Scotland Big Enough, Rich Enough & Smart Enough for Independence

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1816 July 9: Argentina Independence Day

2011 July 9: South Sudan Independence Day

1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day

1968 July 11: American Indian Movement founded

1995 July 11: Srebrenica Massacre

1979 July 12: Kiribati Independence Day

1975 July 12: São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day

1992 July 17: Slovak National Council’s Declaration of Independence of the Slovak Nation

1810 July 20: Colombian Declaration of Independence

1831 July 21: Belgian National Day

1940 July 23: Welles Declaration

July 25: National Day of Galicia

1847 July 26: Liberia Independence Day

1965 July 26: Maldives Independence Day

1821 July 28: Fiestas Patrias, Peru

2014 July 28: Yarkand Massacre, Xinjiang

1980 July 30: Vanuatu Independence Day

Could Hong Kong Become Another Estonia?

Hong Kong sets an example to push Taiwan even further from China

West African countries choose new ‘ECO’ single trade currency

East Turkestan: Uyghur Children Systematically Separated From Families

Saudi Arabia and Russia among 37 states backing China’s Xinjiang policy

China’s largesse in Tonga threatens future of Pacific nation

Crimean Tatars: New Wave of Arrests on Charges of Terrorism in Russian Attempt to Silence Activists

New roadmap to finally kick Trident out of an independent Scotland

Why Scotland is BIG ENOUGH to thrive as an independent country

Why Scotland is RICH ENOUGH to thrive as an independent country

Why Scotland is SMART ENOUGH to thrive as an independent country

Poll reveals just how few Scots trust Boris Johnson as next PM

Scottish Labour and Tories face total wipeout at General Election

New changes to constitution to further suppress Barotseland

The Long Arm of Chinese Law Reaches Vanuatu, Again

Trans TV Personality Santiago Carbajal Killed in Honduras

Japan increases military-related support to Fiji

Google Translate’s camera now works with more than 100 languages

The World’s Only Traditional Māori Garden Was Made From Memories

Alaska Native girl leads animated kids TV show in US first

The Hulk Learns Icelandic

Kurdish woman fined for not being able to answer survey in Turkish

Erbil Citadel Film Festival highlights hunger for Kurdish cinema

Australia to hold a vote on finally recognizing indigenous people in the country’s constitution

Inuit languages are declining in Nunavut, StatsCan report says

Aborigines outraged at queues on sacred Uluru

Scots: speikin it an scrievin it

How Albuquerque Hopes to Meet the Unique Needs of Urban Native Americans

Protests flare over construction of telescope in Hawaii

Just 551 government staff have competence in Irish language

Navajo Nation’s LGBTQ Pride Event Celebrates A Return To The Culture’s History

European Broadcasting Union rejects Catalan application

UN Denounces the Ortega Regime’s Ongoing Repression in Nicaragua

16 people killed in ‘barbaric’ Papua New Guinea attack

Ukrainian Parliament Intensifies Support for Indigenous Minorities in Russian Federation

Russian journalist to face trial for referencing Orwell’s 1984

A Mammoth Problem Emerges in Siberia

The pitfalls of making movies in Siberia

How Circassians are reclaiming their roots after 100 years of suppression

Ingushetia’s Former Head Becomes Russian Deputy Defense Minister

Activist and journalist arrested and ‘tortured’ in Ingushetia

Denouncing Relatives In Chechnya: ‘If Someone Kills Him, We Won’t Mind’

Russia: 10 years since the killing of Chechen human rights defender Natalia Estemirova, no justice in sight

Chad Lifts Ban on Social-Media Usage After More Than a Year

23 extra-judicial killings in West Papua last year – rights group

Protest at Indonesian trade show in Auckland

West Papua’s Benny Wenda to be awarded Oxford’s highest honour

The Only Way to End Corruption in Laos

Tajikistan regime targeting families of political activists

🙂 Interest in learning Chinese soars in Mongolia

Pro-Khalistan Sikh protestors evicted from cricket World Cup match in UK

EU sanctions Turkey for drilling off the coast of Cyprus

Palestinians Were Spared Turkey’s Rising anti-Arab Hate. Until Now

Belarus To Get Money From China To Pay Off Russian Debts

Kashmir: UN Reports Serious Abuses

Al Qaeda chief calls for unrelenting Kashmir jihad against India and says Pakistan cannot be trusted

The Last Basque Restaurant in Southern California

British paper riducules woman who spent eight years to learn Welsh

Only Christian KRG minister swears in on Bible burned by ISIS

New Kurdish PM says priority is stronger Baghdad ties, rather than independence

Ferhat Parlak, a courageous journalist in Turkey’s Kurdish region

Hopes fade for ‘Kurd Squad’ seeking visas for PUBG tournament in Germany

Is the time ripe for Turkish-Kurdish reconciliation?

Kirkuk’s Arab, Turkmen residents protest nomination of Kurdish governor

Iran says it used new IRGC drone unit to attack Kurdish dissidents

Turkey says over 71 alleged PKK fighters ‘neutralized’ since late May

Tale of two cities: Erbil and Paris sign ‘Friendship and Coordination’ deal

Journalists face risks in Iraq’s disputed areas with 65 reported violations in six months

Raped, widowed, homeless: Haiti’s slum women abandoned to gangs

Donald Tusk: when I say Georgia, I mean freedom, pride, courage – you’re a small but great nation

For Montenegro’s Female Journalists, Equality is a Myth

AG drops charges against Western Togoland secessionists

Turkmenistan exposed: Investors warned nation is “teetering on edge of catastrophe”

Singapore’s GDP badly misses forecasts, shrinking 3.4% from the prior quarter

Kuwait Unlawfully Returns 8 Egyptian Dissidents

Nepal bans Tibetans from celebrating Dalai Lama’s birthday, citing security concerns

Researching Tibet has become more like working on North Korea

Tibetan Nuns Beaten by Chinese Guards For ‘Weeping’ in Detention

China’s thought police set up Uighur-style camp in Tibet

Tibet: China Assumes Control over Choosing Dalai Lama’s Successor

Bahrain hit by the hottest weather for June since 1902

Prominent journalist and an unnamed American among 26 dead in Somalia hotel attack

One fifth of all people living in Northern Ireland have applied for an Irish passport

Spanish police enter Catalan government HQ in independence referendum investigation

Spain spied on Catalan offices abroad

International observers’ platform finds rights infringements in Catalan trial

A guide to the (several) Catalan independence trials

CARACCIO: 12 Angry Men: Catalan Democracy on Trial

Catalan police leadership on trial at Spain’s National Court

Catalan president Quim Torra to face trial for not removing yellow ribbon

The radical Benedictine sister who fought for Catalan independence

EU, Podemos throw Catalan sovereignty under the bus

Record number of passengers fly through Barcelona airport in June

Spain’s prosecutor considering new extradition request against Puigdemont

Cuba takes first step in railways upgrade with Chinese, Russian help

Equatorial Guinea: Dissolution of an NGO shows escalating crackdown on civil society

Jordan buckling under pressure of growing refugee crisis

El Salvador rape victim jailed for stillbirth goes on trial again

Duterte, responding to UN probe, says people in Iceland ‘just go about eating ice’

Marshall Plan for Central America would restore hope, end migrant border crisis