2003 February 20: Spanish police close the only Basque language newspaper
2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine
February 21: International Mother Language Day
1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day
1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia
1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day
1950 February 25: Kuwait National Day
2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea
1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day
1976 February 27: Proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
1835 February 28: Kalevala Day, Finnish Culture Day
1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan
1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day
589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales
March 2: Baloch Culture Day
1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria
March 5: St Piran’s Day, Cornwall national day
1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq
1957 March 6: Ghana, 1st sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule
1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkars by Stalin’s Soviet Union
1980 March 10: Berber Spring
1959 March 10: Tibetan Uprising Day

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