July 2: Catalan Protest at European Parliament

Protest at European Parliament: 64 buses, 2 charter flights from Catalonia full

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day

1917 June 26: Crimean Tatar National Flag Day

1960 June 26: Madagascar Independence Day

1977 June 27: Djibouti Independence Day

1880 June 29: Internal Autonomy Day/Mourning Day, Tahiti

1976 June 29: Seychelles Independence Day

1960 June 30: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week

1962 July 1: Independence Day of Burundi

1867 July 1: Canada Day

1997 July 1: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

1962 July 1: Rwanda Independence Day

1960 July 1: Somalia Independence Day

1971 July 1: West Papua Day of Resistance

1998 July 1: Biak Massacre, West Papua

1776 July 4: United States Independence Day

1962 July 5: Algeria Independence Day

1975 July 5: Cape Verde Independence Day

2009 July 5th: Urumqi Massacre, Xinjiang

1811 July 5: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

1975 July 6: Comoros Independence Day

1253 July 6: Crowning of King Mindaugas – Day of Statehood in Lithuania

1964 July 6: Malawi Independence Day

1978 July 7: Solomon Islands Independence Day

1816 July 9: Argentina Independence Day

2011 July 9: South Sudan Independence Day

1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day

1968 July 11: American Indian Movement founded

1995 July 11: Srebrenica Massacre

1979 July 12: Kiribati Independence Day

1975 July 12: São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day

After civilian deaths, KRG asks Turkey, PKK to stop fighting in Kurdistan Region

China Sentences 21 Tibetans in Tibet to Prison on Pretext of “Black and Evil Crimes”

Call to speak up about human rights in West Papua

Amazigh Land and Water Rights Documentary Wins FIDADOC Grand Prix

Algerian Authorities Arrest Protesters for Carrying Amazigh Flags

Top 10 reasons why support for Welsh independence is surging

Independence ‘will benefit England as much as Wales’ says Adam Price

‘Today, Hong Kong; tomorrow, Taiwan:’ Resistance to China spreads

US launches €50bn plan for peace in Middle East

Oman to open embassy in occupied West Bank

Rights Groups Welcome Declaration on the Persecution of the Uyghurs

Council of Europe assembly authorises Russia’s return

Russian occupiers warn against using an‘extremist symbol’ on Crimean Tatar Flag Day

If Europe forgets Crimea, will anyone stand up to Putin?

Baltic states and four other countries leave as Council of Europe welcomes Russia back

Balukh is refusing food or water in protest at relentless reprisals in Russian prison

Russia seizes main Cathedral and centre of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in occupied Crimea

Māori leaders launch fourth child uplift inquiry

Trauma of Australia’s Indigenous ‘Stolen Generations’ is still affecting children today

Dayak summit to unite and fight for rights

Ainu culture to be featured at 2020 Sapporo Snow Festival

Quetta celebrates Hazara Culture Day after 20-year gap

Can Economic Pressure Curb Jair Bolsonaro’s Anti-Indigenous Agenda?

With The Help Of Nuns And A Lawyer, A Paraguayan Indigenous Group Wins Back Their Ancestral Territory

Maoists kill adivasi youth

Native American groups press Congress to rescind Wounded Knee medals

San Francisco school will cover up a mural depicting slaves and dead Native Americans

Berkeley Law opening new doors for Native American students

Head Of Russia’s Volatile Ingushetia Region Resigns Amid Border-Deal Tensions With Chechnya

Sergey Davidis: Russia Misuses Law to Persecute Political Opponents

Albania’s local election is a test for its democracy

Billboards pop up in London highlighting human rights abuses in Pakistan

Edward Lucas: Tension in Tbilisi

The underlying tension behind Ethiopia’s flawed federal system and its risks

Arnaldo Otegi refuses to condemn ETA violence on Spanish TV

Spain Separatists’ Terror Link to Venezuela Appears Well-trodden

Wait — why are the US, Russia and the EU suddenly cooperating in Moldova?

Moldova’s Entire Constitutional Court Resigns

Finnish EU presidency to seek deal on 2050 climate neutrality

Embattled Czech PM survives second no-confidence vote in a year

Jeremy Vine show criticised as guests take aim at Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon: Scots have right to decide future with independence

Connecticut becomes first state to give Hmong, Laotian veterans burial rights

150 professionals from Cabo Cape Verde to undergo training this year in China

Ice-free Greenland possible in 1,000 years

Mette Frederiksen becomes Denmark’s youngest-ever prime minister

Cook Islands backtracks on Rocketman ban

14th China/Portuguese-speaking Countries Business Meeting counts over 100 delegates from China and Macau

Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls launched in Kiribati

Eritrea: Government officials and supporters target critics abroad as repression stretches beyond borders

People around the world still think English is the most valuable language to learn, study shows

Let’s talk: the Kosovo town using language to bridge divides

“Language is also a form of resistance”

Palau hosts Pacific bilingual language conference

New Bible translation released for Scots Gaelic speakers

New Indigenous languages law does not protect Inuit languages, leaders say

Co-officIal language status doesn’t protect language in real life, Catalan ombudsman Rafael Ribó

Eyes on Barents: The Power of Comiсs

Fail Alsynov Who Pushed For Language Classes Banned From Bashkir Gathering

How the Welsh fought back

The council where nearly every employee can speak Welsh

Couple who created the ‘world’s first Welsh singing toy’ loses £18k in hacking scam

Call for Welsh speakers to help with voice recognition project

John Cleese criticised on Twitter for Irish language comments

Botswana Stock Market to List, State to Cede Control

Ivan Cooper: Northern Ireland civil rights leader who organised Bloody Sunday march dies aged 75

Tuvalu says oil producers ignoring climate crisis

Rohingya in Bangladesh are surviving – but their long-term prospects are grim

Catalan government will open offices in Mexico, Argentina and Tunisia

Jailed Catalan pro-independence politicians return to Catalan prisons

Catalan president Quim Torra one step away from disobedience trial

Catalan president Quim Torra to go to Strasbourg on July 2 for EU parliament opening

Worst wildfire in 20 years rages in Catalonia as heatwave grips Europe

Keepers spent months hugging five rhinos to prepare them for journey from Europe to Rwanda

Seychelles Stock Market Plans World-First Listed Security Token

LGBTQ protests disrupt the 1st match of the Vatican women’s soccer team

Vatican says China intimidating Catholics loyal to pope

Lesotho farmers protest against Chinese wool deal

Mauritania cracks down on two opposition parties after election

Somaliland Case is for International Community to Decide, not Somalia

Somalia Moves Step Closer to Reviving Oil Sector

Data security meets diplomacy: Why Estonia is storing its data in Luxembourg

Latvia and the Baltic States Seek Closer Coordination on Relations with China

Melians’ Revenge: How Emerging Tech Can Fortify NATO’s Eastern Flank

Tallinn communism victims memorial wins international architecture prize

Bangsamoro peacebuilding down to nitty gritty

Armenia’s Jewish problem

EU approves disbursement of €100 million in Macro-Financial Assistance to Jordan

Bishops in Central African Republic warn of cycle of violence from gangs

Inside the corruption allegations plaguing Malta

Iceland Cuts Interest Rate Again to Cushion Deepening Downturn

30 years since the first chink appears through Hungary’s Iron Curtain

Solomon Islands plans due diligence tour on Taiwan ties

Isle of Man: ‘Dream’ win for women’s football team in Ynys Mon

Beauty Pageant Winner Accuses Former Gambia President Yahya Jammeh of Rape

Protests in the Gambia highlight tensions over Chinese investment in Africa

Oil price recovery eases Chad’s gloom

Dubrovnik Has Game of Thrones Fame But All It Wants Is the Euro

Pakistani wives of former Kashmir rebels struggle to survive

Thousands fleeing new Congo violence, Uganda refugee facilities dangerously stretched

‘Most complex health crisis in history’: Congo struggles to contain Ebola

Dzianis Ivashyn: Russia Brought Iskanders To Belarus Under Guise Of Parade

Bundestag: Human Rights Situation In Belarus Remains Critical

Co-Founder Of Battery Plant In Brest Detained?

El Salvador president says China relations fully established

Bodies of father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande head home to El Salvador

Switzerland and the EU face a battle of the bourses

Hungarian court refuses to extradite former Macedonian PM Gruevski

French Polynesia president fined $US50k for abusing public funds

Austrian court clears way for U.S. extradition of Ukrainian tycoon Firtash

Guinea-Bissau Assembly Votes to Remove President Jose Mario Vaz

As Tajikistan squeezes US broadcaster, Washington looks the other way

Tajik Officials Use Family Members To Pressure Critics To Return

Police officer killed as double suicide blasts rock Tunisia capital

Montenegro – Widely condemnded Law on Classified Information does not deserve a second chance

Democratic but deadlocked, Mongolia braces for ‘inevitable’ political change

Peace dividend palpable in South Sudan, but ‘grassroots’ are moving faster than elites, says Shearer

Russia’s statement in Havana mirrors Cuban Missile Crisis

US Air Force veteran released from captivity in Libya

Tenorio pushes decolonization of Guam at UN