European Court Of Justice Comes Out In Support Of Prosecuted Catalan Independists

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
2011 December 18: Arab Spring
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1943 December 28: Day of Memory and Sorrow in Kalmykia
1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day
1960 January 1: Cameroon Independence Day
1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce of Czechia and Slovakia
1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence
1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day
1956 January 1: Sudan Independence Day
1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day
1968 January 5: Prague Spring

Africa Youth Parliament admits Somaliland as its 55th member
Young Indigenous activists lead climate justice action in Alaska
Who are the Indigenous People of Manipur ?
Sámi reconciliation process gains final approval
Navajo Nation to create ‘one-of-a-kind Medicaid program’
Lawyer and Aboriginal justice advocate wins 2019 legal writing prize
Six charged with treason in Indonesia after Papua protest
Denmark approves US consulate after spat over Trump’s offer to buy Greenland
At the Edge of the World, a New Battleground for the U.S. and China
eSwatini Opposition Leaders, Activists Targeted in Police Raids
The Betrayal of the Kurds
Scottish independence: Could Scotland leave the UK and stay in the EU?
How Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Became a Part of the U.K.
Montreal Mayor refuses to consider honoring Irish Famine dead with REM station
Tearful caller shares her experience of anti-Irish racism
The Biggest Social Media Operation You’ve Never Heard of Is Run Out of Cyprus by Russians
Vatican office struggles to keep up with clergy abuse cases
Reimagining ocean conservation
Luxembourg Establishes Centre of Excellence for Clean Space with NorthStar
New York rents in the Sahara? Living in Africa’s most expensive city
Switzerland Shuts Down 47-Year-Old Nuclear Power Plant
Benin: head of mission to the EU declared persona non grata
Gabon passes law criminalizing gays
Dozens of gravestones vandalized in Jewish cemetery in Slovakia
Top Criminal Court to conduct official probe into alleged war crimes in Palestine
Barbados ecomomic outlook upgraded
Chinese utility buys 49% of Oman power grid
The decade in the Māori world: from Taika to Tariana
EU allocates EUR 8 mln to help people on both sides of contact line in Donbas
Big Brother Is Watching: Putin Poster Pun No Laughing Matter For Russian Police
FSB raid homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Karachay-Cherkessia
‘Help comes from those who themselves need help’
Putin’s Russia is stagnating but there will be no “Moscow Maidan”
First three convicted in Ingush protest trials
Battle of Grozny: 25 Years Ago the Russian Military Hit Rock Bottom
‘If Someone Speaks the Truth, He Will Be Killed’
Fear of Russian attack hangs over Chechens in Germany
Relations Between West, Russia Likely to Remain Antagonistic Next Year
Why Putin’s Threat to Belarus Can’t Be Ignored
Opening of Comoros’ Consulate in Al-Aaiun: Attack on Sahrawi people’s sovereignty
Daughter of Jailed Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti Accepts Sakharov Prize For Her Father
Bolivian Prosecutors Seek to Arrest Evo Morales for ‘Terrorism’
Turkey breaches airspace of Greece 40 times in a day, triggering mock dogfights between the NATO allies
Basque And Proud: Athletic Bilbao Are Sticking To Its Roots And It’s Paying Off
What the United Arab Emirates can teach resource-rich countries in Africa
Namibia’s power supply squeezed as drought hits hydropower plant
Shocking report finds UN peacekeepers fathered hundreds of children while working in Haiti
Sweden ends five years of negative rates with hike to zero
A Hezbollah-backed academic is set to be Lebanon’s next prime minister
Two languages for the price of one – Frisian villages go local
Galicia: Spain’s forgotten stateless nation
Without a government for a year, Belgium shows what happens to politics without politicians
Cuba names Manuel Marrero Cruz as first prime minister since 1976
NATO faces most ‘complex security’ environment in its history
NATO Must Survive
Russia gas pipeline sanctions legislation (PEES Act): A way ahead
Merkel’s Split-the-Difference Strategy Isn’t Working
Latvia Flagged ‘Suspicious’ Hunter Biden Payments in 2016
A NATO Urban Delaying Strategy for the Baltic States
Vilnius rejects free concert proposal with ‘Kremlin’s ears’
Belarus’ nuclear plant to receive fuel early 2020
Police arrest senior Russian ‘mafioso’ in Tallinn
Lithuania’s strategic pipeline clogged with Russia ties
European Court of Justice grants immunity to jailed Catalan MEP-elect Oriol Junqueras
Foreign investment in Catalonia down 56.6% in third quarter
Exiled Catalan MEPs accredited to take up seats
Spain’s National Court grants bail to 3 CDR activists accused of terrorism
As Barcelona Seeks Independence, Some 1992 Catalan Help for Croatian International Recognition
Bill to Support Tibet Moves Forward in the US Congress
A Tour of Iceland’s Feminist Past and Present
China fears Taiwan’s democracy the most