1968 March 12: Independence Day in Mauritius

2005 March 13: Tunisian National Day of Internet Freedom

1855 March 14: International Circassian Language Day

1801 March 14: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

461 March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

1956 March 20: Tunisia Independence day

1990 March 21: Namibia Independence Day

1992 March 21: Tatarstan Sovereignty Referendum

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1821 March 25: Greek Independence Day

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

1949 March 25–28: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

1971 March 26: Bangladesh Independence Day

1976 March 30: Palestine: Land Day


Independence Ideas Must Be Suppressed

March 5: St Piran’s Day, the national day in Cornwall

1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq

1957 March 6: Ghana, 1st sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkar people by Stalin’s Soviet Union

1959 March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

1968 March 12: Independence Day in Mauritius

2005 March 13: Tunisian National Day of Internet Freedom

1855 March 14: International Circassian Language Day

1801 March 14: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

461 March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

1956 March 20: Tunisia Independence day

1990 March 21: Namibia Independence Day

1992 March 21: Tatarstan Sovereignty Referendum

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1821 March 25: Greek Independence Day

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

1949 March 25–28: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

Hong Kong independence ideas must be suppressed, top China official Wang Huning warns city

As its wealth fund goes green, Norway’s firms struggle to keep up

What Did Wes Say? First Native Presenter Wes Studi, Speaks Cherokee Language At Oscars

Native American Mom Blasts ‘Racist’ School Assignment About Slaughter of White Colonists

‘It opened my eyes’: Inuit play helps participants understand their culture

Australia could look to New Zealand to increase the number of Indigenous academics and students

The pain of hearing: Australia’s parliament recognises Yazidi genocide

Cubs of the Caliphate: rehabilitating Islamic State’s child fighters

UN: Some Rape Victims of Islamic State ‘Like Living Corpses’

Ethnic groups oppose Rohingya resettlement in Rakhine

Former Minister’s Reported Death Highlights Eritrea’s Secret Prisons

More dissent in Eritrea, a country where dissent is not tolerated

Mauritanian Authorities Crackdown on Anti-slavery Activists

Why African feminists see Rwanda as role model

Australia and East Timor sign historic maritime boundary deal, despite tensions over division of £47bn oil field

Somalia rejects Somaliland port deal with Ethiopia and UAE company

Somalia Deems Its Own Generation To Generation Fabrications As Facts

As climate change parches Somalia, frequent drought comes with conflict over fertile land

Belgium has scandal brewing over rapper’s World Cup song

Kyrgyzstan: High-Level Resignation Points to Trouble at the Top

Cone Of Contention: ‘Racism’ Furor In Tatarstan Over ‘Poor Jew’ Ice Cream

Tuva, amazing art of throat singing

Kremlin’s anti-corruption campaign comes to the Caucasus

Pretrial Detention For Human Rights Defender Oyub Titiyev Extended In Chechnya

Chechens Seek Ways To Circumvent Ban on Commemorating 1944 Deportation

KBR marks 74th anniversary of Balkars’ deportation

Balkars In North Caucasus Mark Anniversary Of Stalin-Era Deportation

How Americans Took Down a Latvian Laundromat

Vatican Magazine Condemns Misuse of Nuns in the Church

Austria plans to put immigration and borders at heart of EU presidency

South Sudan’s media regulator suspends U.N.-owned radio

Gaza: Facebook is ‘complicit’ with Israel

Israel’s ‘creeping annexation’ of West Bank continues

Israel passes law to strip residency of Jerusalem’s Palestinians

Palestine in Pictures: February 2018

Two arrested after Burundi president ‘roughed up’ on football field

Namibia, known for diamonds and deserts, wants to get in on the rechargeable battery boom

In Xinjiang, China’s ‘Neo-Totalitarian’ Turn Is Already a Reality

Exiled Uyghur Leader Says ‘Red Notice’ Demonstrates China’s Harassment of Critics Abroad

Beijing is spending its way to ‘an experiment of what is possible’ to police Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

Lithuania to mint world’s first digital collector coins

China Belt-Road Plan May Create Debt Problems From Djibouti to Laos

NATO officially gives Ukraine aspiring member status; membership action plan is next ambition

Taras Shevchenko. The case of a personal fight against the Russian Empire

Russia’s Gas War on Ukraine Flames Out

Russia protects suspected Maidan killers “for reasons of national security” while abducting Maidan activists

Organizers of Russian elections in Crimea might face up to 15 years in jail

Russia condemned for launching ‘machine of wholesale persecution’ in occupied Crimea

Amid a thousand and one stars: the Crimean Tatar language

Thousands of women march in Guinea over police violence

Guinea leader vows ‘major cabinet reshuffle’ after unrest

West Papua’s fight for independence

Anti-corruption body calls on Portugal to speed up reforms to prevent corruption among MPs, judges and prosecutors

Greenland mulls independence from Denmark during election campaign

Why Gwenno has made the whole world listen to Cornwall

Welsh singer Gwenno’s new album is written entirely in the Cornish language – here’s why

In Lesotho, women say they’re finding their abortions on Facebook

Lesotho nears 90-90-90 goal; HIV prevalence still high

Snap election in Antigua puts Barbuda’s communal land ownership on the ballot

Albania to vet police to clean ranks of crime and corruption

EU tax haven blacklist set to shrink further, causing outcry

EU set to add three Caribbean islands to tax haven blacklist

Baloch Culture Day being marked across Balochistan

Pakistani security forces abducted more than a dozen Baloch in past four days

How the Banjar people of Borneo became ancestors of the Malagasy and Comorian people

Belfast council Irish Language Act debate annoys DUP

Poll suggests attitudes towards Irish language act more entrenched after collapse of talks

Councillors in Belfast pass motion calling for Irish Language Act

30 ways to support returning Irish emigrants recommended to Government

Irish speakers say language connects us to the landscape

Clondalkin area in the running to receive Irish language recognition

Irish government approves wording of abortion referendum

UK Government tables budget for Northern Ireland amid powersharing impasse

Unionism politicised the Irish language

Irish language studies thriving locally

Botswana – Police Clampdown Over Intelligence Report

How to save Botswana’s sparkling reputation

A short oral history of Ghana’s legendary Soul to Soul independence day concert

Paris ‘dragging feet’ on Algerian independence war compensation

Calls for Malawi martyrs compensation from Britain renewed

Pacific people still stigmatized for living with HIV

French Polynesia govt drops pension plans in face of protests

Switzerland first to test integrating drones into its air traffic control

Moldova’s Conflict: Unfreezing, In a Good Way?

Moldova: Stepping Out of Europe’s Grey Zone

Major Social Network in Moldova Spreading Russian Propaganda

Nigel Owens column: What being Welsh means to me and why we should all cherish it

Refugees are being offered free Welsh lessons to help them feel at home

10 great liberals everyone in Wales should know about

A tax on workers to pay for retirees won’t solve Wales’ ‘brain drain’ problem

As Western banks leave, China adds Brunei to new silk road

‘Weaponizing capital’: US worries over China’s expanding role in Africa

U.S. Consulate General donates science books to University of Curaçao

How To Start a New Country … Independence: Preparation

Wings over Scotland smashes fundraiser target in less than 24 hours

Small is better when it comes to growing Scotland’s economy

Public Finances in Independent Scotland

Henry McLeish: Scotland has changed forever and will not return to the days when it was just another part of Britain

Keith Brown stresses importance of positive case for independence

Yes DIY is happening all over Scotland right now

Observing Holy Days Of Different Religions Makes Fiji Unique

Swaziland receives $642m to fight lung cancer

Swaziland: Budget Gives PM New House

Growing the Solomon Islands’ Economy – One Woman at a Time

Uruguay’s cannabis law: Pioneering a new paradigm

Their Leader Is Missing, but Nigeria’s Biafran Separatists Aren’t Backing Down

Fifty Years After Nigeria’s Civil War, the Dream of an Independent Biafra Lives On

Former Kiribati president is worried that his country is sinking into the ocean

Czechs protest Communist-era cop getting police oversight job in parliament

Former President Mohamed Nasheed: ‘Maldives government selling oil to North Korea’

Kremlin ‘Guru’ Rouses Anti-Western Feeling in Macedonia

Russia Builds Cultural Centre to Boost Influence in Bosnia

Kosovo Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Armed Resistance

Milosevic The Musical: New Play About Serbian Strongman Opens In Kosovo

Serbian president says ‘open to solutions’ on Kosovo

Georgia, Serbia Sign Visa-Free Agreement

Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia show new will to solve disputes

How the war in Iraq unintentionally helped stabilise Bosnia

U.S., Baltic States Discuss Russian ‘Threat’ To European Security

Russia has military advantage over NATO in Baltic Sea region

A take on career aspirations of women leaders in Singapore

Insights on usage of dockless bike sharing in Singapore from SMART researchers

How Porlwi Festival lights up Mauritius

Mauritius President to resign following expenses scandal

Guyana to ask Japan to fund economic studies based on “Oil and Gas Master Plan”

Glaciers in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert actually shrank during the last ice age

Real Lives, Real Stories: Mongolia

8 Reasons Why Mongolia’s Capital Ulaanbaatar Might Be The Place for a Trump-Kim Summit

Benin Leader’s Visit Is France’s First Test on Returning African Art Treasures

Tunisia prolongs state of emergency for 7 more months

Tunisia central bank can’t defend dinar, governor says

China’s influence looms as Sierra Leone goes to the polls

Sierra Leone Secretly Holds First Blockchain-Powered Presidential Vote

[Live] Sierra Leone polls: 25% official results declared, two-horse race emerges

The inconvenient truths about Greece

‘Europe Does Not See Us As Human’: Stranded Refugees Struggle In Greece

Trans refugees fled to Greece for a better life. They found intolerance.

World Sikh Parliament goes to UNHRC

Anger among Sikhs in Britain raises the heat on UK-India ties

Nearly 50% of workers in Luxembourg in professional training

Italian Police Tell Roma: Leave now or we will take away your kids

Bahrain conducts large-scale roundup of Shiite ‘militants’

China warns Taiwan it won’t tolerate separatist activities

China issues war alert to Taiwan over US Bill

Video surfaces of KMT Youth League members ransacking Taiwan independence camp

Spain’s Galicia seeks to mobilise EUR 3bn in green investments

Turkey renews threat against Cyprus offshore gas exploration

Cartoonist Ramón Esono Ebalé Freed from Prison in Equatorial Guinea

Dominican Republic to Join Caribbean Energy Exploration Rush

Fallout from journalist’s murder sends Slovakia into political crisis

Tens of thousands protest in Slovakia after journalist’s death

Grenada Tourism Continues Boom into 2018

Liechtenstein: The Country Where Cryptocurrency Thrives Freely

The Belarus Factor in European Security

Kurds say Syrian city of Afrin is being ‘ethnically cleansed’ by Turkish military

Lawmakers attacked at Turkey Parliament for accusing gov of ethnically cleansing Afrin

Turkish forces reach outskirts of Afrin town: monitor

Western Sahara calls for independence in historic symbolic referendum

Western Sahara conflict resolution: Morocco is afraid of negotiation

Court in confusion – the EU and Western Sahara

Gabon put GPS trackers on its elephants to fight illegal poaching

Civil society groups in Gabon want unconditional release of all political detainees

Party Pooper: Turkmen President A No-Show For Central Asian Summit

Pacific people thrive in their own languages

Gambia apologizes to Thailand over minister’s sex tourism destination comment

Rape of men and boys in Central African Republic is ‘ignored’ crime

Militia commits mass rape in Central African Republic: MSF

In Central African Republic, Muslim child brides fight for daughters’ rights

Protests Rock Kashmir After Deadly Shooting By Indian Troops

El Salvador’s Gangs Are Targeting Young Girls

Violent crime in El Salvador has taken a damaging toll on the country’s economy

Transgender activist runs in El Salvador national elections

Record number of women register to run in Lebanon election

French PM calls for renewed dialogue in New Caledonia

New Caledonia Congress set to announce independence referendum date

Sensitivities flare in New Caledonia

Tibetan President Urged UNESCO to Investigate Jokhang Fire

Tibetan Singer Guowa Jiamaoji Calls to Stop Discrimination Against Her Race at China’s Top Political Meeting

Tsekho Tukchak dies in self-immolation protest ahead of 59th Tibetan anniversary of uprising

Five Pressing Human Rights Violations in Tibet in the year 2017

Tibetans Hold Prayer Service in Memory of Peaceful Demonstrators of 1989

Tibetan flag-raising day held in Northampton for 19th consecutive year

Amazigh awakening: Libya’s largest minority wants recognition

Book Review: Berber Government, The Kabyle Polity in Pre-Colonial Algeria

Jordi Sànchez, from political activist to presidential candidate

Spanish Tax Office investigates Catalan journalists, businesses and pro-independence associations

Pre-trial detention is measure of last resort, says UN Human Rights Commission

Rajoy warns France, Italy to watch out for independence movements

Economists’ association calls for end to suspension of Catalan self-rule

Prosecutor asks about involvement of mayors in independence referendum

Judge denies jailed Jordi Sànchez permission to be sworn in

Jordi Sànchez to take Spanish judge to human rights court

Jordi Sànchez’ swearing-in postponed until Human Rights court rules

Top Latin American film festival kicks off with Catalonia as guest of honor

Deposed education minister Clara Ponsatí leaves Belgium for Scotland

Qatar successfully weathering the political storm of Saudi-led blockade, says IMF

Brisa de Angulo: Battling Bolivia’s sexual abuse crisis

Former Bolivian President Faces US Trial for 2003 Killings

Bolivia Doesn’t Want a President for Life

Faroe Islands step-up campaign for Olympic inclusion


20 relatives for an article: How To Start a New Country: Igbo majority wants Biafra: Today Afrin, tomorrow Manbij: stress test for democracy

1992 February 26: Khojaly Massacre

2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea

1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day

1976 February 27: Proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan

1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day

589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales

1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

March 5: St Piran’s Day, the national day in Cornwall

1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq

1957 March 6: Ghana, 1st sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkar people by Stalin’s Soviet Union

1959 March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

1968 March 12: Independence Day in Mauritius

2005 March 13: Tunisian National Day of Internet Freedom

1855 March 14: International Circassian Language Day

1801 March 14: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

461 March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

China’s overkill on Tibet keeps backfiring

Fishy Moroccan trade agreement limited from Western Sahara

Treaties Between the United States and Indigenous Nations, Explained

Native American residential community Kalapuya Ilihi aims to improve community, retention for Native students

7,000-Year-Old Native American Burial Site Found Underwater

Navajo Nation issues new emergency drought declaration

Honduras Arrests Alleged Mastermind Behind Berta Caceres’ Murder

When Native Americans Were Slaughtered in the Name of ‘Civilization’

Guaraní-Kaiowá: When Racism and Assimilation Puts an End to Childhood

‘Hong Kong is not China’ design studios to halt operations in March

How do you say ‘Happy St David’s Day’ in Welsh?

GPs and dentists will be exempt from Welsh language rules

St. David’s Day. Here’s What to Know About Wales’ National Day

Support for Plaid and independence up in latest St. David’s Day poll

Chaos lends boost to Amazigh reawakening in Libya

Behind Benin’s cotton harvest, worries over ‘monopoly’

Uganda govt wants more representation for minority groups

Finland becomes most attractive jurisdiction for mining investment

Baloch pro-freedom groups to work unitedly

Baloch youth tortured to death

On the dunes with St Piran

What is St Piran’s Day and how to say Happy St Piran’s Day in Cornish

Wedding singers arrested for singing in Kurdish

Iraq extends flight ban by 3 months for Kurdistan

Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim arrested in Prague on Turkey’s request

Czechs release Syrian Kurdish politician, angering Turkey

UN chief Guterres criticized for accepting Syria in Decolonization Committee top post

Why are world leaders backing this brutal attack against Kurdish Afrin?

People across Kurdistan Region protest ongoing Turkish attacks on Afrin

“Today Afrin, tomorrow Manbij”, Erdogan says

No murder charges in case which ended Turkish-Kurdish peace process

Turkey Hands Suspended Jail Sentences to Three Academics Over Kurdish Letter

Kirkuk to hold provincial elections for the first time in 13 years

KRG on 27th anniversary of uprising: Will of Kurdistan’s people cannot be ignored

Norwegian emigration ‘higher than during era of migration to USA’

Films for Lithuanian Statehood Restoration Centenary

Fred Frederikse: Don’t mess with the Corsicans

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Visits Vietnam For The First Time Since The War

Tuareg militias battle Islamic State-loyal militants in northern Mali

U.S. Plans to Move Embassy to Jerusalem on Israel’s 70th Independence Day

Kersti Kaljulaid: A small country has only one natural resource – between our ears

Literature from Estonia: 16 Books to Get You Started

Orbán says migrants are like gypsies, but migrants are worse because they come from outside Hungary

Czech memorial to Romani genocide desecrated with pig’s head

Taiwan Independence referendum launched, backed by former presidents

Another ‘punished people’ documented – the Kola Norwegians destroyed by Stalin

Russian ‘mercenary’ gets state award from Putin for fighting in Donbas

Russia’s “ghost” armies and the “heroes of the Russian spring” in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Stolen History, Stolen Culture

Ukraine marks Day of Resistance to Occupation of Crimea

Nineteen people missing in Russian-occupied Crimea

NATO Representation to Ukraine: Peaceful reintegration of Crimea should be long-term priority for Ukraine

Three Pussy Riot Members Detained In Crimea

Ukraine to protect Crimean residents at UN Human Rights Council – Poroshenko

Join in Solidarity with Oleg Sentsov & other victims of Russia’s occupation of Crimea

Nuclear Threat Moves to Crimea

Crimean Tatar woman attacked for protesting Russia’s destruction of 16th century Khan’s Palace

Crimean Tatar Activist Suleyman Kadyrov Defiant In Face Of Ban On ‘Public Activities’

Russian Authorities ‘Scared,’ Says Convicted Crimean Tatar Activist Suleyman Kadyrov

Crimean Tatar tortured to death for silent protest – Hero of Ukraine and symbol of Russian lawlessness

Arrests with torture of ‘witnesses’ in Russian-occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar facing life sentence for his faith & 5 other Crimean Muslims declared political prisoners

We must protect Crimea’s human rights defenders

Hurricane-hit Antigua and Barbuda to vote early

Pro-separatist Sikh Canadians praise Trudeau, slam Indian government and PM Modi

Sikh activism in Canada is not the Khalistani extremism of decades past

Australian actor on learning Irish to star in Black 47 Famine movie

Stormont officials say ‘no funding’ for north’s Irish language networks

Boris Johnson rounded-on by Irish politicians for saying Irish border is like Camden and Westminster

Switzerland has perfect way to deal with language barriers

Lombardy enterprise rises above Italy’s economic crisis

Elections talk brewing in Cook Islands

French Polynesia sinks floating island project

Marshall Islands to be first to issue own sovereign cryptocurrency

Igbo groups gather at Ojukwu’s home, insist on Biafra

Biafra: No politician in Buhari’s govt is more popular than Nnamdi Kanu – IPOB

Nigeria: Opinion poll shows overwhelming Igbo majority wants Biafra

New Zealand risks becoming a “strategic nincompoop” as China woos tiny Pacific islands

New Zealand’s National Party chooses indigenous Maori leader

Strong sense of cultural identity drives boom in Māori business

Bulgaria, Romania, Converging With EU Only ‘Structurally’

The Long-Running Headache of Minority Rule in Ethiopia

Eighty-eight MPs rebel as Ethiopia parliament ratifies state of emergency

Gang rapes and beheadings: U.N. details South Sudan horrors, blames government and rebels

UN warns that South Sudan faces new famine

South Sudan in Focus

More reliable internet connectivity to people of Palau

New airport terminal opens in Tuvalu

Burundi not ready for elections, United Nations says

Serbian FM offered arms to Burundi in exchange for revoking Kosovo recognition

‘Big Data’ Predictions Spur Detentions in China’s Xinjiang: Human Rights Watch

Call From Blacklisted Number Lands Uyghur Woman in Political Re-Education Camp

China upset as Interpol removes wanted alert for exiled Uighur leader Dolkun Isa

US-based Uighur journalist Gulchehra Hoja says China detained 20 relatives

Religion and politics in the Middle East: Is Kuwait showing the way ahead?

Armenia Scrapping Protocols To Normalize Relations With Turkey

Slovak Investigative Reporter, Girlfriend Killed

Macedonians Protest Name Change As PM Offers Greece Options

Montenegro To Open Two New Negotiating Chapters With EU

The Swiss own millions of guns, but have barely any gun deaths — here’s what they do differently from the US

Switzerland Is the Best Country in the World, Says 2018 Best Countries Report

Tonga police charge charge former PM in passport inquiry

20-Plus Insurers, Banks & Fund Firms Select Luxembourg as Post-Brexit HQs

Lesotho: Deputy Health Minister embroiled in drug-smuggling scandal

Slovenia appoints its first female deputy army chief

Why we have lessons to learn from Moldova

Why This Poor Country Has the World’s Best Internet

Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine Decry Russian Presence

EU ‘gravely concerned’ at death in custody in South Ossetia

10 Years After Putin’s Invasion, Russia Still Occupies Parts of Georgia

Abkhazian ‘residency permit’ enforced by threat of cutting off pensions

Are Eritrea government spies posing as refugee interpreters?

How Oman’s Dhofar region doubled for the Red Planet

US Embassy in Cuba to reduce staff indefinitely after ‘health attacks’

Sierra Leone: Can the “Lion Mountain” Ever Roar Again?

Sierra Leone 2018 general elections: Background to fifth polls since 1996

Ocean warming threatens to drown Costa Rica’s whale tourism

Albania’s Chams want Greek apology for wartime expulsion

Wife of ex-president of Honduras arrested on graft charges

Security guards working at Trump’s luxury hotel in Panama turn violent

Lawmakers question Trump ties to Panama project linked to laundering, trafficking

Maldives opposition protesters arrested after court validates emergency rule

China’s ocean observation station at Maldives not a submarine base

Death Toll Climbs as Aftershocks Rattle Earthquake-Hit Papua New Guinea

Kashmir villagers fleeing bullets from two nations

Russian Billionaire linked to Trump, Manafort Has New Cyprus Passport

Robin McAlpine says independence movement can’t win on slogans alone as release of blueprint for Scottish independence is announced

How To Start a New Country … the timeline for an independent Scotland (Part I)

Part II: How To Start a New Country … the timeline for an independent Scotland

How To Start a New Country … Independence: The Strategy

EU nationals ‘to lose their right to vote in post-Brexit indyref2’

Nicola Sturgeon leads poll of ‘Britain’s most influential women

Spray-Painting For Putin in the Komi Republic

Tatar political prisoner Rafis Kashapov: I will continue to denounce Russia’s criminal government

In Chechnya, a new ski resort can’t overshadow accusations of human rights abuses

Dagestan: A Return to the Empire?

New Circassian scholarship — between homeland and diaspora

What’s With the New Cambodia Military Drills Near Laos?

Juncker: Normalisation deal with Kosovo is key for Serbia’s EU bid

Uproar as Rwanda to shut 700 churches over safety, hygiene

Namibia to Ready Black-Ownership Law by Year-End, President Says

Calls to set a date and question for independence vote in New Caledonia

Leading anti-slavery activist Biram Ould Abeid arrested in Mauritania

Botswana blames Congo’s humanitarian crisis on Kabila

English FA charges Guardiola for political Catalonia ribbon

Pep Guardiola’s jet searched for ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont

Protests greet King Felipe of Spain at Mobile World Congress 2018

‘Political prisoners’ artwork disallowed in Madrid to go on display in Lleida

Pep Guardiola vows to keep wearing Catalan yellow ribbon

Lawyers call for investigation into Spain’s human rights infringements in Catalonia

Madrid threatens more direct rule if jailed Jordi Sànchez becomes Catalan president

Foreign tourist spending increases by 11% in January

Case against Catalan independence extended up to 18 months

Puigdemont gives way to jailed Jordi Sànchez as president

Jobless numbers in Catalonia fall in February

Court sentences Catalan rapper Pablo Hasél to 2 years in prison for lyrics and tweets

Puigdemont v Spain: Catalan president takes case to UN human rights committee

Spain ‘will not consent’ to swearing in Sànchez from prison

CUP not to vote for Sànchez as Catalan president

78% of business executives in Catalonia foresee sales increase in 2018

Parliament speaker proposes Jordi Sànchez as presidential candidate

Sànchez calls for unity from jail

Low trust in justice system, political parties; crime main concern of Maltese

El Salvador’s military not opening archives for missing kids

The ‘silent massacre’ killing El Salvador’s sugarcane workers

Equatorial Guinea drops charges against anti-govt cartoonist

Equatorial Guinea court bans opposition party, jails activists

A helicopter bank robbery helps explain why cash is dying in Sweden

How Sweden’s startups became Europe’s digital vikings

Mauritius pitches itself as African gateway to Indian investors

Liberia’s stress test for democracy

Icelandic language battles threat of ‘digital extinction’

Denmark’s Prince Nikolai Just Made His Runway Debut and Is Now Signed to a Modeling Agency

Hmong: Preserving Identity Through Cultural Heritage

Brittany & Kurdistan: Shared Values Between Two Unrepresented Nations