Necessary Media Silence

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day
November is National Native American Heritage Month in the US
1984 November 1: Anti-Sikh Riots
1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day
1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day
2018 November 4: New Caledonian independence referendum
November 5: International Romani Language Day
November 7: International Inuit Day
1938 November 9: Kristallnacht
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
1953 November 9: Cambodia Independence Day
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum
2001 November 10: Indonesian Military assassinate West Papuan Independence Leader Theys Eluay
1975 November 11: Angola Independence Day
1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland
1839 November 13: Baloch Martyrs’ Day
1975 November 14: Madrid Accords on Western Sahara
1988 November 15: Palestinian Declaration of Independence
November 16, 1988: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration
November 16: Icelandic Language Day
1989 November 17: Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia
1918 November 18: Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia
1956 November 18: Morocco Independence Day
1650 November 18: Oman National Day

China’s top political body met in secret and issued an ominous message to Hong Kong
Tajikistan approves Chinese $360 million grant for highways
Tuvalu receives $US4m from Asian Development Bank
Sao Tome and Principe Urged to Workout African Free Trade Strategy
Scottish independence in spotlight as UK election kicks off
Marshall Islands Adoption Issues Go Beyond Arizona Arrest
Under pressure from churches, Cook Islands MPs back down on same-sex law reform
Lesotho Lawmakers Back End to Country’s Wool, Mohair Monopoly
Togo ups its ante against terror threats
Albania: A legacy of dictatorship
Maldives: Trouble In Paradise
Indian Manipur separatists announce exiled government in UK
Kuwait appoints its first ambassador to Palestine
Jordan recalls ambassador in Israel to protest citizen detentions
You Can Now Take a Virtual Tour of the West Bank and Gaza
An artificial intelligence company backed by Microsoft is helping Israel surveil Palestinians
Coldplay selects Jordan for eighth album release
Competing Protests in Lebanon Bring Thousands on to the Streets
Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct two Baloch youth
Czech-China love affair hits the rocks
Antigua & Barbuda Celebrates 38 Years of Independence
Kosovo elections: ‘Most significant change’ in 12 years
78 killed in Ethiopia following Oromo activist Facebook post
US military team heads to Montenegro to counter cyberthreats ahead of 2020 elections
Mongolia arrests 800 Chinese citizens in cybercrime probe
Outrage in eSwatini after royal family’s new luxury cars
Denmark Approves Route for a Controversial Russia-German Pipeline
46 Crimean Tatar Organizations Call for End to Russian Occupation of Their Homeland
Russian Naval Aviation to form new combat headquarters in Kaliningrad and in Crimea
UK Defence Secretary announces extension of training mission to Ukraine
U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Resolution To Support Eastern Europe Energy Independence
Bolivian protest leader holed up in airport with Morales supporters outside
Wallis and Futuna struggles with bank restrictions
Gabon’s tricky balancing act with a growing timber industry and the environment
Russia’s ‘troll factory’ is alive and well in Africa
Ethnic Divisions among Those Moscow Counts as Mordvins Withstand Divide-and-Rule Policies, Unity Drives and Repression
Chief of Ingushetia’s anti-extremism center gunned down in Moscow
Germany: How four Chechen brothers combine modeling and martial arts
The Russian connection to a Berlin hit job that Germany doesn’t want to talk about
As Russians Remember Repression Victims, Moscow Creates More Of Them
Buddhism in Russia: History and Modernity
Trial by fire: A scholar burned himself to death to protest the disappearance of indigenous languages and cultures in Russia
Chechnya: Grozny’s ex-mayor involved in torturing detainees
Russia’s Controversial ‘Sovereign Internet’ Law Comes Into Force
West Papuans hit out at President Widodo for treating the region as a ‘holiday home’ during a human rights crisis
Internet Shutdown in Papua Threatens Indonesia’s Democracy and Its People’s Right to Free Speech
Citizen journalism countering ‘deliberate’ media silence on West Papua
Text editor releases ‘Free Uyghur’ edition, gets swamped with Chinese spam
Female Detainees at Xinjiang Internment Camps Face Sterilization, Sexual Abuse: Camp Survivor
Male Chinese ‘Relatives’ Assigned to Uyghur Homes Co-sleep With Female ‘Hosts’
India downgrades Kashmir’s status and takes greater control over contested region
Trump’s Syria pullout follows years of Kurdish struggle
Turkey detains hundreds for critiquing, reporting on military offensive in Syria
German Kurds could face arrest in Turkey, Germany warns
Syrian Kurds slam UN chief for meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan
Over 14,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Kurdistan Region since October
Volunteer from US relief group killed in Syria by Turkish mortar attack
Iraqi Kurds boycott Turkish goods after Syria assault
Christian fighters assigned to defend Assyrian communities in Syria
What Ancient Stones Still Mean to the Assyrian People Today
Turkish warplanes reportedly strike Yezidi base in Shingal
Laos’s Belt and Road project sparks questions over China ambitions
Honduran inmate who linked president’s brother to drugs dead
Land on Bora Bora returned to French Polynesia
Security Council Extends Mandate of United Nations Mission in Western Sahara
Pirates kidnap nine crew members from cargo ship off coast of Benin
Moldovan President Says Russia Has Made ‘First Step’ Toward Troop Withdrawal
U.S. giving more food to Haiti as roadblocks, violent protests worsen hunger crisis
U.N. Chief Urges Myanmar to Resolve Rohingya Refugee Crisis
Putin: Orbán No Ordinary Leader, Stands Out in Europe
Turkmenistan: Gay Man Missing After Coming Out Online
Frontline clashes ebb and flow as Libya’s war hits impasse
In Djibouti, opposition protests met with force
Jamestown Foundation recommends two-year conscription for the Baltic states
Nordic, Baltic countries face same threats from Russia, China
South Sudan expels AP journalist Sam Mednick
In Central African Republic, rebels fight on as peace deal falters
Osseo Hmong-language teacher wins top honor from language teachers’ group
Penn hosts first Indigenous Languages Week to celebrate modern native culture
Renata Flores Brought Quechua to YouTube, and Then Everything Changed
Floods in Somalia displace more than 250,000 people – U.N.
Bahrain once again comes under spotlight for rights abuses
Liverpool assured LGBT fans welcome in Qatar – CEO
How an Eritrea refugee ran to daylight — and to Denver
Taoiseach urged to establish a Citizens Assembly to look at building support for a united Ireland
Prison ‘a necessary step’ for independence, says Jordi Cuixart
Arrested Catalan protesters on police: “Blood was flyging, staining the walls”
Students begin indefinite camp in Barcelona against ‘repression’
Spain’s Constitutional Court suspends Catalan foreign action plan and relations with the EU
The Catalan uprising – Cristina Costa
Catalan president Quim Torra takes part in symbolic ‘self-incrimination’ campaign for referendum
Protests as Spanish king visits Barcelona
Ungovernable: CUP seeking Catalan independence through subversion
Jailed Catalan leader Oriol Junqueras takes European Parliament head to court
Spanish Supreme Court sends new extradition requests for exiled Catalan leaders
Foreign Citizens 13.4 Percent of Iceland’s Population
Tibetan State Workers, Party Members ‘Held Hostage’ For Visitors’ Good Behavior
Tibet’s Rivers Will Determine Asia’s Future
In China, every day is Kristallnacht
Beauty Queen’s Rape Allegation Against Former Gambia President Sparks #MeToo Movement
In A Remote Arctic Outpost, Norway Keeps Watch On Russia’s Military Buildup
Kiribati detains crew reporting on China ties
Five Indigenous Leaders Massacred in Colombia; New Wave of Violence Feared as 2,500 Troops Deployed
Hokkaido Ainu association sues University of Tokyo to have remains returned
5 ways to honor Native Americans during National Native American Heritage Month
Aymara families celebrate Day of the Dead in La Paz
After Uluru: Other Australian Aboriginal sites like Wollumbin Mount Warning could close too