Clearing the Confusion

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day

1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day

1960 August 7: Ivory Coast Independence Day

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

1965 August 9: Singapore National Day

1809 August 10: Ecuador Independence Day

1960 August 11: Chad Independence Day

1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day

August 14: Navajo Code Talkers Day

1947 August 14: Pakistan Independence Day, Youm-e-Azadi

1960 August 15: Republic of the Congo Independence Day

1947 August 15: India Independence Day

1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea

1960 August 17: Gabon Independence Day

1945 August 17: Indonesian Declaration of Independence

1919 August 19: Afghan Independence Day

1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia

1939 August 23: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

1989 August 23: Baltic Way

1991 August 24: Ukraine Independence Day

1825 August 25: Uruguay Independence Day

2006 August 26: murder of Akbar Bugti, the father of the Baloch nation

Muslims In Kosovo Celebrate End Of Hajj

Seminars, protests to mark August 11 as Baloch National Day

Scots Tory chief Ruth Davidson’s fragile truce with Boris Johnson fractured over Brexit

Labour at war over indyref2 as John McDonnell opens door to vote

BBC ‘losing relevance’ in Scotland as viewership plunges

SNP to ramp up preparations for Scottish independence referendum

Equatorial Guinea’s Border Wall Plans Provoke Anger in Cameroon

Even after acknowledging the Namibia genocide of WWI, Germany still hasn’t learned the key lesson

Dozens dead in new bout of intercommunal fighting in Chad

Russia says it’s going to arm a submarine with 6 nuclear ‘doomsday’ devices

‘Low chance’ Siberia wildfires will be brought under control: Greenpeace fire expert

‘Traditional music is a living organism’ Circassian record label is building a local indie music scene with a global online audience

Kadyrov Statement About 19th-Century Resistance Leader Imam Shamil Sparks Controversy

A Chechen refugee Poland wants to give up to Russia

Two Decades On, Smoldering Questions About The Russian President’s Vault To Power

Nicaraguan opposition announce strike plans

Cuban Agents Advise Nicaraguan Military

Guatemala conservative romps to landslide win, faces big migration test

UN experts urge decade of action to aid survival of indigenous languages

Cook Islanders celebrate culture and language

Welsh Wikipedia Gives Me Hope

More Welsh language online content ‘as key as Bible translation’

Yukon First Nation harnesses power of social media to teach local language

Uganda Government to Take Inventory of Indigenous Minority Tribes

Mni ki wakan: Water is Sacred

World Tribal Day 2019: Facts About Indigenous Tribes That Will Leave You Astonished

Clearing The Confusion On ‘Minority’ and ‘Indigeneity’: What Makes A Population Indigenous

The first Europeans weren’t who you might think

In New Zealand, young Māori women lead the battle for indigenous rights

Mass starvation of reindeer linked to climate change and habitat loss

Who are Europe’s indigenous peoples and what are their struggles?

Kalimantan film festival to speak up on behalf of indigenous people

Tribals dish out traditional delicacies on World Adivasi Day

Adivasi Organisations Put Forth Their Demands On International Day Of Indigenous Peoples

Cherokee National History Museum opens

The Nightingale’s Baykali Ganambarr Wants to Bring More Aboriginal Culture to the Big Screen

U.S. seeks to renew Pacific islands security pact to foil China

Citizenship Question To Be Removed From 2020 Census In U.S. Territories

Sorain takes over as new French High Commissioner to French Polynesia

New French High Commissioner installed in New Caledonia

Pacific Awakening maintains neutrality on New Caledonia

Condemning ‘Grossly Irresponsible’ Inaction of World Powers, Fiji Unveils Ambitious Plan to Fight Climate Crisis

Solar-storage combo makes waves in Caribbean

Lebanon resident begins Peace Corps service in Tonga

Brockton woman celebrates her heritage at home & in Cape Verde

Haitian influx create hysteria in Guyana, Brazil and Suriname

Tuvalu’s children, submerged in water, welcome Pacific Island Forum leaders with a climate plea

Pacific islands stand ground on West Papua

Papua New Guinea governor wants West Papua referendum

Lesotho Seeks to Export Power, Renewables to Drive Development

Amazon deforestation causes Dominican Republic beaches to be covered in stinky seaweed

Citizenship by Investment to Make Up Half of Dominica’s Total Revenue

East Timor: Over 87pct of children target of ‘endemic’ violence at home

Solomon Islands speaker leads delegation for regional meet in Taiwan

Documents expose widespread clerical sex abuse in Guam

Comoros President Azali Assoumani pardons four jailed opponents

Papua New Guinea Local Church Opens Domestic Violence Shelter

Papua New Guinea turns toward China, seeks help with tuna processing investment

Marshalls restricts domestic travel in wake of dengue outbreak

Wallis and Futuna: the Pacific’s newest tourist destination

Landlocked eSwatini report says ministers must tighten belts to help lift economy

Taiwan and Nauru sign cooperation pact to fight crime

Over 80% of Taiwanese believe Taiwan to be sovereign state

China bans movies, actors from Taiwan Golden Horse Awards

Portugal prepares to ration fuel before tanker drivers strike

In Greece’s Aegean Sea, Divers Find ‘Gulf of Plastic Corals’

Norway Mosque Shooting Investigated as Attempted Terrorist Attack

The battle to secure adequate support for autistic children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Barotseland: Litunga rejects PF’s latest manoeuvres to tamper with constitution

Somali-Oromo second round “people to people” engagement forum organized in three towns

Out of the horrors of Liberia’s Ebola crisis, comes a story of hope and revival

Ex-President of Panama Is Cleared of Political Espionage

India’s efforts to save its tigers have turned some Adivasi communities into conservation refugees

Ambazonia: The Plight of Internally Displaced People from Cameroun’s Anglophone Regions

Somaliland: Hundreds of Thousands Climate Refugees Forced to Abandon Way of Life

How schools are kept afloat in Somaliland

New head of AFRICOM visits Somalia as pressure on al-Shabab increases

Renewed Interest in Decades-Old Western Sahara Conflict

Why Everyone In Gambia Is Tuning Into A Broadcast About ‘Truth’

Gambia drops ex-president Jammeh from bank notes

A Green Economy Grows in Denmark

LNG market established in Benin

Prague Pride features Romani float again, award given to LGBT and Romani activist David Tišer

11 years since Russia-Georgia war Georgia calls on Russia to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia

Georgians in Abkhazia: A Choice Between Assimilation and Emigration

De facto president Anatoly Bibilov: South Ossetia Must Become Part of Russia

Algeria court seeks 10-year sentence for protester who flew Berber flag

Chinguetti in Mauritania is an incredible jewel of Berber culture

Belarus helps Ukraine overcome Russian diesel blockade

A Long Legal Battle Over Hitler’s Birth Home In Austria Ends

1,800 dead as malaria ‘epidemic’ rages in Burundi

On the eve of presidential elections in Bolivia, two fact-checking initiatives put a magnifying glass on political discourse

Israel kills 4 Palestinian militants carrying RPG launchers and assault rifles, Hamas denies involvement

Iraq joins Iran in rejecting Israel’s participation in US-led naval mission in Gulf

High-Level Cyber Intrusions Hit Bahrain Amid Tensions With Iran

Cyprus’ rival leaders ready to meet UN chief to seek peace again

A hermit nation ruled by an egomaniac: Is Turkmenistan on the brink of collapse?

Kyrgyzstan: With tensions still simmering, exiled big-hitter makes homecoming

Kashmir’s main city a maze of razor wire and steel barriers

In seeking to control Kashmir, Modi may look to China’s actions in Xinjiang and Tibet

Xinjiang: What China shows world vs. what former detainee describes

An ‘Orwellian nightmare’ in Xinjiang – how China concocted an Islamic terror threat of its own

The Land Drenched in Tears: In Xinjiang, It’s the Cultural Revolution—Again

Hong Kong protests continue for a 10th week in face of Beijing’s threats

China’s worst fears: Hong Kong, Taiwan and any other democracy

China Raises Reward for Informants in Tibet

Taiwan, Tibet and Uygur expats join Hongkongers in New York to show support for protests

India A Priority For China, Tibet To Play Key Role, Sun Xiaobo, Deputy Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office in Tibet Autonomous Region

India’s ban of Sikhs For Justice exposes limits of ‘world’s largest democracy’

Govrenment sets up tribunal to adjudicate ban on pro-Khalistan group ‘Sikhs For Justice’

Centre reaches out to ‘blacklisted’ Sikhs

ISIS, Assad, and Turkey Are Waging a Shadow War on U.S. Allies in Syria

Jailed PKK leader Ocalan ‘ready for a solution’ with Turkey

Kirkuk official alleges ‘Arabization’ as province gains new Arab voters in 2019

KRG trying to halt Turkish strikes, Iranian shelling: Masoud Barzani

5 Years After The U.S. Tried To Protect Yazidis In Iraq, The Minority Still Suffers

Blast hits Hazara community’s shoe market in Quetta

Tunisian lawyer is hoping to be the country’s first openly gay president

Video Adds Weight to North Macedonia ‘Extortion Scandal’

Bilbao, Athletic Club and the tricky world of Basque politics

‘The forest is our life’: Hope for change in Guyana’s forests

What It’s Like to Run a Tiny Country When You’re 27

Macedonian Court Rejects Extradition Of Kosovar War Crimes Suspect To Serbia

Serbia grants citizenship to Thailand’s fugitive ex-PM

Trump may get involved in Donbas negotiations

Russia has tripled military presence in Crimea for ‘possible offensive operations’ against Ukraine, says intel report

Zelensky promises Crimean Tatars to simplify procedure for visiting Crimea

Zelensky ready to create Crimean Tatar autonomy – Dzhemilev

Ukrainian flag hoisted in occupied Crimea

Russia reverts to Stalin-era ‘confessions’ and insane charges in occupied Crimea

New type of Russian equipment Spotted in Donbas: IMR-3 with nuclear-grade crew protection

Haiti adrift as president faces impeachment hearing, prime minister in Twitter scandal

Jamaica Joins a Growing Number of Nations Calling on the British Museum to Repatriate Its Cultural Artifacts

More than half a million Rohingya refugees receive identity documents, most for the first time

Coca-Cola featured gay couples kissing in a Hungarian ad. People are furious

Sierra Leone Reviews Mining Licenses in Industry-Wide Clean-Up

Pentagon chief in Mongolia to strengthen military bonds

Singapore slashes 2019 growth forecast stoking recession fears

Eritrea high schools at the center of repression

South Sudan Activists Ramp Up Pressure for Unity Government

EU disinformation watchdog debunks over 6,000 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation

Russia Rehearses Multi-Platform Warfare in the Baltic Sea

Russia suspected of using civilian ships for intelligence gathering and influence operations

Freedom fighters v. Wikipedia. Is it a tool to distort history?

“Russians” threatening Dutch F-16 pilots’ family

Irish PM says Brexit talks will go on for years, deal or no deal

Irish minister predicts Britain will crash out of EU in October

Ignorance of Irish history fuels Britain’s Brexit debate, says Victoria writer

EU funds for new climate change collaboration between Wales and Ireland

Irish newspaper calls for union between Ireland, Wales and Scotland

CARACCIO: Operation Ballot Box, Catalonia

Is democracy going digital? Why the Twitter debate on Catalonia’s independence matters

Guy Verhofstadt a Trappist monk about Spain in Catalonia

Catalan government spokesperson does not forsee anything positive coming out of Spain

Spain’s secret dossier on Nicola Sturgeon’s speech

Spain investigating family of former Catalan president Jordi Pujol in respect of ‘hiding’ funds for acquaintances in Andorra

Spanish Socialists won’t ‘depend’ on pro-independence parties but will ‘talk’ to them

Spain keeps close eye on Catalan activities in Switzerland