Scottish Independence Nudges Ahead

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1980 July 30: Vanuatu Independence Day

1960 August 1: Benin Independence Day

1291 August 1: Swiss National Day

1969 August 2: Act of Free Choice/Act of No Choice, West Papua

1944 August 2: Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

1960 August 3: Niger Independence Day

1960 August 5: Burkina Faso Independence Day

1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day

1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day

1960 August 7: Ivory Coast Independence Day

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

1965 August 9: Singapore National Day

1809 August 10: Ecuador Independence Day

1960 August 11: Chad Independence Day

1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day

August 14: Navajo Code Talkers Day

1947 August 14: Pakistan Independence Day, Youm-e-Azadi

1960 August 15: Republic of the Congo Independence Day

1947 August 15: India Independence Day

1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea

1960 August 17: Gabon Independence Day

1945 August 17: Indonesian Declaration of Independence

1919 August 19: Afghan Independence Day

1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia

As U.S. pivots to China, nuclear non-proliferation fades into the rearview

Europe experienced a surge in government restrictions on religious activity over the last decade

Honduran President Is Accused of Drug Conspiracy

Lesotho cashes in on medicinal cannabis boom as British firm opens CBD factory

New Zealand’s Māori standoff against child separations and encroachment of preserved lands

Garma Festival emerges as Australia’s most influential forum on Indigenous affairs

Long ignored, Native Americans will get their first presidential candidate forum

Chittagong Hill Tracts: ‘Indigenous not tribal’

The indigenous Guna: Living with albinism in Panama

English newspapers are worse than Hindi on representing Dalit, Adivasi writers: Oxfam India report

After tribe leader Emyra Wajãpi’s death, Bolsonaro repeats call to mine the Amazon

Indigenous Communities Are Better at Preserving Biodiversity, Research Shows

Aniwa Gathering Connected Me to My Indigenous Ancestors

Police attack Kinikinawa indigenous community in Brazil

Pristine Arctic reserves will benefit wildlife and Inuit communities

Planned Cherokee Heritage Center exhibit would show today’s communities

Brighton’s Amine brothers wrestling internationally for San Marino

More Than a Third of Guam Coral Reefs Died in Four Years Due to Warmer Ocean Temperatures

Oz accepts East Timor border deal unlocking vast gas reserves

The ‘Gandhi of Western Sahara’ Confronts a Deadly Generation Gap

Paraguay lawmakers back down on impeachment threat after hydropower deal annulled

Kosovo’s Oldest Party Searches for Election Winner

Seychelles Beats Zurich With First Blockchain-Based Equity Token

More and more children suffering from severe malnutrition in Chad

Mauritania blogger Mkhaitir once given death penalty for ‘blasphemy’ freed

UK Prime Minister runs chicken from Welsh media

Brexit uncertainty boosts support for Welsh independence from the UK

BBC is letting Wales down by not covering the Eisteddfod in English

Namibia inaugurates Chinese-built port terminal

Turkey Jails Another Professor Deported from Moldova

Kashmir leaders under house arrest as unrest grows

India revokes Jammu and Kashmir’s special status

Historic Greenland Melt Is a “Glimpse of the Future”

How Nigeria’s Jews Are Getting Caught in a New Separatist War

Zambia discontinues trial of 9 Livingstone Barotseland activists as Munyinda gets new criminal charge!

A President empowered through Bill 10 can dismantle Barotseland – Canada based Zambian lawyer

India offers $ 170 million line of credit to Guinea during Prez Kovind’s visit

Bosnia and Herzegovina nears completion of main transport corridor

Sikhs in India under surveillance to suppress Khalistan movement

Benin court bans presidential rival Zinsou from polls for 5 years

182 dead in Papuan displacement camps, says aid group

West Papua and climate to top agenda at Pacific Islands Forum

Hungary helps Russia deliver military vehicles to Serbia

Chinese police to help Serbia cope with its workers, tourists

Nicaragua: A Media Crackdown in Four Parts

‘My father said I should be looking after the cows’: the first female Tuareg guitarist

Cameroon separatist leader Ayuk Tabe launches hunger strike

Two Suspected IS Supporters Arrested In Russia’s Tatarstan

Smoke from Siberian forest fires reached U.S., Canada

Songs and stories from Eastern Steppe coming to Boundary Museum

Russia Now Split Into Three Parts Only One Of Which Moscow Reliably Controls

Burundi’s mineral exports overtake tea, coffee in hard currency earnings

A literary snapshot of Somaliland

Venezuela government, opposition hold talks in Barbados

Trump imposes Cuban-like embargo on Venezuela

Iran’s invisible Baloch children

Baloch And Pashtun Nationalist Movements In Pakistan: Colonial Legacy And The Failure Of State Policy

Baloch activists stage protest in Seoul against illegal detention of activist

Bolivia Forestry Officials Profit from Harvest of Illegal Wood

The Biased Scales Of Justice In Tajikistan

Kyrgyzstan court upholds Uzbek rights activist Azimjon Askarov’s life sentence

Russian PM To Travel To Turkmenistan Amid President Death Rumors

Witch Hunt for “Two-Faced Persons” in Xinjiang Universities

China’s top Uyghur official claims most detainees have left Xinjiang camps

Sign of the times: China’s capital orders Arabic, Muslim symbols taken down

China is building a global coalition of human rights violators to defend its record in Xinjiang

Retired Uyghur Finance Bureaucrat, 75, ‘Graduates’ from Xinjiang Internment Camp

Despite China’s denials, its treatment of the Uyghurs should be called what it is: cultural genocide

European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day: Statement by First Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Jourová

Canada marks Romani genocide during WWII

Italy’s Matteo Salvini accused of racism after ‘dirty gypsy’ comments

What is Roma Holocaust Memorial Day?

A South Korean cult leader who held 400 followers captive in Fiji has been jailed for six years

Kurdistan discusses designating Aug. 3 as Yezidi Genocide Remembrance Day

Five years after ISIS massacre, UN Iraq envoy pushes to restore stability to Sinjar

Political conflicts between Erbil and Baghdad prevent thousands of Yazidis from returning to home

Kurdistan Region president calls for joint-fundraising effort to rebuild Sinjar

Kurdish Struggle for Autonomy from the 1970s to the Present

Kurdistan Region marks 36th anniversary of Barzani genocide

Barzan genocide remembered, 36 years on

Iran flogs Kurdish singer 100 times for drinking, ‘insulting Islamic sanctities’

Why Syria’s Kurds are reluctant to be America’s proxy

Turkey, Russia and Iran’s joint statement rejects Kurds’ ‘separatist’ agenda in Syria

Turkey starts filling dam that Iraq says will cause major water shortages

Turkey says it ‘neutralized’ 5 PKK fighters in latest air raids in Kurdistan Region

171 remains of Kurds unearthed in first mass grave in Iraq’s Samawah desert

Christians evacuating their villages due to Turkish bombardments

Erdogan threatens attack on Kurdish forces in Syria

Esper says US would prevent ‘unilateral’ Turkish action against SDF in northern Syria

Costa Rica: Attack on television station is deeply concerning

Defense Policy Exchange Spotlights Vietnam-Laos Military Cooperation

One Year After Laos Dam Disaster 10,000 Survivors Have Returned Home But Still Struggle to Rebuild

France wants to extend its shelf off French Polynesia

Gabon Signs Offshore Oil-Production Sharing Deal With Petronas

In Azerbaijan, trolls keep us at each other’s throats

Samoa makes history with the first green Pacific Games

Sweden’s march towards a cashless economy went into reverse

How President Béji Caid Essebsi Helped Build Tunisia’s Democracy

Belize Is Offering Free Trips To Some Nevada Residents Fleeing The ‘Area 51 Raid’

Boris Johnson ‘feart’ to debate Nicola Sturgeon on independence

Scottish independence: Jeremy Vine Show misrepresents facts AGAIN

Is Brexit Worth Scotland’s Independence?

National Galleries’ exhibition on Scots migration omits Clearances

Lana Del Rey tour map suggests Scotland is independent

Scottish independence soars ahead as Ashcroft poll predicts Yes win

First Eastern Mediterranean Energy Leadership Summit Slated for This October in Athens

Pioneering migrants visit Australia’s Basque heartland to trace family history

‘Revolution of Our Times:’ Hong Kong Protests Not Just About Extradition Bill Anymore

The leader of Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement is a philosophy student behind bars

Hong Kong charges 44 protesters with rioting

Founder of banned Hong Kong independence party ‘arrested’

Amid protests, defiance against Kremlin and Beijing rises

Taiwan says a Chinese warship slammed into one of its cargo ships and then sailed off into the night

China warns outsiders not to ‘sow distrust’ in South China Sea

Japan, ASEAN share concerns about South China Sea

South China Sea: Worries about bloodbath intensifies as Malaysia confronts Beijing

Philippines Could Put Hotels on South China Sea Island

Vietnam takes a stand in the South China Sea

Liechtenstein stamps showing bird’s eyes capture Asiago international art award

US Non-Recognition Policy Regarding Crimea One Year On

Russia preparing for large-scale military campaign in Ukraine – intel veteran

Mejlis reports on 73 searches, 69 detentions and 200 arrests in Crimea over past six months

‘Homeward’ shows Crimean Tatars’ struggle through one family’s tragedy

Crimean Tatar political prisoner prefers imminent death from hunger strike to the slow torture Russia proposes

Over 250 persons gone missing in Donbas over years of hostilities

Volker: US President Trump may join efforts to settle situation in Donbas

Mass graves of victims of communist regime found in Zhytomyr region

Ukraine rehabilitates first living victim of Communist regime

Russia issues ‘international’ arrest warrant against Crimean Tatar TV ATR journalist

‘What we saw in Israel was apartheid’: Icelandic Eurovision protesters Hatari collaborate with Palestinian artist

Canadian Court Rules West Bank Wines Are Not A ‘Product Of Israel’

Israel approves 6,000 new homes for Israeli settlers in West Bank

Montenegro: Israeli political consultant is suspect in pro-Kremlin coup attempt

Take a number: Guyana oil push drawing newcomers

Report: Belarus firm involved in North Korea ICBM mobile launcher

The Independence of Belarus is a Matter of International Security

Inside Europe: Mass graves spark protests in Belarus

Unflagging Protest: Belarus’s Opposition Inspired By A Pensioner And Her Outlawed Banner

Belarus ‘Elections’ Appointed: November 7 – To ‘Council Of Republic’, November 17 – To “Chamber’

US: Resolved Extortion Case Key to N. Macedonian EU Accession Talks

Gambia, Senegal & Guinea Bissau Sign Agreement to Combat Drug Trafficking

Disney cruises put Bahamas to test: Environment or economy?

‘Consequences’ Review: Slovenia’s First LGBTQ Film Is a Sexy Study of Male Rage

Creating an oasis of hope in one of Haiti’s most dangerous neighborhoods

Little Tibet Welcomes a Little Bauhaus

Jailed Tibetan Language Rights Advocate is Refused Visits From His Lawyers

Computational linguistics resources for Sindhi language

Wales wants to make the Welsh language part of every lesson under new curriculum

Reimagined Communities: An Introduction to Welsh Writing

Woman ‘told to leave shop in Pwllheli’ after speaking Welsh

Latvia’s Tilde beats internet giants in machine translation battle

Malaysia’s Rohingya Refugees Forced to Work in Shadows

Mashrou’ Leila Performance Canceled At Lebanon Music Festival

Airstrike by Libya Strongman Kills 43 in Growing Proxy War

At least 5 dead in flash flooding in Sierra Leone’s capital

Mongolia’s Capital Banned Coal To Fix Its Pollution Problem. Will It Work?

Maldives police arrest ex-vice president after India denies entry

South Sudan Sees Foreign Direct Investment Rising to $1 Billion

The Gathering Storm: As the Baltic States Prepare to Disconnect from the Russian Power Grid, the Kremlin is Ready to ‘Help’

The Rise of Right-Wing Populists in Estonia

Inside Europe: Latvia’s shrinking population

New tours, painful reminders in Lithuania after hit Chernobyl show

Estonia will not recognise Russian passports in Donbass, Lithuania calls for EU action

China’s Investments in Rwanda Raise Familiar Questions About Debt

Eritrea: our nuanced silence in the face of brutal dictatorship

“Only country in the world that can have a retroactive carbon footprint”

Iceland cuts teen drinking with curfews, youth centers

With Boris Johnson in Office, a Brexit Standoff With Ireland Solidifies

Boris Johnson saves trickiest Brexit challenge, Northern Ireland, for last

The Fruitcake Prison Break That Reshaped Irish History

Support for a united Ireland is surging – and for the first time, it’s backed by moderates

Tyneside’s forgotten fight for Irish freedom

“Spain?” – “You are close, it’s Catalan Fish Stew”

Tension, broken talks, trial, rising hegemony – Catalan political year at a glance

Catalan government delegate in Germany sues Spain over spying allegations

Catalan economy grew 2% in second quarter of 2019

These death-defying human towers build on Catalan tradition

Oriol Junqueras immunity hearing set for October 14 in EU court

Catalonia’s tourist industry looking forward to a good August

Government greenlights F1 grand prix at Circuit de Catalunya for another year

Girona rises in Game of Thrones

Jobless total in July down to lowest since 2008

Catalan ‘men in skirts’ establishing annual kilt day

Rright to self-determination “does not exist” in the Spanish magna carta

Cuba caps prices for food, beverages to cut inflation risk

£5.6k boost for ‘lifeline’ Isle of Man mobile library

Equatorial Guinea: 40 years of repression and rule of fear highlights human rights crisis

Outrage in Gambia over release of three hitmen who took orders from ex-president Yahya Jammeh

Finland, the new enemy of Hungary

Can a new U.S.-funded park help make El Salvador safe again?

China looking at opening consulate in New Caledonia

Progress and preservation: Dayaks in palm oil country hold on to traditions