Putin Installs CCTV in Tatarstan Mosques

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1992 July 17: Slovak National Council’s Declaration of Independence of the Slovak Nation

1810 July 20: Colombian Declaration of Independence

1831 July 21: Belgian National Day

1940 July 23: Welles Declaration

July 25: National Day of Galicia

1847 July 26: Liberia Independence Day

1965 July 26: Maldives Independence Day

1821 July 28: Fiestas Patrias, Peru

2014 July 28: Yarkand Massacre, Xinjiang

1980 July 30: Vanuatu Independence Day

1960 August 1: Benin Independence Day

1291 August 1: Swiss National Day

1969 August 2: Act of Free Choice/Act of No Choice, West Papua

1944 August 2: Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

1960 August 3: Niger Independence Day

1960 August 5: Burkina Faso Independence Day

1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day

1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day

Nick Clegg says Brexit means Union’s break-up ‘more likely than not’

Documents reveal John Major’s ‘success’ in keeping Scotland quiet

A big day for Boris … and the Yes movement

Vietnam, China embroiled in South China Sea standoff

Tuvalu on high alert for dengue

Kia Kaha te Reo Māori: The Cultural Conservation in Māori Language Week

Of native tongues vanished & in peril

Twenty Speakers, But Three Poets: Writing in Livonian

Kurds in Germany celebrate success of Kurdish-language academy

Kazan Principal Turns To European Court In Fight For Tatar Language

Why bilingual products in the supermarket would be a massive step towards one million Welsh speakers

Translation work completed on world’s first Tokelauan Bible

Sámi language version of Frozen 2 in the works

‘I want Sindhis to not be embarrassed about their language’

Work has begun to add Gaelic to language app Duolingo

Edinburgh’s Scottish-Catalan Centre launches Catalan speaking lessons

Peruvian court rules in language of the Incas

New emojis celebrating aboriginal culture to be released

Centuries old DeKalb County cave holds Cherokee Indian’s secrets

Native American students prepare for college life at Native Education Forum

Protests in Hawaii against Mauna Kea’s new telescope mark one week

Laos Moves to Register Private Online News Sites in a Bid to Control ‘Fake News’

Salmon farm planned for landlocked Lesotho

With half of Somaliland children not in school, UNICEF and partners launch education access programme

Car bomb blasts Somalia’s capital near airport; 10 killed

Papua New Guinea open to Chinese and Australian investors

Pacific churches call for decolonisation of French Polynesia

The 204 Oromo children of Ethiopia who were rescued from Arab slavers in 1888 and ended up in South Africa

Activists Decry Botswana’s Appeal Against Legalizing Gay Sex

Program helps maintain Hmong music by teaching kids about traditional instruments

Bolivia declares gender killings a national priority

France’s Macron pledges to relaunch Serbia-Kosovo dialogue

Lesbians launch landmark same-sex partnership case in Serbia

Kosovo’s Premier Unexpectedly Resigns to Appear at War Crimes Court

Sikh Pilgrms Face Khalistan Propaganda: India

Rapper Hard Kaur supports Khalistani group, says ‘minorities fed up of Indian government’

1,800 firefighters battle wildfires in central Portugal

Flexible Stagnation: How Lukashenka Has Held On To Power For 25 Years In Belarus

Shunned by West and Wary of Russia, Belarus Gets Help From China

More Than 100 Greater Cincinnatians Rally Downtown Protesting Injustice in Mauritania

Malta sends three suspects for trial on charges of killing anti-corruption journalist

Turkey ups pressure on Kurds as U.S. sanctions loom

Tehran courts Kurds as Washington amps up rhetoric against Iran

Turkey frees Kurdish tourists beaten, arrested for posing with Kurdistan flag

Kurd Squad knocked out of global PUBG Mobile tournament

Kurdistan Region arrests man suspected of killing Turkish diplomat in Erbil

Turkey Kicked Out of F-35 program

U.K. plans European-led Gulf force after tanker seizure

Switzerland Says It Is Mediating Talks as Cameroon’s Separatist Crisis Deepens

Nicaragua mothers mourn on eve of Sandinista revolution’s anniversary

Grenada: Spice Of The Caribbean

When men hit the moon, a region lost its place on Earth

Indonesia condemns Oxford award to West Papua leader

West Papuan independence fighters kill Indonesian soldier

At least 139 dead in Papuan displacement camps – aid group

22 countries sign letter calling on China to close Xinjiang Uyghur camps

A letter praising ‘counter-terrorism’ program in Xinjiang from 37 countries

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Calls for Sanctions Against Xinjiang Party Boss Chen Quanguo

Australia calls on China to release mother and child held in Xinjiang

‘Stain of the century’: US denounces China’s treatment of Uighurs

China says Xinjiang ‘inseparable’ despite attempts to distort history

Xinjiang’s Uyghurs didn’t choose to be Muslim, new Chinese report says

Extradition and independence: What’s behind the continued protests in Hong Kong

‘Triad’ Thugs Use Clubs to Punish Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Protesters. But That’s Not Gonna Stop Them.

Record 44% of Hongkongers support Taiwan independence

There’s A Fire in Greenland… Again. It’s 10 Degrees Hotter Than Normal

No new males: Climate change threat to Cape Verde turtles

Crimean Tatar man brutally murdered in occupied Crimea – journalist

UN draft reports on indigenous peoples ignore problems of Crimean Tatars

Russia prosecutes for mentioning the Mejlis, but not for hate speech against Crimean Tatars

Russia denies access to Crimea to UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission

Gravely ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner in acute pain and unable to stand

Moscow court extends custody term for 12 POW Ukrainian sailors until Oct 24

Russia plans to issue 5,000 passports a day to Donbas residents

Austrian ex-chancellor lands job in Russia

New right-wing groups confront Armenia’s revolutionary government

Two killings symbolize reach of Kashmir conflict as death toll surges

Cool Kid’s ‘buddy bench’ helps elementary students in San Marino make friends

Poaching rates drop in Namibia and Tanzania

Slovakia’s new president takes aim at China’s rights record

Former Russian minister: Yeltsin considered selling ceded Karelia territory to Finland in 1991

The End of Nuclear Arms Control? Implications for the Nordic Region

Threats are different, but NATO still relevant

Russia scheming to launch war on Europe while allies divert attention to climate change and immigration crisis

British Air Force charts a rise in Russian activity around Baltic states

Russia Is Perfecting the Art of Crushing Uprisings Against Authoritarian Regimes

‘It’s Not Pretty To Snoop’: Tatarstan’s Muslims Decry Plans To Install Surveillance Cameras In Mosques

Scandal-ridden Yamal prosecutor to resign after 11 years

Swiss archaeologist is the 1st foreigner in 1000 years to win ‘sheep squatting’ contest in Tuva

Ingush Activist Zarifa Sautiyeva Sent To Pretrial Detention Over Violence At Rallies Against Chechen Border Deal

Russia blocks Ingush news site Fortanga

Ingush activist Bagaudin Myakiyev ‘beaten up’ in Nalchik detention centre

Chechen woman who fled to Moscow women’s shelter is now smiling for TV cameras in Grozny

Palau becomes 76th country to join International Solar Alliance

East Timor offers a thousand lessons

Oil and gas is Timor-Leste’s ticket to prosperity. Is this impoverished nation blowing its one chance?

Tainted alcohol killed 19 people in Costa Rica last month

Welsh independence: Is Wales becoming indy-curious?

Johnson as Prime Minister makes Welsh independence ‘a question of when not if’

Baloch activists in S Korea’s Busan stage protest against enforced disappearances at home

Balochistan: Activists Raise Freedom Slogans During Pakistani Prime Minister’s Address in Washington D.C.

Critics of Polisario Front Investigated for ‘Treason’

Parts of the Marshall Islands are more radioactive than Chernobyl and Fukushima, study finds

Inside the fabulous life of the royal family of Monaco

Transnistria: ‘Freezing’ as the Lesser Evil

Amazigh communities and migrants are discriminated against in Morocco, UN expert

Fez Celebrates its 15th International Festival of Amazigh Culture

A quiet conflict is raging in Libya’s desertic south

IS jihadists target Tuareg leaders in Sahel

Seven Niger Tuareg leaders killed by Islamic State since April

After a 16-month blackout, Chad is back on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms

Dominica, a Caribbean Tourism Comeback Story

Man in Dominica files legal action against laws banning gay sex

US chef Anthony Myint wins Basque Culinary World Prize 2019

Mariano Barroso Shoots Basque Conflict Origins Story ‘La Linea Invisible’

Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency

War-weakened South Sudan tries to prepare for Ebola

Exporting the problem: Why Andorran women have abortions in Catalonia

Palestinian homes demolished by Israeli troops

Benin readies for return of treasures taken by France

Tibet: China Assumes Control over Choosing Dalai Lama’s Successor

How WeChat Conquered Tibet

Voice in Exile: The Story of a Tibetan’s Fight for Freedom

China encourages, rewards Tibetan-Chinese marriages

Haiti’s government is hurting for cash. It just hired yet another lobbyist in D.C.

U.S. sanctions Myanmar generals over mass killings of Rohingya

Hyperinflation and hunger: Turkmenistan on ‘edge of catastrophe’

Sierra Leone school defies state ban on pregnant girls in class

Rio Tinto under fire as Mongolia presses for mine deal changes

Former Maldives president pleads not guilty to charges of money laundering

Man Accused Of Hacking Bulgaria’s Tax Agency Is Released And Given Lesser Charges

Central African Republic: Armed Group Kills 46 Civilians

Scientists Unveil Memorial to Iceland’s ‘First’ Dead Glacier Lost to Climate Change

Britain’s Long Shadow Over Ireland

An emotional return to Irish soil for British Open

Catalan chief Quim Torra faces trial during his electoral campaign

Spanish court blocks Catalan parliament petition to abolish monarchy

Spanish spies helped Barcelona terror attack leader become an imam

Òmnium VP urges self-determination as response to guilty verdict in Catalan trial

€32,000: Catalonia’s per capita GDP reaches 2008 levels

Barcelona’s Startups Push Forward Despite Political Challenges

Missing Catalan MEPs ‘not a political issue,’ says next European Commission head

Catalan parliament to set up inquiry into 2017 independence referendum and police violence

Demands for UN to look into rights ‘infringements’ in Spain intensify

Opposition accuses Sánchez of pro-independence alliances ‘against the state’

Sánchez accuses independence movement of ‘going against history’

Podemos: ‘Catalonia deserves Spanish government that listens, not a wall’

Pro-independence JxCat to vote No to Sánchez

Pro-independence ERC extends hand to Sánchez: ‘We are obliged to understand each other’

Sánchez’s presidential bid defeated in first round of votes

‘Constituent debate’ advisory body to present conclusions in April 2020

Catalonia Crisis: UNPO and ANC submit joint Universal Periodic Review report to UN

For Eritrea’s Christians, government not the solution but the problem

Three French troops killed in Guiana gold-mining raid

Gambian lieutenant implicates ex-president Yahya Jammeh in 2004 killing of top journalist

El Salvador judge expands 1981 El Mozote massacre case

How Luxembourg is positioning itself to be the centre of space business