Kurdistan votes – Turkey appoints: if British police and Sinn Féin agree, will Spanish Armada listen?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

April 8: International Romani day

April 9: Day of the Finnish Language

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process

April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan

1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day

1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

Easter Sunday: Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) in Basque Country

April 22: Earth Day

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day

Zurabishvili: Europe of tomorrow would need us all – from UK to Georgia

30 years since tragic events of April 9 when Soviet troops killed Georgians demanding country’s independence

EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine To Extend Partnership Beyond 2020

Microsoft worked with Chinese military university on AI

China harvesting Uyghur Muslim organs in concentration camps, surgeon claims

Uyghurs Sent out of Shandong Ahead of Xi Jinping’s Visit

This Man’s Aunt Was Jailed Days After He Met With Mike Pompeo Over China’s Muslim Crackdown

‘We Need to Keep Our Language Alive’: Inside a Uyghur Bookshop in Istanbul

Chinese nationalist group stages two-hour ‘attack’ on Uygur websites

Norway Is Walking Away From Billions of Barrels of Oil

Moroccan court upholds prison sentences against Rif protesters

Jailed Morocco protest leader ‘sews lips together’

France’s neo-colonial ‘War on Terror’ in Mali

An uphill struggle for Tunisiaʹs Amazigh

Taking te reo Māori to the world

New Zealand Parliament votes to ban semi-automatic weapons after Christchurch mass shootings

Czech Billionaire Accused of $1 Billion Fraud by New York Hedge Fund

As new channels emerge, Russia plans ambitious Arctic expansion

Ingushetia collects fingerprints of residents

A republic unites ‘Meduza’ reports from the ground on Ingushetia’s remarkable months-long protest movement

In Russia’s Dagestan region, a path back from ruins of ISIS

Supreme Court orders review after Circassian stripped of Russian residency

“Moscow human rights activists” sue a Russian far eastern republic over ban on migrant workers

LGBT purges in Chechnya continue

Silence in the courtroom: how one of Chechnya’s last human rights defenders was convicted on drug charges

Kadyrov Moves to Expand Chechnya’s Regional and International Influence, Even at Moscow’s Expense

Russia plans ‘rehabilitation centre ’ for dissidents in occupied Crimea

Only civic journalism can prevent Crimea’s total isolation. That’s why Russia is attacking it

Europe’s duty to help protect Crimean Tatars

Russia uses ‘terrorism’ charges to silence civic journalists in occupied Crimea

Crimean Solidarity civic journalists were tortured during Russian FSB ‘arrest’

Crimean Tatar political prisoner’s mother detained as elderly parents come out in silent defence of their arrested sons

Convictions demanded in Russia’s most cynical and tragic attack on elderly Crimean Tatars

Remzi Bekirov, or the repression in occupied Crimea that Russia will use 20-year sentences against journalists to hide

Russia publicly threatens Ukraine with “military conflict”

Germany seeks to lift Russian sanctions in Council of Europe – media

Russia guilty of ‘international armed conflict’ in Azov Sea – 24 Ukrainian POWs recognized as political prisoners

Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk republic’ creates ‘children’s army’ to instill ‘correct views’

Donbas ‘separatism’: Myth, statistics and heavily armed Russian spetsnaz

NZ West Papua support group urges action on Papua crisis

Indonesia: New Book on Ethnic, Religious Violence

Indonesian Police Cracks Down on Students Demonstrating for West Papuan Rights

West Papuans call for mass boycott of Indonesian elections

Indonesia bans foreign media from covering elections in West Papua

PNG‘s Parkop pushes for referendum for West Papuans

West Papua: Destruction and displacement in Nduga

Indonesian police arrest West Papuan protestors at demo to boycott Indonesian elections in West Papua

Japan: Does the new Ainu bill truly symbolise progress?

American Indian adoptees deal with painful past and family separations

Indigenous Peoples and the Inter-American System of Human Rights: Securing Pathways to Justice?

Indigenous Groups Warn of ‘Apocalypse’ With Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Indigenous people battle squatters and timber poachers in Peru’s Amazon

Inside the Fight for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

With Indigenous Languages in Steep Decline, Summer Camps Offer Hope

A radio station becomes a lifeline for endangered Mexican, Central American indigenous languages

Cherokee Wrote Backward Messages in Cave to Speak to the Spirit World

How a digital literacy project is changing the lives of Adivasi villagers in Maharashtra

Metiguda adivasi voters finally get a polling station

New Australian 50 cent coin features 14 indigenous languages

Germany begins ‘largest’ return of Aborigine remains

Finding Beauty in Broken Things, an Aboriginal Artist Finds Recognition at Last

‘China is acting like a foe of the people of balochistan’

Mohajirs, Baloch, Gilgit-Baltistanis, Pashtuns and other minorities protest Pakistan govt atrocities

UNPO Roundtable at the European Parliament Discusses Minorities Protection in Pakistan Through EU Mechanisms

China’s claims on the South China Sea are a warning to Europe

Cape Verde’s Sao Vicente Carnival is reinvigorating its tourism

Hong Kong’s post-Occupy struggle: Why I wrote ‘As long As There is Resistance, There Is Hope’

German ISIS woman on trial for war crimes accused of letting Yazidi slave girl die of thirst

Belgian ISIS fighter confesses to group’s use of chemical weapons, chlorine

Christian villagers flee from Turkish cross-border attacks into Kurdistan Region

Twin bombing strikes Syria’s Manbij amid continued ISIS insurgency

Kurdishness forbidden under state-appointee rule

Kurdistan votes – Turkey appoints: Turkey election board appoints AKP runners-up to replace Kurdish mayors-elect

Dutch Kurdish woman, 5-month-old daughter jailed in Turkey

US Congress human rights commission congratulates Demirtas on his birthday

Syrian Kurdish leader says talks with Turkey ‘impossible’ unless it changes views on Kurds

US reiterates warnings to Turkey over S-400

KDP and Turkmen party strike deal on disputed province of Kirkuk

Kurdish forces deliver 25 Yezidis to rescue office in northeastern Syria

French Mayor: Paris wants to establish good relations with Erbil, rest of Kurdistan

Kurdistan Region marks Anfal Genocide

ISIS militants execute Iraqi mukhtars, militiamen in new video

Baghdad must compensate victims of Saddam’s Anfal campaign: PM Barzani

Anfal aimed to ‘eliminate’ Kurdish identity, Kurdistan: Bashir Haddad

Mass graves uncovered in Muthanna contain Anfal victims: Deputy PM Talabani

Kurdistan’s multiculturalism: A lot to be proud of

Iron Maiden Frontman Honored 25 Years After Concert During Sarajevo Siege

Bosnian Government Bickering Costs It Seat At Council Of Europe Assembly

How China Is Colonizing Africa Using Trade, Aid, and Debt-Trap Diplomacy

Foreign journalists call for full access to Tibet ahead of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

China cites ‘state secret’ to deny answer on Tibetan protester’s 18-yr jail term

China imparting ‘patriotic education’ to Tibetan monks and nuns infuriates region’s religious leaders

Tibetan nomads forcibly ‘resettled’ by China struggle with loss of an over 8,000-year-old heritage

Tibetans Will Never Forget India’s Safety Provided to Dalai Lama

Monks at Tibet’s Sera Monastery Told to Show ‘Gratitude’ to China, Obey its Laws

Sixty years after uprising, exiled Tibetans yearn for home

China’s extreme repression breeds self-immolations of Tibetans: ICT President

Dalai Lama’s reincarnation must comply with China’s laws, Communist Party says

US Congress Will Never Recognize China’s Choice of Next Dalai Lama

UNESCO to present Tibetan Yak Dance as Chinese intangible cultural heritage

Dalai Lama selected as the 2019 Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award recipient

Nitish Kumar Joins Call to Confer Bharat Ratna, India’s Highest Civilian Honour, to Dalai Lama

Google slammed for allowing ads in French, German, Spanish and Latvian… but not Welsh

Build only Welsh schools from now on – argue Super Furry Animals star and Hinterland actress

Welsh and Hawaiian were saved from extinction. Other languages might not be so lucky

Bangor University to axe Welsh language Chemistry degree course

Councillor says he can trace weakening of Welsh language in Holyhead to one event 42 years ago

Cofiwch Dryweryn mural ‘knocked down’ after being repainted

Gwynedd bingo hall staff ‘told not to speak Welsh’ in front of English speakers

Cornish language place names

Artisanal Food Shop Helps Kosovo War-Rape Survivors Earn Income — And Heal

Rita Ora surprises 400 schoolchildren back home in her native Kosovo to support Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2019

Kosovo’s biggest exodus to be remembered by keeping train in museum

Sales Of Western Sahara “Conflict Minerals” Rise But Trade Is Getting Harder For Morocco To Maintain

France encourages Morocco in preventing political settlement, says senator Prunaud

EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement: Polisario Front to file complaint before CJEU

Cashew waste strikes gold: Benin looks to cashews for growth

How Basque Food Got to Northern Nevada

The Basque Sheepherders in the West

Scotland: Why being patient on indyref2 is hard, but winning is critical

Nicola Sturgeon reveals date for indyref2 update

Alyn Smith: European elections are Scotland’s big chance to shine

Former Yes chief says independence will happen in his lifetime

Scotland and its wild Hebridean islands

When corruption trumps geopolitics: lessons from the Moldovan election

Amabo Cecilia Binwi, Ambazonia

Igbo in Canada unveil fresh plans for Biafra Memorial Day for over 3 million victims of Nigerian civil war

UK, Dutch spy agencies curb intel flow to Austria over Russia ties – MP

Armenia and Azerbaijan: Leadership Rapport Is No Substitute for a Deepened Peace Process

US soldiers return to Palau for exercise after 37-year hiatus

Costa Rica president details plan to become world’s first plastic and carbon-free country by 2021

Women in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority: only 16 of 98 but a powerhouse cast

A strategic port in the Horn of Africa is at the center of a $500 million lawsuit

European Banks May Fund Djibouti Airport After China Deal Nixed

Comoros authorities detain journalist, censor newspapers amid political crisis

Serbia: Ex-officer convicted of war crimes gets book event

UN votes to end peacekeeping operations in Haiti on Oct. 15

Trouble brews as Switzerland decides coffee isn’t essential for humans

Sinn Féin leader: ‘Europe should engage with Catalonia’s self-determination’

Exiled Catalan former ministers Comín and Ponsatí join Puigdemont in European election

British police chief rejects claim Catalan separatists were violent

Report by two Scotland Yard officials says police raid protests were ‘peaceful’

If Sinn Féin and Northern Ireland police find a common ground, isn’t it time for the Spanish Armada to pause and listen?

Spanish prosecutor may be linked to Puigdemont espionage – Belgian investigation

International Trial Watch observers concerned over Catalan evidence ban

‘Grotesque abridgment of human rights’ at Catalan Trial, says Nobel Peace laureate

30 people indicted over Catalan independence referendum logistics case

Catalan public figures charged for role in independence referendum

Catalan officials charged with misuse of public funds for organising independence vote

Spanish judge charges 30 Catalan officials over referendum

Catalan independence vote indictments another ‘infringement of civil rights,’ says Torra

No Good Outcomes in Upcoming Spanish Elections

Catalan independence trial witness claims intimidation

Spanish president ‘offended’ at Pep Guardiola calling Spain ‘authoritarian’

‘A jail without bars’ – one year on, activist remains confined to Catalan town

VMware to invest $100m in innovation center in Barcelona

Trackers placed in Puigdemont’s cars during meetings in Brussels hotel

‘Pro-referendum platform calls on parties to support ‘political solution’ to Catalan conflict

Japan showcases Catalan modernist and avant-garde art

Catalan trials: Spanish police justify polling station damage

Spanish court to keep Catalan pro-independence politicians in prison during upcoming election campaign

Belgium’s secret service froze relations with Spain in 2018 over Puigdemont tracking scandal

Tensions in Barcelona as students try to disrupt unionist event attended by PP officials

President Torra thanks Assange for ‘support of Catalans’ during 2017 independence bid

Spain bans election rallies in prison where pro-independence candidates are held

Nobel laureate Jody Williams shows support for Catalan political prisoners

Spanish election campaign kicks off with Catalan crisis in the spotlight

Catalan candidates to campaign for Spanish general election from jail

Esquerra proposes referendums on Catalan self-determination and monarchy

Pedro Sanchez plays risky game ahead of Catalan-heated Spanish election

Scots MP hits out at Catalan prisoners’ case as a ‘show trial’

Diplocat announces ‘reactivation’ for an international Sant Jordi

Neus Català, last Catalan Ravensbrück survivor, dies aged 103

France, Spain, Catalonia: They Come Together in Perpignan

‘Democracy and politics will solve Spain’s Catalan crisis’

Neus Català was an ‘extraordinary woman,’ mourns Catalan president

Catalan officers charged with serving to manage 2017 independence vote

Countdown for the Catalan cultural week of Sant Jordi in Brussels!

Carthy: “The EU leaders’ silence makes them accomplices to the Catalonia situation”

Must-see Dublin exhibition captures the history of the Irish Famine

Kindred Spirits: When the Irish Starved, the Choctaw Tried to Feed Them (Podcast)

Irish cultural pride gives this cosmopolitan second thoughts

Irish ambassador to UK accuses British magazine of anti-Irish bias over Brexit

For Northern Ireland, ‘Game of Thrones’ is much more than a popular TV show

Brexit is making Irish reunification a real possibility

My name is Gearóidín and I want the Irish State to give me back my fadas

When Language Started a Political Revolution

Anger as Irish language sign vandalised in Co Derry

This Irish university is offering an online course that explores all things Gaelic

Former soldier confesses to murdering Slovakian journalist Jan Kuciak

Nicaraguan bishop to leave for Rome as threats against him increase

Frontline Nicaragua

Nicaragua Marks One Year Since Deadly Protests Began

Nord Stream 2: Can Denmark make Berlin and Moscow tremble?

Parliament suspended as Thabane, Lesotho are mired in instability

Oman calls on Arabs to ease Israel’s ‘fears for its future’

Tunisia president, 92, says doesn’t plan to run for re-election

Belize to nearly triple area under strict marine protected areas

Belarus expels top Latvian historian blacklisted by Russia

Film looks at efforts to preserve the language and culture of the Livs

Estonian watchdog says unacceptable clients remain in banking system

Estonia red-flags 600-MW Saaremaa offshore wind project citing national security concerns

Latvia’s ten leading keepers and distributors of child abuse imagery held in sweeping operation

Lithuania to blacklist Holocaust denier David Irving

Guntars Godiņš named winner of Latvian-Estonian language award

The roots of the Latvian anti-Soviet resistance in 1940

British documentary explores confusion of Latvia’s independence struggle

Russia irked by Lithuania’s January 13 massacre ruling, seeks retaliation

The world’s largest cyber exercise brings allies together in Estonia

‘Sõnajalaõis’ voted most Estonian word

In ‘Great Game Lite,’ Russia and China Compete for Influence in Kyrgyzstan

Farmers and nomads take to violence in drought-stricken Chad

Montenegro fears China-backed highway will put it on road to ruin

World Bank warns about recession in Belarus if Minsk fails to secure energy deal with Russia

Independent Television Channel’s Offices Searched in Belarus

Belarus expels top Latvian historian blacklisted by Russia

Is Belarus Putin’s Next Land Grab?

Lukashenka Lambasts Moscow For ‘Sanctions,’ Threatens To Suspend Russian Oil Flow To Europe

Belarus Could Be Russia’s Next Big Geopolitical Target

Organic pineapple offers migrants work and dignity in Togo

Hungary to enhance cooperation with Huawei despite US concerns

Despite EU Pressure, Hungary Won’t Soften Laws to Allow Soros College to Stay

Brunei boycott deepens amid growing backlash to anti-gay laws

Maldives ruling party pledges probe into Chinese deals after landslide win

Ethiopia awaits EU signal to engender Somaliland, Somalia dialogue

7 reasons why Somaliland deserves its long-overdue recognition by the world

Germany to develop Somaliland as Bashe meets Austrian envoy in Nairobi

Life as a nomad in the world’s least crowded country

Southern Mongolia: Historian Tried in Closed-Door Hearing for Publishing on Mongolian Culture

Qatar sues trio of banks over plan to ‘attack’ financial markets

Batwa: Exclusion from Genocide Commemorations

Guatemala’s anti-graft candidate slams brief detention in Honduras

Former Tajik Opposition Member Jailed For 15 Years After Return From Russia

Iceland Builds Arctic Port as Global Shipping Routes Get Redrawn

Slovenia recalls ambassador to Zagreb over spying spat

Croatia’s Woes Leave it Second Only to Bulgaria in Underdevelopment

Is Libya’s Khalifa Haftar trying to become the next Gaddafi?

Namibia Commits to Rand Peg as Economy Limps Out of Slump

Lebanon Fears for Disputed Territory With Israel After Trump’s Golan Recognition

Politicians in Bulgaria campaign to block LGBT exhibition

Bulgaria: More MPs Resign in Apartments Scandal

Chickenpox, The Latest Burden On The Rohingya Refugees

China-South Sudan Oil Deal Raises Red Flags

Castro Warns Cubans to Brace for Shortages

Burundi: 10 Years On, Justice Denied for Murdered Activist

Congolese troops kill 36 Burundi rebels in east

Animals evacuated from Gaza’s last zoo to Jordan sanctuary

Seychelles Is Named First in Africa for Affordable Internet Packages

India Bans Key Highway in Kashmir for 2 Days A Week

Ahead of election, BJP vows to strip Jammu and Kashmir of special rights