2016 09 26 Monday

European Day of Languages

Russian bombers fly under Icelandic passenger jet

Taiwanese pro-independence politician barred from entering Hong Kong

More Sunni than you – Putin’s new theological warfare

From optimism to despair then back again, Songs for Scotland 2 captures the spirit of Yes

EU to support any political solution allowing Sahrawi people’s self-determination

Making sense of the recent tension in Western Sahara

“We will buy out the entire [Bulgaria]”

Do immigrants to Wales have enough opportunity to learn Welsh?

Sanctions Against Russia Contradict Serbia’s National Interests

Allegations of Rigged Ethnic Hungarian Voting in Croatia’s Latest Election

1.2 million people attended Barcelona festival La Mercè

Turkey treating Iraqi Kurdish security wounded fighting IS

Turkey arrests editor of Kurdish literary magazine

Former US Ambassador: ‘Kurdish leadership responsible for independence’

Iran’s nuclear deal forced us to end two-decade ceasefire, says Iranian Kurdish group

Dalai Lama envoy says Canada-China free trade must factor in Tibetan crisis

Five Tibetans jailed over alleged anti-Communist movement in Tibet

Tibetans in Exile Should Maintain Their Identity

Lukashenka Got Lost In His Own Forecasts

Roman Bessmertnyi: Russia Prepares Conflicts In Belarus, Kazakhstan

Up to 100 people unlawfully arrested at mass rallies held by West Papuans to thank Pacific countries for supporting them at the UN

Rize of the Morning Star presents Rockin’ for West Papua

Switzerland Is Amping Up Cyber Security Efforts

ISIS May Escape Trial for War Crimes

Diaspora groups demand Biafra referendum

President Buhari to Biafrans: No referendum for you

BIAFRA: The First Protest That Truly Worked

Judge Hands Off Kanu’s Case Pending NJC’s Investigation

Musician Hiria Moffat aims to create a Maori Hall of Fame

Vanilla Miraka – a personal journey of Māori identity

Defense consultant: Terrain in Latvia and the Baltics most defensible in Europe

Georgian peacekeeping units depart for Afghanistan

Bridges with Abkhazia

Georgia managed to address vital issues to improve the lives of IDPs

15,000 march in Finland anti-racism protest

Bosnian Serbs vote overwhelmingly for holiday disputed by a top court

Separatists of the world, except the Russian Federation, assemble in Moscow to declare support for the Russian Federation where calls for independence from that country are punishable by prison as well as their opposition to the United States

Behind efforts to split Russia by reviving Urals Republic

Russia’s Plans for Nuclear Weapons in Crimea

Kerry: Israel and Palestinians Headed for Binational State, World Must Act or Shut Up

Netanyahu Urges Obama Not to Impose One-sided Solution on Israel

Israel fumes over Norwegian theater boycott video

Pakistan war crimes in Balochistan

Baloch Nationalists, Indian-Americans Protest Against Pakistan

What Does ‘Tribe’ Mean?

Thousands march in Dublin, abroad for Irish abortion rights

Indigenous Peoples Still Fighting to Protect ‘Living Forests’ and Way of Life

October is Indigenous Peoples month

Native American tribes and Canadian First Nations sign treaty against oilsands expansion

Obama Wants Government Consultations with 567 Native American Tribes

New migration: Haitians carve a dangerous 7,000-mile path to the U.S.


2016 09 25 Sunday

Was Bolivia-Peru the Sunset Land of the Sumerians?

Native Hawaiians: Is change in federal status a sign of progress?

Bulgaria, US Sign Agreement on DNA Profiles, Fingerprints Exchange

Austria Pledges to Protect EU’s Outer Borders to Control Illegal Migration

Balkan route nations say to focus on achievable ways to prevent new migrant influx

Spain’s Galicia, Basque regions hold regional elections

Basque parliamentary election, 2016

Galician parliamentary election, 2016

Hungary PM says Europe should process refugees in Libya

Blast rocks Hungary’s capital, two injured

Kurdish mothers gather for lost loved ones for 600th time

Time For Kurdexit From Iraq

Dalai Lama begins his exile

Tuvalu supports West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

More support for West Papua at the United Nations from Tonga!

Vanuatu takes to the UN podium and makes another bold statement for West Papua’s freedom!

Solomon Islands once again supports West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

Pankisi Gorge schools teach Chechen language after locals ask

Will 2017 be the year of peace in Cyprus?

Switzerland: Secret service agents have licence to hack computers

Yazidi girl set herself on fire to avoid further rape at hands of ISIS

Days are numbered for the Czech Republic

Why it is time for me to learn Welsh – and begin to reverse 30 years of regret

Global protests move Biafra conflict back into spotlight

Bosnia’s Frozen Conflict Heats Up Ahead of a Controversial Referendum

A freeze on Israeli construction activities east of the fence is proposed

Indigenous street names in Toronto get noticed and made ‘official’

Native Hawaiians Now Have A Pathway To Form A Government

Utah’s Native Tribes Want Jobs, Not Federal Paternalism

Lithuania commemorated the National Memorial Day for the Genocide of Jews

Putin appoints Crimean commander to head Baltic Fleet

Putin moves his most advanced GROWLER anti-aircraft missile system in range of NATO Baltic base as part of Russia’s belligerent stance towards the former Soviet satellite states

Trump and Crimea: from Russia with Love

Transatlantic partnership essential to Denmark

Tiny Denmark Is A Maritime Superpower

In Denmark, au pairs risk abuse in name of “cultural exchange”

Irish and Polish people march for abortion

National Museum of the American Indian unveils secret treaty

An Era in Hong Kong Is Ending, Thanks to China’s Tight Embrace

Kosovo Hacker Gets 20 Years In U.S. Prison For Helping IS Militants

IMF issues warning to Portugal after austerity policy rollbacks


2016 09 24 Saturday

Guinea-Bissau Independence Day: September 24 1973


Indonesian agents attempt to kidnap West Papuan Independence Leader in Sorong last night

Weekend Reading: Morocco’s Amazigh, Istanbul’s Rent, and the Teacher of al-Minya

Wee Ginger Dug: Labour in Scotland want independence for their party but not for our country

Scotland: How independence movements abroad can help us learn for indyref 2

Feds Finalize Rule on a Native Hawaiian Government

UN aviation agency snubs Taiwan, recognising Beijing’s ‘one China’

Switzerland and EU head – politely – for the rocks

Africa: Elections – Much At Stake for Gender Representation

Liberia: President Sirleaf Calls for Investment in Agro Sector At US-Africa Business Forum

Amid Protests, Europe Ministers Try to Salvage Transatlantic Trade Talks in Slovakia

EU urged to watch Eritrea over regime’s right violations

Imprisoned for their faith: These three men have been jailed in Eritrea for over 22 years

Jamaica wants debt-for-climate-change swap

Kurdish separatists say their campaign in Iran will go on

Turkey’s Erdogan says U.S. sent weapons to Kurdish fighters in Syria

Tibetan Writer Detained Again One Day After Release

At UN, Albania highlights efforts to join EU, support for international recognition of Kosovo

Another Political Prisoner Appears In Belarus

Elections In Belarus Can Already Be Held Without Voters

“Shameful” number of women MPs in Malta

Detention of reporter sounds alarm in Montenegro

Armenia Strongly Advocates for Fight Against Impunity for Genocide

Basque National Party hopes September election will pave way to independence


Roma, The Lost Children Of Bharat

Govanhill’s Roma residents to be supported by £500,000 funding pot

PM Sipilä at anti-racism protest: Laws against far-right groups in the works

Portugal: Growth Needs Further Reforms

Lithuania renews fight for 1.4 bln euros compensation from Gazprom

Serbia continues dialogue on Kosovo, seeks integration into EU; Prime Minister tells UN

Planned Serb referendum vote reawakens fears of strife in Bosnia

Time for Wales to chart its own course

‘At least five’ EU states going soft on Russia, US says

Turkey, Greece, and, surprisingly, Ukraine, are the top countries violating the Crimean sanctions regime related to marine traffic

Eurovision winner Jamala releases music video for ‘1944’

Big Russian buy-in for Trump properties

Russian arrested and fined for reading aloud the Constitution


2016 09 23 Friday

European Court of Human Rights upholds Kurdish language rights

Excommunicating Saudis? A New Fracture Emerges in Islam

Evidence Of Blatant Violations Calls Into Question Validity Of Elections In North Caucasus

Morocco’s stubbornness, continuing colonization exacerbate Sahrawi refugees’ suffering

Taiwan snubbed by UN aviation agency amid impasse with China

Latvia: Think before you clink

Greek Prime Minister Urges Unity on Migrants

U.S. to boost Haitian deportations, but Haiti may not take them

Slovakia gives 550 scholarships to refugees

Secret report reveals Ericsson is ending all manufacturing in Sweden and cutting 3,000 jobs

Catalonia has the potential to lead the Third Industrial Revolution, says American economist Rifkin

Albania passes divisive law on importing garbage

Syria: Turkey Will Not Join Raqqa Operation If Kurdish Militants Are Involved

Kurdistan: Demirtas calls for national unity as he wraps up Erbil visit

The Kurdish Case, Time for a New Policy

This 19-year-old Chinese pro-democracy leader is one of the most hated men in China

Dalai Lama Returns from Poland

China’s new invasion of Tibet

Belarus: People Are Smiling And Signing For White-Red-White Flag On Massive Scale

Nauru’s President raises West Papua at UN General Assembly!

Marshall Islands raises West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

Baghdad complicates Erbil’s pursuit of justice for Yezidi victims of ISIS

Plaid Cymru founder Saunders Lewis gets Swansea blue plaque

Hungary’s Orbanomics starts to produce rewards

Spanish promotion of regional languages did not breach state aid rules

Fifth of Helsinki region children now of foreign origin

Russia moves missiles to Finnish border


Estonia to push the digital single market in the EU

Indigenous Australians the oldest living civilisation on Earth

European human rights group warns on Azerbaijan constitution

Iceland Ratifies Paris Climate Agreement

Native Americans hit hard by opioid epidemic

Hong Kong’s ‘Pro-Beijing’ Camp Is Imploding From Within

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 2