Did Catalans Win Spanish general election?

Appeal for Nuremberg Trials for Communism

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
November is National Native American Heritage Month in the US
November 7: International Inuit Day
1938 November 9: Kristallnacht
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
1953 November 9: Cambodia Independence Day
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum
2001 November 10: Indonesian Military assassinate West Papuan Independence Leader Theys Eluay
1975 November 11: Angola Independence Day
1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland
1839 November 13: Baloch Martyrs’ Day
1975 November 14: Madrid Accords on Western Sahara
1988 November 15: Palestinian Declaration of Independence
November 16, 1988: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration
November 16: Icelandic Language Day
1989 November 17: Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia
1918 November 18: Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia
1956 November 18: Morocco Independence Day
1650 November 18: Oman National Day
1969 November 20: Occupation of Alcatraz
2013 November 21: Euromaidan, Ukraine
1943 November 22: Lebanese Independence Day
2020 11 28: 4th Saturday of November: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine
1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day

A Time of Hope and Optimism
Croatia boasts of record tourism season
Actually, Giving Aid to Ukraine Is Putting America First
Russian occupiers detain veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement, Ayshe Seitmuratova
In Poland, Ukrainian Donbas War Veteran Faces Extradition To Russia
The ‘terrorist threat’ Russia brought to Crimea ; six victims receive huge sentences
Transformation of Eastern Europe has been a success
Pro-Communist Jeremy Corbyn as PM would be a hammer blow to Britain’s national security
Chechen government covers up for Kadyrov’s relative who tortured women
Russia Targets Dissenters—Right in Their Bank Accounts
Chechnya’s Ruling Elite Targeted In Unprecedented Purge
Chechen leader suggests killing those who ‘insult honour’ online
Chechnya wants to make singers get approval for lyrics and recordings on social networks
Russia Shuts down Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North
‘Neanderthal Russophobes’: Kremlin Complaints Turn To Language
Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland’s future at risk of being decided by Nigel Farage
China Warns Vietnam to Not ‘Complicate’ South China Sea Dispute By Seeking Legal Arbitration
Renaming the Welsh assembly: ‘If we can say Dáil, why not Senedd?’
‘ITV turned down Gavin & Stacey because it was Welsh’
Indigenous midwives exchange knowledge: PWRDF program shares best practices from Canada, Mexico and Peru
Almost half of all First Nations families are ‘food insecure’: 10-year study
Radio Station in California Is Providing Critical Fire Information in Indigenous Languages
253 Adivasi villages in Telangana’s Asifabad prohibit liquor
‘The 7 Stages of Grieving’: An original Aboriginal Australian one-woman show
How a Cooking Show in Canada’s Far North Celebrates Inuit Cuisine
2 Dead, 14 Injured During Navajo Religious Ceremony in New Mexico
Cherokee Nation Considering Law to Withhold School Funding Over ‘Anti-Native Issues’
All about the Kartarpur Corridor, the new Sikh connection between India and Pakistan
Bolivia battles to restore stability as fallen Morales reaches Mexico
Nicaraguan government denounces “coup” in Bolivia
KGB Lebedevs’ Independent under fire for downplaying China’s sexual abuse of Uighur women
Guinea-Bissau newly appointed PM resigns under pressure from Ecowas
Guinea’s President Tempts Fate to Extend His Reign
Equatorial Guinea vice president’s supercars seized to fund development programs
Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana gearing to offer joint visitor experience
Kyrgyzstan: Radioactive disaster a landslide away
Burundi’s Main Opposition Party Says About 200 Members Detained
Liberia Gets Third Central Bank Governor in Less Than Two Years
Belarus Rejects Tajik Extradition Request For Opposition Activist
As Putin’s Embrace Tightens, Belarus Strongman Reaches Out to EU
Series of events to promote Basque language in Vitoria-Gasteiz
New Caledonia’s second independence referendum to be held 6 September 2020
The State of Indonesia vs The State of West Papua
Yemen’s President Hadi meets separatist leader after deal ends power struggle
Pak army continues its barbarism in Balochistan; 28 operations conducted, 25 bodies found
‘It’s So Easy to Live Here.’ Jewish Settlements Go Mainstream in Israel
Israeli gunfire kills Palestinian man in occupied West Bank
Palestinian shot in back last year says Israelis abused him for hours
Shingal Yezidis express fear for their future as Turkish airstrikes said to continue
Israel aiding Syria’s Kurds, advocating for them with U.S.: official
‘This is your home’: PM Barzani to northeast Syria refugees after camp visit
Tibetan Man Not Heard From Since Detention Last Month by Chinese Police
Tibetan Man Detained in March, No Word Given to Family
China conducts military drills in Tibet
Who Will Decide On The Dalai Lama’s Successor — His Supporters Or Beijing?
Protestors Clash with Police at Screening of Gay-Themed Movie in Tbilisi, Georgia
30 years after the Berlin Wall, Cyprus’ division endures
Northern Mariana Islands: Abound with nature and WW2 history
Danske Bank Caught Using Gold Bullion to Launder Illicit Funds
Serbia set to buy Russian missiles despite US sanctions hint
If you’re worried about terrorism, worry about the Sahel
International Criminal Court Sentences Congo Warlord Called ‘The Terminator’ to 30 Years in Prison
‘Violence, atrocities and impunity’ reign throughout Libya, ICC prosecutor tells UN Security Council
Russia Positioning Itself in Libya to Unleash Migrant Crisis Into Europe
Lebanon a ‘beautiful idea’ in need of a reboot, say protesters
US Navy hospital ship in Haiti, healing the sick and injured
Jamaica: On the Path to Higher Economic Growth
Amazonian woman who led Vatican tree-planting ceremony reveals its pagan significance
Lithuanians and Estonians top list of illegal online content users
On the front line in Europe’s war against Russian election interference
How Russia Could Force a Nuclear War in the Baltics
30 years after the Berlin Wall’s collapse, Americans don’t understand communism’s dangers
Lithuania seeks European Parliament protection for January 13 case judges from Russian intimidation
When poem could land you in prison: Soviet Lithuanian author implicated in fellow writer’s persecution
Baltic states top EU homicide statistics
Latvian Green Party expelled from European Green Party
Belarus’ nuclear plant becoming Russian influence tool
Denmark and Iceland clash over priceless medieval manuscripts
The future of protest is high tech – just look at the Catalan independence movement
Flanders wants to address Catalonia issue with Spain
European Association of Chambers of Commerce suggests Catalonia follow Basque example in economic dealings with Spain
Spain to shut down websites and social media over ‘public order threats’
UK refuses to even process arrest warrant for exiled former Catalan education minister Clara Ponsatí
‘Not even Russia behaves this way’ – Baltic Way organizer berates Spain’s handling of Catalonia crisis
Was Spanish consul in Edinburgh Vecino Quintana dismissed over “unconstitutional orders” from FM Josep Borrell?
Belgian judiciary lets two former Catalan ministers off without precautionary measures
ERC request Junqueras be included as election candidate as public office ban provisionally lifted
Sànchez, Turull, and Rull request their conviction of sedition be annulled
Exiled Catalan Carles Puigdemont to miss father’s funeral
Ireland and Catalonia – a history of similar struggles
Commission will not probe Borrell over Catalan tweet
Catalan pro-independence parties get best ever result in Spanish election
Tsunami Democràtic activists block main highway near French border
Spanish general election: Catalan, Basque, Galician parties make gains
Catalan Institute of America launches a film series and a book club
EU court advocate general recognizes jailed Catalan leader Junqueras as an MEP
Guardia Civil police raid Catalan government’s sports agency HQ
Police arrest 19 Catalan proindependence protesters at French border so far
Self-determination motion passed in Barcelona and suspended in Madrid at same time
Socialists and Podemos agree on first ever coalition government for Spain
Cuba: UN Members overwhelmingly support end of US embargo