Caernarfon March Boosts Welsh Independence Movement

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1940 July 23: Welles Declaration

July 25: National Day of Galicia

1847 July 26: Liberia Independence Day

1965 July 26: Maldives Independence Day

1821 July 28: Fiestas Patrias, Peru

2014 July 28: Yarkand Massacre, Xinjiang

1980 July 30: Vanuatu Independence Day

1960 August 1: Benin Independence Day

1291 August 1: Swiss National Day

1969 August 2: Act of Free Choice/Act of No Choice, West Papua

1944 August 2: Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

1960 August 3: Niger Independence Day

1960 August 5: Burkina Faso Independence Day

1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day

1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day

1960 August 7: Ivory Coast Independence Day

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

1965 August 9: Singapore National Day

1809 August 10: Ecuador Independence Day

1960 August 11: Chad Independence Day

1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day

‘We Are the Baltic Way’ – Lithuania prepares to celebrate 30th anniversary of landmark protest

Every fifth child under the age of three in Estonia uses smartphone daily

25 years since remaining Russian forces left Estonia

World’s largest concert piano strikes chord in Latvia

Gypsy Den café changes its name out of respect for Romani people, who find ‘G-word’ offensive

Journalists shot with rubber bullets, groped while covering Paraguay protest

Journalist detained in Baku on National Press Day

Inside Monaco: The ultimate playground for the rich

Tajikistan panhandles for money, resists reforms

Crackdown, separatist uprising inflame Cameroon prisons

Suffering of the Hmong Highlighted During Captive Nations Summit

‘This Little Land of Mines’ World Premiere Draws Attention to Lasting Trauma in Laos From U.S. ‘Secret War’

Armenia and Karabakh announce construction of third connecting highway

Ethnic Armenian In Russian Border Guard Service Found Hanged In Armenia

Russia, Suriname are drafting military-technical cooperation agreements – Lavrov

Tunisia’s Essebsi, leading figure in shift to democracy, dies at 92

Bhutan’s neighbors ‘undermining’ elite tourism strategy

Botswana puts young people at the centre of its AIDS response

Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica tourism plunging

tahiti fashion week pays homage to the island’s rich culture

The limits to French grandeur in the Indo-Pacific

Balochistan: Activists Raise Freedom Slogans During Pakistani Prime Minister’s Address in Washington D.C.

Members of European Parliament urge Trump to intervene in Balochistan

Baloch people urge US president to help end human rights abuses by Pakistan

Balochistan: Three dead bodies recovered in Washuk and Dera Bugti, six abducted from different areas

Balochistan: Four including two girls injured in acid attack

A Baloch sister’s open letter to UN

A ship carrying 55.000 Tons of Saharawi blood phosphate finally docks at Tauranga in New Zealand

Morocco under fire after deadly crackdown on football fans in Western Sahara

Gabonese timber linked to illegal logging seized in Antwerp

Anguilla named Best Caribbean Island

Mexico to help create 20,000 jobs in Honduras to curb migration

From Benin to Canada: An incredible chain of events

Irish PM says hard Brexit would raise issue of Irish unification

Boos from Scots force Boris out the back door after Sturgeon meeting

Welsh independence movement given ‘momentous’ boost by Caernarfon rally

Plaid Cymru tops Assembly poll for the first time in party’s history

“A Pattern of Executions in Rural Areas” of Nicaragua

Zambian Constitution Amendment Bill explicitly refuses to acknowledge any role for Barotseland

We will never repeat mistakes of the past – Indigenous People of Biafra

Vanuatu declares state of emergency over coconut beetle

Namibia Announces $338 Million, 5-Year Renewable-Energy Strategy

Sixteen Black Rhinos Successfully Relocated to eSwatini

India denies that Trump was invited to mediate Kashmir conflict after social media firestorm

Is India Preparing To Unleash “Weapons Of Mass Migration” In Kashmir?

Adviser to Zelensky: New power supports autonomy for Crimean Tatars

Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in occupied Crimea plundered and destroyed

CRIMEA: Prisoner sent to Russia, more awaiting trial

Proposal to call 2021 year of Tatar history and culture in Lithuania

10 minutes per ‘trial’ in Russia’s conveyor belt of repression against Crimean Tatars

Russia blocks quarter of Black Sea until Aug 19

In Burundi, fears that next year’s vote will be bloody again

Khalistan struggle is indigenous India needs to change its perception

Khalistan Is A Pro-Sikh, Not “Pro-Pakistan”, Movement

Khalistan Isn’t About “Sikh Supremacy”, But Challenging Hindu Supremacy

Referendum 2020 lacks mass support by Sikhs says former Indian diplomat

Centre confers powers on 8 states to act against Sikhs For Justice

Eight Indian States Are Getting Ready To Crack Down On the Sikh Community

Guy Fawkes makes cameo appearance on hacked Trinidad and Tobago government websites

Romania Says It Blocked A Russian Arms Shipment To Serbia

Kosovo Gone, Serbia Faces ‘Separatist’ Tensions Elsewhere

Dialogue in Barbados: will it yield results?

Where are the Native American doctors? Oregon med school tries to solve crisis

Call to respect Adivasi value for coexistence with wildlife

Scholar Alpa Shah on her book Nightmarch, Adivasi society, and how the Maoist promise fell apart

Thousands occupy disputed land in New Zealand in Māori rights protest

We must wake up and, together, take positive action

Castro unveils plan to bolster relationship between federal government and indigenous communities

Photographs of ‘Climbing Cholitas’, the Aymara indigenous women who are breaking stereotypes

Native American women keep disappearing. Here are 4 of their stories.

7 States Step Up Efforts To Fight Violence Against Indigenous Women

Indigenous leader murdered in northern Amazon

Complaint lodged against judge who made ‘offensive’, ‘discriminatory’ comments to Aboriginal defendants

Turkey sends combat boats, submarines to accompany its drillships near Cyprus

Iraq Unearths Mass Graves Believed to Contain Kurds Slain in 1987-88

Four-day festival of culture resurges in the Kurdish city of Dersim

Foreign lobbyists at the center of conflict between Turkey and Iraqi Kurds

Iraqi Kurds accuse PKK of Turkish diplomat’s murder

New leader of Yezidis sworn in

After Defeat of ISIS, Iraq’s Christians and Yazidis Adjust to Uneasy Peace

Could Baghdad and Erbil end Iraq’s protacted oil dispute?

Turkey determined to destroy ‘terror corridor’ in Syria despite talks with US to establish a safe zone

Plans for Kurdistan Region railway network get into gear

Joint EU-Kurdistan project helps disabled Peshmerga veterans find employment

Turkey-PKK clashes result in evacuation of 400 villages on Kurdistan Region border

UN team probing ISIS crimes in Iraq calls for Nuremberg-style international tribunal: report

American Airlines Ending Bolivia Flights

Global Innovation Index 2019: Switzerland, Sweden, U.S., Netherlands, U.K. Top Ranking; India Makes Major Gains; Trade Protectionism Poses Risks for Future Innovation

Hawaiian rights activists and supporters came together to observe the 176th Sovereignty Restoration Day

US looks to Greece for more military rotations in Mediterranean

TNV TV Channel of Tatarstan joins #Аbai175 challenge

Bridging centuries-old traditions

More than two million hectares on fire in Siberia, with turndra on fire destroying the permafrost

Left Behind in Russia’s Far East

Somaliland Political Parties Reach Landmark Accord on Elections

New partnership agreement with Liberia, shows ‘clear positive impact of UN peacekeeping’

Dominica Directs $26 Million From Citizenship by Investment Funds Towards Education

Multinational “Agile Spirit” Drills Kick Off in Georgia

Kyrgyzstan: Ex-president returns triumphant with Putin’s support

British Lords call for strong stand on press freedom in West Papua

West Papua’s Quest for Independence

Pacific Islands Forum to keep on West Papua case

Mental health issues dominate Nauru and Manus asylum seekers medical admissions

African Swine Fever Hits Slovakia

North Macedonia must reform judiciary before accession talks can start, Hahn says

Europe’s record heatwave threatens Greenland ice sheet

Mali’s ‘Guitar Gods’ Tinariwen Receive Racist Threats Ahead Of U.S. Tour

Saharan rocker Moctar expands on his roots in Tuareg tradition

Despite China’s denials, its treatment of the Uyghurs should be called what it is: cultural genocide

Xi deploys heavyweights to Xinjiang and Hong Kong before Beidaihe conclave

Child Separation & Prison Camps: China’s Campaign Against Uyghur Muslims Is “Cultural Genocide”

High-Tech Repression of the Uyghurs: What Democratic States Can Do

Educating Uyghur Children in Xinjiang: Han Teacher’s Experience

“Girls in Tech” launches Guyana chapter

In Guinea-Bissau, breaking a vicious cycle

Palau president supports same-sex marriage, but there’s a catch

How Eduardo Chillida carved out a place for himself

Tiny island nation St. Kitts and Nevis recognizes Palestinian state

Israel Begins Demolishing Palestinian Homes in East Jerusalem

Former Israel PM Ehud Olmert cancels visit to Switzerland after country vows to arrest him for war crimes

Hatari Pro-Palestine Protest to be Cut from Eurovision DVD

Israel’s Top Court Denies Revealing Government Files on Human Rights in Eritrea

Israeli Embassy in Finland attacked for 15th time in past 18 months

Iran’s harsh treatment of ethnic minorities

Assyria: Christians Barred from Worshipping in Hundred-Year Old Church

Austria Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian Man Suspected Of Spying

Cold War–Era Bunker Mania Forever Altered Albania

Ebola vaccine hampered by deep distrust in eastern Congo

Beijing suggests it could mobilize troops in Hong Kong if necessary

China warns of war in case of move toward Taiwan independence

China lists containing ‘Taiwan independence’, combating ‘separatists’ in Tibet and Xinjiang among its top defence priorities

US ship sails through Taiwan Strait after threat of force from China against independence

What’s happening in Xinjiang is also happening in Tibet

China’s conspiracy to instal its puppet as Tibet’s next Dalai Lama

Ex-Chinese premier Li Peng: One of Tibet and Beijing mass murderers dies at 90

UK Lawmaker Proposes Bill For Reciprocal Access to Tibet

Large-Scale Demolition Begins at Sichuan’s Yachen Gar Tibetan Buddhist Center

Haiti’s president nominates a new prime minister, his fourth in less than three years

State Department yanks data on U.S. tourists harmed in Jamaica

Myanmar Fails to Convince Rohingya It Is Safe to Return

How the rumour mill ‘killed off’ Turkmenistan’s president

EU takes Hungary to court for criminalizing help for asylum seekers

Lebanon ups pressure on Syrian refugees to return

In Lebanon, Palestinians Protest New Employment Restrictions

Singapore Is Spending Big to Future-Proof Its Slowing Economy

UN gives Kuwait another $270 million in Iraq war compensation

Empowering women living with HIV in Djibouti to live dignified lives

Rwanda church seeks agreement with state on contraception, abortion

Opposition members keep going ‘missing’ in Rwanda. Few expect them to return

In 21st century, threats ‘from all sides’ for Latin America’s original languages

Why Is The Cherokee Language In A State Of Emergency?

Molly of Denali and the Power of Indigenous Representation

Cranachan and Black & White scoop Scots language grants

Gaelic teacher tells of feeling ‘like a terrorist’

Lost language of the Susquehannocks: Do you know what Codorus means? How about Accomac?

Aberystwyth-based Syrian refugee wins Welsh learner award

Morocco’s Controversial New Education Law Sparks Outrage

Berber language heard but not seen in Siwa Oasis

Spain’s Democratic Decline

CARACCIO: Homage to Orwell—The Misinformation Campaign Against Catalonia

Catalan small and medium-sized enterprises grew in 2017

Catalonia ahead of Madrid in attracting foreign investment

Barcelona rises to fifth place in World’s Best Cities ranking

Industrial employment in Catalonia grew for fifth year in a row in 2018

Catalonia receives 66% of allocated public spending compared with Madrid’s 114%

Catalonia in the heart of Madrid: Blanquerna Cultural Center and Bookstore

Three universities in Japan with Catalan as subject

Spanish prosecutor close the case of Puigdemont shooting mockery

Sagrada Familia finally gets building permit after 137 years

Sánchez’s presidential bid fails again – risk of snap Spanish election grows

Last survivors remember Battle of the Ebre 81 years on

Leading Catalan independence figures meet in Puigdemont’s Waterloo residence

US singer Joan Baez expresses support for Catalan independence movement

Spain paid informants in Catalan police to fight independence

Catalan foreign offices will not be closing in spite of Spanish government’s request

Quim Torra refuses to pay Spanish electoral authority’s fines for exercising his right to freedom of expression

Russia Promises More Support for Cuba, Including ‘Military Technical’ in Face of U.S. Pressure

Cuba ‘sonic attacks’ changed people’s brains, study suggests

The top finance jobs on a small island with a big skills shortage

Post-referendum options raised in New Caledonia

El Salvador’s New Leader Inspires High Hopes Amid High Stakes

More Than 200 Reindeer Found Dead in Norway, Starved by Climate Change

Panama is the first Central American country to ban single-use plastic bags

Salvini demands devolution for Lombardy and Veneto

How this quiet region in Guatemala became the epicenter of migration