Rebel Queen an Unwanted Friend: China to build more preschools for mandarin fluency

Native American Lacrosse Teams Reported Racial Abuse. Then Their League Expelled Them.

Where U.S. Unemployment Is Still Sky-High: Indian Reservations

Alaska Native Youth Find Strength, Resilience in Ancient Traditions

Lack of Inuktitut customer service in Iqaluit hotel ‘odd and wrong,’ man says

Cherokee Nation, RSU offering Cherokee language classes online

Daniel Akaka, first Native Hawaiian in Congress, dies at 93

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

Aboriginal activists target ‘Stolenwealth Games’ opening ceremony

Aboriginal children need loving, safe and culturally appropriate homes

Colourful health bus provides medical services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in remote areas

Moldova: Six Sentenced For Plotting Plahotniuc’s Assassination

Son Of Moldovan Ex-President Lucinschi Convicted Of Money Laundering, Sentenced To Prison

From the little prison to the big prison, finally Yanto Awerkion has been released

Arrests in Papua capital seen as diversion tactic

Meeting with United Liberation Movement for West Papua held in Dutch Parliament

One person killed and 3 others shot by Indonesian military at West Papuan church

Achehnese Hold Peaceful Demonstration to Commemorate 145th Anniversary of Dutch Declaration of War Against Acheh

Irish is beyond weaponisation

Hanged After a Trial He Couldn’t Understand, and Pardoned 136 Years Later

Electric Cars = 37% of New Car Sales in Norway in March

Georgia unveils ‘unprecedented’ peace initiative for Abkhazia, South Ossetia

China to build more preschools for mandarin fluency in Xinjiang

Uyghur Official Pezilet Bekri Arrested For Sympathizing With Political ‘Re-Education Camp’ Detainees

Uyghur Reporters’ Families Face Tremendous Pressure Back At Home

Thousands of Uyghurs to Protest Against ‘Re-education’ Camps on April 27th in Brussels

Balochs-in-exile take to streets in Europe against Pakistani occupation

Pro-Pakistan Baloch outfit formed in Moscow

From Aruba to Iceland, these 36 nations have no standing military

Antigua and Barbuda to Set Up a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Russia tests missiles in the Baltic Sea, a day after Baltic leaders met with Trump

A New Fortress To Defend Estonian & Baltic History Against Kremlin Disinformation

Tuareg alliance reports more clashes with Islamic State-loyal militants

French forces confirm joint operation against Islamic State-loyal militants

Paul Hutcheon: Salmond’s Russia Today show is discrediting the independence movement

Scottish Labour slammed over ‘anti-Gaelic agenda’

Chvrches on how ‘fear’ was used to sway people on Brexit and Scottish Independence

Independence march will ‘bring Glasgow to a standstill’

A Scotland where all can truly flourish is not just a dream

Doing it OURselves is the way forward for Yes DIY

The naysayers are wrong, marching can change the world

Our politicians should be doing more for Gaelic

Russia uses hate speech to stir up fear and hatred of Ukrainians in occupied Crimea

Russia recruits children for ‘Youth Army’ & now plans to use kids for propaganda about Crimea

Saudi crown prince says Israelis have right to their own land

Palestinian journalist killed in Israel-Gaza protests

Israel Rejects Calls for an Inquiry Into Gaza Violence

UN fails to condemn Israel’s use force on unarmed Palestinians

Netanyahu praises Israeli army after killings of Palestinians

Benny Tai faces Hong Kong court action to revoke passport in independence remarks row

Vietnam Surrenders to Chinese Pressure in South China Sea

Chinese media call for arrest warrant for Taiwan Premier over remarks on independence

Bosnia is in Vladimir Putin’s Crosshairs. Chaos and Conflict to Return to the Balkans?

Welsh language Duolingo course hits 1 million learners

Want to make Wales rich? Just follow the Basque Country’s lead

More than 27,000 people sign petition to stop Severn Crossing being renamed Prince of Wales Bridge

Portugal breaks 100% renewables mark but remains isolated

Dasserghyans: Gwenno’s ‘Le Kov’ and the Cornish Revival

Morocco threatens UN buffer zones in disputed Western Sahara

UN denies Morocco’s accusations of Frente POLISARIO soldiers’ presence in Guerguerat

Catalan parliament accepts Puigdemont voting by proxy

Catalan protest group to face rebellion charges, says prosecutor

International tourists visiting Catalonia last February up 2.8% from 2017

Campaign launched calling on Europe to act on Catalan situation

Spain will fight to bitter end over Clara Ponsati

Independence campaigners speak out from Catalonia about Spanish political repression

Clara Ponsatí ‘never committed any criminal offence,’ says her lawyer

Puigdemont backs jailed Sànchez as presidential candidate after UN calls to protect his political rights

Scotland Should Put Spanish Judiciary ‘On Trial’ in Catalan Case: Lawyer

Puigdemont Cannot Be Extradited on Rebellion Charge, German Court Rules

Germany frees Puigdemont on bail and rejects charges of rebellion

Spanish court charges former Catalan police chief Josep Lluis Trapero with sedition

Former Catalan police chief charged with criminal organization and sedition

World’s largest cruise ship docked at Barcelona port

Catalonia’s ex-president freed from German jail, calls for dialogue with Madrid

Decision on Puigdemont ‘absolutely right,’ says German justice minister Katarina Barley

Jailed activist Jordi Sànchez proposed as presidential candidate

Clara Ponsati: Spain’s human rights abuses get ‘worse by the day’

Protests greet King Felipe on his return to Barcelona

Investiture debate for Jordi Sànchez set for Friday

Russia slams Czech Republic for extradition of suspected hacker to US

Northern Mariana Islands to host 23rd Micronesian Islands Forum

Azerbaijan Released Wrongly Jailed Journalist

Peshmerga, Kurdish security forces to return to Kirkuk under US auspices

HDP delegation visits Kurdistan Region to meet with Barzani

Turkey or Kurdish YPG militia? Pick a side, Turkish minister tells France

In 24 hours, Turkey stations troops atop 8 mountains in Kurdistan Region

Yezidi Girl’s Freedom Opens Door to Justice in Iraq

Over 3,000 Yazidi Women Abducted by ISIS Still Missing

Syrian Government Accused Of Killing Dozens In Chemical Attack

Trump tweets condemnation of Syria chemical attack, saying Putin shares the blame

The Terrible Cost of Obama’s Failure in Syria

Libyan Amazigh-speaking cities to give their language legal status

Fez to Host 14th International Festival of Amazigh Culture on May 11-13

Many Roma in the EU live like people in the world’s poorer countries

For Serbia’s Roma, just getting a roof over their heads is a start

Tibetan leader urges efforts to enable Dalai Lama’s return

Fired for Liking a Tweet on Tibet, US Worker Feels China’s Reach

Police in Tibet Offer Cash Rewards For Tips on Crime, Disloyal Behavior

US Congressional Delegation visits Dharamsala, meets Dalai Lama and Tibetan leadership

New Report to the United Nations Unveils Systematic Violation of Human Rights in Tibet

What you can’t miss in Niue, one of the world’s smallest nations

Words that count: New Caledonia’s referendum question

Macron to visit scene of 1980s hostage crisis on New Caledonia visit

New Caledonia’s referendum question agreed—but further questions remain

ETA seeks international backing before announcing dissolution

From midwife to MP – Advancing the rights of women in the Comoros

Review: In ‘Good Luck,’ Miners in Serbia and Suriname Share a Cinematic Link

A Surinamese Non-Profit Becomes the Voice for Animals Losing Their Habitats

Austria’s government aims to ban headscarves in kindergarten

Andorra hosts first ever electric vehicle snow race

Guinea Bissau plans its first big solar-plus-storage project

São Tomé and Príncipe wants more benefit from oil sector revenues

Pacific Island of Nauru scraps link to Australian appeal court

China’s rebuke for Taiwan visit hits Palau tourism hard

Batwa: “Agari hamwe nigo agata eigufa”

Namibia president says China not colonizing Africa -China state media

Fiji PM warns of ‘frightening new era’ as he blames deadly cyclone on climate change

Towards a new Gambia National Troupe

China says it has made real efforts toward establishing Vatican relations

Iceland to support Liberia’s fisheries and aquaculture development

Trump threatens Honduras’ foreign aid over migrant caravan

Tourists and exports return to storm-hit island of Dominica

Remains of US Flier Shot Down Over Laos in 1968 Return Home

Laos seeks to unlock its potential with Chinese rail project

Laos Fights to Protect Endangered Asiatic Black Bears

Tradition and Changing Ideals Collide in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

Central Asianist Podcast: Of politics and patronage in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan: Atambayev Returns, Opening Up Front Against President

Denmark gets statue of a ‘rebel queen’ who led fiery revolt against colonialism

Bahrain makes largest oil discovery in its history

Armenia Gears Up for ‘Future Wars’

Will Armenia’s Transition Bring Change?

Washington experts take rare look at Armenia

Botswana president does something African leaders rarely do: quits

New president looks to wean Botswana off dependence on diamonds

Botswana’s 30 year old minister becomes internet sensation across Africa

Albanian opposition blocks roads in anti-government protest

Ethiopia’s parliament swears in new prime minister

Ethiopia dissidents hopeful but wary over new PM

In Montenegro, car bomb explodes outside journalist’s home

Cyprus to protest Turkey’s planned nuclear power plant

US Ambassador Calls on Slovenia to Decide Between Russia and America

Diplomatic Storm Strikes When Trinidad and Tobago Refuses Hurricane-Hit Dominica an Ease on OAS Contributions

‘Our fight is a just fight’: Mauritania’s slave descendants push for equality

In the Maldives, ‘total regression’ of women’s rights, environmental protection, activists say

Uruguay condemns Israeli killing of 16 Palestinians along Gaza border

Trump’s Military Escalation in Somalia Is Spurring Hope and Fear

Russia’s Caspian Flotilla to relocate headquarter to Dagestan

Ex-head of Udmurtia faces final corruption charges

Over 100 gay people have fled Chechnya since the violent LGBT+ purge

Even The Buddhists Are Becoming Restive In Putin’s Russia

Yamal gas plant threatens native peoples

Parents Group Urges Tatarstan To Revive Tatar Classes

Meet the 7 Russian Oligarchs Hit by the New U.S. Sanctions

Belarus: stifled freedoms and glimmers of hope

Belarus: an unwanted friend of ‘Great China’?

Burundi: Security Council urges dialogue amid deteriorating political and humanitarian situation

Slovakia: Thousands rally to demand police chief step down over journalist’s murder

Slovakia tops cyber security index

Switzerland: where five-year-olds can learn to shoot

Militias kill U.N. peacekeeper in Central African Republic; 21 others dead

Venezuela halts commercial ties with Panama, suspends Copa flights

Panama pulls ambassador from Venezuela amid rising tensions

12 April 1973, the Day Democracy Died in Swaziland

Problems Faced By Young People In Swaziland

LGBT Heroes Fighting to Hold the First Ever Pride in Swaziland

Israel Athletes Banned From Taekwondo Event in Tunisia

Tunisia must increase investment and push through reforms, says OECD

Tunisia’s Dinar Must Weaken Further to Boost Economy, IMF Says

Turkmenistan places public sector workers on unpaid leave amid economic crisis

Togo records highest performance on maritime connectivity index in Sub-Saharan Africa, after South Africa

The systematic use of rape as a weapon of war in Kashmir

Restrictions in parts of Kashmir as separatists call for protest over civilian deaths

Deported American gang members make El Salvador murder rate soar

How A Guatemalan Village’s Fortunes Rose And Fell With U.S. Migration And Deportation

Cuba will soon be without a Castro as leader for first time in nearly 60 years

Sierra Leone losing party intends to challenge vote results

Sweden is apparently full of ‘latte dads’ carrying toddlers — and it’s a sign of critical social change

Collective Security without an Alliance: Finland’s Defense Relationship with Sweden

Moscow threatens sanctions against Latvia over removal of Russian from secondary schools

Russian missile tests force Latvia to close part of its airspace

Macedonia apologises to Khaled el-Masri over CIA rendition

Hungary’s Viktor Orban wins ‘supermajority’ for third consecutive term in office

Chad’s president Idriss Deby says postponed legislative elections to be held in November

Serbia faces up to huge hazardous waste problem to meet EU environment standards

Serbia a ‘dumping ground’ for migrants blocked by EU states

Somaliland National Day Celebration in the Heart of Silicon Valley



1960 April 4: Senegal Independence Day

1994 April 7 – July 15: Rwandan genocide

April 8: International Romani day

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process

April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan

1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

April 18: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil


Pathhargarhi: Turkey Attacks – Spain Arrests

‘Very, very shocking’: UN on detention of asylum seekers on Nauru

Mountains: Timor Leste’s Blessing and Curse

Sun setting on Timor-Leste’s Greater Sunrise plan

Namibia drops into recession as construction, retail slump

Gambia arrests senior spy in political activist murder case

Gambia’s Migration Paradox: The Horror and Promise of the Back Way

Gospel of Luke published in Siberian Chukchi language

Memorial’s Daghestani head Sirazhudin Datsiyev attacked in Makhachkala

Russian historian Yuri Dmitriev faces 9-year sentence for exposing the victims and perpetrators of Stalin’s Terror

Russia and the west’s moral bankruptcy

Fewer Tatarstan Voters Took Part In 2018 Election Than In 2012, And Fewer Voted For Putin

How Hmong Christians navigate the border tensions between China and Vietnam

As Vatican and China Talk, Taiwan Looks on Nervously

Activist walks to raise awareness on the occupation of Palestine

At Security Council, UN Middle East peace envoy reports on Israel’s troubling settlement expansion

For first time in 70 years, Palestinians return to their villages

Gaza death toll reaches 18, Israel rejects excessive force claims

Working age Māori earn $140 less per week than average

Iceland is bringing geothermal heating to China

Iceland government suspends high-level contacts with Russia and decides to boycott Russia World Cup

Russia’s security targets ex-KGB agents in Lithuania who haven’t come forward

Xinjiang Authorities Detain Uyghurs ‘Wanting to Travel Abroad’

Gareth Jones, journalist from Wales, 1st to tell the world about horrors of Holodomor in Ukraine

The forgotten tragedy of Koryukivka: How the Nazis exterminated a town of 7,000 souls

Poisoned ex-Ukraine leader warns of Russia’s “medieval policy”

Russia hurts political prisoners in revenge for Ukraine’s expulsion of diplomats

“I can’t afford to show cowardice” – Ukrainian jailed for not betraying Ukraine in Russian-occupied Crimea resists pressure to end hunger strike

Ukrainian pensioner seized by Kremlin-backed militants in Ukraine, tortured & jailed for 12 years in Russia

Hate speech in the media of occupied Crimea

Russia refuses to investigate the abduction of prominent Crimean Tatar activist Ervin Ibragimov

UNESCO notes worsening of situation in occupied Crimea

Turkey to keep Crimean issue on int’l agenda

Ukraine to seek arrest of Russian planes abroad for flying to Crimea

Russia hurts political prisoners in revenge for Ukraine’s expulsion of diplomats

Tajikistan, Russia in Fresh Airlines Battle

West Papuans cry out for freedom

Inside Albania’s notorious gulag: Spac’s legacy of terror

North Dakotan is first Native American contemporary dress designer to have gown worn at Oscars

HRW reports judicial abuse of Ecuador indigenous and environmental activists

Tech and collaboration are putting indigenous land rights on the map

Cherokee tribes gather for language consortium

Native American Traditions Help Former Soldiers

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami will have say in how some federal money for Inuit is spent

Exoneration of 6 Indigenous Tsilhqot’in Chiefs Wrongfully Executed in 1864

“Red Indian” ice cream has sparked a small-town debate that perfectly sums up America

Pope Rejects Call for Apology to Canada’s Indigenous People

Native American imagery is everywhere but understanding lags behind

Participants announced for annual “Remember the Removal” bike ride

Indigenous Brazilians educate children in their native language

Confronting the ‘Native Harvey Weinsteins’

States Inch Closer to Better Reporting on Violence Against Native Women

The oldest footprints in North America are right where native historians said they should be

Letter to an Emerging Indigenous Writer

Bid to fly Aboriginal flag in town that inspired it passes after more than a decade of debate

Surprising root of 250 Aboriginal languages discovered

Examining the Potential of Indigenous Institutions for Development: A Perspective from Borana, Ethiopia

Gurpreet Singh: Exhibition of art from Indigenous communities in India raises awareness and curiosity

Pathhargarhi: Inside India’s Adivasistan

Why the rest of India should read Wayanad adivasis’ retelling of the Ramayana

Will This Dictionary Do What Rifles Cannot? India’s Gonds Will Soon Find Out

Hong Kong government ‘shocked’ by Occupy leader Benny Tai’s independence comments at Taiwan seminar

In China, sympathy for treatment of ethnic minority prompts death threats

Persecuted on Land, a Minority in Cambodia Takes Shelter on the Water

Haiti installs leaders of reborn army

How the King of Lesotho was mistreated at the South African border

Trump fights Rwanda over second-hand clothing ban

Rwanda auctions assets belonging to jailed critic of President Kagame

How Russia and China Could Come Unhinged

Why the South China Sea is critical to security

Greenland shortlists Chinese firm for airport construction despite strategic concerns by Denmark and U.S.

The Islands and the Whales review – a community poisoned

The sovereign state of Balochistan lost its independence on 27 March 1948

70th anniversary of Pakistani occupation of Balochistan observed in Canada

Baloch activists want support from India without ‘Kashmir lens’

Pakistan’s Pashtuns Find New ‘Frontier Gandhi’, Manzoor Pashteen

Malala Yousafzai Returns to Pakistan for First Time Since Attack

‘Translations’ is a deep dive into Ireland’s love of language

Motion calling on London to remedy breach of faith over Irish language

Ireland’s Taoiseach on the challenge of Brexit and the power of small countries

Increasing IP onshoring is Ireland’s ‘Brexit dividend’

Ireland announces date for abortion referendum

What are the best novels in Irish? Here’s a liosta

Kok Boru and Nowruz in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan: Former presidential candidate Omurbek Babanov accused of coup-plotting

Possible sanctions for the Russia-Armenia-Iran axis

It happened so quietly, you may have missed it: Botswana has a new president

Gender equality push picks up pace in Tunisia

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition has elected its first ethnic Oromo to lead the country

How Winston Churchill stole from India for Britain’s war

Shashi Tharoor: the writer who believes Britain should pay colonial reparations

Nandi County on process to seek compensation from British government

When will Britain face up to its crimes against humanity?

Turkmenistan votes for rubber-stamp parliament

Google Maps learns 39 new languages

UK, US, Switzerland and Australia condemn human rights violations in Georgian occupied regions

Georgian Government Insists on Direct Talk With Moscow-Backed Separatists

Russia Employs New ‘Hybrid War’ Methods Against Georgia

Russia bans agricultural imports from Abkhazia, accuses Georgia of ‘biological sabotage

25 years later, Abkhazia remains haunted by the missing

More than 10,000 people rally to unify Romania and Moldova

Sexual harassment drives out Cook Islands tourism workers

A new Wales can only be nurtured by bold ambition – Leanne Wood

Bangor homes plan rejected over negative impact on Welsh language

Devolution of broadcasting ‘the only answer’ as UK Gov pulls S4C funding

We need to unite behind a vision of a radical new Wales

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland needs independence to realise full potential

National Gaelic Language Plan 2018-2023 is launched

Gaelic ‘not dead’ says Badenoch MSP Kate Forbes

SNP MSP Kate Forbes delivers entire Holyrood speech in Gaelic

Why it’s going to be a good year for Yes campaigners

Large ash falls and acid rain from Vanuatu volcano

UAE-backed forces accused of arbitrary arrests, torture in Yemen

What you need to know about the latest Houthi attack on Riyadh

Why did the Houthis attack Riyadh?

Samoa PM threatens to ban social media

Timeline of the Ogoni Struggle

Biafra: ICC to investigate alleged killings during ‘Operation Python Dance’

Biafra: Deal with herdsmen same way you treated IPOB – Anglican Bishop, Nwokolo tells Buhari

Chronology of recorded killings of Biafrans in Nigeria From June 22, 1945 to September 28, 2013

Which is the legal way to independence; is Barotseland independent?

Kiribati’s Unrelenting Sea Level Rise

Czech president at centre of fresh controversy over nerve agent row with Russia

Libya won’t stabilize unless shadow economy smashed

Mohamed Nasheed on the Maldives Crisis

India is a brother, but China a long lost cousin found: Maldives envoy

Mauritania: Where Security Trumps Democracy

Mauritania Expels Moroccan Journalist for Researching Slavery

Mauritania Jails Slave-Owner for 20 Years in Country’s Harshest Ruling

Superjumbo Flight to Lebanon Brings Hope of Tourism Revival

Separatist Conflict Halts Cameroon-Nigeria Business

UNPO Welcomes Its Newest Member: Southern Cameroons

Greece could create new market shocks as banks face critical test

Khalistan: “A terrible beauty is born”

For Sikhs in Britain and Canada to move on, India must address 1984 first

Shiv Sena Hindustan activists burn effigies of Sikh leaders

Luxembourg aims for success in space

Gunman shoots exiled Azeri journalist in southern France

Multinational mining firms in Eritrea complicit over govt repression, Meron Estefanos

Dozens arrested in Belarus as opposition celebrates Freedom Day

Lukashenka’s Regime Loses

Brutal assailant attacks Romani woman in front of her children, Czech Police can’t get their stories straight

Hungary sued for taking away too many Roma children from their families due to poverty

In Slovakia, the killing of a journalist inspires a new wave of people power

In Slovakia, children of the Velvet Revolution lead fight to be ‘normal’

IACHR Calls on Nicaragua to Eradicate Violence Against Women, Girls and Adolescents

Taiwan scrambles jets as China’s air force holds drill near island

China bans Taiwanese film Missing Johnny over ‘pro-independence’ actor

Fury as Man Booker bows to pressure to list Taiwan as Chinese province

Would Trump back an independence bid by Taiwan?

How Estonia—Became One of the Wealthiest Countries in Eastern Europe

Rebels in the Central African Republic Are Filling the Void of an Absent Government

In Central African Republic, natural wealth so near and yet so far for most

Belgian Literature: Some Classic Authors and Works You Might Wish to Know

Trump fundraiser sues Qatar over hacked emails

Landmine clearing near Jordan River baptism site begins before Easter

Not All Kosovar Women Raped During War With Serbia Apply For Compensation

Kosovo rings changes, stops using Serbia’s international phone code

Kosovo Deports Turks Linked To Erdogan Foe Gulen

Kosovo PM sacks security chief, interior minister over Turkish arrests

Kosovo police expel Serb official amid surge in tensions

Serb party quits the Kosovo government

Serbia-Kosovo tensions heighten as Russia wades into dispute

Serbia president asks Putin for advice on Kosovo

Montenegro to expel Russian diplomat over UK nerve gas attack

List of countries and others expelling Russian diplomats

New Zealand says it would expel Russian spies … but it can’t find any

OECD says Switzerland needs to step up the fight against ‘foreign bribery’

Same-Sex Marriage Supporter Easily Wins Costa Rica Elections

Panama puts Venezuela’s president on money laundering watch

Panama and Costa Rica Prepare for Venezuelan Exodus

Iran arrests 30 Kurds in Rojhilat for organizing Newroz celebrations

IS documents reveal systematic enslavement of Ezidi women

IS and Erdogan ‘two sides of the same coin,’ says Iraqi MP, urging action against Turkey

Turkish attack on Afrin ‘unjustified,’ ‘ethnic cleansing,’ says Swedish party leader

Yazidi Massacre in Afrin: Children Killed, Villages Bombed, Temples Destroyed

Yazidis Left Vulnerable As Kurdish Forces Pull Out Of Northern Iraq

Sinjar’s Yazidi forces gear up for threatened Turkish invasion

The West has shamefully abandoned its Kurdish allies

French Special Forces to be deployed in Manbij

US boosting presence in northern Syria in response to Turkish threats

Sole Kurdish newspaper in Turkey prevented from printing, goes online

IS activities on the rise near Makhmour, south of Erbil

Amir Ahmedi, third Kurdish party member opposed to Tehran, killed in Kurdistan

Turkey now occupies 28 villages in Kurdistan Region

Kurds in Iraq and Syria: What Went Wrong?

UK expresses support to Western Sahara people’s self-determination

Serbia supports UN process in Western Sahara

Sahrawi political prisoners continue their unlimited hunger strikes in several Moroccan prisons

No alternative to referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara

Human rights in occupied Western Sahara: Kohler on visit to region

Polisario front will counter any attempt by Morocco to change reality in liberated territories

e-Agribusiness: A vital resource for Togo’s agriculture sector

Outrage as BJP leader sells Kashmir ‘human shield’ T-shirt

New Caledonia referendum question formulated after hours of deliberation

Compromise yields New Caledonia referendum question

France reconstitutes New Caledonian consultation group

Kanaks to attend Non-Aligned Movement summit in Baku

Sierra Leone opposition says wins presidential poll, ruling party disputes

Sierra Leone NEC resumes tallying after parties agree on system of compiling final results

Why Sierra Leone temporarily shut down internet after runoff vote

World parliamentarians’ meet on Tibet in New Delhi put off

US Senator slams ‘long arm of China’ after US Marriott staffer fired for ‘liking’ pro-Tibet tweet

‘Tibet will set the litmus test for China’s rise’

Dalai Lama Scheduled to Visit Switzerland in September

Dalai Lama’s Last Surviving Escort Guard Naren Chandra Das Invited to ‘Thank You India’ Event

Is India Isolating the Dalai lama to Calm China Ties?

Photo with Tibetan flag led to Tibetan activist Adak’s 10-day detention in Nepal

Dalai Lama calls on Tibetans to remain united as India drifts toward China

Tibetan Monk Lobsang Sangye Jailed Five Years on Charges ‘Related to Self-Immolation’ Protest

As Tibetans Thank India, India Thanked the Dalai Lama

Group Marches the Track of Dalai Lama’s Journey to Exile 60 Years Ago

Former Catalan leader Puigdemont arrested in Germany at Spain’s request

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon “strongly opposes” imprisonment of Catalan leaders

VP of German parliament Wolfgang Kubicki rules out extraditing Puigdemont for rebellion

Catalan leader’s detention in German prison leads to fresh calls for independence from Spain

Catalan ex-president Puigdemont’s capture in Germany sparks mass protests in Barcelona

Protests leave nearly 100 injured and 9 arrested across Catalonia

German court orders Catalan separatist Puigdemont held in custody

Basque Nationalist Party Demands Release Of Catalan Separatists, Refuses To Negotiate Budget With Rajoy

Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Scotland to decide on extradition of Catalan leaders

Finnish MPs call on Germany not to extradite Puigdemont

A Catalan arrest too much?

UN accepts Puigdemont’s appeal for protection of his political rights

Protesters block Catalan highways to demand Puigdemont’s release

#Bretons demonstrate in support of #Catalonia in Kemper

Decision on Puigdemont in next few days “unlikely”, says German prosecutor

Scots protest in suppport of exiled Catalan minister Clara Ponsati

Oldest Scottish university backs Catalan separatist academic fighting extradition

Puigdemont remains “firm” in prison, says his lawyer

Defiant Catalan academic Ponsati granted bail in fight to avoid Spanish extradition

Bavaria Party leader Florian Weber files criminal complaint against Puigdemont’s detention in Schleswig-Holstein

Many German commentators against extraditing Puigdemont

Catalan parliament passes resolution protecting jailed MP’s rights

Spain arrests Puigdemont’s traveling companions

Prison officer José Ángel Hidalgo critical of Catalan leaders’ incarceration faces backlash

50 Flemish politicians call on Spain to drop ‘all charges’ against Catalan leaders

Puigdemont from prison: “I won’t give up”

Yellow crosses to protest against ‘the death of freedoms’

Calls to invoke EU Treaty Article 7 over Spanish repression against Catalans

Bahrain says if will ‘hunt down’ online dissidents

U.N. envoy says difficulties remain in Macedonia name dispute

Idriss Deby could rule Chad till 2033, opposition decries ‘monarchical’ reforms

Lake Chad: Can the vanishing lake be saved?

Far-right German arrested in Hungary for ‘selling guns to use against migrants’

Here lies danger. Hungary is on the verge of full-blown autocracy

Singapore Invites Rights Group to Fake News Hearing as Dispute Grows

Bhutan’s balancing act

Belize – Guatemala’s Referendum on ICJ

Bulgaria should press Turkey over historic compensation claim – president

Bulgaria says will not expel Russian diplomats over spy poisoning

Denmark expels two Russian diplomats over spy attack in Britain

Denmark faces dilemma over Russian gas pipeline

Becoming the Baltics: Novelist Rein Raud Reflects on the Literary Life of His Region

‘Minority Safepack’ Intiative reaches 1 million signatures ushering new proposals for national & linguistic minorities

Sylvie Charrière compares teaching ‘regional’ languages to terrorism