Bougainville votes on independence

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
November is National Native American Heritage Month in the US
1969 November 20: Occupation of Alcatraz
2013 November 21: Euromaidan, Ukraine
1943 November 22: Lebanese Independence Day
4th Saturday of November: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine
1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day
1920 November 27: Belarus Heroes’ Day
1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence
1873 November 28: Hawaiian Independence Day
1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day
1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day
November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day
November 30: Saint Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s official national day
1967 November 30: Yemen Independence Day
1st Sunday of December: Sindhi Culture Day
1961 December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua, West Papua National Day
1971 December 2: United Arab Emirates National Day
December 3: International Day of the Basque Language
1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day
1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day
1948 December 10: Human Rights Day

NATO at 70: Positioning itself in an illiberal world
The 150 best and worst countries for LGBT travel
This Caribbean island is on track to become the world’s first ‘hurricane-proof’ country
Destroying Mosques: China’s Umpteenth Attempt to Wipe Out Uyghur Identity
‘Xinjiang Papers’ Leak Spurs Calls For Action on China’s Uyghur Camps
Power and Paranoia: Why the Chinese government aggressively pushes beyond its borders
China’s Operating Manuals for Mass Internment and Arrest by Algorithm
NATO Marks 20 Years Of Military Operations In Kosovo
War historians call for unvarnished East Timor history
Liberation Movement for West Papua: Dec 1 must be a ‘Day of Mourning’ for all who died this year
Deafening silence as West Papua crisis deepens
Liberia: Rev. Kortu Brown Describes Printing of New Currency as “Troubling and Unjustified”
‘Peaceful’ Presidential Election in Guinea-Bissau
Tunisian President calls for saving Palestinian people from extermination
“We stand for love and peace and brotherhood” – inside Coldplay’s spectacular sermon on the mount in Jordan
I DON’T BELIEVE IN BAROTSELAND…this issue is settled – Mukuni
About 300 Russian soldiers leave Syria for Chechnya
Tuvalu: Pacific nation turns down Chinese islands and backs Taiwan
‘The Man Who Lost His Homeland’
Macron and Merkel could hand Putin big win amid Crimea tensions
Russia continues its revenge on Maidan activists, while giving shelter to Berkut suspected killers
Lawyer of Maidan victims’ families announces hunger strike
Sanctions on companies involved in Nord Stream 2 added to US draft defense budget
500,000 Russians from mainland resettled to occupied Crimea
Decriminalising Homosexuality Law Hangs in the Balance for the Cook Islands
São Tomé and Príncipe launches international public tender for construction of deepwater port
UN should treat Morocco as occupier in Western Sahara, not partner
America’s ‘Shame’: Medicaid Funding Slashed In U.S. Territories
Kuwait struggles to rein in trade in wild falcons
Turkmenistan stages first opera after 19-year ban
Barbados opening its doors
Legislation to Legalize Marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago Introduced in Parliament
Strike in French Polynesia over sacked hotel workers
After mass shooting, Fresno’s Hmong community is left mourning and afraid
Why Seychelles has world’s worst heroin problem
Microsoft adds Māori to translator as New Zealand pushes to revitalize the language
Linguistics Department Hosts Inaugural Symposium on Indigenous Language Communities of the Californias
Sgoil an Rubha success at Scottish Gaelic Awards 2019
Haratin: Photographer Seif Kusmate Jailed for Portraying Slavery in Mauritania
Journalist critical of Daniel Ortega returns to Nicaragua after exile in Costa Rica
Immigrants from Marshall Islands teaching culture in Ohio
Guinea Confronts Third Termism
How Somaliland Thrives in Such a Rough Neighborhood
Bougainville may become the world’s newest nation
Bougainville votes on independence from Papua New Guinea
Bougainville referendum polling running smoothly
Bougainville mining expectations rise amid peaceful referendum
Czech Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes honors Romani activist’s work to remove pig farm from Holocaust remembrance site
A Line in The Sand: Crossing the China-Mongolia Border
The Crown Misses the Full Story of Political Turmoil During Prince Charles’s Time in Wales
‘Baloch People Are Thrown Off Helicopters’: Altaf Hussain On Pakistan’s Barbarism
We will free Balochistan at any cost: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch
Lending support to the Baloch movement
Balochistan: Iranian state forces detained several protesters in Chabahar
‘Fighting for the right to have rights’
How a Death at a Caribbean Resort Became an International Incident
Georgian riot police deploy water cannon as protesters in Tbilisi try to blockade parliament
Acute gastrointestinal illness in an African Indigenous population: the lived experience of Uganda’s Batwa
Faced with trauma, focused on the future: Tribes fighting to curb rising Indigenous suicide rates
Indigenous Occupation Calling for Return of Traditional Territories in Taiwan Reaches 1,000th Day
Australian Indigenous Affairs Minister says hearing direct from communities is critical to solving issues
An indigenous uprising in ancient Costa Rica
Vogue cover spotlights Mexico’s indigenous transgender women
Sewing project honours Inuit missing and murdered women and girls
For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning
PM of Australia hikes for Aboriginal men’s organisation
Over 10,000 Adivasis In Jharkhand’s Khunti District Accused Of Sedition
Namibia Set For Election Amid Economic Downturn
Last group of Yezidi women, children arrive in Paris for resettlement program
British-Kurdish academic released on $40K bail from notorious Iranian prison
Armenia to open consulate in the Kurdistan Region
Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds gifted military intelligence to Russia
Russian think tank: Kurds will accept nothing less than autonomy from Damascus
US VP Mike Pence visits Erbil, affirms enduring support for Kurdistan Region
U.S. establishes foothold in Solomons as Chinese interests expand
Some Pacific Island Nations Are Turning To China. Climate Change Is A Factor
Scottish National Party and indyref dominate ITV debate – despite Nicola Sturgeon’s exclusion
Scottish independence activists wary of bad Salmond publicity
Can Nicola Sturgeon deliver Scottish independence?
Saint Lucia works toward food security
Blindness in Kashmir
Hitler’s Birth Home in Austria to Become a Police Station
Message on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Burundi
Serbia’s president accuses Russia of spying
UK Pro-Khalistan Sikh Groups Confer ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award On Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan For Kartarpur Corridor
Old religious tensions resurge in Bolivia after ouster of longtime indigenous president
Bolivia’s indigenous divided over ousted champion Morales
Bolivia deal for new elections offers chance of peace
US to give Vietnam another coast guard cutter amid rising tensions in South China Sea
Vilnius 2019 Is National Epic
Haiti needs more than remittances, U.S. ambassador says, it needs investment
Moldova, eyeing Russia loan, may ‘pause’ cooperation with IMF
Beijing Was Confident Its Hong Kong Allies Would Win. After the Election, It Went Silent.
Kyrgyzstan: Impromptu rally signals new way of opposing corruption
Slovakia opposition talks collapse ahead of February election
Greece to ‘shut the door’ to migrants not entitled to asylum, PM says
Palau corals ‘may hold answer’ to facing climate change threat
UAE in weapons making push as allies restrict sales
Malta PM’s chief of staff quits amid investigation into anti-corruption journalist’s murder
Denmark’s $450 Billion Pension Industry Gets Wake-Up Call
Ex-leader leaves Benin with political crisis unresolved
Basque community opens its doors to welcome family from Syria
Slovenian Government Skirts Collapse With Budget Vote Win
Aung San Suu Kyi to defend Myanmar in Rohingya genocide case
Orban’s billion-dollar spending yet to bring Hungary revival
Yields of 100% Push Lebanon’s Bonds Into Venezuela Territory
Trump and Bulgaria: Attacks on free media damage democracy
Boston Irish Heritage Trail Marks 25 Years
Isolated Iceland newly vulnerable to computer scams
‘Pervasive’ digital sexual violence against women skyrockets in Singapore
UN Mission, community leaders, condemn South Sudan violence which left two dead at camp
‘There is no alternative to NATO’, Latvian president says
NATO Still Key to Counter Persistent Russian Threat
Estonian president sees life in ‘brain-dead’ NATO
Baltic-Black Sea Union and more weapons: how Eastern Europe can defend
Are the Baltic States Convincing Russia by Developing their Defence Capability?
Vilnius hosts state funeral of 1863 January Uprising commanders
It’s time for Sánchez to sit and talk with Catalan leaders about our future
Flanders’ main party N-VA wants Spain’s ambassador to explain Catalan situation in Flemish parliament
On its 20th anniversary, journalists praise Catalan News Agency as ‘necessary’
Amnesty International calls for release of two Catalan leaders Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart
MSP Ruth Maguire condemns jail sentences for Catalan independence leaders
Half of Spaniards outside Catalonia would accept result of agreed referendum
Catalan exports rise to near all-time best at end of 2019
Tsunami Democràtic urges Barça and Madrid to show ‘Spain, sit and talk’ slogan at upcoming clásico match
EU chamber head willing to ‘review’ opinion on barred Catalan MEPs if court says so
Cinemaattic brings the biggest Catalan film festival ever to Scotland
Paul Engler on Spain’s handling of the Catalan crisis: ‘I would expect that from a dictatorship’
Spanish Supreme Court to look for Catalan pro-independence MP’s irregular contracts
After Weeks on the Run, Eritrean Footballers in Uganda Plead for Resettlement
‘Time To Push Aggressively on Tibet’, U.S. Ambassador For Religious Freedom Sam Brownback
Chinese Police Swarm Tibetan Township After Independence Protests
Cuba fashion show is small step for private enterprise
Africa needs Gambia’s leadership on human rights
Winter War: The 1939 Soviet Invasion Of Finland In Crystal-Clear Photos
Lai says Taiwan already independent, China warns of ‘disaster’
Airlines get ready for jet biofuel take-off in Norway
Pressure mounts for El Salvador to investigate wave of LGBT+ killings
Fly fishing? Team Kiribati are winging it
EU should recognise Palestinian state after U.S. backs Israeli settlements: Luxembourg