Spanish Catalan Independence Trial Ends

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1898 June 12: Day of Freedom in Philippines

1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

June 15: International Uyghur Language Day

1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day

June 21: National Indigenous Peoples Day, Canada

1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day

1917 June 26: Crimean Tatar National Flag Day

1960 June 26: Madagascar Independence Day

1977 June 27: Djibouti Independence Day

1880 June 29: Internal Autonomy Day/Mourning Day, Tahiti

1976 June 29: Seychelles Independence Day

1960 June 30: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

Norway to sell off fossil fuel stocks worth more than $8 billion

MIT and other top U.S. universities took funds from Chinese firm tied to Xinjiang security

Hui Muslims Afraid of Becoming as Suppressed as Uyghurs

UN Russian counter-terror czar visits China’s Xinjiang

Tibetan, Uyghur And Chinese Activists Urge Google: “Respect Human Rights, Don’t Do China’s Dirty Work”

Bringing the “Uyghur Crisis” to the Heart of the United States

Morocco Agrees to Use Berber as Official Language

Moroccan Parliament Passes Bill Integrating Tamazight in Public Life

Morocco adopts law confirming Berber as official language

Editor Abdulmumin Gadzhiev detained in Dagestan on terrorism charges

Kabardino-Balkaria: head of social movement Martin Kochesoko detained, drugs found on him

Daghestani activists detained in rally for arrested Meduza journalist and Circassian activist

Border conflict shakes city between Chechnya and Dagestan

Chechnya head threatens to ‘break the fingers, tear out the tongues’ of Dagestan residents protesting border changes

Chechen Rights Defender Titiyev Granted Early Release On Parole

She’s Gotta Drive It: Emirati Money Funds Female-Only Taxi Service In Chechnya

Moving photographs that tell the story of Lena, a nomadic Nenets as she prepares to give birth

The Nenets of Yamal: a resilient people on the edge of the world

A Giant Severed Wolf Head From 40,000 Years Ago Has Been Unearthed in Sakha

Former Benin President Under Virtual House Arrest For Support For Protests Against Controversial Elections

St Vincent and Grenadines smallest nation to hold coveted UN security council seat

US Secretary of State: Georgia will have US support to become a NATO member

‘Still needed’: Nato marks 20 years in Kosovo

Montenegro sack Serbian manager after he refuses to lead side against Kosovo

Moldovan oligarch’s party makes way for pro-Europe, pro-Russia coalition

In Western Sahara, Europe sides with occupier over occupied

Nigeria Labour Congress calls for isolation of Morocco for its continued occupation of Western Sahara

Rally in Paris to denounce human rights violations in Western Sahara

As Many as Two Million Protesters Hit Hong Kong Streets

Three islands disappeared in the past year. Is climate change to blame?

Israel closes Gaza fishing zone, blames ‘incendiary balloons’

Israel plans to entrench annexation of East Jerusalem: Report

How do Palestinians beat Trump’s deal?

Chagos case has positive implications for the West Papua issue

Cymru am byth!* – How speaking Welsh became cool

Machynlleth in North Wales becomes first in region to officially back Welsh independence

Sturgeon: Hard Brexit makes Scottish independence ‘more urgent’

Clear majority back independence referendum decisions being made in Scotland

Tory leadership race is a six-week advert for Scottish independence

‘Joyous’ All Under One Banner independence march takes place in Oban

South China Sea: Beijing to ‘end up facing DISASTER’ if they do not back down over waters

South China Sea tensions SOAR as Philippines begs surrounding nations to ‘come together’

U.S. Bulks Up Coast Guard in Pacific to Counter China Fleet

Japan’s largest warship joins U.S. carrier for military exercises in disputed South China Sea

Sinking of Philippine Boat Puts South China Sea Back at Issue

At the Crossroads of the World: Cabo Verde Airlines Aims to Turn Cape Verde into Intercontinental Hub

Finland’s Plan to Prevent Russian Aggression

Korean monk pleads Dalai Lama to return to Tibet

China-Tibet concord dream fading fast

Kanu’s resounding reception in Canada a proof of Biafra restoration- IPOB

World Sindhi Congress pays tribute to slain ‘Sindhi heroes

Free speech & call for Sikh homeland

Tragedy of operation blue star

Banbury Sikhs unite for London march

Air New Zealand Lifts Staff Tattoo Ban Over Fears of Māori Discrimination

‘This Isn’t Your Island’: Why Northern Mariana Islanders Are Facing Down the US Military

Brazil indigenous affairs official fired amid push to develop reservation land

New Mexican bishop hopes to lead services in indigenous languages

Dam in Ethiopia has wiped out indigenous livelihoods, report finds

Duterte’s Chinese-Funded Dam Will Displace Indigenous Communities

Mexico Calls Out Carolina Herrera For Appropriating Indigenous Groups’ Patterns

Cherokee Nation celebrates national flag with new exhibit

Indigenous companies told they can’t use the Aboriginal flag over copyright concerns

Hasankeyf: 12,000-year-old Kurdish town in southern Turkey will soon be underwater

Iraqi forces arrest Kurd who accused them of burning crop fields in in disputed territories

Syrian Kurdish authorities to stop wheat going to government territory

Turkey continues to arrest Dutch citizens on suspicion of PKK support

Turkish jets destroy road, petrol station in series of attacks in Kurdistan Region

Turkey ‘neutralized’ 48 alleged PKK fighters in Kurdistan Region since late May

Putin’s envoy says Russia ready to consider Kurdish rights in Syria

Syrian Kurdish delegation visits Iranian Kurdish parties to discuss unity

Raging wildfires have destroyed several Yezidi mass graves

Yazidi farmers return home to cultivate farmland after years in exile

Iraqi forces allegedly forcing Kurdish farmers not to farm amid ongoing land disputes

Kurdistan Racing Team accelerates to Nurberg winner’s podium

Anti-Roma Violence Erupts in Kosovo

Eight Crimean Tatars Jailed On Extremism Charges

35 Crimean Tatars arrested for religious belief since start of 2019

Openly illegal prosecution for a Facebook repost of another Crimean Tatar woman activist

Council of Europe’s reinstated Russian delegation would likely include illegal ‘deputies’ from occupied Crimea

Germany strengthens Russia’s insolence with new economic agreement

Protestants driven underground like in Soviet times in Russian proxy Donbas ‘republics’

Prison on Lontskoho in Lviv: Ukraine’s museum of soviet horror

Imprisoned journalists in occupied Crimea and Russia that Ivan Golunov’s defenders never noticed

NATO’s Ukraine Challenge

A Tiny Tyranny in Equatorial Guinea Sustained by Oil Riches

Elton John biopic Rocketman ‘banned in Samoa over gay sex scenes’

From the ballot box to the courtroom: a timeline of the Catalan independence movement

Spain’s Catalan trial ends, but tensions remain

Case against Catalan indy figures based on ‘lies’, lawyer Andreu Van den Eynde says

Sentence pending after 4 months and 52 sessions of Catalan trial

Protests in support of jailed leaders as trial draws to a close

Events in 2017 were not ‘uprisings but demonstrations,’ defense tells court

Activist Cuixart’s lawyer cites international law to defend ‘peaceful resistance’

Former Catalan Parliament Speaker Carme Forcadell tried ‘for who she is, and not for what she did,’ says defense

Catalan president says right to fair trial was violated

Trial of Catalan Independence Leaders Ends in Spain

Catalan leaders deny violence, call for dialogue as trial nears end

Catalan leader defends push for independence on final day of trial

Five talking points from the defendants’ closing remarks in the Catalan trial

Pro-indy Catalan leaders’ trial closes with further call for dialogue

‘Power rests with the Catalan people’: Aamer Anwar condemns ‘show-trial’ as Catalan leaders await verdict

Catalan Ombudsman Rafael Ribó calls for dialogue as independence trial ends

With the Catalan trial over, what now?

Spain’s politicised legal system on trial

Jailed Joaquim Forn allowed to take up seat as Barcelona local councilor

Socialists reject meeting pro-independence parties and threaten snap election

Twitter removes 130 accounts linked to Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya

Spain’s Liberal Party Needs to Make Up Its Mind

Exiled former officials call on Supreme Court to withdraw arrest warrants

Spain insists that Puigdemont and Comín must come to Spain in order to enter European Parliament

Court bars jailed Catalan politician Junqueras from taking up seat as MEP

Supreme Court refuses to withdraw arrest warrants against exiled leaders

Catalonia: Oriol Junqueras MEP bid blocked by Supreme Court

Oriol Junqueras wants EU Court to rule on Spanish Court’s refusal to allow him to take his MEP seat

60 MEPs call on Brussels to ‘recognize and protect’ rights of Catalan independence leaders

Catalan Gasol brothers become first siblings to both win NBA crown

Sagrada Família occupied in protest against Catalan trial

Ada Colau renews her post as Barcelona’s mayor despite slightly losing to Esquerra’s Ernest Maragall

Entrepreneurial activity in Catalonia above average for Spain and EU

Barcelona airport sees record number of passengers in May

Independence camp takes control of Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce for first time

Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Deadly Prison Riot In Tajikistan

Celebrating the Irish tricolor this National Flag Day

Saving Greenland could save the world

Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice in one week, which is very unusual

Juncker Plan to support small businesses in the Faroe Islands and Greenland

Macedonia on track for EU accession talks but not Albania -diplomats

Bridging the Internet’s Digital Language Divide

Computer Scientist Wins Fulbright Award to Bring Irish Language Online

Councils’ plans to halt Welsh language impact assessments ‘open to court challenge’

Turkey opposition candidate for Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu pledges to provide Kurdish courses

World Court rejects UAE’s request of measures against Qatar

When a football match between Honduras and El Salvador was the precursor for war

Botswana scraps gay sex laws in big victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa

Nicaragua releases 50 political prisoners under contentious new amnesty law

Oil tankers ‘blown up after being torpedoed off coast of Oman’

Netflix’s first Arabic original series sparks uproar in Jordan

Lesotho’s 80-year-old PM accused of ceding power to his wife

Dominica removed from EU tax haven blacklist

Sweden bomb attacks reignite debate over gang violence

Sweden’s Finance Chief Warns of Ballooning Welfare Shortfall

Slovakia to host EU’s new labor agency

Iceland’s Currency Will Be First in Europe to Be Traded as E-Money

Seventh victim of Cyprus serial killer found

Thailand charges crew of stranded Rohingya boat

When Rohingya Refugees Fled to India, Hate on Facebook Followed

A Report from NATO’s Front Lines

Russian Navy Follows NATO Exercises In The Baltic Sea

Establishment Logic: You Can’t Defend Against the Russian Aggression Because They’re Aggressive

BALTOPS exercise sees US 2nd fleet and Spanish flagship enter Baltic Sea for first time

Estonia remembers the Soviet deportations

Victims of Communist genocide remembered in Latvia

Lithuania marks Day of Mourning and Hope, paying tribute to victims of Soviet deportations

US senators submit bill with sanctions aimed at Nord Stream 2

NATO jets scrambled six times last week over Russian aircraft

Lithuanian MPs call on Adidas to stop sale of Soviet-themed clothing

Lithuanian formin, Belarusian opposition figures discuss human rights situation

In bid to stop teen execution, Austria moves to shut Saudi-founded faith center

South Sudan jails prominent economist over media interviews

How an aid gusher helped and hurt Liberia

Global court to hear Guatemala-Belize territorial dispute