Indigenous Perspectives

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1810 September 18: Fiestas Patrias, Chile
1983 September 19: Saint Kitts and Nevis Independence Day
1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day
1981 September 21: Belize Independence Day
1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day
Last Week of September: Banned Books Week
1960 September 22: Mali Independence Day
1973 September 24: Guinea-Bissau Independence Day
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
September 26: European Day of Languages
1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
1966 September 30: Botswana Independence Day
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1960 October 1: Nigeria Independence Day
1978 October 1: Tuvalu Independence Day
1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day
1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day

Death by Socialism
How to make a lasting regime change: A guide for aspiring (democratic) reformers
Trump says future belongs to “patriots,” not “globalists,” in U.N. General Assembly speech
Berber mythology … the three gods that marked ancient Moroccans
‘Simplicity is freedom’: Grammy Award-winning band Tinariwen to headline at Cat’s Cradle
Darija, a lingua franca influenced by both Arabic and Berber
Tuareg rebel-controlled town in Mali concerns African leaders
War veterans heal through community work and rehabilitation in East Timor
From the Archives, 1999: Australian troops sent to East Timor
Army major returns to East Timor for commemorative events
Commemoration to mark ‘hell on earth’ conflict in East Timor
Timorese boy named in honour of Sir Peter Cosgrove after 1999 peacekeeping mission
Yemen’s Houthis threaten to attack United Arab Emirates targets
Who are south Yemen’s separatists?
Separatist movements threatening India’s existence
Uyghur human rights defender – Renew Europe Group’s candidate for the Sakharov Prize 2019
US Secretary of State Pompeo Urges Asia to Resist China’s Demands to Repatriate Uighurs
At U.N., Trump pushes religious freedom at event slamming China over Uighurs
Georgia Extradites Chechen Terror Suspect to Russia, Triggering Criticism
Benin-Nigeria border closure causing economic crisis
UN warns: Dominican Republic drought has come to stay
Tuvalu changes PM, adds to concerns over backing for Taiwan in Pacific
China extends influence in Pacific as Solomon Islands break with Taiwan
Kiribati cuts diplomatic ties with Taiwan, second Pacific island nation in a week
Marshall Islands back Taiwan
Anguilla Tourism Growth Continues Caribbean Trend
New Generation MP calls for Kurdish interpretation in Council of Representatives
Iraqi President meets KRG leaders to ‘guarantee rights’ for Kurds in Baghdad
US continues to arm Syrian Kurds despite Turkey’s objections
Kurdish massacre survivor’s ‘mission from God’
Peshmerga found murdered in the UK
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan office shot at in Erbil
Gunmen fire on Kurdistan Democratic Party headquarters in Sulaimani
Kurdish Friendship Group to be established in European Parliament
Hungary pledges 30 scholarships per year to Kurdistan Region students
US announces new Iran sanctions, more troops, equipment to Saudi Arabia, UAE
14 Kurdistan Workers’ Party fighters ‘neutralized’ in Turkey-Kurdistan Region border areas
Kurdistan’s illegal oil refineries devastate land and public health
Netherlands: Removal of Kurdish mayors undermines Turkish democracy
Barzani calls on Islamic scholars to be more active in spreading tolerance
Kurdistan schools near Turkish border close down amid Turkish airstrikes
Mother of renowned Kurdish filmmaker not allowed to leave Iran
Portugal: Europe’s Hottest Property Market Is Getting Too Hot for Some
Basque derby set for United States
Trial ends with freedom for all but two Eta accused Basques
Euskaltel extends coverage to all Catalonia
China says Maldives is not ‘mired in a Chinese debt trap’
False: Russia’s OSCE Rep Claims Kosovo a Failed ‘Quasi-State Entity’
Global gateway: Somaliland upgrades its window to the world
US takes ‘richest nation on earth’ crown from Switzerland
McDonald’s in Sweden Converting Billboards into ‘Hotels’ for Bees
As shock wears off, mental health concerns grow in Bahamas
Gay and Catholic in Slovakia: ‘Christianity Can Look Different’
What peace means for Afghanistan’s Hazara people
A Revolution in Brittany: Mayors Defy French State to Ban Pesticides
Eighty political prisoners held in Crimea now — lawyer
Ukraine Gets Its Chance
Russia uses farcical police line-ups to imprison Crimean Tatar civic activists and journalists
Ukraine’s delegation boycotts PACE’s autumn session over Russia’s return
Baluch Raji Ajohi Sangar: Emergence of a New Baluch Separatist Alliance
Balochistan: Four ‘unattended’ dead bodies buried in Quetta
Balochistan: Pakistan army sexually assaulted two Baloch girls
Pakistani military conducts fresh offensives in district Awaran Balochistan
Baloch, Sindhi, Pashto groups gather in Houston to seek help from Modi, Trump
Turkey looking to make Cyprus its puppet – Cypriot President
Lesotho achieves second 90 after rapid treatment expansion
How a Chinese Investor Rattled a Tiny African Kingdom’s Economy
Thousands of West Papuan students return home over safety fears
More casualties in West Papua highlands violence
Three West Papuan civilians killed, four injured in clashes with Indonesian forces
West Papua — Australia’s new Timor-Leste?
Paranoia in West Papua
Airport closed, gunfire reported in Papua protest ‘chaos’
At least 20 killed and 70 injured in day of violence in West Papua
Restore normal life to Kashmir, India’s top court tells government
Kashmir’s communication blackout is a ‘devastating blow’ for academics, researchers say
Apples rot in Kashmir orchards as lockdown puts economy in tailspin
Farooq Abdullah once defended India amid global backlash on Kashmir. Now, he has to defend himself
Lord of the Rings returns to New Zealand with Amazon TV show
Change to Come: 40 Years of Māori Artists and the Moving Image
First female Māori bishop ordained in New Zealand
Māori tribe bans replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour ship from docking for anniversary celebration
School fire kills 28 children in Liberia: ‘Everything was blazing’
Nomad Games Kyrgyzstan embraces nomadic history
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan flounder in finding fix for border woes
Tajikistan: Barriers to Aid for Domestic Violence Victims
No Prime Minister: The Deteriorating Security Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Chinese Police Launch Joint Patrols In Serbia
Poland, Serbia and Russia: Strategic misunderstanding
Laos State Media: Woman Arrested for Criticizing Government on Facebook Confesses
Dangerous dams: Laos and the curse of hydroelectric gold
Majors Continue To Strike More Oil Offshore Guyana
Diplomats declare Guyana government in breach of constitution as first oil looms
Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran’s Emerging Client State
Lebanon: 480 Israeli violations of resolution 1701 in two months – report
In Israel, Gantz and Netanyahu Start Talks on Possible Unity Government
Central America’s dengue epidemic deadly in Honduras
This Man Just Swam From Barbados to Saint Lucia
Nicaragua Opposition Leader Claims His Country’s Government Is Abducting and Murdering Those Who Stand In Its Way
China accuses Pelosi of “interference” as battle rages to control narrative on Hong Kong
Will a massive marine protected area safeguard Cook Islands’ ocean?
Moldova Turns to FBI for Help in Investigating $1 Billion Fraud
Samoa’s tattooed rugby players to cover up at times in Japan
Austria to give citizenship to descendants of Nazi victims
Is Commonwealth of Dominica a cancer country?
NZ’s Pacific communities call for climate action
Work commences on Pacific undersea internet cable
Chinese university to offer courses in seven Pacific languages
India PM Narendra Modi to meet leaders of 30 small nations
Oil leads São Tomé and Príncipe to negotiate with Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria
Sohar facilitates 15 years of continued economic growth in Oman
Paraguay To Start Issuing Medical Cannabis Production Licenses
Mongolia keeps the dialogue going on North Korea
Czech Weapons end up in Azerbaijan Despite Embargo
Russia, Belarus to Form Economic ‘Confederacy’ by 2022 – Kommersant
Chocolate: A Taste of Independence in Togo
Slovak bus company caught on video repeatedly denying some Romani passengers service
Feeding Papua New Guinea
Everybody in North Macedonia wants to be a cannabis farmer
Guinea-Bissau governance vulnerabilities under review by the IMF
Communities at the heart of positive and inclusive change
Hmong among us made early mark
Rugby World Cup: How Wales created a home-away-from-home in Japan
Welsh-speaking NHS patients ‘put at risk’ by language barrier
English people living in Wales tilted it towards Brexit, research finds
Ingush Supreme Court ruled to eliminate Muftiate
‘We can find you anywhere’: the Chechen death squads stalking Europe
‘This Was A Political Protest’: Widow Of Udmurt Scholar Hopes His Death Will Bring Change
“If my language disappears tomorrow, I am ready to die today”. Albert Razin died in protest at forced Russification
Hands off our cultural heritage, say world’s indigenous people
Siberian shaman on trek to ‘exorcise’ Putin arrested
Chechnya TV Shows Trio Confessing To ‘Witchcraft’
The memories Chechnya holds
Website Owned by Malta Dioceses Promotes Gay Pride March
Malta: Mediterranean island is a citadel of many cultures and a popular filming locale
UN Shares Details of Burundian Activist’s Murder
Albania struck by 5.6-magnitude earthquake, injuring at least 37
Bolivia Is Fighting Major Forest Fires Nearly As Large As In Brazil
Trinidad and Tobago organizations need help to support Venezuelan refugees
Cameron sought Queen’s help over Scottish independence
British Broadcasting Corporation defends decision to exclude Scottish National Party from Supreme Court ruling special
China steps in to ease housing challenge in Cape Verde
IPOB Leader Kanu Petitions UN Over Killings Of Biafrans, Detention Of Sowore
Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu takes struggle to Japan
How aquaculture can help protect Suriname’s indigenous peoples
Sámi Parliament torn on local rights, urban influence
Athabascan elder Howard Luke dies
The Highest Suicide Rate in the World
Suicide risk factors vary by ethnic group
Nome hosts Inuit food summit
Indigenous People Are Already Working “Green Jobs” — but They’re Unrecognized and Unpaid
Indigenous leaders call attention to disastrous forest fires
Indigenous communities, wildlife under threat as farms invade Nicaraguan reserve
While the Amazon burns, Brazil’s indigenous peoples rise up
Polar research should include Indigenous perspectives
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling is next chapter in long history of plundering Arctic resources
The Arctic railway
Pentecostal Christians Are Burning Australia’s Sacred Aboriginal Objects
The Aboriginal flag dispute in focus: who owns the right to use?
Cherokee football legend McMickens has died
Only 8 People in This Indigenous Tribe Still Speak Their Native Language. The Amazon Fires May Wipe It Out Completely.
25 Years After ‘Operation Uphold Democracy,’ Experts Say the Oft-Forgotten U.S. Military Intervention Still Shapes Life in Haiti
10 Years After Haiti’s Earthquake, ‘This Music School Will Never Stop’
‘The coral are coming back’: Reviving Jamaica’s elegant and essential coral reefs
Turkmenistan Backtracking On Pledges About Disappeared Prisoners
Kuwait oil sector heightens security after Saudi Aramco attacks
Libya: Locked or moving forward?
A Nation’s Tense Debate Over How To Fight Rape
Chinese firm launches aquaculture pens off Brunei
The 111th Anniversary of Bulgaria’s Declaration of Independence
These Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Been Imprisoned in Eritrea for the Past 25 Years Without Trial
DRC army says Rwandan Hutu rebel commander Mudacumura killed
Why Spain is having yet another election
Elections in Spain: What could influence the November elections to break the political impasse?
Catalonia’s self-rule threatened once again as Spain prepares for snap-election
Taking back the hills: a tale of women rights and lands in the Catalan Pyrenees
Foreign investment in Catalonia up 16% in first half of 2019
Facebook and Twitter pull over 300 accounts linked to Spain’s People’s party
Catalan sovereignty movement at a crossroads
Messi beats Van Dijk, Ronaldo to FIFA The Best
Unionists claim pro-independence camp has ‘violent agenda’
Outrage in pro-referendum camp following arrest of nine activists for ‘terrorism’
Catalonia favors regional governments for battle against climate change at UN HQ
Barcelona hosts Best Chef Awards with Catalans in the spotlight
Supreme Court authorizes exhumation of Spain’s late dictator Francisco Franco
Mauritius activists seek to overturn anti-gay law
Iceland hosts first major international #MeToo conference
Iceland — Yes, Iceland — Is the Best Place in the World For Retirement
Iceland fined for Eurovision pro-Palestinian protest
United States expels 2 Cuban U.N. diplomats for conducting ‘influence operations’
‘The biggest show in town’ — how rugby united a divided Ireland
From backdoor to backstop: Ireland’s shifting relationship with Britain and Europe
Pound Rally Fizzles as Ireland Puts Dampener on Brexit Hopes
Estonia worried West’s loosening grip on Russia could end in third intervention
Russia pushes to reclaim Baltic gas market
Lithuania to hold nuclear accident at Astravyets response readiness drill
EP calls to counter Russia’s attempts to whitewash Soviet crimes and rewrite history
How to make a lasting regime change: A guide for aspiring (democratic) reformers
Governments still struggling to contend with weaponized social media platforms
New Lithuanian cardinal, ‘strong internally,’ spent time in Soviet prison
New rotation of Lithuanian military instructors leaves for Ukraine
Riigikogu committee discusses achieving carbon neutrality in Estonia
Chinese culture minister to visit Latvia in October
New Polish channel in Lithuania seeks to win back ethnic minority viewers from Russian TV
Environmental activists pluck plastic from world’s beaches on mass cleanup day
Estonia commemorates the day the Soviet Union occupied the country
NATO jets scrambled six times last week by Russian aircraft violations
On day of Vilnius Ghetto liquidation, Lithuania marks national Holocaust remembrance day
Duterte forms committee to assist Bangsamoro gov’t
Qatar: Despite reform promises, migrant workers still return home without wages or justice
Illegally tapping French Guiana’s forest of gold
Breaking the Silence: Gambian Beauty Queen Publicly Accuses Former Dictator of Rape
The US sent bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan. Now they’re dying from poor treatment
New US Act of Congress takes aim at looming battle for the soul of Tibet
US bill demands China grant consulate in Tibet and stay away from Dalai Lama succession
China is open towards a realistic approach after 70 years of failure: Tibet’s spiritual leader
Most kids in Finland like going to school, health watchdog survey finds
Facing Climate Change and Overtourism, Norway Shifts Its Marketing
French scholarship system failing New Caledonia