Mother Language Day Coming

1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day
1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day
2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)
1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia
1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day
2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence
1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day
2003 February 20: Spanish police close the only Basque language newspaper
2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine
February 21: International Mother Language Day
1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day
1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia
1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day
1950 February 25: Kuwait National Day
2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea
1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day
1976 February 27: Proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
1835 February 28: Kalevala Day, Finnish Culture Day
1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan
1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day
589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales
March 2: Baloch Culture Day
1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

Danes make Valentine’s Day ‘proposal’ to Scots
Norway’s intelligence chief fears more accidents with Russia’s reactor-powered weapons systems
Iceland to manage Kosovo’s lower airspace
Guyanese school educating indigenous children in their native language
Not all born in American Samoa want US citizenship
Quijada’s Book on Post-Soviet Buryatia Wins Prize from Society for the Anthropology of Religion
Raids on Rights Defenders in Dagestan
Russia has contempt for territorial integrity of other nations
Kashmir, in Lockdown Limbo, Bristles at Delhi’s Political Solution
South Sudan cuts number of states from 32 to 10, unlocking peace process
Neil McEvoy’s new Welsh National Party sets its sights on disengaged voters
China’s new Hong Kong chief a hardliner known for crusade against Christian churches
More than 6,000 bodies found in Burundi mass graves
Human rights breaches in Guinea Conakry and Madagascar
Botswana Auctions Off First Licenses to Kill Elephants Since Ending Five-Year Ban
Sahel: Chad announces date for legislative elections after a five-year delay
A victory over Sweden’s colonialism
Basques ready to dance and dine at annual community celebration in Ontario
Pope receives Željko Komšić of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bhutan: Chasing development in the Dragon Kingdom
Watched, judged, detained
Is tourism the antidote to youth unemployment in Oman?
Ukraine sees chance for peace as Putin sidelines hawkish envoy
Monaco’s Prince Albert II: Oceans are a ‘family heritage,’ with little time to save them
Guinea Bissau election inspires optimism – but there are still big risks
Fire Kills 17 at Unaccredited Orphanage in Haiti
NCA Shuts Down Radio Tongu Over Secessionist Comments
Turkmenistan’s Leader Fires His Longtime Security Chief
Lebanon’s Int’l Backers Lend Their Support to New Premier
Countering Violent Extremism After Mindanao’s ‘New Dawn’
UN chief pays obeisance, partakes langar at Gurdwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib
‘Oil Emirate’ Enters Cold Turkey Stage
Azeri opposition leaders held as police block poll result protest
Venezuela’s PDVSA steps up fuel shipments to Cuba as shortages bite
Bahrain court sentences protester to 3 years for burning Israeli flag
Iceland: Foreign Citizens Are 23 Percent of Labor Force
Hunt on for ‘patient zero’ who spread coronavirus globally from Singapore
Killings, Corruption and Censorship Besiege Media Freedom in Somalia
Tibetans face travel bans and cultural and linguistic genocide in Tibet
Equatorial Guinea: France Illegally Seized ‘Embassy’
Rohingya ruling: How a tiny African country brought Myanmar to court
Open prisons in Finland are ‘like a holiday camp’ — but they seem to work
Luxembourg Film Fest returns with Virtual Reality
Choose between your King and Hakainde on Bill 10, Kanyanta Sosala of the Bemba challenges Barotse UPND MPs
The challenges and opportunities of inclusive conservation in Salonga
How France engineered North African ethnic rivalry to further colonisation
Timeline: Algeria’s Year of Protest and Turmoil