Independence Protests in West Papua

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1939 August 23: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism
1989 August 23: Baltic Way
1991 August 24: Ukraine Independence Day
1825 August 25: Uruguay Independence Day
2006 August 26: murder of Akbar Bugti, the father of the Baloch nation
1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day
August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day
1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day
1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day
1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day
1960 September 2: Tibetan Democracy Day
1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day
1968 September 6: eSwatini Independence Day
1822 September 7: Brazil Independence Day
1991 September 8: North Macedonia Independence Day
1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day

Guantanamo’s ‘most tortured detainee’ still can’t leave Mauritania
Chinese aircraft use Japan ships as targets in E. China Sea drill
New allies Vietnam, Australia express concern over South China Sea tensions
Chinese ship inches closer to Vietnam coastline amid South China Sea tensions
US says China is blocking $2.5 trillion in South China Sea oil and gas
UH and American Samoa launch HoloCampus 3D learning platform
After 5 years of conflict, Ukraine’s barrier to peace is still ‘Russia’s political will’
Russian Federation Prepares the Occupied Donbas’s Banking System for Integration
Russian flags hoisted in occupied Donetsk
“Homeward”, a story of Crimean Tatars and the annexed Crimea, nominated for Best International Feature Film at Oscars
197th Assault Ship Brigade of Russian Black Sea Fleet participated in the occupation of Crimea
Under Shadow of War With Russia, Ukraine Celebrates Independence
Macron Announces Major Ukraine Peace Summit In September
Bolton Arrives in Ukraine to ‘Underscore US Support’
Armed FSB plant ‘prohibited books’ to arrest Crimean Tatar activists and terrorize their children
Gravely ill Crimean Tatar activist released after 258 days of cruel torture
Tokelau play highlights climate crisis
UK High Commissioner: Seychelles can be at forefront of global efforts to fight ocean pollution
Sweden Delivers ‘Neutral’ Fiscal Policy as Recession Fears Grow
By Pushing Out Filthy Rich Vladimir Plahotniuc, Moldova Takes the Lead in Ending the Era of the Oligarchs
Biopsy confirms that Uruguay’s president has lung cancer
Honduras Anti-Graft Body Secures Historic Conviction of Former First Lady
High expectations from Sattler, new Head of EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tajikistan: Authorities to monopolize money transfer system
US pullout from Afghanistan could deepen Russia-China competition in Central Asia
Twitter Helped Chinese Government Promote Disinformation on Repression of Uighurs
New Facebook Ads From Chinese State Media Want You To Believe Xinjiang’s Muslim Internment Camps Are Just Great
Uyghur Police Commissar Said Detained Since June 2018
China reveals new counterterrorism unit in Xinjiang
Eight Of The Ten Most-Surveilled Cities In The World Are In China
Outrage Over China’s Uyghur Crisis is Not a Western Conspiracy
US lawmakers worry World Bank is funding China’s Uighur Muslim ‘re-education’ camps
China ban on some textbooks seen as aimed at Uighur culture
Biafra: Police free 100 agitators arrested during meeting with Asari Dokubo
Indigenous communities, nat’l parks suffer as Malaysia razes its reserves
Amazon burning: Forest fires on the rise at record rate, space agency warns
Hokkaido museum holds rare exhibition on Sami culture
Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, taking the US government up on a promise it made nearly 200 years ago
Wells Fargo is paying the Navajo Nation $6.5 million to settle allegations of shady sales tactics
Adivasis and the Indian State: Stereotyped as ‘primitive’ and ‘savage’, tribal communities fight for right to choose social, cultural, land-owning systems
Pregnant Adivasi woman dies after walking 20km to consult doctor in Vishakhapatanam
Early Aboriginal Site Discovered in Western Australia
8-Year-Old ‘Princess’ Mummy Finally Laid to Rest in Her Home Bolivia
In face of protest, national arts council promises more support for Inuit
Welsh Hillfort Threatened by Coastal Erosion
Canada’s Iamgold lays off 325 Suriname contractors after illegal miner’s death
German defense minister reaffirms country’s support in visit to Kurdistan Region
Evacuation of villages continues in Kurdistan as Turkish shellings intensify against PKK
Kirkuk experiencing ‘organized Arabization campaign’: official
Belgian Kurd spent 40 days in Turkish prison over Facebook posts
YPG withdraws forces from Syrian-Turkish border
Fear, disowning of children among reasons Yezidi women cannot leave Syria camp
Hazaras – Afghanistan’s oppressed minority
Vulnerable Pakistan’s Hazara community
Switzerland Has a New Way to Impose World’s Lowest Interest Rate
Octavio Dotel, Luis Castillo — ex-MLB stars — linked to Dominican Republic drug trafficking ring: reports
Turkey Affirms Its Claim On Cyprus Oil And Gas
Solomon Islands still torn between China and Taiwan
Portugal’s bright outlook offers Europe some hope
eSwatini and Namibia proposal to open up rhino trade rejected
Pakistan army major gets life term for ‘kidnapping Baloch kid’ for ransom
Balochistan: Three pro-freedom Baloch youth shot dead in Dargis
Friends of the Liberation War
Indian opposition leaders refused entry to Kashmir
Candidate’s arrest causes a stir in Tunisia’s presidential race
Share The Ride: Bringing Bikes to School Children in Botswana
Tall Tales from Ortega about Mega-Projects in Nicaragua
The Lost Tribe: The CIA’s Secret Army in Laos
Gabon Suspends Judge Who Granted Hearing on President’s Fitness
Cook Islands ratify Kigali
On Women’s Equality Day: A look back at the fight for votes in CEE
Lesbian PM Or Not, Serbia Blocks Gays’ Path To Parenthood
Liberia: Widespread Condemnation, Reactions Follow Bloody Day in District 15
Twenty years on, East Timor reaps dividends of peace and freedom
Paraguay adds Hamas, Hezbollah to terrorism list
India’s Latest Anti-Khalistan Crackdown Is Revenge For Last Week’s Global Protests
Families of Punjab’s disappeared pin hopes on Supreme Court bid
A Fire Under Ashes — Khalistan Movement
Central tribunal issues notice to Sikhs For Justice
GERS figures make the case for Scottish independence stronger
Awww! New Zealand lawmaker baby-sits colleague’s newborn while presiding over Parliament
Cameroon separatist leaders condemned to life in prison
Australia Watches Bougainvilleans Prepare for Referendum on Independence
Guam Prepares for Largest March for Self-Determination on September 2nd 2019
How a Soviet emigré tied to Miami Beach’s ‘B-girls’ scam became Grenada’s man in Moscow
Rohingya say no to repatriations around anniversary of atrocities
Benin Awakens to the Threat of Terrorism After Safari Ends in a Nightmare
Vandals attack North Macedonia statues amid debate over history
Trump cancels his state visit to Denmark over Greenland
Coincidentally, Obama is visiting Denmark in late September
In Greenland, Trump’s Unsolicited Interest Is Raising Hopes for a Tourism Boom
Czech president’s summer power play comes to an end
Indonesia Deploys Troops to Quell Independence Protests in West Papua
Dozens wounded, detained in West Papua crackdown: Witnesses
West Papua journalist faces intimidation, files appeal to UN
Indonesia Imposes Internet Blackout On West Papua
PNG Governor calls on Indonesia to free West Papua
Antigua and Barbuda ready to host Carifesta XV
Tiny Guyana could spark freedom in Latin America
Twitter deserves a follow for muting and blocking China
China ‘will not sit idly’ if US sells fighter jets to Taiwan
Cross-Strait solidarity: Hongkongers and Taiwanese know they have to help save each other
Inspired by the 1989 ‘Baltic Way,’ Hong Kong protesters form human chain to demand freedom and democracy
Hongkongers form pro-democracy human chain across city on 30th anniversary of Baltic Way
When the course of history moved toward freedom
30 years later, the human chain that ‘unshackled’ the Baltic nations still matters
Meet the pilot who defied KGB orders and scattered tonnes of flowers on Baltic Way human chain
People on Baltic Way melted totalitarian regime in their hands – Levits
Estonia’s Kaljulaid: I stood in the chain; we were no longer afraid
Baltics, Poland, Romania call on EU to investigate Stalinist crimes
Devil’s Bargain: The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact 80 Years Later
Soviet Symbols Aren’t ‘Funny,’ Lithuania Tells Amazon
Index shows Estonia as country with lowest money laundering risk globally
Lithuania top ranked CEE economy on digital quality of life index
Scottish independence: What we could learn from Baltic nations
Trump says American Jewish Democrats are disloyal, claims “king of Israel” title
Iran-Israel conflict spreads in Middle East
Berbers rally for release of political prisoners
Belarus’s Lukashenka, Weary Of Russia Union, Seeks To Buy U.S. Crude
Will Europe Ever Shake Its Dependence On Russian Energy?
Molotov-Ribbentrop What? Do Russians Know Of Key World War II Pact?
Mystery YouTuber Will Teach You More about Soviet Union Than Your Professors
Chechen activists marching from Strasbourg to Geneva to seek justice for their nation
Russia’s Chechnya inaugurates what it says is Europe’s largest mosque
Georgian national, Chechnya–Russia war veteran killed in Berlin
Ingushetia: 13 ex-police officers persecuted for refusal to disperse rally
Yemen threatens to act internationally to stop UAE support for separatists
Burundi Opposition Warns of Rising Violence Ahead of 2020 Vote
Following revolution, Armenia becomes more attractive to diaspora
EU: It is Crucial to Stop “Borderization” in Georgia
Nauru president loses seat in election
Kosovo Parliament Dissolves Itself, Opening Way to Snap Election
New ‘Social Security Card’ For Tibetans Aims at Tightened Controls by Beijing
Expect the unexpected, without surprise, in Tibet
Slovenia PM pushes for construction of new nuclear reactor
Haiti’s President Survives Impeachment Vote
Israel appears to attack Lebanon’s Hezbollah, part of its expanding anti-Iran campaign
Libya Has a Shot at Peace as Combatants Tire of War, Envoy Says
Sierra Leone’s thumbprint breakthrough to sign up unbanked
No pot of gold for locals as China mines Sierra Leone
70yo Wins Grueling 1,000km Horse Race in Mongolia
Russia, China and S.Korea vie for Bulgarian nuclear project
Russia’s murky business dealings in the Central African Republic
South Sudan makes minor oil discovery, first since independence