Belarus of its own

1972 January 30: Bloody Sunday, Northern Ireland
1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day
2004 February 1: Erbil bombings, Kurdistan
1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day
1945 February 4: Yalta Conference establishing post-WW2 world geopolitical boundaries
1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang
February 5: Kashmir Solidarity Day
1917 February 6: Sami National Day
1840 February 6: Waitangi Day, the national day of New Zealand
1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day
1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day
1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day
2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)
1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia
1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day
2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence
1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day

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Niue: Warrior princess, Wonder Woman, features on new silver coins in celebration of 60th anniversary of the creation of the Justice League
Events in Lesotho point to poor prospects for political stability
Japanese-style idols LaoNavy put Laos on the pop culture map
UN removes Angola and São Tomé and Principe from the group of least developed countries
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A Decade of Dzud: Lessons From Mongolia’s Deadly Winters
Hmong American Partnership faces questions about grant requirements, delayed 401(k) contributions
Cook Islands doctor following in family footsteps with Olympic canoe slalom spot
Rugby-Olympic champions Fiji rediscover their mojo in Sydney triumph
Canoe Kids in the Solomon Islands
What to Do on Your Trip to Dominica, the Caribbean’s Wildest Island
Recycling, ecojogging: Togo’s citizens sow seeds of environmental awareness
China turns the screws on Eswatini
Seychelles’ Stock Exchange Will List Ethereum Tokens Representing Supercars
Lina Ben Mhenni: The woman who blogged Tunisia’s revolution
A Not-So-Brief History of Scottish Independence
Scottish Parliament votes in favour of holding indyref2
European Parliament sing Auld Lang Syne after voting to pass terms of UK’s exit
YouGov poll shows a majority of Scots support independence
‘Empathy’ for independent Scotland joining the EU says Tusk
Our region is your region – Brittany president
What is the Duchy of Cornwall? Inside the British royal family’s (sort of) private source of funding
New Exhibition of Sculpture by Inuit Artist Bill Nasogaluak Addresses Everything From Shaman Stories to Climate Change
A 1st-Of-Its-Kind Affordable Housing Community For Native Americans Opens In Portland
New Ainu culture complex generating little buzz outside Hokkaido
Skulls from ancient North Americans hint at multiple migration waves
To address the ecological crisis, Aboriginal peoples must be restored as custodians of Country
Coding in Namibia: UN supports young women’s computing career dreams
EU renews efforts to resume Kosovo-Serbia talks
Burundi jails four journalists for ‘undermining state security’
Forgotten Victims: The Story of Bosnia’s Iron Bridge Executions
Time ‘right to build Barbados-Ghana bridge’
Kashmir’s five-month blackout: Life in a swirl of rumors
The Bittersweet Bounty Of Greenland’s First Spring
UK seeking working relationship with Somaliland on military matters
Maldives rejoins the Commonwealth just one hour after Brexit
Former Belgian-Nicaraguan political prisoner calls for probe into Ortega government
Uyghur Woman Uses Social Media to Bring ‘Justice and Freedom’ to Father
One Coronavirus, Two Systems: New Epidemic Hits at Hong Kong’s Political Divide
A Basque Expat Finds A Home In Mexico City … Thanks To Jai Alai
Archaeologist facing jail in Spain over ‘fake’ Basque artifacts
Charles Ollivon, the boy from the Basque country reviving France
Indonesia’s cyber war on West Papuan solidarity
United Liberation Movement for West Papua welcomed to EU Parliament by President of Catalonia
Armed conflict continues in West Papua’s highlands
Road to electric vehicles in Bhutan is paved with hurdles
Taking stock one year after Sierra Leone’s gender violence ‘emergency’
Fitch Says Bolivia Reserves Are No Longer Enough for FX Peg
Belgian court angers Turkey by ruling that PKK is not a terror group
Special Delivery From Austria: Brexit Trolling, First Class
US pledges to help Belarus ‘build its own sovereign country’
Malta court condemns minister for clearing journalist memorial
How Nauru squandered its staggering fortune and ended up bankrupt
Libya’s Warring Factions Resume Fighting in Threat to Cease-Fire
Lebanon needs a long-term plan for its economy
Bible vs. indigenous beliefs at issue in Bolivia
For some Latinos, grappling with their Christian identity can be complicated
Old Nollywood demonised traditional religions. New cinema says ‘No More’
Price of Rwanda’s clean streets? Detained children, NGO says.
Belgian court acquits 3 doctors in landmark euthanasia case
Preparing for WGC 2020 – a short history of geothermal in Iceland
South Sudan’s president blasts UN over Abyei massacre
Somalia declares emergency over locust swarms
Greece wants floating fence to keep migrants out
Few cheer in Northern Ireland as Brexit finally happens
When Zoe Williams calls the Welsh language pointless, she is sneering at those who speak it
Moldovans warned to stop calling Romanian language Moldovan
Middlebury College adds Abenaki language program to prestigious summer roster
Ingushetia to help authors writing in Ingush
Teacher translates Quran to save endangered Kurdish dialect
Navajo Code Talker dies at 96; less than a handful remain
U.S. university in Qatar cancels Lebanese band talk after anti-gay backlash
U.S. House of Representatives passes bill in support of Tibet human rights
Equatorial Guinea Officially Launches Year Of Investment 2020 Campaign
Gambia’s President Barrow chooses mandate over constituents
Taiwan’s strong GDP growth shows it does not need China to succeed
Lithuania fails to block Russia at PACE
Coin of the Year Goes to Latvia
Estonian research policy must face Estonia
Russia, so be it, will not take the Baltic states, Turkey and Alaska
Electric cars grab 44% market share in Norway in January
US sanctions 13 former Salvadoran soldiers for 1989 killing of Jesuits
In rare conviction, El Salvadoran man gets maximum sentence for femicide
France rejects bid to change New Caledonian enrolment law
Luxembourg welcomes 60 finance firms because of Brexit