Spanish police accused of orchestrating evidence in Catalan independence trial

21st EU – China Summit: Tibetans and Uyghurs Demonstration

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1949 April 4: Founding of NATO

1960 April 4: Senegal Independence Day

1320 April 6: Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland and Tartan Day

1994 April 7: Rwandan genocide

April 8: International Romani day

April 9: Day of the Finnish Language

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process

April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan

1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day

1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

Easter Sunday: Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) in Basque Country

Scottish votes ignored again as Commons rejects all Brexit options

Scottish National Party incredibly popular among young voters

All Under One Banner gearing up to kickstart 2019 national tour

New Report Highlights the Threat to the Assyrian People in the Middle East

Positive progress for Madesh in Nepal

Macron insists on Corsica “autonomy” offer with no law-making powers, no co-official status for language

Canada could be 1st country to harmonize laws with UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Canadian Indigenous Languages Act sparks controversy

Dayak NGO asks Sarawak to train Native Court judges

Who Should Get to Adopt Native American Children?

Activists sue to erase South Dakota’s new law on preventing ‘riot boosting’

Opponents of Alaska drilling say it threatens climate, wildlife

How A Seed Bank Helps Preserve Cherokee Culture Through Traditional Foods

How A Cosmic Collision Sparked A Native American Translator’s Labor Of Love

‘That is not what happened.’ Native Americans criticize schools’ teaching of their history.

Bipartisan group proposes legislation to help tribal communities combat violence against Native women

Nunavut celebrates 20 years as Canada’s newest territory, a place where Inuit chart the future

Inuit musicians boycott Indigenous Music Awards over cultural-appropriation concerns

New Mexico drops Columbus Day for Indigenous People’s Day

An Indigenous Nation Battles for Land and Justice in Bolivia

Peru Indigenous Communities’ Lawyers Sentenced To 3 Years

Indigenous leaders decry Colombia’s deadly crackdown on land protesters

Panamanian indigenous people act to protect the forest from invading loggers

Indigenous groups in Ecuador convene to talk resistance in the Amazon

Cambodia returns land taken from indigenous peoples in ‘unprecedented’ move

Over 6,000 Adivasi Workers on Indefinite Strike in MP over Non-payment of salaries

The fading pride of Amazigh tattoos

Niger’s Practice of Selling Young Girls As an Unofficial ‘Fifth Wife’ Has Been Outlawed

32,000 people flee violence in Papua – rights group

Baloch Liberation Army attacks Chinese assets for 3rd time since Aug 2018

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted 13 from Kech and Panjgur

Tokelau to standardise national language

Dissident Czech literary master Milan Kundera at 90

Czech television to team up with CNN to run news channel

China is using debt traps to control the South China Sea

Japan Scrambles Fighter Jets to Intercept 4 Chinese Bombers Over East China Sea

Philippines alarmed by roughly 200 Chinese ships spotted near disputed South China Sea isle this year

US plans to send second aircraft carrier to Vietnam, highlighting concerns about China’s regional influence

FM: Georgia Has All Practical Tools for Joining NATO

Jens Stoltenberg: Russia Has No Say on Georgia’s NATO Membership

Russia Practices Winning War in Disputed Region NATO Just Told It to Leave Immediately

Demographic time-bomb: Finland sends a warning to Europe

Finland’s Basic Income Experiment Shows Recipients Are Happier and More Secure

White nationalists from around the world are meeting in Finland

After peace negotiations, threats of war break out between Armenia and Azerbaijan

New wave of detentions among LGBT in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Youth Activist Freed, Then Re-arrested

Taiwanese student protesting China’s Xi Jinping detained by Paris police

Taiwan scrambles jets to confront Chinese fighters after rare incursion

Welsh broadcasting campaigner faces jail over TV licence protest

Kenya sides with countries pushing for Western Sahara independence

Africa must unite for the decolonisation of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

Western Sahara settlement is possible: UN chief

British high court of justice upholds European decision recognising Sahrawis’ right to self-determination

Smells like Fascism II: new outbreak of anti-Roma mob violence in Italy

Greek PM makes first official visit to North Macedonia

Uyghur man bids to save ‘most extraordinary mom in the world’ from Chinese camp

Kyrgyz Students Vanish Into Xinjiang’s Maw

Xi Fails to Calm Europe as Juncker Takes Another Swipe at China

On Xinjiang, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Bend to Beijing’s Will

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern talks Uyghurs and Huawei with Chinese President Xi Jinping

The EU, China, and human rights in Xinjiang: Time for a new approach

Uyghurs and allies urge action against China in Washington

Former chair of China’s Xinjiang region Nur Bekri arrested for graft

China’s Influence Digs Deep Into Europe’s Political Landscape

Nobody Safe From Persecution By Chinese Regime, Says Family of Beloved Uyghur Comedian Adil Mijit

Xinjiang Uygurs and other Muslims are paying the human cost of China’s belt and road plan

Uyghurs urge Canada to impose sanctions on Chinese officials over treatment of Muslim minority

Soyuz Rocket Launches Satellites From French Guiana Site

Electric Cars Hit Record In Norway, Making Up Nearly 60 Percent Of Sales In March

Disney on Ice’s Moana segment to be performed in Māori in New Zealand

The Suspect in the New Zealand Mosque Massacre Will Face 89 Charges of Murder and Attempted Murder

African Court Slams Benin’s Treatment of ‘Chicken King’ Ajavon

Benin Opposition Urges Protests as Elections Set to Proceed

Bosnia Capital to Host First Pride Parade

HRW Blasts Russia Over ‘Escalating Pressure’ On Crimean Tatars

Crimean Solidarity civic journalists were tortured during Russian FSB ‘arrest’

“My only crime is that I am a Muslim”: mass terrorism arrests hit Crimean Tatar solidarity campaign

16-year-old Crimean Tatar sentenced for removing 3 Russian flags in occupied Crimea

Civic journalist Osman Arifmemetov faces 10-year sentence for reporting repression in occupied Crimea

Russia applies punitive psychiatry against the 24 Ukrainian POWs seized after Sea of Azov aggression

15-year sentences demanded for Ukrainians accused of invented ‘Crimean sabotage’ plot

Two Ukrainians get 14-year sentences for refusing to cooperate with Russian FSB

Protestant pastor arrested for ‘illegal worship’ in Russian-controlled Luhansk ‘republic’

Moscow Snuffs Out Religious Liberty in Eastern Ukraine

Moscow close to UN recognition that its continental shelf extends far into the Arctic

Does Russia Seek Regime Change in Moldova?

Hong Kong will not drop China extradition law plan, says Chief Exec. Carrie Lam following mass protest

China begins building major new power station in Tibet

Journalists assoc. calls for media access to Tibet, adding to mounting international pressure on China

China Plans International Airport In Tibet To Facilitate Mansarovar Visit

Buddhists in Nepal unite in solidarity against a politician’s condemnation of traditional greeting scarves

US warns access to Tibet is increasingly limited

China to destroy over 300,000 more world maps for not showing Taiwan, Arunachal as its territory

I will reincarnate where there is maximum suffering of mankind: Dalai Lama

China’s 60 Years of Environmental Destruction in Tibet

Tibetans in Gonjo forced to give up ancestral land and home

Indigenous Arctic Population Accuses Russian Authorities of Rights Violations

Museum of History of Buryatia Holds 20th Anniversary Exhibition of the Atlas of Tibetan Medicine

Buryatiya district ex-head and ex-deputy detained for fraud

What’s behind anti-migrant feeling in Russia’s arctic republic of Yakutia?

VKontakte 4 Tatarstan users demand compensation for passing their personal data to police

Ingush Activists Under Pressure After Protests Over Chechnya Border Deal

Arrests follow Ingush referendum law protests

Ingush opposition leaders searched and jailed after popular protests

Kremlin Dispatching Forces To Ingushetia Not Just From North Caucasus But From Across Russia

Two years after Chechnya’s gay purge victims still seek justice as LGBTI defender receives death threats

Jailed Human Rights Defender Titiyev Will Not Appeal His Sentence

Daghestani authorities protest ‘unilateral’ border demarcation by Chechnya

War and refuge: Minnesota Opera to set Hmong story to music

Rape Victims Find a Voice 20 Years After Kosovo War

Akitu: Assyrians celebrate 6769th New Year

NASA chooses Erbil Citadel as Image of the Day

Pentagon suspends delivery of F-35 to Turkey

US calls on Turkey to respect election results

Villagers flee as Turkey repeatedly shells Kurdistan Region border areas

Turkish-backed militia arrests leader of pro-Barzani party in Syria’s Afrin

What Kurds can learn from Israel

Erbil book fair attracts domestic, regional publishers

German official backs Syrian Kurdish call for international ISIS court

Newly-elected Kurdish mayors in Turkey under investigation after celebrating victory

Westerners fighting with Kurds face uncertain future after defeat of Isis

Erdogan ignores US warnings, Turkey will buy S-400

Kiribati govt defends Chinese scholarship scheme

What Will Decide Nicaragua’s Fate?

Nicaragua releases 50 prisoners to house arrest

Panama Papers helps recover more than $1.2 billion around the world

Panama President Cheers China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative

China mired in Tahiti social media discourse

Floating cities once seemed like sci-fi. Now the UN is getting on board

Paraguay’s LGBT community feels outcast amid conservative shift: ‘We are forgotten’

Russia’s Military Mission Creep Advances to a New Front: Africa

Pro-independence FLNKS launches campaign for New Caledonia’s provincial elections

Anti-independence alliance fails in New Caledonia’s northern province

Gong banging marks new Bangsamoro beginning

Kiwi journalists investigating a Chinese company’s activities in Fiji released from Fiji jail

Facing criticism of China deal, Vatican’s top diplomat says ‘be patient’

Lawyers ask Vatican to denounce criminalization of homosexuality

Libya: General Haftar orders forces to take Tripoli as crisis escalates

What Do Ireland and Northern Ireland Want From Brexit?

Belfast in the Age of Brexit

RTÉ presiding over ‘complete eradication’ of Irish language programming

Albania clamps down on cannabis but trafficking of hard drugs increases

Tunisia: Investigations into deadly police abuses must deliver long awaited justice

State Department says US cutting off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

No fishing, no exporting in April: Sierra Leone authorities enforce ban

Greenland doubles Atlantic salmon tonnage allowed under conservation deal

Special Rapporteur Urges Human Rights Approach to Water and Sanitation in Lesotho

Belize more than doubles protected marine area

Handling the Transatlantic Stress Test: A Conversation with Lithuania’s Foreign Minister

Estonian President to talk bilateral relations, Ukraine, Georgia with Putin

How Estonia fought for Latvian independence

Fewer Latvian-speakers see threats to their language in Latvia

The long journey out of the closet for Lithuania’s gay community

Estonia to host the world’s largest cyber exercise

Latvian Saeima endorses ban on Soviet and Nazi uniforms at public gatherings

With Lithuania pact, US signals increased military role near Russia

Mayor of Latvian capital suspended over suspected misuse of public funds

Kyrgyzstan Urged To Drop Charges Against Anti-Putin Protesters

Kyrgyzstan passes law allowing prosecution of ex-presidents

Violence and persecution against Christians growing in Chad

It’s not just Babich – Russian embassy in Minsk is a subversive organization

Belarus demolishes crosses at Soviet-era execution site

Heroes And Scum. “Rogue Song” Of Belarusian Tractor-Driver Breaking Crosses In Kurapaty

Lithuania provided info to Belarusian KGB on asylum seeker

EU accused of funding ‘forced labour’ project in Eritrea

Brunei introduces death by stoning for gay sex amid international condemnation

Maldives president hoping for election majority to probe China deals

Joke In Turkmenistan Goes Too Far For Women Drivers Facing Unofficial Ban

Game of Thrones tourism is wildly popular — and not just because the show is a hit

WOW Air collapse will dent Iceland’s growth and cause losses for banks: central bank

Rwanda’s genocide killers learn new life back home

From the ashes of genocide, Islam rises in Rwanda

Macron Calls for Probe into French Role in Rwanda Genocide

France to throw open archives on Rwanda genocide to clarify its role 25 years after the massacre

Serbia sentences four over 1999 killing of prominent journalist

Untapped East Timor talked up as mining destination

Myanmar army says six Rohingya killed in air strike were ‘with terrorists’

Q&A: Justice for Civil Wars-Era Crimes in Liberia

As its ruling dynasty withers, Gabon – a US ally and guardian of French influence in Africa – ponders its future

Gambia becomes 22nd African country to ratify the AfCFTA agreement

Africa’s historic free trade deal now has enough countries signed up to go into force

Life in ‘revolutionary’ Guinea-Bissau favela: ‘We’re fighting to protect our people’

The oil and gas of Lebanon tempts the appetite of its neighbours

Ex-Croatia PM jailed after court ups his corruption sentence

Greece’s DEPA breaks Gazprom monopoly in Bulgaria

Congo Ebola outbreak spreading faster than ever – WHO

Congo arrests rebel leader wanted for mass rape

Pope to host South Sudan’s divided leaders in peace retreat next week

Burundi bans BBC and suspends Voice of America

Burundi begins mass release of prisoners

How two bloggers exposed a property Ponzi scheme linked to Mauritania’s president

On the Bolivian altiplano, cultures collide

Cuba cuts newspaper size due to paper scarcity as shortages bite

Where’s the beef? Drought-parched Botswana struggles to keep cattle culture alive

Uruguay: The world’s marijuana pioneer

Vatican removes Guam archbishop after conviction of sexual abuse

Pere Aragonès claims Catalan pro-independence parties are the only viable government

Catalan Parliament urges president Torra to face a confidence vote or call a snap election

High court to investigate President Torra over yellow ribbon row

Catalan trial could be ‘political’, claim international observers

‘What hurt the most are the lies’: Catalan mayors talk about referendum

Spanish Constitutional Court unsurprisingly sides with unionist Cs

New fact-checking platform aims to fight ‘fake news’ in Catalan politics

Road Trip Europe Day 12 – Barcelona: ‘There is no justice, there is no democracy’

SNP MP questions UK Govt on whether its silence over Catalan rights is due to Brexit negotiations

Spanish police accused of orchestrating evidence to Catalan trial

Catalan independence declaration prompted by police violence

Spanish Constitutional Court deems swearing Catalan president in at a distance illegal

Catalan ex-deputy police chief dismisses follow-up of Spanish officers as ‘totally false’

Barcelona Supercomputing Center’s Bid to Host Major EU Supercomputer Gains Support from Three More Countries

Spanish Civil Guard officers deny hitting protesters during Catalan indyref

Catalan election debate in prison? It’s up to the Spanish Supreme Court

International observers express concerns over Catalan independence trial

Spain, Catalonia and football: Separate but intertwined

Pro-independence ERC lead polls in Catalonia for Spanish general election

Barcelona applies to host EuroPride 2022

Catalan public TV to take unionist leader to court for ‘slander’ and ‘hate speech

Belgium apologizes for colonial-era abduction of mixed-race children

A Tiny Danish Town Plans to Build Western Europe’s Tallest Skyscraper

In Denmark, long opening hours for unstaffed libraries