Arrests of independence activists, torched villages and torture in West Papua

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia
1997 September 11: Scottish devolution referendum
1997 September 11: Welsh devolution referendum
2001 September 11: 9/11
1821 September 15: Costa Rica Independence Day
1821 September 15: El Salvador Independence Day
1821 September 15: Guatemala Independence Day
1821 September 15: Honduras Independence Day
1821 September 15: Nicaragua Independence Day
1810 September 16: Grito de Dolores, Mexico
1975 September 16: Papua New Guinea Independence Day
1939 September 17: Soviet Invasion of Poland
1810 September 18: Fiestas Patrias, Chile
1983 September 19: Saint Kitts and Nevis Independence Day
1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day
1981 September 21: Belize Independence Day
1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day
1960 September 22: Mali Independence Day
1973 September 24: Guinea-Bissau Independence Day
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
September 26: European Day of Languages
1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
1966 September 30: Botswana Independence Day
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1960 October 1: Nigeria Independence Day
1978 October 1: Tuvalu Independence Day

Genocide threat for Myanmar’s Rohingya greater than ever, investigators warn Human Rights Council
20-year-old refugee expelled from university for being Rohingya
California Recognizes Two Assyrian Genocides
The invisible women of Europe’s fishing industry
UN urged to focus on disappeared Tibetans, in particular the 11th Panchen Lama
We have the truth on our side: His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
China Bans Even Retired Elderly Tibetans from Performing Religious Activities in Tibet
US lawmakers want to sanction Chinese officials for interfering in Dalai Lama reincarnation
Hyundai sets shop in Somaliland stamping confidence in the country’s stability
Trump Administration Releases $250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine
Russia jamming Ukrainian radio in northern Crimea – human rights activists
Ukraine fears forced concessions at talks with Russia
After Years Of Stalling, Can Ukraine Finally Become Energy Self-Sufficient?
Crimean Tatar political prisoner sentenced to 15 years for the right Russian FSB paperwork
Up to three thousand Ukrainians jailed in Russia in human trafficking scam
Yle’s “troll factory” game unmasks how fake news spreads via social media
Finnish President Niinistö visits Ukraine with message of support, solidarity
San Marino seizes $19m from Congo dictator who spent $100,000 on crocodile shoes
Dominican Republic Announces New Safety Measures After Deaths of 11 American Tourists
Duterte says Xi Jinping offered him an oil and gas deal to ignore South China Sea ruling
China, Malaysia to set up South China Sea dialogue mechanism
Vietnam hosts academic conference to bolster South China Sea claims
US Navy warship challenges Chinese claims in the South China Sea
Tonga’s prime minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva who nurtured democracy dies at 78
United Nations to aid El Salvador anti-corruption body
Elephant Hunts to Start in Botswana at Likely Discount to Rivals
US Hospital Ship Dispatched for Migrants in Trinidad and Tobago
Batoka chiefs welcome the Litunga as the tourist capital mounts Barotseland’s Royal Flag!
Death of Gambia’s Founding President Dawda Jawara Sparks Reflection
Gambian ex-president Yahya Jammeh to face prosecution for corruption
Alisha Florent is Dominica’s Next Supermodel
Church builds eco-houses in Papua New Guinea
Honduras is poor, violent and unstable – and the Trump administration wants it to accept more asylum seekers
Paraguay justice minister, police chief out over capo escape
Morocco to build $1bn port to bolster claim to the Western Sahara
The world must recognise Western Sahara
New Caledonia looks to Estonia for digitisation guidance
Prague To Remove Statue Of WWII Soviet Marshal, Sparking Moscow’s Ire
Czech President Tells Serbia He Will Seek To Withdraw Kosovo Recognition
Czech attorneys drop fraud charges against billionaire PM Babis
Curaçao: A “Cultural Hybrid” For Growth In The Caribbean
Chad extends state of emergency in three provinces by four months
Six common beliefs on Luxembourg: myth or truth?
Luxembourg falls further behind anti-money laundering rules as companies fail to disclose ownership
Luxembourg’s cannabis legalisation is EU opportunity
Israel Tiptoes Toward Conflict With Lebanon’s Hezbollah
Arab nations condemn Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley annexation plan
Palestinians in Jordan Valley: ‘Our lands are already annexed’
Tiny Pacific Nation Makes a Go of Its Own Digital Currency
Tiny Guam is vying to be the world’s next big telecommunications hub
Pakistan is no friend of Kashmir, either
Thousands detained in Indian Kashmir crackdown, official data reveals
Mourning and Resistance in Kashmir After India Revoked the State’s Special Status
Irish Banks Battered as Disorderly Brexit Looms
Poll finds support for votes on Irish unity and Scottish independence
Support for Welsh independence soars in new poll by YouGov for Plaid Cymru
EU Names Irish Brexit Critic to Lead Trade Talks With the U.K.
St. Vincent and grenadines, 79th country to join India-led intl solar alliance
Bolivian wildfires destroy two million hectares of forest
‘People working for tribal welfare are facing threats’
Native American voters could help swing the 2020 US presidential election
The road to reconciliation starts with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Hawaii Gears Up To Make Sure All Residents Are Counted In 2020 Census
Indigenous Brazilians Come Together To Defend Amazon Forest Against Fires
Black Belt Eagle Scout Is Bringing Queer Indigenous Stories to Indie Rock
‘It Is Our Very Governments Who Are Killing the Earth.’ A Brazilian Indigenous Leader Speaks Out On Deforestation in the Amazon
Mapping project seeks to secure ‘invisible’ indigenous lands
Defender of Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Murdered ‘Execution-Style’ in Amazon Town
‘We Will Not Give Up,’ Say Indigenous Groups, as Trump Admin Gets Closer to Fossil Fuel Pillage of Arctic Refuge
Stickball: Indigenous women show who’s got game
In small Alaska city, Native women say police ignored rapes
Silenced No More in Peru
Gwich’in Nation vows to protect sacred lands in the Arctic Refuge
Adivasi as encroacher?
Multi-million dollar national Inuit health survey to be led by Inuit, for Inuit
Thrasher reclaims Inuit identity through music
Why alligators afraid to eat Dayaks
Lowrey kicks off second year of Cherokee choir
Stakeholders involved in environmental disputes related to Lapland rarely find common ground
Why Australia is banning climbers from this iconic natural landmark
Aboriginal parents stay in the picture
Aboriginal treaty edges closer in Victoria
Portugal parliament condemns plan for dictatorship museum
Tunisian election: What you need to know about the two leading candidates
Solomons task force recommends switch from Taiwan to Beijing
Gabon’s Sacred Trees Are Becoming China’s Upscale Furniture
Balochistan: Two killed in Kech Pakistan army’s death squad attack, 1 killed in Panjgur
‘We are treated like an infestation’ – Romani traveller speaks for her community
Serbs Ignore EU Warning Over Plan to Join Russian-Led Trade Bloc
China’s clout is growing on the edge of the EU, and the US is worried
India Removes 312 Sikh Foreign Nationals From Blacklist Made During Khalistan Movement, Now Eligible For Indian Visa
Pro-Khalistan Sikhs and Pakistanis hold protest against India over human rights’ violations
Russia Orchestrated Chechen Rebel’s Murder in Germany, U.S. Officials Say
Ingush Activist Charged With Attacking Police Officer Kept In Pretrial Detention
Beslan’s conspiracy theories
Ending FGM in the Caucasus Region
Trial begins in Kabardino-Balkaria over ‘extremism’ in Balkar newspaper
Communist Party Makes Significant Gains in Russian Regional Polls
Chechens complete ‘March for the Supremacy of Law and Justice’ at UN HQ in Geneva
Three Kyrgyz Nationals Sentenced In High-Profle Rape Case in Sakha
This Ancient Belt Buckle Retrieved from ‘Russian Atlantis’ in Tuva Looks Like a Bedazzled iPhone Case
Hundreds Bid Farewell To Udmurt Scholar Who Immolated Himself Protesting Russia’s Language Policies
Self-immolation highlights controversy over cultural rights in Russia
Putin Drinks Vodka to Russian Soldiers in North Caucasus
Nenets autonomous okrug join work on creating research and education center based on NARFU
Protesters Rally In Buryatia Capital Ulan-Ude Amid Outrage Over Mayoral Election
How a shaman, a vlogger, and a communist deputy helped trigger massive election protests in an eastern Siberian city
Chechens thank Kadyrov for fighting witches
Chilling conspiracy theory behind Vladimir Putin’s rise to power
Floods Kill At Least 14 in Southern Laos, Hundreds of Thousands Displaced
Iceland Consumes The Most News Online Worldwide
Operation Python Dance: Troops commit systemic human rights violations – Indigenous People of Biafra
Details of Nnamdi Kanu’s meeting with EU Parliament
We shall have a Biafra state without war – Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra
Air New Zealand threatened with Māori boycott over attempt to trademark ‘Kia Ora’ logo
Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Nobel candidate, on how to respond to gun violence
Is Putin coming to Armenia?
Repressive wave against Ortega adversaries in Nicaragua
US presents new effort to counter Kremlin influence
Eighty years after the Soviet invasion of Poland, the Western Left is still playing apologist for Russia
Russian diplomatic Twitter accounts rewrite history of World War II
Garry Kasparov Keynote Address, Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 80th Anniversary
Remembering the Sweeping Expulsion of Poland’s Jews—23 Years After the Holocaust
Thousands in Bahamas struggle to find work after Dorian
Guyana, the Target of Chinese Companies
Battle to Power Electric Vehicles Reaches Sweden
What to Watch for at the San Sebastián Film Festival
Ghost of ETA refuses to fade for Spanish right
Belarus: Homophobic Attack on Filmmaker
Unofficial part of Russian-Belarusian military drill
Fear and oppression in Xinjiang: China’s war on Uighur culture
US Senate Passes Legislation to Hold China Accountable for Rights Abuses in Xinjiang
Is It the Beginning of the End of Human Suffering in Xinjiang?
Meet the smoking-free, carbon-negative country that passes no law unless it improves citizens’ well-being
British volunteer who fought with Syrian Kurds against IS and Turkey commits suicide
UN: Turkish-backed forces continue to commit war crimes in Afrin
Turkey’s two-pronged strategy against the Kurds
Ankara taking a page out of Baath party’s demographic warfare against Kurds – Haaretz
Turkish warplanes shell multiple villages, destroy vehicle in Kurdistan Region
Turkey arrests pro-Kurdish HDP mayor in eastern province of Erzurum
United Nations intervention urgently needed to stop colonial carnage in West Papua
Dozens Arrested, At Least Ten Dead as Political Unrest Continue in West Papua
West Papua solidarity march in PNG draws thousands
Michael Andrew: On the NZ media’s coverage of West Papua
PNG capital governor promises to escalate West Papua campaign
Villages torched, Villagers Tortured: Extreme human rights violations in West Papua
West Papua: End Australian and US training of Indonesian military
UN urges Indonesia to protect rights of West Papua activists
‘They fooled us’: Benin bulldozes district, leaving residents homeless
Seychelles, blazing a trail in marine conservation
Major startup event held in Saint Lucia to get business ideas flowing
Moldovan Foreign Minister Tells Moscow Chisinau Will Not Revise Deals With EU, NATO
EU: Moldova Moving ‘Resolutely’ Forward With Key Reforms
North Macedonia prosecutor dismissed over corruption scandal
Tuvalu election puts Taiwan ties in play
Pacific Climate Change Centre Opens in Samoa
Haiti Senator Says He Was Offered Cash for Yes Vote on Prime Minister
French Polynesia’s Temaru to appeal undue influence sentence
Majlis Podcast: The Disappeared Of Turkmenistan
Croatia: journalists under attack
Decomissioning of arms, part of Bangsamoro process
Hungary’s Orban points to EU ‘enlargement fatigue’
Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries Have Moved Into Libya. Good Luck With That.
A Nation’s Tense Debate Over How To Fight A Culture Of Rape
Kremlin media capitalizes on Latvia-Lithuania misunderstanding
One article, many ways to disinform: Breaking down a Kremlin propaganda piece
100 years since Soviet Russia offered peace to Latvia
European Human Rights Court upholds landmark ruling on Soviet genocide in Lithuania
Russia Tightens Energy Grip on Lithuania
Lithuanian parliament considers additional safeguards against Belarusian electricity
Estonia plans to restrict govt use of Huawei 5G technology
Riga – the hub of the Baltic Way
China’s Belt and Road grip reaches the Baltics – Investigation
Russian diplomatic Twitter accounts rewrite history of World War II
Kaljulaid on reconciling with Russia: We cannot go along with this game
Lithuania and Poland look to help Belarus withstand Moscow’s pressure
Ukrainian Language Near Banished In Donbas Schools
Portuguese cafe gives Wrexham residents chance to learn Welsh language
Dundee poet and playwright nominated for first ever Scots Language Awards
Scottish Gaelic Awards: Nominate your Sports Champions
South Africa: Celebrate Heritage Through Indigenous Languages
Kupu, a groundbreaking app that teaches the Māori language, is scaling up to schools
Malta pushes for Maltese proficiency
Estonian Language lessons to take place onboard Tallinn-Narva trains
Skirting U.S. sanctions, Cubans flock to cryptocurrency to shop online, send funds
Twitter blocks accounts of Raul Castro and Cuban state-run media
Cuba’s acute fuel shortage begins to bite
Rights groups denounce Cuba’s arrest of independent journalist, activists denounce harassment
Road to Catalonian independence may go through blockchain
Saor Alba Pipes and Drums play outside Catalonia jail
600,000 turn out for independence on Catalonia’s National Day
Turkish dissident Can Dündar attends Catalonia’s National Day rally to ‘challenge’ arrest warrant
Catalan independence supporters must regain initiative, says president
FC Barcelona honours National Day of Catalonia one hundredth time
Indy band Saor Alba in Barcelona for Catalan National Day
Quim Torra: ‘Objective independence’ is Catalan rallying cry today
Rally for Catalonia independence held in London
The Catalan National Day has been a success. Why?
FOSCOR On Their Unique Approach To Metal, Their Catalan Culture & More
Judges overseeing Catalan president’s trial step aside pending recusal call
Barcelona hosts European Young Leaders
Jailed leader Junqueras reelected head of Esquerra
Catalan basketball star named Most Valuable Player as Spain glides to victory
Brussels backs exiled rapper’s arguments against extradition
Clara Ponsati backs Catalan civil disobedience push
Spain blocks Catalan and Occitania governments’ Mediterranean 5G Corridor project
How Long Must Eritrea Wait for Change?
Bulgaria Charges Head of Pro-Russian Organisation With Espionage
Sudan prime minister visits South Sudan to back new peace roadmap with rebels