2016 09 29 Thursday

Quechua classes give students a look into indigenous culture

Hong Kong rebels are now lawmakers

Daughter of Chechen oil tycoon gets married in spectacular £240,000 wedding gown in Monaco

Senegalese Wrestle With Ethnicity While Reaching for Dreams of Success

South China Sea spat exposes Singapore-Beijing strains

Incitement, tensions rise over Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Could Anglesey newcomers hold key to stopping decline of Welsh language?

Activists Seek Release of Eritrean Journalist Jailed 15 Years

Jamaica Under Severe Weather Alert

Neo-Nazi crimes on the rise in Austria

Sweden Proposes Reintroduction of Compulsory Military Service

Catalan leader sees two options: referendum or referendum

Catalonia to hold independence referendum with or without Spain’s consent

Carlos Museum Highlights Contemporary Tibetan Life

Tibetan Monk Detained, Vanishes in Custody

South Asia’s pollution spreads to Tibet

Uyghur – Tibetan Protests Against China Draws Huge Crowd in Geneva

Kurdish prisoner denied furlough for eight years

Iranian Kurds Bolster Anti-IS Forces in Iraq, Syria

Demirtas in Europe: Turkey may detain Kurdish MPs

Turkey takes Kurdish TV channels off the air

What Scotland can learn about democracy from Syrian Kurdistan

Turkey Risks Kurdish War on Two Fronts as Army Advances in Syria

Kurds hold funeral for former Israeli President in Kurdistan in a show of respect for his support

Mongolia’s Small Country Diplomacy and North Korea

Belarus: residents of Shimon Peres’ birthplace gather outside his childhood home

Lukashenka’s Economy Is On The Verge Of Collapse

Belarus Has Lowest Salary!

Thousands flock to Libya’s first comic-con

Albania’s Dependence on Remittances Ending, Experts Say

Serbia get CAS date to challenge Kosovo UEFA membership

Armenia: Life in a Suitcase

Armenia’s central bank cuts rates again as deflation deepens

Montenegro Urged To Tackle Homophobic Assaults

Separatists say Russian troops staging exercises in Moldova

Papuan activist escapes attempted abduction

Greece, Cyprus, Israel look into East Med gas pipeline

China Builds More Prisons in Xinjiang

Lithuania eyes Norway air defence deal amid Russia fears

Basque ETA calls for peace agreement similar to Colombia-FARC deal

IPOB attack Buhari for backing Palestine autonomy, opposing Biafra

BIAFRA: Let my people go, Prophet Nwoko tells Buhari

Mark Zuckerberg Gives Biafran Advocate A Huge Task To Fulfill

EU Commissioner says Denmark can’t have ‘parallel’ Europol deal

Danish political party hands out ‘anti-migrant’ spray

Danish government taking on parallel society issue

Russian journalists not allowed to enter Estonia

Ethical nationalism and confident Estonians

Members of Crimean Mejlis are called in for questioning due to the ejection of collaborators

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency helping paint a clearer picture on Crimean Peninsula annexed by Russia

“Minister” of Housing and Communal Services dreams of shooting disaffected

Ukraine has brought criminal proceedings against the deputies elected in Crimea

Finland calls for ‘pragmatic’ EU defence

Romania to accept first used F-16s from Portugal

Lithuanian diplomats to Poland: Vilnius will protect Warsaw

Aboriginal scholarship launched at Vatican Museums

Lithuania Seeks Arbitration Review

Babi Yar: one of the largest massacres in Holocaust history

Arctic Indigenous Leaders Share Priorities in Advance of White House Arctic Science Ministerial

Russia bans Crimean Tatars by banning the Mejlis

Russia can’t wait a day with new repression against Umerov & other Crimean Tatars

Belarus Is Preparing For A Donbass-Like Hybrid War Conflict

No prison for repeat marijuana users, says Constitutional Court of Georgia

46 UN states make joint declaration on “difficult situation” in Georgia’s occupied regions

Baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti applauded for #SARC members for refusing to sit with terrorist Pakistani state


2016 09 28 Wednesday

Every Wednesday wear Tibetan, speak Tibetan, read Tibetan, eat Tibetan, buy Tibetan – boycott Made in China!


Mahmoud Abbas hails ‘brave’ peace partner Shimon Peres

UN expert raises alarm as Brazilian Indians fight “genocide”

Campaigners: ‘Backward’ Indigenous Peoples May Hold Solutions to World Hunger

When Indigenous Fashion Hits the Runway, Details Matter

Morocco goes bilingual as king rounds off reforms

Morocco’s Berber could soon become an official language

Hong Kong begins explosive political chapter as former protesters enter legislature

‘Brexit means independence’: SNP conference to debate #ScotlandInEurope

Pressure tactics: China is winning the diplomatic war with Taiwan

Switzerland is the world’s most competitive economy

Worries Grow Over Greek Economic Forecast

Greek Lawmakers Pass Bill Aimed at Unlocking Aid Tranche

Cyprus economy recovery fragile

Waterstones sells out Welsh Scrabble after lack of sales causes online furore

LGBTQ festival cancelled in Haiti amid threats, Gov’t order

Africa: The Lost Kids At Rome’s Termini Station – Child Migrants Exploited

UN Fears ‘Manipulation’ As Somalia Delays Elections

Uncertainty Mars Potential for Peace in South Sudan

Islands & Small States Institute

Sweden’s Smart Move to Return Troops to an Island Eyed by Russia

Nordic Nations Deepen Cooperation Amid Worsening Baltic Security

A referendum by Serbs threatens yet more trouble for Bosnia

Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecution at a Crossroads

War Memorial’s Demolition in Macedonia Outrages Bulgaria

Moscow ‘anti-globalisation’ conference stirs up European and American separatists

Puigdemont to call a referendum next September if Spain doesn’t allow Catalans to vote

Catalonia: 27-S elections look back: A year of pro-independence majority in the Parliament

CUP wants Columbus statue in Barcelona to be removed

Growth continues in Albania as employment improves

Mass protests in the KRG taking place against economic crisis and the Barzani ruling family

Tibet’s first football club aims at unity, struggles for Chinese players

Delhi’s Mini Tibet, A Monument Of Longing For A Lost Homeland

Sixth International Tibet democratic conference held in Taiwan

Turkey kills nine civilians in Syrian Kurdistan: YPG

World’s First Green Securities Exchange Announced in Luxembourg

Moldova’s c-bank says probe into missing $1 bln finds $600 mln dissipated abroad

New report details human rights abuses in West Papua

EU Energy Days: Armenia and EU highlight joint energy efficiency efforts

Basque separatists criticize Spain, France

Biafra: Justice Tsoho yields to pressure, disqualifies self from Kanu’s case

Nigeria’s triple secession threat

Employers: Roma, do not call us!

Top award handed out to teacher who champions the voice of Maori in education

Russian guards detain two Georgians at ABL with breakaway Abkhazia

Tallinn hosts the world’s largest clean technology competition

Social Media as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare

Don’t forget those kidnapped in occupied Crimea

Russia Implicated in Shooting Down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine

Human rights violations worsen in annexed Crimea – Freedom House

First Russia jails a CrimeanTatar rights activist, then it comes for his children

Attack on Luhansk Airport: evidence proves participation of the Russian Army

Russia brings enforced disappearances to occupied Crimea

U.S. to pay 17 Indian tribes $492 million to settle long-standing disputes

Native Hawaiians, Asian Americans Show Support for North Dakota Pipeline Protest

How Native Students Can Succeed In College: ‘Be As Tough As The Land That Made You’

Mexico is no longer turning a blind eye to local customs that bar indigenous women from voting

Azerbaijan holds referendum to extend president’s term

Hungarians to rebel against EU migrant quotas

Almost all education research takes place in the US — but Finland is using it better


2016 09 27 Tuesday

The Makers of the Biggest Genocide in Contemporary History Are after More Small States

Hong Kong and the Realities of China’s Rise

Kuwait sticks to Arab stance towards Israel

Kuwait activist ordered detained for critical Tweets

UN Court Clashes with Serbia over Witness Intimidation

Luxembourg rises 2 points in global financial centres index

No Kurdish language studies in Iran this year

Kurdish Teachers’ Arrests Heighten Concerns About Turkey’s Emergency Rule

This police officer just can’t understand why he’s being investigated for racism [VIDEO/OPINION]

Russian bombers spook Sweden-bound flight

Exile Tibetan Administration gets new Justice Commissioner

International Seminar on the Damming Crisis in Tibet

China pushes its Panchen Lama on reluctant Tibet

Moscow Looks to Gain in Moldova’s Election Amid Anger Over Corruption

Pacific leaders raise West Papua at the UN

Disaster Preparedness and Urban Resilience: Japan Shares Best Practices with Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Tajikistan

Cyprus meeting yields ‘roadmap’ to reunification

Switzerland ratifies convention for automatic tax information exchange regime

Lebanon, Jordan doing a Big Favor to International Community

Lebanon minister’s ‘racist’ statements draw protests

Iraqi Parliament Rejects New Provinces for Yazidis and Assyrians

Would-be tourist turns war correspondent when search for Yazidi roots exposes genocide

Yezidi community looks for international justice

Socialist Party Suffers Losses In Galicia, Basque Country Regional Elections

Galician and Basque Country Elections Show High Turn-Out and No Incidents

Nigeria’s president cannot stop the actualisation of Biafra

Irish News is best-performing newspaper – with more young readers

Aboriginal inmate dies after South Australian jail incident

Indigenous advocate Larry Morrissette inspired change in my generation

Turtle Island Reads helps spread word about Indigenous literature

Russian Defence Ministry Presents Evidence They Faked Their Previous MH17 Evidence

Finnish military pressing for broader surveillance mandate

World Car Free Day makes impact on Tbilisi roads

Georgia’s Security Service investigates conspiracy to overthrow Gov’t

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall: The Cornish Language

Plan to Let Migrant Children Attend School Enrages Many Greeks

Azerbaijan’s Referendum Poses More Questions Than Meet The Eye

Is Xinjiang China’s best-kept secret?

Facebook ‘blocks accounts’ of Palestinian journalists

Mali Fighter Jailed for Destroying Timbuktu Sites

90 Percent of World’s Population Breathe Dirty Air

Massacre At a Stadium – Guinea Confronts Its Past

Blood Flowing in Oromia Is Our Blood Too

Togo Calls for Greater Efforts to Help Small Countries Combat Terrorism

African Development Bank Injects U.S.$1 Billion to End Youth Unemployment

Bosnia’s Serbs vote over disputed national holiday

Wikipedia Wants Improved Content on Indigenous Peoples, Needs Your Help

If You Knew Putin Like We Know Putin…

IMF calls for more austerity in Portugal

UN member states come forward and speak up against the Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan

What a stupid Scrabble article taught me about Welsh

Quechua Professor Wants to Dispel the Myth That Indigenous Languages Are a Thing of the Past

The relationship between the Nordic countries and China

Greenlandic: second among equals?

To the New World and Back Again: Return Migrants

Drawing a Gaelic map of Glasgow makes you a fascist


2016 09 26 Monday

European Day of Languages

Russian bombers fly under Icelandic passenger jet

Taiwanese pro-independence politician barred from entering Hong Kong

More Sunni than you – Putin’s new theological warfare

From optimism to despair then back again, Songs for Scotland 2 captures the spirit of Yes

EU to support any political solution allowing Sahrawi people’s self-determination

Making sense of the recent tension in Western Sahara

“We will buy out the entire [Bulgaria]”

Do immigrants to Wales have enough opportunity to learn Welsh?

Sanctions Against Russia Contradict Serbia’s National Interests

Allegations of Rigged Ethnic Hungarian Voting in Croatia’s Latest Election

1.2 million people attended Barcelona festival La Mercè

Turkey treating Iraqi Kurdish security wounded fighting IS

Turkey arrests editor of Kurdish literary magazine

Former US Ambassador: ‘Kurdish leadership responsible for independence’

Iran’s nuclear deal forced us to end two-decade ceasefire, says Iranian Kurdish group

Dalai Lama envoy says Canada-China free trade must factor in Tibetan crisis

Five Tibetans jailed over alleged anti-Communist movement in Tibet

Tibetans in Exile Should Maintain Their Identity

Lukashenka Got Lost In His Own Forecasts

Roman Bessmertnyi: Russia Prepares Conflicts In Belarus, Kazakhstan

Up to 100 people unlawfully arrested at mass rallies held by West Papuans to thank Pacific countries for supporting them at the UN

Rize of the Morning Star presents Rockin’ for West Papua

Switzerland Is Amping Up Cyber Security Efforts

ISIS May Escape Trial for War Crimes

Diaspora groups demand Biafra referendum

President Buhari to Biafrans: No referendum for you

BIAFRA: The First Protest That Truly Worked

Judge Hands Off Kanu’s Case Pending NJC’s Investigation

Musician Hiria Moffat aims to create a Maori Hall of Fame

Vanilla Miraka – a personal journey of Māori identity

Defense consultant: Terrain in Latvia and the Baltics most defensible in Europe

Georgian peacekeeping units depart for Afghanistan

Bridges with Abkhazia

Georgia managed to address vital issues to improve the lives of IDPs

15,000 march in Finland anti-racism protest

Bosnian Serbs vote overwhelmingly for holiday disputed by a top court

Separatists of the world, except the Russian Federation, assemble in Moscow to declare support for the Russian Federation where calls for independence from that country are punishable by prison as well as their opposition to the United States

Behind efforts to split Russia by reviving Urals Republic

Russia’s Plans for Nuclear Weapons in Crimea

Kerry: Israel and Palestinians Headed for Binational State, World Must Act or Shut Up

Netanyahu Urges Obama Not to Impose One-sided Solution on Israel

Israel fumes over Norwegian theater boycott video

Pakistan war crimes in Balochistan

Baloch Nationalists, Indian-Americans Protest Against Pakistan

What Does ‘Tribe’ Mean?

Thousands march in Dublin, abroad for Irish abortion rights

Indigenous Peoples Still Fighting to Protect ‘Living Forests’ and Way of Life

October is Indigenous Peoples month

Native American tribes and Canadian First Nations sign treaty against oilsands expansion

Obama Wants Government Consultations with 567 Native American Tribes

New migration: Haitians carve a dangerous 7,000-mile path to the U.S.