Syria Kurd autonomy may fall with IS

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

Demo for #Asturian official status. Saturday April 6th at 18.00, Xixón (Gijón), Asturias

1st door to door book sale of Frisian books this year will be held at the village of Easterein, April 11

2019 April 10: Concluding conference: Promoting regional or minority languages in a global world, Brussels

2019 May 6-7: European Regional Forum on Education, Language and the Human Rights of Minorities, Brussels

Over 1000 Corsicans call for comprehensive Corsican language education from pre-school to university

Kids store 1.5 megabytes of information to master their native language

Russia has eliminated all classes taught in Ukrainian since its annexation of Crimea

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1821 March 25: Greek Independence Day

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

1949 March 25: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

1971 March 26: Bangladesh Independence Day

1948 March 27: Balochinstan Occupation Day

1976 March 30: Land Day, Palestine

1949 April 4: Founding of NATO

1960 April 4: Senegal Independence Day

1320 April 6: Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland and Tartan Day

1994 April 7: Rwandan genocide

April 8: International Romani day

April 9: Day of the Finnish Language

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process

April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan

1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day


Sindhis ask UN to send fact-finding team to Sindh, seek intervention in deteriorating human rights situation

SADC and international community express unwavering solidarity with Western Sahara

African Union urged to act decisively on Western Sahara referendum

Decolonization issue dependent on self-determination

Sahrawi News Agency celebrates its 20th anniversary

His Holiness Pope Francis is called to exhort King of Morocco to respect will of Sahrawi people

Imprisoned Barotseland independence leaders, Afumba and others, receive sustained torture – Inside Reports

How the traditional Maori haka became a central part of New Zealand’s national identity

New Zealand terror attack suspect ‘had financial links to Austria far-right group’

Nord Stream 2 runs aground in Denmark

What an independent Catalan national team would look like

Catalonia are the best non-recognised national team in the world

Montilivi absolutely full for Catalonia clash with Venezuela

Lionel Messi brace guides Barcelona to victory in Catalan derby

Plenty of politics at play in Venezuela-Catalonia friendly

Catalonia claim victory over Venezuela

More Than ‘A Barbecue Team’: The Catalan Football Team’s Long History

Barcelona launches bid to host Europe’s most powerful supercomputer

40 French senators urge dialogue over Catalonia, Paris rejects it

French ambassador to Spain says he ‘regrets’ senators’ declaration supporting pro-Catalan figures

Former French minister Benoît Hamon visits Catalan independence leaders in prison

Full text of the manifesto on Catalonia issued by French senators

Trial of Catalan political prisoners is ignoring key evidence

Jailed Catalan pro-independence candidate Jordi Sànchez calls for election debate from prison

How fair are the trials of Catalan pro-independence politicians?

Spain’s foreign minister storms out of an interview on German TV over Catalonia questions

Key witnesses called for Catalan trial during Sant Jordi Festival

International observers group to report Catalan trial infringements to UN

Group of European politicians criticizes potential ‘lack of impartiality’ in Catalan trial

Exiled Turkish Journalist Wasn’t Allowed to Observe Catalan Independence Trial

Puigdemont orders report to compare German and Spanish legal rulings on referendum case

Ex-Catalonia leader brings books to German prison where he was detained last year

Attitude of voters was ‘calm’ on Catalan referendum day, says German politician

Spanish court suspends Catalan parliament committee investigating king’s ‘criminal activities’

Spanish prosecutor to investigate Catalan president Quim Torra for disobedience

Local authorities take yellow ribbon row to next level

Spanish Court of Auditors to investigate Catalan diplomatic activity

Catalan public media faces sanction over Madrid protest coverage

Catalan president Torra calls for an ‘alliance of Iberian nations’ from Portugal

Occitanie calls for release of Catalan political prisoners

Senior Portuguese Socialist MP to meet imprisoned Catalan activist Cuixart

Catalan media barred from using term ‘political prisoner’

Seven arrested and five injured in anti-fascist demonstration in Barcelona

If almost two-thirds of Catalans wanted independence, a mechanism had to be found to accommodate it

Spanish president publishes 110 election pledges with no direct mention to Catalonia

Spain’s socialists increase their lead ahead of April 28 vote – poll

Pedro Sanchez threatens Catalonia with direct rule

Brunei set to introduce death by stoning for adultery and gay sex

Humanist lawyer becomes Slovakia’s first female president

Congo ebola epidemic becomes second worst outbreak ever

Serbia, Kosovo mark start of NATO intervention 20 years ago

Prince Charles becomes first British royal to visit Cuba

Sakha Bans Employment Of Foreigners In Dozens Of Sectors

RFE/RL broadcasts in Tatar, Bashkir, Chechen under threat

Thousands Rally In Ingushetia To Protest Chechnya Land Swaps

Ingush police battalion disbanded after its members refuse to disperse protestors

Survivors of Chechnya’s homophobic purge reveal what happened to them

Netanyahu says Israel ready for Gaza campaign if needed; Palestinians plan huge march

4 hurt, 10 held in Nicaragua despite govt pledges: opposition

“Hanification”: Uyghur Children Cut off From Their Roots

Chinese officials pressured Canadian university to cancel event with Uighur activist

How China Used the Swedish Ambassador to Threaten Angela Gui

UN: China Responds to Rights Review with Threats

US funds pull out of Chinese companies over Uighur detention in Xinjiang

Founder and staff of Vatican women’s magazine step down, citing pressure over nun abuse stories

On Irish border, anger at Westminster and fears of fresh violence

Irish and Scottish Nationalists Plotting to Break Up U.K. Over Brexit

Unity vital to peace, prosperity in Northern Ireland

No-deal Brexit could cut Irish economic growth by nearly 70%

‘A new conversation about a united Ireland could be a win for all’

Ireland stuck between no-deal Brexit plans and peace deal

The Irish Border Is a Scar

Fearing Brexit, protesters gather along Irish border

China contributes US$5 million to São Tomé and Príncipe’s 2019 budget

Crimean journalist arrested hours after saying that Crimea needs to be saved from Russia

Russia arrests 23 Crimean Tatars after largest raid ever in occupied Crimea

New arrests add 55 children to the victims of Russia’s war against Crimean Tatars

23 arrested Crimean Tatar rights activists secretly moved to Russia

Russia uses terror to crush Crimean Solidarity & drive Crimean Tatars from their homeland

Moscow Is Trying to Weaken Crimean Tatar Resistance With the Help of Tatarstan

Russian intelligence plotted terror attack in Ukraine ahead of elections

Why Is John Travolta Palling Around With Putin’s Cronies in Russia?

Russia seizes Ukrainian Church land in Crimea for the FSB and Moscow Patriarchate

Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Hryb goes on hunger strike in Russia following effective death sentence

The big loser in Ukraine’s presidential election? Vladimir Putin

Norway to return Easter Island artifacts taken by Thor Heyerdahl

West Papuans urged to boycott Indonesian elections

Mauritania jails bloggers Abderrahmane Weddady and Cheikh Ould Jiddou on false news charges

Eritrea failing to account for missing journalists, politicians – UN

Rwanda convicts ISIS, Al-Shabaab suspects

Tunisia says it will coordinate Arab response to U.S. move on Golan

‘I Am Doing This for Every Place Where Rape Is a Weapon of War.’ Meet the Woman Documenting Sexual Violence Against Myanmar’s Rohingya

Native American Mascots, Redface, Logos Are Slowly Disappearing

Hundreds of cities, counties and Native American tribes file federal lawsuit against Sackler family over opioid crisis

‘We are caribou people’: Gwich’in leaders in Washington to push for ANWR protection

Navajo Nation’s transition beyond coal ‘starts now’

Elisapie Revisits Her Inuit Roots In ‘The Ballad Of The Runaway Girl’

This Library Takes an Indigenous Approach to Categorizing Books

Indigenous groups in Brazil protest health care changes

In battle for Amazon, church officials unite with indigenous communities

Indigenous Legislator Advocates for Minority Political Activism

Sergio Rojas Ortiz, leader of Costa Rica’s indigenous Bribri, slain by gunmen

Cambodia returns land taken from indigenous people in ‘unprecedented’ move

Rock-throwing protesters repel Peru government negotiators in dispute over Chinese copper mine

Mexican president says Spain should ask forgiveness for crimes against indigenous Mexicans

Spain refuses to apologize to Mexico’s indigenous people for colonial abuses

Murdering Gully: settlers killed 35 in Aboriginal camp, and threw bodies into the water

Interview | ‘Adivasi Culture and the Forest Are Linked. PESA Looks After Both’

Hong Kong, Taiwan activists wary of Chinese operatives

The Belarus Dilemma: Fighting Europe’s Last Dictatorship

China’s next phase in the South China Sea

Free Balochistan Movement activists stage protests in different countries to mark Balochistan Occupation Day

Balochistan: Pakistani forces conducted offensives in Dasht, abducted five persons

Despite punishing history, Haiti remains revolutionary, remarkable

Estonia, Slovenia and Lithuania top new EBRD Knowledge Economy Index

‘Undesirable Elements’: How Stalin Deported Nearly 100,000 From The Baltics In Operation ‘Priboi’

Baltics marks 70th anniversary of major Soviet deportations

Soviet military personnel sentenced over 1991 massacre in Lithuania

Former Soviet Defense Chief Convicted Of War Crimes In 1991 Vilnius Crackdown

Russia calls Lithuania provocative after conviction of former Soviet official

Russia threatens Lithuania over 1991 massacre convictions

Welsh politician accuses the BBC of ‘cultural colonialism’ as new comedy set in Wales is dominated by English stars

Hundreds of Welsh football fans march through Cardiff calling for an independent Wales

French Polynesia’s Temaru pushes for ‘Maohi Nui’ in EU poll

Bishkek, Moscow Agree To Expand Russian Base In Kyrgyzstan

Stoltenberg: Georgia Will Join NATO, And Russia Can Do Nothing About It

With an eye on Iran, U.S. clinches strategic port deal with Oman

Sturgeon says indyref2 is now ‘as inevitable as it’s possible to be’

Scottish independence: Poll finds Brexit is now the biggest factor

Chaos at Westminster: Scottish National Party MP told to go back to her ‘own country’

Senior Scottish Tory confirms talk of split from UK party

Majority of Scots think Scotland should hold another indyref

Gambia ex-president Jammeh stole at least $362 million – govt

Cyprus Backstop? Ireland is not the only island with Brexit muddle

Northern Cyprus: Visiting a country that doesn’t exist

UN chief welcomes establishment of inclusive government in Central African Republic

Chad has now spent a full year without access to social media

Chinese leader visits Monaco amid European 5G tech worries

Facebook bans white nationalism and separatism from its platforms

Public radio in Wallis and Futuna marks 40 years

Pope to visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius

‘Names of killers still reverberate in my ears’: 19 years after Chittisinghpora massacre, lone survivor recounts night that killed 35 Sikhs

Turkmenistan Urged To Stop ‘Systematic Harassment’ Of Independent Journalists

Dominican Republic president meets with delegation from China, deepening ties

Duterte inaugurates Bangsamoro govt

US Upgrades Travel Warning to Comoros After Post-Election Violence

Syria Kurd autonomy under threat after IS ‘caliphate’ falls

Islamic State group: Syria’s Kurds call for international tribunal

4 Kurds commit suicide in Turkish prisons in a week

Turkey arrests over 60 Kurdish politicians on eve of elections

Counting underway in Turkey elections as Kurds try to reclaim their cities

HDP regains control of main Kurdish cities despite state repression

Turkey Elections: HDP retains key cities, loses others as CHP claims Ankara, Istanbul

UN finishes first Ezidi mass grave exhumation in Iraq, starts next operation

China Fumes at Dalai Lama as Trump Signs Tibet Access Bill

Tibet has never been a part of China anywhere in its pre-1949 history

China Marks Tibetan Anniversary with Military Parade

China defends Tibet human rights practices on anniversary of revolt

China defends Tibet policies, bashes exile government

Tibet: 60 years of stalemate awakens young generation

Tibetan protesters develop “severe” health conditions in Chinese prison

China’s White Paper on Tibet: Another Attempt to Whitewash 60 Years of Undemocratic Rule

China tests Tibetan monks, nuns for loyalty to communist party rule

60 years after exile, Tibetans face a fight for survival in a post-Dalai Lama world

China’s engagement with Trinidad and Tobago

Uruguayans turn tough on crime to tackle growing violence

60,000 protest in Nafarroa against 2-13 year prison sentences for 8 young people for a bar brawl with off-duty police officers