2016 10 18 Tuesday

Azerbaijan Independence Day


‘I want a blue-eyed Yazidi’: teen describes IS slave market

U.S.-Backed Battle For Mosul Could Mean Death For Yazidis Held As ISIS Sex Slaves

#Video | ‘China Out of Tibet Now’ Echoes in Goa as Xi Jinping Attends BRICS

China says to retaliate after Slovak president meets Dalai Lama

Czechs welcome Dalai Lama in Prague

Chinese Police Closely Monitor Event Honoring Exile Tibetan Abbot

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Yushu Tibetan Prefecture

30 years since Barcelona’s Olympic nomination

Catalonia seeks to be the first to implement the New Urban Agenda

“Being democratic in Spain is a risky sport,” Catalan President

Heavy Metal Politician Freddy Lim Is Fighting for Taiwanese Independence

New momentum towards decolonisation of West Papuans and other regional peoples

Footage from West Papua before Indonesian occupation

Collective Security Treaty Organization Wraps Up In Armenia

EU includes relations with Armenia among list of priorities

Croatia’s recovery gathers strength

Cybercriminals attempted to disrupt the elections in Montenegro on Sunday

ISIS’s Black Flag Is Legal in Sweden, Prosecutor Rules

End poverty now more than ever, Mongolia

Bulgaria strives to become tech capital of the Balkans

Bulgarian and Greek pipeline aims to cut gas dependency on Russia

Bulgaria ‘Hands Over Alleged Gülenists’ to Turkey

Russia to return Georgian film archives

Belarusian Oil Products Won’t Go To Baltic Seaports

EU Sucks Educated Youngsters out of Macedonia

‘Insufficient’ support for Swiss human trafficking victims

Nuuk to demand that Danes clean up US pollution

Historic Malta has rediscovered its drive as a charming tourist hotspot

Uruguayan Senate expresses support to Saharawi Republic in fight for independence

Lithuanian Court To Summon Gorbachev To Trial Over 1991 Soviet Crackdown

Apple countersuing Dane who beat it in court

Educators tackle negative Maori stereotyping

National Māori Housing Conference 2016 – A great success

Posting on Facebook is now a crime in Ethiopia

Why Same-Sex Marriage Bans Risk Native American Sovereignty

Combating Meth Use, Suicide Among American Indian Youth

Russia is systematically driving tortured Ukrainian political prisoner insane

Athletic Bilbao produce stirring comeback to win Basque derby

Biafra: MASSOB threatens revolution against Igbo leaders, accuses them of insensitivity

Belgium Looks to FBI Tactics to Counter Well-Armed Terrorists

The Canadian aboriginal EMBA that goes beyond tradition

Nicaragua Dispute Over Indigenous Land Erupts in Wave of Killings

Law School’s Indigenous Rights Conference Brings Prospective Students

The Canadian aboriginal EMBA that goes beyond tradition

Scotland set to call Independence referendum in the next 3 years

Settlement Debate Flares Again in Israel

Somali Pirates Holding Five Kenyans, 39 Seafarers for Ransom

Liberia: A Holistic View of ‘Out-Of-School’ Children

Mixed Fortunes for Gambians in Europe

Jordan, Bosnia explore economic, investment ties

Hate crime ‘everyday experience’ for some Irish communities

Beyond Brexit: future looks uncertain for Ireland

Northern Ireland: brexit puts growth and recruitment plans on hold

A monument of Putin as a sailor is being planned in Crimea

Erdogan invokes document that claims Mosul as Turkish soil

Kurdish Peshmergas take the lead in Mosul operation, clearing over 200km²

Europe Funds Russian Aggression in Ukraine, Syria, and Beyond

“Gypsy lives count” say Roma activists

Natives of the Khabarovsk Territory are ready to announce a mass hunger strike

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2016 10 17 Monday

Kosovo Sees Drop in Foreign Fighters to Mideast

Francoist sculptures displayed in Barcelona as part of controversial exhibition

Combatting tradition of early child marriage in Kurdistan a challenge

Combating domestic violence in Iraq’s Kurdish region

Kurdish Peshmerga preparing to liberate Mosul

Solidarity of West Papua and Western Sahara: Benny Wenda and Hamma Salama meet

We must STOP Indonesia from Dictating to Melanesia!

UN calls for urgent action on deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua

Merkel Suggests Protected Zones for Yazidis in Northern Iraq

Yazidis find a community in Lincoln

Fisahara management organizes sit-in in front of Moroccan wall of shame

SADR takes part at 5th African Internet Governance Forum

New Aerial Short Film Continues to Fuel Iceland’s Photo Rush

Acknowledgement for Lithuanian cheeses, curd snacks and yoghurt in Paris

Many au pairs in debt when they arrive in Denmark

Montenegro leader Milo Djukanovic accused of stealing election

Rival Governments Vie for Control of Libya

Crossing the Lines in Cyprus

Malta moves forward with proposed subsea tunnel

Welsh Medics travel to Namibia to provide life-saving training

Kuwait’s Ruler Dissolves Parliament

Kuwait sets snap polls for November 26

Israeli Arabs Propose Enhanced Curriculum for Teaching Palestinian Historical Narrative

Maori: what if we threw a party and didn’t invite English?

Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae wins 20th Te Ahurea festival

Lessons In Manx Language

How to Revitalise Minority Language Communities Really Quickly

Russia targets Muslims, dissenters for repression in annexed Crimea

Journalist: every citizen of Russia will incur responsibility for Crimea

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 10: Anglicisation

52 groups threaten to join Indigenous People of Biafra over Kanu’s detention

MPs disagree on US presidential election’s impact on Latvia

Estonia’s new president to make first foreign visits to neighbouring countries

Sex-Selective Abortions Take A Toll In Azerbaijan

Baltics have the least empathetic people in the world

Indigenous candidate sought for 2018

The abortion issue and Ireland: a timeline from 1983

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2016 10 15 Saturday

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Declaration of Independence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 15 November 1983


President Anastasiades Reiterates the Goal Is ‘Liberation and Reunification’ of Cyprus

China Expels Nine Uyghur Children From Soccer Talent Program

Goat Island to be returned to Aboriginal people

Aboriginal remains to return from UK

Second Scottish independence referendum could happen before UK leaves EU

Israel suspends UNESCO ties over al-Aqsa resolution

Call for a Welsh referendum if Scotland votes to leave the UK

Don’t forget to greet people today with a Shwmae or a Su’mae!

Albanian PM: The sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo the better it will be for everyone

Serbian, Albanian businessmen meet to boost economic ties

As Russia, Putin infect election debate, ‘bear’ next door makes Estonia nervous

‘Day of Defender of Ukraine’ marks break with Soviet past

Famine fears rise after hurricane wrecks Haiti’s bread-basket

Creepy clown on the loose after stabbing teen in Sweden

Indigenous Namibians furious at German reparations ‘insult’

Catalan ex-leader faces trial over self-determination vote

Conflict in prospect as Catalans advance independence plan

Spain takes Catalan referendum bill to Constitutional Court

Sarajevo welcomes the exhibition ‘We don’t forget’ by Catalan photojournalist Miquel Ruiz

Kurdish journalists in Turkey protest crackdown on free press

Assad: I cannot give Kurds federalism, I don’t own the political system

Turkey’s president tells Iraqi leader to ‘know his place

Iraqi MP calls PKK to open office in Baghdad

Slovakia: when seeing means myopia

Luxembourg rolls out truck scanner at French border

UN requests Indonesia response to allegations of violent discrimination against Papuans

Nun Urges U.S., Europe to Care About Christian and Yazidi Refugees, Too

Swiss stories

Surrounded by Europe

Hungary tax authority raids NGO, rekindles fears of crackdown

Belarus: Inflation Already “Ate” Pensions Raise

Central African Republic: Wounds Remain Raw in Central African Republic

Rwanda Turns to Drones to Deliver Vital Blood Supplies

Crises in Africa Come From Outside

Liberian Warlords to Account for War Crimes As Obama Hints in 2014 Letter

President Obama Signs Bill For Native Children Commission

Billy Mills Announces $100K in Native Youth Grants on Anniversary of Gold Win

Conditions at American Indian hospitals deplorable

Trunk teaches tribal traditions

Although 1/5 of Russian Federation are not Russian, no news in English ever escapes

Greenland Is Very Mad About the Toxic Waste the US Left Buried Under Its Ice

EU presents key planning document for future assistance to Moldova

National group aims to address inequalities in mental health for Maori

Steinmeier supports CoE initiative on monitoring in Crimea

Art festival explores Palestinian right of return

PA: Denial of Jewish history ‘victory for Palestinian people’

China is snubbed by Hong Kong legislators at their oath-taking

Sweden, Norway Sell Shares in SAS, Say Airline Better Off in Private Hands

Participants in FiSahara call for expansion of international network of solidarity with Saharawi people

Iceland Aiming To Join The European Space Agency

House prices: “Let’s all move to Iceland”

Is Iceland the new Nordic football superpower?

Largest travel day in Danish history

Tbilisoba 2016: Georgia’s capital celebrates its rich history today

US Navy visit reaffirms America’s support for Georgia

‘Stunning’ cave etchings discovered in Basque region

Nigeria must respect Biafrans’ right to peacefully protest

Azerbaijan Considering Bulgaria’s Proposals on Balkan Gas Hub

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 9: Parliament

Chechen accused of terrorism by Russia, granted refugee status in Sweden, in extradition proceeding in Slovakia

Sixty Years in Journalism: Revisiting the Revitalized Baltics

Peruvian Film Documents Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

Indigenous suicide linked to bigger picture issues, psychologist says


2016 10 14 Friday

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United Nations appoints Portugal’s Guterres as next U.N. chief

Lisbon judge clears academic who forecast a Portugal bailout

Finland set to chair Arctic Council as member relations sour

Finnish research team isolates molecule that can lead to cardiac arrest

Finland named the safest country on Earth

Aboriginal Tasmanians closer to constitutional recognition

Indyref2: Nicola Sturgeon asserts Scotland’s right to ‘chart our own course’ as she announces Independence Referendum Bill

The National speaks to SNP conference delegates: ‘I used to cross the road to avoid Yes maniacs – now I’m here’

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Independence will shine brighter as Brexit looms

Unesco Draft Resolution Raises Israel’s Ire

Temple Mount resolution ‘denies Jewish history’

HK Indigenous activist proposes Hong Kong-Taiwan youth tours to cut reliance on mainland tourists

Faroe Islands and Greenland sign UN protocol on children’s right

You say ‘ᐊᓈᓇ’, I say ‘anaana’

Kuwait hikes up residency fees

Sweden may be the best country to be a girl – but 90% of VC investments still go to men

Government still controls about 50 percent of Slovenia’s economy

Macedonia extends migration state of emergency

NEO-COLONISATION: worldwide race to own fertile land

Eugenics on the border: New immigration law helps foreign students remain in Luxembourg

Mas, Ortega and Rigau won’t go to prison for 9-N symbolic vote

Catalan delegates in solidarity visit to Scotland’s independence movement

Canada, EU try to sway Belgium’s Walloons from derailing trade deal

Zimbabwe: Opposition Political Parties Coalition Hangs in the Balance

Central African Republic: Fighting Kills 30

Malawi President Goes Missing and Worried Malawians Take to Social Media to Try Find Him

How Libya could save the European economy

Kurdish parliament still in deadlock a year after deadly riots

Kurdish journalist gets conditional bail

Tibetan activists planning to protests in Goa during Xi Jinping’s visit to Goa for the BRICS summit

Tibetan Protesters At China Embassy New Delhi Arrested

Mongolia aims to become world nomadic tourism center

Gobi Desert wind farm to power Mongolia

Moldova: Can Presidential Election Alter Geopolitical Course?

Montenegro PM accuses Russia of financing anti-NATO campaign

Activists say executions resume in Belarus

EU launches Mobility Partnership with Belarus

Belarus: MAZ Workers To Be Thrown Into The Street

Haiti tops list of disaster deaths: UN

How you can help Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Eugenics on the border: New Zealand Residence Programme – Skilled Migrant Category fortnightly selection

Is Aleppo our Guernica? How Basque city turned a logo of the brutality of warfare

Don’t be deceived, we’ll soon actualize Biafra, Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra

Indigenous People of Biafra agitators slam President Buhari

Nigeria Should Respect Protesters’ Rights

Homes of Muslims are searched in Crimea

Persecution of Crimean Tatars the purposeful policy of occupiers

A refugee from Crimea has created her own theater in Lviv

50 Faces of Indian Country 2016, I

Gang-related shootings on the rise in Denmark

Western Sahara: Confidential Documents Reveal How Morocco Bribes Petitioners At UN

Sahrawi People to Continue Struggle for Independence Through All Legitimate Means

How America’s Past Shapes Native Americans’ Present

Angry Driver Plows Pickup Through Native American Crowd Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Daughter Of Russian MMA Fighter Who Criticized Chechen Leader Hospitalized After ‘Assault’

Kremlin scheme seeks influence in Eastern Europe, says research

EU citizens can no longer travel the direct route to Moscow via Belarus

Bosnia prosecutors open probe of office’s suspended chief

Ireland earmarks €1.3bn for Brexit impact

Slovakia: Residential hotel in Bratislava refuses to house Romani workers

Assyrian Confederation of Europe (ACE) Elects its First President

Ogoni: Youth Leadership Council Wants Indigenous Environmentalist to Head Clean-up