Is Corsica the Next Catalonia? – Can New President Steer Somaliland Toward International Recognition?

Is Corsica the Next Catalonia? Poised for Election Win

Can New President Steer Somaliland Toward International Recognition?

Greenland prepares for Brexit – and possible independence

Global Flag Raising for West Papua

Catalonia braces itself for another independence fight

Scotland still wants independence

Barzani adviser: Kurdish secession is inevitable


Minority Safety Pack Petition


November is National American Indian Heritage Month

1920 November 27: Belarusians Mark Heroes’ Day

1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence

1873 November 28: Hawaiian Independence Day

November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

November 30: St Andrew’s Day in Scotland

1918 December 1: Iceland Sovereignty Day

1961 December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua

1971 December 2: United Arab Emirates National Day

December 3: Commemoration Day of Victims of Genocide Against the Latvian People by the Totalitarian Communist Regime in Latvia

1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day

1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day

1963 December 12: Jamhuri or Republic Day in Kenya

1971 December 16: National Day in Bahrain

1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day

1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day

1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day

1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day

1967 November 30: Yemen Independence Day


Western PS dispels allegations of importing teachers from other provinces to work in Barotseland

Minsk, Brest to host Ingushetia Culture Days on 7-8 December

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa gives key cabinet jobs to military figures

Dagestan Head takes case of Akim Kuliev who disemboweled himself after tortures under personal control

ECHR permits Germany’s preemptive deportation of Dagestany teen to Russia

Burundi opposition platform boycotts new round of peace talks in Tanzania

This east African country is waging a war on its women

Burundi’s government enforcers now killed for their silence

Militias kill Egyptian U.N. peacekeeper in Central African Republic

Gem smuggling thwarts revival of Central African Republic

Central African Republic: ‘Restoring hope,’ UN agriculture agency helps ex-fighters start anew

Wales planning to open up ’embassies’ around world after Brexit

Four radical ideas on how to fix the Welsh economy

Major win for Plaid Cymru as First Minister confirms Continuity Bill for Wales

Westminster has written off rural Wales – here’s how we can boost our countryside economy

Bobi Jones, Welsh writer and nationalist – obituary

One in three people in a Welsh town ‘are on anti-depressants’

Five Big Challenges Facing the IndyWales Movement

All the new ‘England and Wales’ rail projects announced by Westminster are in England

We need to rebuild Welsh history from the ground up

Macedonia: Retrial for murders that sparked ethnic tension

Bulgarian, Macedonian Orthodox Churches Edge Closer Despite Thorny History

Storming of Parliament: Macedonia parliament strips immunity of 6 lawmakers

Macedonia: 13 get 30-day jail terms for parliament incursion

France stops large shipment of radioactive Belarus mushrooms

Latvia has highest number of new AIDS cases in EU, EEA

Catholics are violating church teaching if they support pro-independence movements says Spanish cardinal

Scotland: Richard Leonard tells Labour to pinch indy movement’s message of hope

Scotland still wants independence

France reinvigorates ‘Auld Alliance’ with new base in Scotland

How to say ‘Happy St Andrew’s Day’ in Scottish Gaelic

Preparing Scotland digitally for independence

Scotland has the best water in the world … but are we importing London ice for our drinks?

Guinea-Bissau teachers end third strike since September

African women are starting to take a lead in agricultural research

What next for the IS fighters returning to Tunisia

Tunisia: Government ‘trying to control’ independent bodies

Can Tunisia eliminate violence against women?

Alaska Natives: Our fight to survive

3 Native American Women Making History

Paraguay’s First Digital Indigenous Map Aims to Reduce Land Conflicts

Donald Trump makes ‘racial slur’ at event honouring Native Americans

Vandals trash small American Indian school in Minneapolis

The revolution will not be televised: how a Guaraní tribe got São Paulo’s attention

Opening Arctic refuge to drilling risks the Gwich’in people’s way of life

Qaqamiiĝux̂, book brings traditions to new pre-K curriculum

In an Unprecedented Move, 10 Democratic Senators Demand That Netanyahu Halt Israel Demolition of Palestinian Village

Israel races to head off UN settlement ‘blacklist’

UN General Assembly affirms illegality of Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem

Russian Orthodox Church suggests tsar’s death was a Jewish ‘ritual murder’

Donald Trump set to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Palestinian Solidarity Day: 70 years since partition

Africa solidarity is a ‘pillar of Palestinian struggle’

Palestinian shot dead by Israeli settler in West Bank

New Zealand broadcasters refuse to stop using Māori words

Māori programming wins big at 2017 NZTV Awards

Nauru: The Tiny Island Crushing International GDP Statistics

Grenada to establish special victim unit, sex offender’s registry

Grenada launches Tourism Awareness Campaign

China’s Base in Djibouti: Lessons from Germany’s Asian Colonialism

Iceland close to ending capital controls

Iceland’s Left-Green opposition leader to become new prime minister

Women leaders tackle gender equality at Iceland summit

How Eivør is making the sound of Faroese folk music a global hit

In Xinjiang, Ethnic Kazakhs and Kyrgyz Face Increased Pressure

Kazakhstan Presses China On Problems Reported By Ethnic Kazakhs In Xinjiang

Northern Kazakhstan likely to be Putin’s next target for aggression

Uyghur Asylum Seeker Detained in Dubai Feared Deported to China

China’s ‘three warfares’ in Xinjiang

Jailed Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti Awarded ‘Prize For Freedom’ in The Hague

Xinjiang Man Convidted on the Basis of His Own Confession Declared Innocent After Serving 15 Years in Jail

Native Languages in a Contemporary World: Threats and Challenges for Youth

Another Day, Another Tragedy in Crimea

“100 Crimean Tatar kids who lost their fathers”

Report: Turkey Swapped Two Alleged Russian Spies For Crimean Tartar Leaders

Russia jails Crimean Tatar for refusal to collaborate, his father for telling PACE about the case

Marlen (Suleyman) Asanov, Crimean Tatar political prisoner jailed for Crimea Solidarity named Ukraine’s Volunteer of the Year

#PointlessWaiting flash-mobs held in airports worldwide for Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia

‘Pope’s Sociologist’ Fights Human Trafficking From the Vatican

‘Journey to Independence’: Makana headlines fundraiser for Hale ‘Oluea Clubhouse

University of Hawaiʻi Recognizes Students’ Affiliation with Hawaiian Kingdom

How Can We Improve Democracy In Hawaii?

Norway reveals rape and sexual assault scandal in Lapland

Eritrea, where the EU is hoodwinked into paying millions to a regime encouraging a mass exodus

Fight not flight: Eritrea’s youth taking matters into their own hands

At least 17 killed in gold mine dispute on Mali-Guinea border

Guinea cracks down on media as education strike grinds on

Guinea radio stations fall silent to protest media crackdown

West Papuans gather in Vanuatu for Liberation Movement summit

Vanuatu gives United Liberation Movement of West Papua access to land and a building

Solomon Islands join West Papua Flag Raising

NZ MP Catherine Delahunty: West Papua people need our support

How absolute monarchy in Oman is turning to Twitter to help govern

Bedouins in Oman: A foot in two worlds

No illusions about the challenges facing Somaliland

Somaliland’s miraculous elections and optimism of the new leader

In Paraguay, urging young people to end dating violence

World Drives Bahamas To Introduce Income Tax

Finland no longer the ‘sick man of Europe’ but mid-term problems loom: finance minister

Finnish court bans Neo-Nazi movement

Somali official visits prison in Seychelles, encourages anti-piracy cooperation

New Kyrgyz president affirms Kyrgyzstan’s allegiance to Russia

Kazakhstan: A New Player In Kyrgyzstan’s Politics

Basque activist asylum appeal dismissed

Hong Kong independence debate should be fair game on campus, Harvard expert on China says

Turning Off the Tap: Hong Kong’s Reliance On Chinese Water

Country Investment Profile – Greenland

After threats, EU lawmakers seek ‘protection’ on Malta visit

MEPs looking into death of journalist ‘disturbed’ by trip to Malta

Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation and Conflict Prevention: East Timor Initiatives in Guinea-Bissau

Translator test leaves Gaeilge gap

Meet the Irish descendants heading back to their roots

Michael Fry: Ireland shows we need not rely on the UK for trade

Education chiefs ‘failing’ Irish language schools in Derry

Council implored to keep Gaeltacht alive with Irish-language signs

Donald Tusk: Britain’s future is in Dublin’s hands

Togo Opposition Parties Vow to Keep Up Pressure on President

A Defiant Map-Hunter Stakes Vietnam’s Claims in the South China Sea

Filipino fishermen hope for Chinese benevolence

South Korea Looks to Compete with China in the Philippines

US, Japan, India, Australia … is Quad the first step to an Asian Nato?

US, China Hold Quiet Military Talks Amid North Korea Tensions

Caribbean animators converge in Trinidad and Tobago for Animae Caribe Festival

St Kitts and Nevis: PM to ‘defend the laws’ over public beach access

Six Caribbean territories and states eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis

UK Ad Standard Authority Rules Against Removal of #FreeBalochistan Ads

Head of the World Baloch Women Forum asks US to designate Pervez Musharraf as global terrorist

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan concerned over enforced disappearances of Baloch

Lake Chad: The World’s Most Complex Humanitarian Disaster

Chad: The unexpected migration debate

UN Expert Calls on Laos to Boost Support for Child Sex Abuse Victims

It Takes Two To Tango: Tajiks Eye Targeting ‘Men Of Loose Morals’ In Tackling Prostitution

China sentences Taiwanese man to 5 years in prison for advocating democracy

Indigenous children in care in Australia could ‘triple in 20 years’ if nothing done

Serbia starts construction of Chinese-funded railway to Budapest

Oromo Activist’s Yonatan Tesfaye Jail Sentence Reduced from 6.5 to 3.5 Years

Abu Dhabi Fund For Development Promotes Renewable Power For Island Nations

Senior Cyprus prosecutor allegedly offered private advice to Russians

Taiwan offers agricultural assistance to Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, and Solomon Islands

Liberian parties file election appeal at the Supreme Court

Bulgaria, next EU chair, aims to bring Western Balkans closer to bloc

Iran denies Bulgaria PM entry into airspace en route to Saudi Arabia

Albania’s Economy Not Benefiting From Largest Oil Reserves in Region

Honduras suspends rights as violence spreads over delayed vote count

Facebook has a problem with death threats in the Czech Republic

Broadband internet is still too expensive for many Africans

Praljak: Bosnian Croat war criminal dies after taking poison in court

Monaco, Geneva, Singapore Have Highest Percentage of Ultra-Wealthy Residents

People in Marshall Islands face existential threats from climate change

Marshall Islands: Concrete dome holding nuclear waste could leak

Instability, political disputes hamper Yezidi aid efforts

50 percent of Yezidis abducted by ISIS still remain under captivity

Kremlin ‘Coquetry’: With Exit Talk, Kadyrov Seen Seeking Avowal Of His Power, Concessions From Moscow

Chechnya leader accused of involvement in Montenegro coup

A War Within a War: Chechnya’s Expanding Role in Syria

Indian anxiety and Khalistan 2020

Sikh nationalist leader Manmohan Singh Khalsa passes away

Lawyer Disbarred in Azerbaijan After Filing Torture Complaint

EU Platform for Roma Inclusion 2017, a missed chance for children’s education

Crocodiles, pythons and militias: South Sudan’s children risk death for school

South Sudan eyes OPEC membership as it tries to boost oil output

Tribal militia kill 43 in South Sudan’s Jonglei state, abduct women, children

How to Support South Sudan’s High Level Revitalization Forum

Tatar Language Classes Now Optional In Tatarstan, Prosecutor Says

”The wind from Moscow is two times colder in Tatarstan”

Montenegro’s membership in NATO is turning point for security in Western Balkans

Costa Rica drives for a new green goal: electric transport

November 1917: Estonian Provincial Assembly declares itself supreme power

The first step towards Latvia’s independence 100 years ago

Cuba holds municipal elections on road to Castro era’s end

United States bans most government scientists from travel to Cuba

Cuba battling medicine shortages in wake of cash crunch

Millions at risk of famine in post-hurricane Haiti

Bolivia court allows President Evo Morales to seek fourth term

Kuwait jails MPs, dissidents over 2011 parliament raid

Kuwait and Kurdish Separatism

Barzani adviser: Kurdish secession is inevitable

Jewish activists for independent Kurdistan promote cause in NY, Jerusalem

Syrian Kurds hold local elections, press on with autonomy plans

Inside Tuz Khurmatu: Kurdish homes targeted under Hashd rule

President Macron in meeting with PM Barzani sets terms of Erbil-Baghdad dialogue

Kurdish parties discuss time, nature of next elections

Kurdish residents in Syria’s north find linguistic freedom after decades of state suppression

Western Sahara’s participation in AU-EU Summit is “a victory for the Sahrawi people and their just cause”

UN Secretary-General appoints Colin Stewart of Canada as Special Representative for Western Sahara

Isle of Man: Will we avoid EU blacklist?

What is the ideal population of the Isle of Man?

For Gabon’s sickly uranium miners, a long quest for compensation

‘We have completely failed to show the truth in Kashmir’: 2017 Rafto Prize winner

Slovakia Thinks Globally

New Caledonia finally elects a president

French PM speaks of ‘considerable stakes’ on New Caledonia visit

With 60 Years Of Disappointment, President of Central Tibetan Administration Hopeful on Dialogue with Chinese President

Tibetan Monk Burns to Death in Sichuan Calling For Tibetan Freedom

Tibetan Youth ‘Addicted’ to Gambling in China’s Qinghai

Switzerland, where failure is not an option

How ready is Switzerland for a nuclear disaster?

Beer sales slowly dry up in Switzerland

Belize, Women, Future, And Leadership

Armenia and Colombia keep I’mPOSSIBLE momentum going Using E-Commerce to Showcase Armenia’s Artisan Economy

Russian TV Backs Down After Calling Armenian Hero ‘Fascist Collaborator’

Lebanon’s PM Hariri signals may withdraw resignation next week

Lebanon will only survive if Hezbollah disarms: Saudi minister

Can Morocco’s New Amazigh (Berber) Prime Minister End the Country’s Deadlock?

Legends, Stories, and Lessons from Palau

Palau under pressure from China over Taiwan

Scottish precedent left Catalonian leaders ‘unprepared’ for referendum backlash

Barcelona city must remove ‘Free our Political Prisoners’ banner

Fear of voting, now also on the EU

795 charged, 24 arrests and 10 political prisoners: diary of a repression that does not stop

Catalan politicians struggle with Spanish prison regime

‘Catalonia will defend right to self-determination, says Together for Catalunya candidate’

Barcelona’s yellow fountains banned over link to Catalan separatism

Catalonia and Spain: a view from the region’s backcountry

Puigdemont, the most sold ‘caganer’ figurine this year

Catalan leaders to remain in jail at least until Monday awaiting decision on their release

Madrid dismisses employees of Catalan Government delegations abroad

Far-right demonstration takes place in front of pro-independence party headquarters

Carles Puigdemont: December 21 elections ‘round two’ for independence referendum

Catalonia braces itself for another independence fight

‘Catalan News’ doubles audience since referendum and police violence to suppress independence

We can’t trust Madrid to oversee Catalonia’s election — the EU must step in

The scars of Catalonia

Singapore Investor Conference Puts Media Ethics Top of the Agenda

Singapore Is Still The Most Expensive City In The World

‘Humans, not robots:’ Report suggests 60% of Singapore domestic workers exploited

Rwanda: the calm after the storm

Once war-torn Rwanda is now ready to shine

U.S. concerned for Uganda journalists hit with treason over ‘Rwanda coup’ story

World Aids Day – How Far Has Rwanda Come?

Inside the Battle for the Heart and Soul of the Maldives

Maldives Parliament Approves FTA With China – But With No Opposition Present

Rihanna Now Has a Street Named After Her in Barbados

Behind the Croatian bankruptcy that’s shaking the Balkans

European country where Aussies have a shocking reputation

Bahrain dissident chief boycotts Qatar-linked trial

Libyan Slave Trade Shocked the World. Here’s What You Should Know

Voluntary evacuation planned for migrants as Libya battles slavery claims

Oil, Instagram and the Plunder of Equatorial Guinea

Kalmyks: Europe’s Only Native Buddhists

Georgian Constitutional Court Decriminalizes Marijuana Consumption

EP Conference Sheds Light on China’s Colonial Rule over Southern Mongolia

Biafra: IPOB to open new headquarters in Germany

We’re unstoppable, Biafra struggle beyond brandishing flags –IPOB