poroshenko in presidential election

Deputy Chairman of Crimean Tatar Mejlis: Nuclear warheads most likely deployed in occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar leader explains why Moscow resettles Russians from mainland to occupied Crimea

Snatched In Plain Sight: No Justice In Crimean Tatar’s Slaying Five Years After Russian Annexation

Five years after Anschluss, US moves toward a formal non-recognition policy on Crimea

At least 52 Crimeans prosecuted for refusing to serve in Russian occupiers’ army

It matters profoundly what ‘Crimean Tatars’ are called, Belitser says

‘Closed for Destruction’: Russia is digging up 16th Century Crimean Tatar Khan’s Palace

U.S. House of Representatives passes Crimea Annexation Non-recognition Act

Crimeans “withdraw” their referendum vote on 5th anniversary of Russian annexation

Russian occupiers are doing everything to kill imprisoned Crimean Tatar amputee

Russia hopes for new “referendum” in Crimea to completely “legitimize” annexation – Mejlis member

Russia State Duma Speaker demands compensation from Ukraine for ‘annexing’ Crimea

Stalemate in Crimea

Mogherini Slams Russia As EU Marks Fifth Anniversary Of Crimea’s ‘Illegal Annexation’

Crimean Annexation Five Years On

Crimean Tatars rally in Toronto to protest ongoing Russian aggression

Slovakia charges man with ordering journalist Kuciak’s murder

Anticorruption Activist Caputova To Face Ruling Party Candidate In Slovakia Presidential Runoff

As Indonesia prepares to head to the polls, the crackdown in West Papua continues

Political And Military Situation Deteriorates In West Papua

West Papua is this generation’s Timor-Leste

‘Houses were burned’: Papuans claim thousands displaced in conflict

More Indonesian troops sent to West Papua

Papuans face violence, detentions, threats – US State Dept report

Displaced Papuans who fled to Wamena in desperate situation

Flooding kills at least 58 in Indonesia’s Papua province

Making A Mark: Ancient Tonga Tattoo Tools May Illustrate Birth Of Polynesian Body Art

Vivid, strange and yet to be ruined by tourists – why Bolivia should be on your wish list

Bolivia’s Morales, in Greece, backs Venezuela’s Maduro

How Bolivia’s cholitas are shaping history through the news

Bahrain sentences 167 people to prison in crackdown on dissent

Crazier than Fiction: the Elephant Rangers of Laos

Inside El Salvador’s battle with violence, poverty, and U.S. policy

Responding to El Salvador president-elect, China denies it meddles

El Salvador’s Supreme Court suspends scrapping of Taiwan trade accord

Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand lead the way at teaching skills for the future

A Dazzling Reindeer Camp in Norway Focuses on Preserving Sámi Culture

First Indigenous woman in the history of the Brazilian National Congress stands up to Bolsonaro

Brazil to build long-resisted Amazon transmission line on indigenous land

Brazil to open indigenous reserves to mining without indigenous consent

Ecuador: Waorani, protesting ‘rushed’ hearing, shut down court with song

Peru: indigenous women are recording videos to document their traditional knowledge before it disappears

New series aims to tell more indigenous stories

After 200 years, Cherokee poised to regain mysterious tribal mound dating to 1,000 AD

Navy Names New Ship Class After Navajo Nation

Phillip Blake wins Gwichya Gwich’in election for chief

How does measuring poverty and welfare affect American Indian children?

Appeals court hears Texas case challenging Indian Child Welfare Act; Judge says ‘They are not your children … they are the children of the tribes’

A Native American tribe will cover the costs of the funerals for all of the Alabama tornado victims

Ottawa announces compensation of up to $200K for students of Indian Day Schools, $200M legacy fund

Tea workers’ never-ending fight to get tribal identity

Adivasi March for their Rights | Prof. Nandita Narayan

Exploited or foolish: How Adivasis are represented in Malayalam cinema

Australia Aboriginals win right to sue for colonial land loss

Australian hotel segregates Aboriginal guests, report says

Fresh Approach Needed to ‘Rescue’ Aboriginal Australians From Decades of Public Policy Failure: One Nation

Australia’s One Nation candidate Mark Latham wants DNA testing for Aboriginal people

People of Parihaka, NZ receive compensation for 1881 invasion

Botswana court to hear case against criminalisation of gay sex

China proposes building rail tunnel to Taiwan

Activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan feel heat as China fears ‘separatist’ collusion

US human rights report criticises Hong Kong restrictions on free expression, as gov’t decries ‘foreign interference’

China, Vietnam Regularly Clashing at Sea Despite Diplomacy

Vietnam’s Communist Party Ousts Historian Who Criticized Its China Policy

U.S. sends bombers over disputed South China Sea for second time in 10 days

Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago and Paraguay join Clean Seas campaign

Drought in Somaliland: Who’s at Risk?

Baloch leaders want India to recognise their government-in-exile

Baloch activists highlight Pakistani atrocities

46 Balochi People “Forcefully Disappeared”, 17 Murdered in February: Baloch Human Rights Organization

Balochistan: Punjab police arrest 15 Baloch youth for wall chalking

Balochistan: No news of previously abducted Baloch poet, singer shot dead in Khuzdar

Balochistan: Iran executes Baloch athlete in Zahedan prison

Baloch protesters demand UN to act against Pakistan for human rights violations

India’s Sindhi community is flourishing but the going isn’t always easy

Sindh Assembly passes resolution on mandatory Sindhi teaching in private schools

Russian-Backed Warlord Haftar Now Controls Two-Thirds of Oil-Rich Libya

Another Mysterious Opposition Death in Rwanda

Civil society organizations to hold rally for Welsh independence in May

The forgotten Welsh themed Disney film which almost killed the company

Why I’ve launched a new social network for a bilingual Wales

What it’s like to give a Welsh language class to 7 million people

How a simple box is transforming women’s lives in Sierra Leone, thanks to Christian Aid

Bill Establishes La Ku’oko’a (Hawaiian Recognition Day) As State Holiday, Replaces Good Friday

Independence Referendum On Bougainville Postponed To October

‘Our inspiration is Afghanistan’ – East Timorese hope to copy cricket rise

What does Moldova’s inconclusive election mean for the country’s future?

Netherlands, U.S. agree on use of Curacao as possible aid hub for Venezuela

BBC accused of deliberately ignoring Scottish National Party

BBC journalists were out to prove Yes vote was ‘foolish’ during indyref

Majority of Scots back independence over any Brexit

Ian Blackford: The only way to protect Scotland’s interests is independence

Brexit meltdown ‘has made momentum for independence unstoppable’

‘Scotland should be compensated for squandered oil revenues’

Teenagers given a writing boost by Scottish Book Trust

Month-Long Oil Spill in the Solomon Islands Threatens World’s Largest Coral Reef Atoll

Diego Maradona to become father of eight by recognising three children in Cuba

One year without internet in Chad: Citizens have been offline since March 2018

Kiribati families fundraise for lawsuit against govt over ferry disaster

Niue joins Asian Development Bank as 49th Asian Pacific member

Supercomputer supercharging innovation in the Czech Republic

Director Kusturica named advisor to Bosnia’s Serb president

Switzerland ranked as best country for women’s rights, according to the OECD

IMF: Greece among best performers in eurozone

Guyana Named World’s Best Ecotourism Destination

Lebanon’s Hezbollah appeals for donations to combat sanctions

Modi supporters attack Khalistanis, Kashmiris in London

Football on the edge of nationalism: Wales and Athletic Bilbao

Catalan language exhibition in the European Parliament

Spanish far-right Vox in spotlight in Catalan trial

Puigdemont pledges to return to Catalonia if he is elected to European Parliament

Exclusive: Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont on the future of Spain and Europe

Puigdemont includes Spain in lawsuit against Spanish judge Llarena

Exclusive: Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont on reinventing nationalism in a new century

Spanish electoral authority bans independence flags and yellow ribbons in public buildings in Catalonia

Catalan president Quim Torra defies electoral authority and keeps yellow ribbons on public buildings

Jailed Raül Romeva named Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) candidate for Spain’s Senate

European Human Rights court to examine the case of Catalan rapper convicted to 3.5 years for his lyrics

Cuixart’s lawyer vows to take case to Human Rights court if activist is found guilty

Financial Times commends Catalonia and Barcelona as business hubs of the future

Catalan government official under fire after tweet quoting Anne Frank

Spanish government to exhume Franco’s remains on June 10

More than 100,000 pro-indy Catalans take battle to heart of Spain

Independence trial protest organizers celebrate a “historic” march in Madrid

Catalonia to feature in FIFA window for 1st time ever, against Venezuela

Wildlife traffickers thrive on Guatemala’s murky border with Belize

Peace deal holds in South Sudan, but humanitarian funding ‘ultimately unsustainable,’ says top UN envoy

‘Black Mother’ a real portrait of life in Jamaica

Serbia Condemns Kosovo’s New Negotiating Platform on Talks

As China prevails, France’s Macron shuffles his cards in Djibouti

North Macedonia Jails Former Spy Chief for Election Fraud

Former British paratrooper to be charged over Bloody Sunday killings

Everyone is Irish for San Francisco’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A St. Patrick’s Day Miracle: United Ireland

What does it take to raise your children through Irish?

Hebrew’s revival has lessons for the Irish language

Kurdish women prepare for a life after IS

John Bolton: ‘Very optimistic’ Britain and France will join Syria Observer Force

US State Department says Turkey killed civilians during Afrin capture

After Afrin Turkey cannot continue to play ‘Kurdish card’ in Rojava

Kurdish-led Syrian forces pound final IS redoubt

SDF: Estimated 5,000 ISIS fighters and their families remain in Baghouz

Iraq’s PUK Peshmerga willing to help Syrian Kurdish forces if Turkey attacks

ECHR orders Turkey to compensate owner of closed Kurdish newspaper

Istanbul’s first Kurdish film festival casts light on women issues

Turkish police fire water cannon at pro-Kurdish election posters: report

No short-term solution for tribal politics in Turkey – scholar

Turkey courts ban election billboards in Kurdish language

Freed From ISIS, Few Yazidis Return To Suffering Families, Many Remain Missing

Yazidi sex slaves set fire to their burqas after being freed from ISIS

Yazidi hostages traded to criminals as Isis loses

Iraq and UN begin exhuming first Yezidi mass grave in Sinjar

Halabja Chemical Attack: Kurds mark the tragedy on its 31st anniversary

‘Time to recognize Kurdistan as nation,’ Toronto councillor says

Newroz, 1991 uprising will be marked in Kirkuk: Kurdish parties

Clashes after Kurdish prisoner suicide in Turkish jail

All change in Kuwait’s energy sector

Erdoğan most popular foreign leader in Kuwait

Right-wing French party presents list for New Caledonia election

New Caledonia restates France’s claim on Matthew, Hunter islands

Tibet: Satellites Show New Internment Camps in Tibet

Restrictions in Tibet tighter than ever: New report on eve of 1959 revolt

Will Tibetans have a homeland of their own?

Beijing closes Tibet to foreigners because they suffer from ‘altitude sickness’

Botswana’s Former President, MPs from 10 Countries Attend Luncheon Hosted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Shunning the Dalai Lama for the fear of Chinese backlash wrong: Foreign delegates

The 1959 Tibetan uprising, in pictures

State Aid Tied to Loyalty Displays in Tibet’s Markham County

China tech giants elbow into fast-growing Tibet

Tibet activists across the world mark 60 years since uprising against Chinese occupation

Time to rebalance EU-China relations and demand unfettered access to Tibet

China to establish five national parks in ‘Tibet’

Tibet slowly sliding off global radar as Dalai Lama ages

Rediscovering Dominica two years after the hurricane – has it fully healed?

Uruguay’s president removes commander of the army

Wallonia single-parent family website goes live

Kashmir dailies print blank front pages to protest gov’t ad ban

Qatar allegedly offered $880m secret payment to Fifa

Western Sahara: Gdeim Izik Group begin an alarming hunger strike in several Moroccan prisons

Sahrawi Community in Europe holds demonstration in Geneva, condemning Moroccan illegal occupation of Western Sahara

Sahrawi political prisoner Mohamed Bourial starts unlimited hunger strike

Georgian national detained in Abkhazia ‘commits suicide’