Scottish 1st Minister Confident of Indyref2 Success

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day

June 21: National Indigenous Peoples Day, Canada

1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day

1917 June 26: Crimean Tatar National Flag Day

1960 June 26: Madagascar Independence Day

1977 June 27: Djibouti Independence Day

1880 June 29: Internal Autonomy Day/Mourning Day, Tahiti

1976 June 29: Seychelles Independence Day

1960 June 30: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week

1962 July 1: Independence Day of Burundi

1867 July 1: Canada Day

1997 July 1: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

1962 July 1: Rwanda Independence Day

1960 July 1: Somalia Independence Day

1971 July 1: West Papua Day of Resistance

1998 July 1: Biak Massacre, West Papua

1776 July 4: United States Independence Day

1962 July 5: Algeria Independence Day

1975 July 5: Cape Verde Independence Day

2009 July 5th: Urumqi Massacre, Xinjiang

1811 July 5: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

1975 July 6: Comoros Independence Day

1253 July 6: Crowning of King Mindaugas – Day of Statehood in Lithuania

1964 July 6: Malawi Independence Day

1978 July 7: Solomon Islands Independence Day

UN terrorism chief from Russia heavily criticized for trip to China’s Xinjiang region

China says reached ‘broad consensus’ with U.N. after Xinjiang visit

China Is Trying To Spy On Pakistan’s Uighurs

World Baloch Organisation and Baloch Republican Party Launch Campaign to End Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted the Baloch wheelbarrow boy

Balochistan: Teenage boy and aged man freed, six others abducted

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct Baloch writer Iqbal Zaheer

Israel announces new Golan Heights settlement named ‘Trump Heights’

White House not inviting Israel to Bahrain summit

Qatar distributes funds to Gaza families

‘Biggest protest since fall of Communism’ demands the resignation of ‘Czech Trump’

Suicide rate for Native American women is up 139%

‘It’s Called Genocide’: Newsom Apologizes to the California’s Native Americans

‘Other people’s skin:’ Inuit sue government over medical experiments

Navajo families who’ve never had electricity are for the first time seeing the light

Tribal leaders push for American Indian participation in 2020 Census

Hawaii governor gives go ahead to build giant telescope on sacred Native volcano

Joy Harjo named first Native American poet laureate

Why Indigenous peoples’ issues must be national issues

A camera lens, a weapon in Indigenous Brazil

‘A death trap’: Measles blamed in Malaysia indigenous deaths

Australia’s only national body for Indigenous Australians under administration

New Zealand launches investigation into Maori babies taken into state care

Award-winning filmmaker, Jody Eldred, helps shine a light on the ‘Fight for the Forgotten’ in Uganda

Benin’s Democracy: What has happened to it?

Benin’s former president Boni Yayi leaves amid political crisis

Once upon a time, there were Kurds

Kurdish population significantly reduced in disputed territories since October 2017

Kurdish neighborhoods in Kirkuk overlooked in annual reconstruction plans

Germany’s Merkel: Kurds in Iraq should have “fair conditions” and as much autonomy “as possible”

French President to visit Iraq, Kurdistan Region in late 2019

Trump intends to appoint Kurdish woman as Ambassador to Bulgaria

Yezidi journalist rescued from ISIS captivity

‘I Want To Go Back’: The Yazidi Girls Who Did Not Want To Be Rescued From ISIS

Turkey state media claims jailed PKK leader Ocalan urges HDP to be neutral in Istanbul elections

HDP appears to reject alleged Istanbul election message by jailed Ocalan

In first foreign trip, Kurdistan president meets Erdogan in Istanbul

SDF chief says Kurdish authorities ready to talk to Damascus

Finland taking on the presidency of the Council of the European Union

Scottish FM ‘confident’ as survey shows 53% for Yes if Johnson becomes PM

Independent Scotland joining EU would be ‘win-win’ for both

Oban chip shop kicked out elderly indy supporter after All Under One Banner march

The National to launch major campaign to build a majority for independence

B-52 Bomber Made Run Straight At Crimea During Long Range Mission

Russia-Imposed Authorities In Crimea Search More Crimean Tatars’ Homes

Crimean Tatars Feel Familiar Threat of Persecution

Russia refuses to comply with ECHR order to hospitalize Ukrainian political prisoner

EU extends ‘Crimean sanctions’ against Russia by one year

Rally in support of convicted Crimean Tatars held in Riga

Lithuanian products may have entered Crimea; company’s export license rejected

Ukrainian jailed for protest over monument to Russian invaders of Crimea

Italian prosecutor demands more than 1 million euros from Ukraine for Italian reporter’s death in Donbas

Ukrainian MP and “Information Resistance” coordinator Dmytro Tymchuk found shot dead

Three out of four MH17 suspects are ‘former’ Russian FSB or military intelligence officers

Ukraine thwarted 28 terrorist attacks last year

French Prime Minister Philippe: Sanctions against Russia can be lifted “at any time”

NZ foreign minister to raise West Papua issues with Indonesia

United Liberation Movement of West Papua applies for MSG membership

Save Me: New film shines light on growing suicide crisis within Milwaukee’s Hmong community

The ‘Great Firewall’: China censors videos, social media posts of Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong Protests Could Be a Prelude to a Big Showdown Over Taiwan

China-Tibet concord dream fading fast

Trump Failed to Push Chinese Govt for Dialogue With Dalai Lama

Tibet: Successful Campaign Against Google Search Engine in China

Rare Photos Show Evidence of Monks, Nuns Evicted From Tibetan Buddhist Center

Advocacy Group Pushes For Stronger US Engagement on Tibet

Students for a Free Tibet organises solidarity campaign for Hong Kong

Caribbean Investment Summit in St Kitts-Nevis: 35 years of CBI

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Boom Continues

Dayaks are not violent people, says Borneo Dayak Forum

Dayaks on Borneo Island to gather for historic unity-meet

Plaid call for Welsh history to be a central part of the new curriculum

Indycurious and curiouser: New poll shows support for Welsh independence on the rise

Nefyn Town Council becomes the fourth to back Welsh independence

Farmer tends to 12th century Welsh tradition

Cardiff’s Tafwyl festival marks 70 years of Welsh-medium schools

More children are learning Welsh in schools – but why aren’t they speaking it socially?

Farmers look at ways to keep Welsh language surviving

Wrexham school children take part in Welsh language “meet and greets’ with local employers

How the Welsh-language national theatre has blazed a trail for women playwrights and directors

Parents face almost 400% rise in cost of transport to Neath Port Talbot’s only Welsh medium 6th form

France releases, then re-arrests ex-ETA boss Josu Ternera at Spanish request

Romani leave Chemodanovka and neighboring village after mass brawl

Arrests, lies and borders: what’s happening with land disputes in Russia’s North Caucasus

Bashkir assistant deputy dies in Moscow

Conference of indigenous peoples of the North to be held in Yakutsk

Gay man tortured in Chechnya says man missing in open murder case was actually imprisoned with him

Freed Russian rights advocate says he won’t return to job in Chechnya

Lukashenka awards Chechnya’s strongman with Order of Friendship

Suspect in Dagestan journalist case said he testified under torture

The Russian deputy in the Chairman’s chair of the Parliament of Georgia

Tbilisi protests lead to public solidarity against Russian occupation

Protests Held In Georgian Capital For Fourth Night

Biafrans Need Justice That Eluded Them Before, During And After The War, Says Sowore

Diaspora supporters queue behind Indigenous People of Biafra leader

Western Togoland: HSGF President Granted Bail, Seven Others Remanded

Nuclear waste, rising seas and Trump: Marshall Islands struggles to stay above water

China builds social houses in São Tomé and Príncipe

Costa Rica will host RightsCon 2020

Trial opens of French Polynesia’s pro-independence leader Oscar Temaru

Impasse As New Caledonia Fails To Elect New President

Turkey sends second ship to drill near Cyprus, EU warns of action

Shortages of food, water and electricity: how Djibouti has been destroyed by climate change

Chinese military taking ‘irresponsible actions’ toward U.S. forces in Djibouti, intel chief says

The Catalonia Trial: Justice or Vengeance?

Is Catalan a business language? Yes. 75% of SMEs use it to employ and promote workers. More than 70% of Catalan workers use the language at work

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont must visit Madrid, and risk arrest, to activate MEP status

Puigdemont will appeal to Court of Justice of EU to become MEP

Puigdemont’s seat in EU Parliament declared vacant by Spain

‘It’s Spain’s problem’: European Parliament president on vacant Catalan seats

Amnesty calls for release of Catalan activists Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart

Spanish officer who caused activist to lose an eye in referendum identified

ELEN and Òmnium Cultural call on UN Human Rights Council to act over human rights violations in Catalonia

Two Catalan universities in world’s top 200

Catalan government apologizes for Spanish colonization of Mexico

Spanish Supreme Court refuses to release jailed Catalan pro-independence politicians until verdict is out

Pro-independence leaders to arrive in Catalan prisons on Wednesday

Spanish Supreme Court confirms charges against exiled Catalan independence leaders Antoni Comín & Meritxell Serret

Catalonia’s Belgian ally to rejoin European group alongside Spain’s Vox

Ada Colau re-elected as Barcelona mayor — but at what price?

Barcelona’s Hippest Hotel Opens this September

La Patum: Berga’s ‘explosive’ annual festival

Dancing egg celebrations take place all over Catalonia

Sant Joan: Catalonia’s nocturnal festival of fire and food

Outside the ONE circle, Catalan continues to inspire people

Foreign investment doubles in Catalonia in first quarter of 2019

Catalan exports up 8.1% in April to €6.4bn

30% of Barcelona social media criticism comes from bots

Former British Ambassador Becomes Kyrgyzstan’s Business Ombudsman

Atambaev Criticizes Kyrgyz President, Lawmakers After Parliament Votes To Strip His Immunity

Cuba faces the next migration crisis

Chad opposition leader arrested in France on crime against humanity charges

Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay suffer massive power blackout

El Salvador president rules out talks with criminal gangs

How the British faked ‘battles’ during the War of Independence

Man known as the ‘father of Ulster-Scots studies’ recognised in his hometown of Larne

Council threatens to prosecute 85-year-old woman over Irish language street sign

Student from Mohawk nation completes Gaeltacht course

Ireland to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030

Ireland warns British PM contenders against ‘dumbing down’ border issue

Revivalism and Modern Irish Literature: Luminous study of how Irish survived

Game of Thrones prequel begins filming in Northern Ireland

Haiti Journalists Demand Justice for Murdered Colleague

Haiti’s Anti-Corruption Protesters Refuse to Back Down on Demands

Estonian FM calls for extension of sanctions against Russia due to Crimea occupation

Latvia pushing for joint stance of Baltic-Nordic MPs on security policy

Reborn 2nd Fleet runs Baltic exercise as Russia keeps a close watch

Fake news target NATO exercises; several news websites hacked in Latvia and Lithuania

Lithuanian FM: Russian threats are real and should be taken seriously

Archeologists discover remains of Lithuania’s last anti-Soviet partisan

Energy security: The synchronisation of the Baltic States’ electricity networks – European solidarity in action

Latvia and Estonia celebrate 100th anniversary of Battle of Cēsis victory

Vilnius warns EU over Russia’s revenge against Lithuanian judges

NATO eroding Russia’s military trump card in Baltics

New “Chernobyl”? New nuclear plant in Belarus raises concerns over reactor design

Under Guise Of Parade, Russia Brings Columns Of Equipment And Soldiers To Belarus

Tajikistan, China Sign Agreements To Bolster Ties

Iran renews nuclear deal ultimatum at Tajikistan summit

Here’s what life is like in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, one of the world’s smallest capital cities

Greenland’s Summer Melts Have Started Early, and They’re Very Bad This Year

Himalayan glaciers melting twice as fast

What Does Burundi Have To Hide?

Papua New Guinea says will not renew Australia refugee contract

Vatican will consider ordaining married men as priests in the Amazon

Nicaragua says released all considered political prisoners

Doctors Reveal What Nicaragua Tries to Hide

South Sudan crisis: More than 60 percent of population suffering from severe hunger

Court ruling sends Guyana to new elections, as first oil output looms

EU Delays Decision on Membership Talks with Albania, North Macedonia

Mauritania’s Ghazouani declared presidential vote winner

In first for Gabon, Dorothee finally feels like a woman after surgery

Equatorial Guinea Hopes to Rejoin Anti-Corruption Group

Zuzana Caputova sworn in as Slovakia’s first female president

Despite peace deal, Central African Republic’s population faces daily acts of violence

A Worrying Attack on Journalists in Central African Republic

East Timor combines tourism with ecological recovery

Anti-riot police step back from Honduras protests, fueling demonstrations

Strengthening tobacco control in Slovenia to save lives

Survivors recall horror of Congo ethnic attacks

Singapore’s Grim Export Numbers Add to Economy’s Warning Signs

12,000 MILF fighters give up arms under Bangsamoro ‘normalization’

Turkmenistan’s leader makes his son provincial governor

Liberia: Suspicious deaths and missing cash challenge Weah’s agenda

Guinea Bissau to hold presidential election in November

Endangered rhinos ready to be sent from Europe to Rwanda

Serbia-Montenegro church row fuels Balkan tensions

Sierra Leone president opens bids for 7 km airport bridge

US Reopens Permanent USAID Mission in Somalia

Tuvalu to go to the polls on 9 September

Crackdown on Christians in Eritrea spurs UN expert to press Government ‘to live up to its international commitments’

Personal Rivalries Overshadow Botswana’s Democracy

Tunisia’s Youngest Lawmaker Battles Inhumane Tests

Whales from Chinese aquarium starting retirement in Iceland

Saudisoft Joins the United Nations Celebrating 2019- the International Year of Indigenous Languages

‘We’re an oral culture’: Saving an endangered language through Gwich’in storytelling

Hawaiian Language Nearly Died. A Radio Show Sparked Its Revival