‘With patience, planning and persistence, Scotland is moving towards independence,’ SNP

Photo competition – Justice For Tibetan Nomads

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

Easter Sunday: Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) in Basque Country

April 22: Earth Day

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

May 1/Nissan 27: Yom HaShoah, Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day

1963 May 1: The Day of Terror: colonial Indonesian military arrive in West Papua

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Latvian Independence Restoration Day

Greece seeks early repayment of €10bn IMF loan

San Francisco Photo Project Replaces Controversial Statue with Living American Indians

Native American activists: The fire at Notre Dame is devastating. So is the destruction of our sacred lands.

New Zealand aims to be first with UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples plan

New Zealand nurse kidnapped by ISIS may still be alive

Artists challenge commemoration of Captain Cook’s ‘discovery’ of NZ

Mohawk Nation scholars to study Irish language in new scheme

Japan enacts law recognizing Ainu as indigenous, but activists say it falls short of U.N. declaration

Jharkhand: Lynched Adivasi Man Was Dragged for 1 km, Mob Chanted Hindu Slogans

Noted Activist Releases Book Documenting Atrocities On Dalits and Adivasis

Tension in Vaipet as Adivasis obstruct seizure of timber

All Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam (AASAA) Slams BJP For ‘Not Keeping’ Promises

Mining the uranium cleanup boom: Can Navajo businesses strike pay dirt?

Recovering Yukon Languages

Benin votes – but with no opposition to choose from

Russian court jails ex-Norway border guard for spying

Islamic State claims attack on Tuareg Movement for the Salvation of Azawad

Ken Loach backs 7000 Kurdish protesters on hunger strike

Mass grave of Kurd remains shown to relatives in Iraq’s Anfal anniversary

US sanctions Saddam-era network supporting ISIS

Turkish police injure two Kurdish MPs during demonstration

Barzani on Red Wednesday: Parties must help Ezidis decide their future

China officially invites PM Barzani to visit Beijing, foster bilateral ties

Iraq begins payment of 2 million dinars to each female Yezidi survivor

Pentagon reaffirms commitment to protecting partners in Syria

Macron meets with Syrian Kurds, pledges continued support against ISIS

Turkey furious over Macron’s meeting with Syrian Kurds

Turkish police violence against Kurdish prisoners’ mothers leads to uproar

Czech police recommend charging prime minister with fraud

Huge success for #Korrika21, the sponsored run for the #Basque language

Izagirre grabs overall victory at Basque country cycling event as Yates takes final stage

Lifting 200-kilogram stones in Spain’s Basque Country

Basque Country boosts fragile Spanish economy

French Basque Country has its own micro-currency

With patience, planning and persistence, Scotland is moving towards independence

Nicola Sturgeon sets out independence plan – with a big warning to critics

Sturgeon: Independence would be nothing like Brexit disorder

Nicola Sturgeon: This plan is ambitious AND credible – it can win us independence

Police say Glasgow All Under One Banner march will be too big

SNP reveal list for Euro elections as party go for three MEPs

Common Weal report sets out economic model for independent Scotland

Traveler’s Impressions: Prisonlike Conditions of Xinjiang

Video: Uyghur man bids to save ‘most extraordinary mom in the world’ from Chinese detention camp

One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority

“Surviving China”: Uyghur Voices from Xinjiang and Guantanamo

Man Says Xinjiang Like Nazi Germany, Risks Life to Post Photos of ‘Concentration Camp’ on Twitter

Uyghur Residents Forced to Organize Into Civilian ‘Anti-Terrorist’ Units

China’s SenseTime sells out of Xinjiang security joint venture

‘This Has Been Delayed For Too Long’, Uighur testifies at US Senate

Being Tracked While Reporting in China, Where ‘There Are No Whys’

Authorities using facial recognition tech to track Uighur Muslims across China – report

Successful Uyghur Developer Confirmed Detained by Xinjiang Authorities

‘The Past is Repeating Itself’, observes Holocaust survivor

Volkswagen CEO ‘not aware’ of Uighurs detained in China’s Xinjiang, despite having a factory there

Can ‘the new Canaries’ win the fight against overtourism?

Regulator’s spending on main Welsh translator down by 72 per cent in a decade

Giro d’Italia to be broadcast with Welsh commentary for the first time

European election is our chance to make Wales matter

Canada removes references to Sikh extremism, Khalistan in its terror threat report

Changes to 2018 Terror Report a welcome first step: World Sikh Organization

South China Sea WARNING: Philippines order Beijing to STOP endangering fishermen

China Conducts Military Drills Involving Long-Range Bombers Near Taiwan, Japan

South China Sea THREAT: US Army to CONFRONT ‘competitor’ China in disputed waters

Beijing goes unconventional in South China Sea’s escalating confrontation

F.B.I. Bars Some China Scholars From Visiting U.S. Over Spying Fears

China Is Joining the Rush for Arctic Riches

Proposed Ban On Filming Police In Republika Srpska Sends Chill Through Bosnia’s Media

UT Romani Scholar Honored By Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

Bulgarian Government Set for Sweeping Victory in EU Elections after Anti-Roma Violence

Bulgaria’s working age population contracts sharply in 2018

San Marino issues €2 coin honoring Leonardo da Vinci

Saint Kitts prime minister in Taipei to improve ties

Morocco arbitrarily detanes Sahrawi political activist Ali Salem Buyemaa

Polisario Front calls on Security Council to prevent Moroccan violations of ceasefire

Sahrawi political prisoner continues his open hunger strike

Gunmen kill 14 bus passengers in Pakistan’s Balochistan

Iran and Pakistan’s state crimes against Baloch

What’s behind the Baloch insurgency in Pakistan?

Balochistan: dead body of previously abducted man found

Balochistan: Iranian forces execute a Baloch youth in Isfahan prison

Why no Sindhi TV channel? DD says it is too expensive

Sindhi women hold protest in London against forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan

Anti-Semitism threatens Romania’s fragile Jewish community

Trump and Netanyahu Are Breaking the Bond Between American Jews and Israel

Arianespace Successfully Launches O3B Communication Satellites From French Guiana

Han Kuo-yu Advancing China’s Interests puts Taiwan’s democracy at risk

iPhone billionaire Terry Gou’s China ties complicate his Taiwan presidential run

Millions of Chinese students to be sent to “minority areas”; China doubles down on Tibet control during anniversary period

Pah-la, a play about a Tibetan nun who self-immolated during the 2008 uprising, premiers at Royal Court after delays and controversy

Tibetan former political prisoner dies from chronic ill health

Chinese Authorities Detain Tibetan Student Who Decried Lack of Government Jobs in Tibet

New European Parliament resolution says China’s criminal law is being abused to persecute Tibetans and Buddhists

200 Indian MPs, Bihar Chief Minister join calls for India’s highest civilian honour for Dalai Lama

Larung Gar Buddhist Academy Closes to New Enrollment as China Tightens Controls

BBC To Unveil Image of How Panchen Lama Look Like Today

Good News Tibetans, Rep. McGovern to Chair US Commission on China

April 20, the day Dalai Lama reached Mussoorie 60 years ago

The Telepgraph of the UK broadcasts Chinese propaganda: Tibetan serfs

The Telepgraph of the UK broadcasts Chinese propaganda: democratic reforms in Tibet

Zimbabwe appeals for UK support to compensate white farmers

Stalin’s Approval Rating Among Russians Hits Record High

Russian authorities resort to forceful settlement of unrest in Ingushetia

Organizer of rally in Ingushetia tells about authorities’ pressure

In Russia, calling yourself Circassian is always political

Soldier from Bashkiria commits suicide near Lipetsk

Kadyrov to force Chechen media to fight “foreign evil”

Russian veterans seek ban on film ‘Brotherhood’ over portrayal of Soviet troops in Afghanistan

TAPOL, ETAN support Papuan case for judicial review of ‘free choice’ vote

West Papuan peace advocate who urged dialogue dies

Indonesia election: violence-wracked province calls for independence

Indonesia’s political system has ‘failed’ its minorities – like West Papuans

West Papuans boycott the Indonesian elections amidst arrests

The vote’s (not quite) in the bag: Indonesia poll, West Papua way

Boycott of 2019 Indonesian Election Successful: 60% of West Papuans Didn’t Vote

Human rights NGO reports on 119 known hostages behind bars in occupied Donbas

SBU captures Russian-controlled terrorist group plotting hit jobs on Ukrainian politicians, security operatives

Hybrid War in Ukraine – predictions for 2019 and beyond

Effective torture of Crimean Tatar & other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russian detention

Team Zelensky: Crimea must return to Ukraine, Russia must pay compensation for damage done

Crimean Tatar Imam arrested on charges of ‘calls to extremism’ in Russian-occupied Crimea

Court in Crimea confirms Russia had no reason to arrest – and kill – 83-year-old Crimean Tatar veteran Vedzhie Kashka

168 child victims of Russia’s mounting repression in occupied Crimea

Hong Kong press freedom index drops to new low

1 in 5 journalists say they were pressured to report less on Hong Kong independence

Tanker drivers’ strike triggers ‘energy crisis’ in Portugal

Kosovo Moves To Punish Denial Of Serb War Crimes

Serbia Wants Russia To Play Larger Role In Kosovo Talks

‘God’s Punishment’: Serbian Tabloids Say Notre Dame Fire Result Of Flying Kosovo’s Flag

One of the last surviving Hmong war heroes has died

Hmong women share stories of surviving genocide

DeLong students celebrate Hmong Heritage Month

Hmong: Religious Persecution Continues in Vietnam

Rwanda/Biafra: Before We Forget By SOC Okenwa

A year into Nicaragua crisis, uncertainty and scepticism prevail

Nicaragua crisis: One year in, more than 60,000 have fled, seeking refuge

Nicaragua government says releases hundreds of prisoners ahead of protest anniversary

Police Presence Prevents March in Nicaragua

Nicaragua refugees: ‘I don’t understand why people hate us’

Good Friday Processions Become Protests in Nicaragua

China starts construction of social housing in São Tomé and Príncipe

Trevor the Duck: Niue mourns ‘world‘s loneliest duck‘

Japan, Palau strengthen business ties

Taking Australia’s asylum seekers was a ‘deal with the devil:’ former Nauru leader

Pelosi warns there will be no U.S.-U.K. trade deal if Brexit harms the Irish peace accord

Ireland’s Church Homes Gave Children’s Bodies to Medical Schools for Dissection

A 29-Year-Old Journalist Was Killed In What Northern Ireland Police Are Calling A “Terrorist Incident”

Nothing prepared me for what I found in Irish adoption records

Northern Ireland police arrest two over fatal shooting of journalist Lyra McKee

Brexit will leave Irish citizens in NI ‘especially vulnerable’ says activist

China invites Vatican to flower expo as ties warm further

Comoros authorities detain journalist, censor newspapers amid political crisis

Bangladesh Struggles To Cope With Pressures Of Hosting 1 Million Rohingya Refugees

Renewed campaign to wipe out surviving Rohingya will be the most savage yet

‘We’re broken’: Rohingya on hunger strike in Saudi detention

Batwa: Exclusion from Genocide Commemorations

Catalan trial observers warn of ‘artificial’ police narrative

7 million roses expected to be sold on Sant Jordi’s Day

Esquerra vows ‘never’ to give up on referendum after Socialists rule out independence concessions

Amics de les Arts kick off European tour

Catalonia in Rome through music, film, and literature

Council of Europe to look into jailed politicians’ situation in Spain and Turkey

Puigdemont’s party faces uphill election battle as jailed candidates unable to join campaign

International observers from Quebec raise concerns over Catalan trial

Puigdemont must go to Madrid to take EU parliament seat, say chamber lawyers

Spain: Catalan question dominates ahead of wildly uncertain election

Spain’s election officials suspend TV debate with far-right party Vox

Easter in Catalonia: processions, desserts and traffic jams!

Jordi Sánchez talks to press from behind bars

Cs candidate met with protests during first campaign event in Catalonia

Jordi Sanchez says Spanish PM might back down on independence vote

Oriol Junqueras talks to press from behind bars

‘Independence referendum will happen’, says Catalan prisoner

Catalan ERC and Basque party EH Bildu combine “efforts” for a common stance after election

Turull calls to legitimize 2017 referendum in the first live election rally from prison

In true celebration of St George, visit Catalonia where our patron saint is honoured all year round

Spanish Election 2019: Catalan independence parties to be KINGMAKERS as no majority likely

The Catalan conundrum: what the parties have planned for upcoming election

Jordi Sánchez warns the Spanish president he’ll have to face requests for a referendum

Closer and closer – Barça come out on top against Real Sociedad

Esquerra leader Junqueras: ‘Your votes can free us’

Junqueras: “An electoral interview is a first victory against the repression”

Togolese protester killed during protest against presidential term limits

Russia-Germany gas pipeline seeks new route in Baltic sea

Unconventional Approaches Could Help Deter Russian Intimidation and Aggression Against the Baltic States

Major coordinated disinformation campaign hit Lithuanian Defense Ministry

Lithuanian Tied to Money Laundering Funds Kremlin’s Church

Will Lukashenka attend reburial of Belarus national hero in Vilnius?

UK Apaches Head To Estonia As Deterrent To Russia ‘Threat’

To Deter Russia, the U.S. Army Must Be Permanently Based in Poland

Russia’s creeping annexation of Belarus ‘already taking place,’ Juknevičienė says

Some 100 allied tanks, armoured vehicles expected in Estonia by late April

NATO battlegroup exercises in Lithuania

Estonia president holds first meeting with Putin in years

Hungary, Spain and UK will take over Baltic Air Policing role

73% of residents believe they benefit from Latvia’s membership in EU

Scandinavia, Baltic Set to Become China’s Newest Playground

Pompeo praises Paraguay’s return to democracy in rare visit

No solutions in sight to Mayotte’s chronic water shortages

Amid worries over Russia, Sweden returns troops to Baltic island

Lichtenstein marks 300th anniversary

Mauritania at a crossroads

Top New Caledonia politician is charged

Pro-independence parties align for New Caledonia poll

New Caledonia anti-independence parties’ deal collapses

Switzerland to back China’s controversial Belt and Road project

Equatorial Guinea to abolish death penalty – but democratically

Denmark: Man suspected of placing grenade in Copenhagen

Dominica has become 193rd Member to the Convention on International Civil Aviation

How Montenegro became a favorite spot for billionaires

From Empowerment During War, Eritrean Women Must Fight Gender Discrimination in a New Peace

Sierra Leone: The new government’s tense struggle for control a year on

Sierra Leone News Horrendous violations, abuses of women in elections exposed

European Parliament condemns Brunei over ‘retrograde’ death penalty for gay sex

In Tajikistan, America’s beacon for a free press may have been corrupted

Tajikistan: Rahmon pleads with Putin for amnesty on deported migrants

Maldives parliament repeals law allowing foreign land ownership

Mother urges federal government to secure release of two Canadian women detained in Somaliland

Mongolia coal exports surge 15 pct in Q1 after China Australia ban

Genghis Khan’s Biggest Fan Is Testing Mongolia’s Democracy

Can Mongolia bring back its blue skies, clouded by coal?

Tonga signs 15-year satellite deal after January cable outage

Qatar makes world’s first ever 5G phone call

Iceland (The Country) Wins Trademark Dispute Against Iceland (The Supermarket)

Iceland Leads the World in Bitcoin Mining, But Not Everyone is Thrilled

Turkish minister, French lawmaker clash over Armenia ‘genocide’ day

How Scotland erased Guyana from its past

China Merchants in Talks to Replace Ousted Djibouti-Bank Partner

U.S. Base in Djibouti Key to American Interests in Africa

Caricature Row Throws Spotlight on Hungarian Influence in Slovenia

Cyprus mulling early repayment of Russian loan

Libya: UN-backed PM says 800,000 migrants could reach Europe amid instability

Shelling kills four in Tripoli as UN debates Libya ceasefire

Gambia exhumes remains of seven soldiers from 1994 coup bid

Anger in Gambia as the extent of Jammeh-era corruption and brutality surfaces

Scars of Lebanon’s Civil War in Beirut 30 years after guns fell silent

Lebanon:The right to know for the families of disappeared

Lebanon eyes austerity package to slash fiscal deficit

Turkish Police Arrest 2 Men Suspected of Spying for the United Arab Emirates With Possible Link To Khashoggi Killing

South Sudan offers to mediate political transition in Sudan

Sudanese to name civilian council in bid to pressure army

Burundi schoolgirls expelled for doodling on President’s image in textbook

Burundi police chief publicly threatens opposition members’ lives

Vision 2040: Oman’s ambitious strategy towards a post-oil economy

Trump administration targets so-called ‘troika of tyranny’ with wave of new sanctions

Botswana shows off country’s largest-ever blue diamond

There’s a Way to Save Jordan. But It Might Kill the Dead Sea

Jordan aid convoy enters besieged Gaza

Jordan toughens border controls, irking Israelis on Passover vacation

Bahrain revokes citizenship of 138 people in mass trial

US military mission in Somalia could take seven years to complete

March of the Living in Budapest honors Scottish missionary who refused to abandon her Jewish pupils

Former Spy: Hungary Used as Logistical Base for Russian Intelligence Activity

Hungary Is Key to Shoring Up NATO Alliance

In a broadcast 124m below sea level, Seychelles president calls for better protection of oceans

Evangelical Group Says Laos Has Deported 3 American Missionaries

Row with U.S. energy trader worsens Haiti’s fuel crisis

Papua New Guinea Finance Minister Quits After Gas Deal

Russia Asked To Dock A Warship Heading For Venezuela In The Mediterranean. Then Things Got Weird.

India suspends cross border trade in Kashmir in new crackdown

India enters 2nd phase of elections with Kashmir in lockdown

2nd phase of Indian elections ends amid Kashmir lockdown

The creation of Belgium

Turkmenistan the worst country for journalists, Norway the safest

Barotse Activist Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe Presents Wade in the Water

Western Togoland: Meeting on Right to Self-Determination Attracts Hundreds

Ahwazi: Dissent Mounts in Flood-hit Regions