“We’re going home,” exiled Crimean Tatar

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day
1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day
1948 December 10: Human Rights Day
1981 Deceember 11: El Mozote massacre, El Salvador
1994 December 11: First Chechen War
1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day
1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day
1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution
2011 December 18: Arab Spring
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day

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American Samoa declares measles outbreak, closes schools
Island of Comoros Raises $4 Billion to Fund Infrastructure, Tourism
Aminatou Haidar Honored For Decades of Peaceful Resistance in Western Sahara, Africa’s Last Colony
Russian court sentences Crimean Tatar activist Seytosmanov to 17 years in prison
Netherlands Embassy presents human rights award to Crimean lawyer Lilia Hemedzhy
We’re going home! – exiled Crimean Tatar leaders announce march on occupied Crimea
Ukraine, Russia Agree On Full Cease-Fire, ‘All-For-All’ Prisoner Swap By End Of 2019
Zelensky stands firm in first encounter with Putin over Crimea
U.S. Lawmakers Include Russian-Pipeline Sanctions Bill In NDAA As Completion Deadline Approaches
Zeinab Jalalian, Kurdish political prisoner: No bullet can extinguish the people’s cry for freedom
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Kyrgyzstan: Blogger Aftandil Zhorobekov Faces Incitement Charges
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Press Freedom Still Under Attack in Nicaragua
Russia expels Bulgarian diplomat in tit-for-tat move
Vatican’s Nuclear Diplomacy from the Cold War to the Present
Sweden charges former China envoy over dissident bookseller case
Samoa Arrests Anti-Vaccination Activist As Measles Death Toll Rises
For a third time, Slovak court acquits police of brutalizing Romani children a decade ago, prosecutor appealing
Bolivia: Tense calm under interim government
Kashmir users kicked off WhatsApp
Maldives wants to restructure debt to China
Three Ministers Fired, Arrested in Gabon Anti-Corruption Drive
Denmark Strikes Deal to Slash CO2 Emissions by 70% in a Decade
Faroe Islands Joins World Taekwondo
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Prominent Uyghur Activist Waris Ababekri Dies Days After Release From Xinjiang Internment Camp
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US House passes Uyghur Act calling for tough sanctions on Beijing over Xinjiang camps
Forlán: “I nearly joined Athletic, I’m as Basque as anyone there”
Asier Altuna Preps Basque Historical Drama ‘Karmele the Hour of Waking Together’
Tiger conservation efforts recognised in Bhutan
BHANSA takes control of Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic
Taiwan may help if Hong Kong violence expands
Milan Kundera’s Czech Citizenship Is Restored After 40 Years
Jewish Graves Desecrated in Historic French Cemetery
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China’s Genetic Research on Ethnic Minorities Sets Off Science Backlash
Shinto festival carries on centuries-old tradition in Japan
‘In the Name of Belief’: Indonesia embraces indigenous religious education
‘Soldiers of Jesus’: Armed neo-Pentecostals torment Brazil’s religious minorities
21 Western Togoland campaigners busted in Ho
Volta, Oti chiefs disown Western Togoland
Former US general Hodges: Turkish veto on Baltic defense not a catastrophe
French influence thrives on an exotic island in the Indian Ocean
UN Libya migrant center plagued with crowding, TB, food cuts
Education gets lion’s share in Bangsamoro 2020 budget
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