70 Years of Red Terror in China

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
Last Week of September: Banned Books Week
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
September 26: European Day of Languages
1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
1966 September 30: Botswana Independence Day
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1960 October 1: Nigeria Independence Day
1978 October 1: Tuvalu Independence Day
1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day
1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day
1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day
1868 October 10: Proclamation of Cuban Independence Beginning Ten Years War
1970 October 10: Fiji Day
1911 October 10: National Day of the Republic of China, Taiwan
1968 October 12: Equatorial Guinea Independence Day
1492 October 12: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
1975 October 12: Saharawi National Unity Day
2008 October 15: International Parliamentarians for West Papua launches at the British Parliament in Westminster

At 70, Communist China is older than the Soviet Union, while rivaling U.S. economic power
As China celebrates 70 years, its rhetoric on ‘dignity and rights’ drifts even further from reality
China and Russia are working to destroy democracy, and our victory is not assured
I was targeted by Welsh nationalists at university, Prince Charles reveals
Aberystwyth town council votes to back Welsh independence
Having Defeated UK PM in court Joanna Cherry hailed as future 1st minister of Scotland
Edinburgh All Under One Banner independence march set to be biggest one yet
Scotland’s stock exchange CEO: ‘We don’t need independence for launch’
Just what is it about Sturgeon that Boris finds so intimidating?
Dublin: A short walk through Ireland’s long fight for independence
Who’s Irish Now? The Rose of Tralee
Dying former soldier given guard of honour as he pleads not guilty to killing Northern Irish man during the Troubles
Irish foreign minister says reported UK border plan a non-starter
The travel agency of Britain’s far-flung 19th-century empire is dead
As ‘the last European divided country’, Cyprus President tells Assembly UN is ‘the only way forward’
6 Native leaders on what it would look like if the US kept its promises
Diego Tituaña starts indigenous rights workshop
Helping one another to advance respect and reconciliation
The Politics of Indigeneity and the Jumma struggle for land and recognition
Burundi Batwa communities called on to awake and participate in the 2020 elections
Qilakitsoq Mummies
‘Everything is burned’: Bolivian caravan marches across fire-ravaged region to pressure Morales
Athabascan elder Howard Luke remembered as a mentor and cultural ambassador
‘Molly of Denali’ Gives Native Kids a New Cartoon Hero
Govt to grant ¥660 mil. in Ainu-related subsidies
New approach to Gwich’in self-government will give more control to communities
Is your Thai holiday resort built on indigenous land?
Climate change threatens first peoples, body and soul
Stolen Generations member Barbara Cummings remembered as trailblazer in Aboriginal affairs
Aboriginal young people are FOUR times more likely to kill themselves
No more ‘cowboys and Indians’: Newsom wants Californians to learn Native American history
Native American Day 2019: Where Is It a Holiday and How to Celebrate?
Chief Standing Bear, Who Fought for Native American Freedoms, Is Honored With a Statue in the Capitol
Adivasi man burnt alive after being accused of witchcraft by fellow tribals
Students Tackle 21st Century Sustainability Challenges on the Navajo Nation
Silicon Valley goes to the Vatican to talk tech ethics
The Holy See and China: the door is open
Papua New Guinea to review resource extraction laws next year
‘We may be small islands, but no man is an island’, Papua New Guinea youth tells world leaders
Liberian President credits UN for ‘16 years of unbroken peace’, outlines plan to reduce poverty, boost growth
Liberian hospital patients turned away as medical strike bites
Uruguay beats Fiji to win first Rugby World Cup game for 16 years
Paradise, polluted: Cook Islands tries to clean up its tourism sector
A photographer captures a sacred South American festival where the living embrace the dead
Give it back to the gods: Reviving Māori tradition to protect marine life
‘Afraid We Will Become The Next Xinjiang’: China’s Hui Muslims Face Crackdown
Tens of thousands of New Zealand children kick off new climate strikes
Lesotho’s Thabane keeps Parliament suspended to avoid vote
Seychelles Stock Exchange Issues Tokenized IPO
Teachers on strike in Jordan demand higher income, ‘dignity’
Suriname backs decision to revoke J&K’s special status
Why Botswana Is Lifting Its Ban On Elephant Trophy Hunting
3 New Luxury Resorts in Dominica Leading the Caribbean Island’s Quiet Renaissance
The tiny Pacific island territory of Tokelau had best turnout for global climate strikes
Tuvalu cultural survival at risk from climate change, says UN human rights expert
Portugal’s animal-nature party poised as unlikely kingmaker
UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission calls on Russia to lift ban on Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis
Western Sahara: One of Africa’s Oldest Conflicts
A voice from Western Sahara in New Zealand
Aminatou Haidar, the “Gandhi of Western Sahara,” Wins Right Livelihood Award
Sahrawi activist: My struggle to keep conflict with Morocco peaceful
Trump administration just inked another deal making it harder to claim asylum in the US
In Honduras, years of drought pressure farmers to leave land
New streets in Cardiff to be given Welsh language names
‘Vel Gaelg ayd?’ The obscure European languages that came back to life
Māori Language Week organisers can’t meet demand for te reo merchandise
Iraq’s President should make part of his UN address in Kurdish, some Kurds say
National Inuit org approves new unified writing system
Bringing endangered Aboriginal languages back from the brink
Inside Europe: Celebrating the Scots language
Heading Down The ‘Old Town Road’ To Teach The Cherokee Language
Cherokee Nation announces $16 million investment in native language preservation
Young Marines honor Navajo Code Talkers on 75th anniversary of World War II
Free speech suppression online builds case to break up Big Tech
Poverty, brain drain, sects: East Timor’s archbishop talks of challenges
El Salvador Ramps Up Security To Stop Migrants
134 dead whales emerge in a mass stranding in Cape Verde
Woman Held For ‘Defaming’ Laos is Refused Family Visits
China unveil amphibious warship as South China Sea disputes go on
Vietnam Confronts China, Alone
Japan lists China as bigger threat than nuclear-armed North Korea
China restores ties with Kiribati, site of space tracking station
Kiribati and climate change: You’re going to hear more about it
‘My guard was down’: Hong Kong pro-independence leader Andy Chan attacked in street by masked men
Taiwan Rallies for Hong Kong to Resist Beijing’s Influence
Marshall Islands shows support for Taiwan after neighbors favor China
Nauru backs Taiwan after two Pacific nations switch diplomatic ties to China
Nauru President warns of possible climate change ‘economic Armageddon’
Tunisia’s Fellagha and the Battle for Independence
Cameroon opens dialogue to end Anglophone separatist crisis
Vietnam: Ethnic minority empowered to fight poverty
Gia Vang, the Twin Cities’ first Hmong-American news anchor adjusts to life in Minnesota
Czech city synonymous with ethnic segregation sets up “Committee to Map and Eliminate Negative Social Phenomena”
Despite $380M in US aid for religious minorities persecuted by ISIS, 1 million from Nineveh Plains remain displaced
ADB pledges $30m to Solomon Islands hydropower project
Kosovo’s fate in the Western Balkans will determine the future stability of Europe
How the diaspora will play a vital role in the political future of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Light Touch, Tight Grip: China’s Influence and the Corrosion of Serbian Democracy
Macedonia name dispute now waged on store shelves
Greece’s new prime minister wants to turn the country around
‘Genius’ Grant Goes To Marine Scientist Who Embraces Flash Mobs And Comic Books
Dismay over release of French Polynesia sex offenders
The Pacific and a “third option” to the independence question
About 30 killed in landslide at Chad gold mine
Chad Jails Journalist for Three Years in Unprecedented Case
An African success story: Togo’s princesses of wax print
Nigeria fall to Togo for second time in a week
Monaco Yacht Show unveils its biggest superyacht fleet ever
São Tomé and Príncipe to become a middle-income country
A ‘New’ Russian Approach to Circassian Repatriation?
Nursery BANS girl, two, because her deformed skull ‘might scare other children’
Supporters Of Yakut Shaman Stop March To Moscow After ‘FSB Threats’
Ex-Mari El governor accused of $4 mln bribery to spend second New Year in detention
The Most Important Book on Post-Soviet Chechnya—and Much Else Besides
A Murder in Berlin: The Untold Story of a Chechen ‘Jihadist’ Turned Secret Agent
A Kalmyk Village Through Time: Buddhist Lore and History in Tsagan Aman
Barotse Royal Establishment submits to parley committee-maintains that Zambia was a creation of two countries
On the road with Somaliland’s dedicated polio vaccinators
Remembering The American Samoa Tsunami Ten Years On
We Are On The Front Line Of Climate Change, Marshall Islands President Says
Liechtenstein: Tiny jewel of the Alps
The Summer Of 1999 And The IMU In Kyrgyzstan
Tibet Is Still Burning
TikTok censors references to Tiananmen and Tibet
Mobile malware campaign targeting Uyghur Muslims impacted Tibetans too
Tibetans in India Join the Global Climate Strikes to Bring Attention to Their Burning Homeland
70th Founding Anniversary of People’s Republic of China Marks 60 years of Occupation of Tibet
China’s Communist Party is as Shadowy and Repressive as When it Took Power 70 Years Ago
TikTok—Yes, TikTok—Is the Latest Window Into China’s Police State
China on the offensive about Xinjiang — raises issue at U.N.
US Urges Action on China’s Uyghur Camps From Muslim World
Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize awarded to Ilham Tohti
70 Years of the People’s Republic of China, 70 Years of Repression
Internet provides new space for Kyrgyzstan’s north-south divide
The United States Should Help Mongolia Stand Up to China
On the Edge at the Roof of Eurasia: Counternarcotics’ Tajikistan Problem
Tajikistan’s First-Ever Olympic Champion Nazarov Suspended Amid Doping Allegations
Finally, A Defense Of Tajikistan’s Lawyers
Domestic Violence Widespread In Tajikistan; Abuse Is Not A Crime
Turkmenistan To Merge Parliament With People’s Council
Queuing For Bread In Ashgabat: Turkmenistan Faces Fresh Food Shortages
10 years after Guinea stadium massacre, justice is elusive
eSwatini public servants clash with police in salary protests
Aruba Wants to Be Testing Ground for Sustainable Developments
“Howdy Modi!” Rally: Kashmir and Khalistan fighting for Freedom
Indian government announces to release eight political Sikh prisoners; Bhai Rajoana’s death sentence to be commuted to life sentence
New York: Thousands rally for human rights in Kashmir
Police impose restrictions in Indian Kashmir after Pakistan PM’s speech
India moves to assuage Sikhs, derail Pakistan’s Khalistan and Kashmir plan
It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: Stepping Away From a Disastrous War Over Kashmir
Let Kashmir speak
In Kashmir, Modi Is Failing Both Muslims and Hindus
Howdy Modi: Baloch And Sindh Activists Expose Pakistan In Houston
Baloch Activist Lashes At Imran Khan: Pak Disowned By Muslim Countries
Baloch Activist In New York Exposes ‘Pakistan’s Terror Project’
Baloch Activist To PM Modi & Donald Trump: Save Us From Pakistan Army
Pak is blot on humanity, virus for entire world: Baloch activist
World can perceive insincerity of Khan’s UNGA address: Baloch leader Mehran Marri
Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct Baloch youth from Turbat
Balochistan: Baloch political activist dies in Pakistani forces custody, body shifted to hospital
Balochistan: Families of disappeared Baloch anxious for their loved ones
Balochistan: 3 men abducted from Panjgur, resident of Mand released after 2 years
Balochistan: National Party’s local leader shot dead in Quetta
A Nobel for Sweden’s Greta Thunberg? A tough decision for prize committee
Foraging Is Part Of Swedish Identity; Now Its Countryside Is The Wildest Restaurant
Why the left’s belief in a Swedish ‘utopia’ is based on a lie
Kurdistan independence referendum was natural right of Kurds, parliament speaker says
Barzani salutes ‘those who never bowed’ on independence referendum anniversary
Locals in northern Syria ready to resist Turkish incursion – Kurdish leader
Kurdistan Region trade officials visit Flanders to boost economic ties
Kurdish parties announce ‘Kurdistani Coalition’ for 2020 local election in disputed areas
Women once again lead in Halabja where university names female president
Syrian Kurds criticise UN envoy over new committee
Kurdistan orders mass polio vaccination campaign after outbreak in Philippines
Chinese diplomat meets Kurdistan Region PM, says Beijing wants to increase investment in Kurdistan
Russia fumes over Belarus’s refusal to host air base
Kazakh energy minister says Belarus oil deal talks continue
Tajik Opposition Activist Detained In Belarus, Faces Extradition
Stand Up And Be Counted: Ethnic Poles In Belarus Gear Up For Census
Belarus, Which Is Not On TV
African Free Trade Stumbles With Nigerian Blockade of Benin
Switzerland’s first crypto bank reports “overwhelming” demand
Switzerland Just Banned the Egg Industry From Grinding Live Chicks
A Trump Bump Is Turning Up the Heat on Greenland’s Real-Estate Market
Faroe Islands to stage its first ever UEFA finals tournament
Costa Rica will run on more than 98% renewable energy for fifth consecutive year, government says
Burundi, the Forgotten Crisis, Still Burns
‘Climate of fear’ worsens in Burundi
Samoa escapes double red card as it rallies to win against Russia
Hazzaa al-Mansoori, First U.A.E. Astronaut, Launches to Space Station
Oman minister describes role as ‘facilitator’ of diplomacy in turbulent region
Tiny Kingdom of Bhutan Fighting Malaria Epidemic
Malta: Not all EU nations keeping word on migrant-sharing
10 Artists To Watch From Barbados (2019 Edition)
Learning from Barbados, Pittsburgh collective builds local model for Black environmentalism
After Biafra: ‘runboyrun’ and ‘In Old Age
Monuments to Ethnic ‘Heroes’ Spark Divisions in Montenegro
Exhibition: The Basque children: child refugees from the Spanish Civil War
Putin Pledges Continued Support For Separatist Government Of Georgia’s Breakaway Abkhazia
Israel arrests Palestine’s Jerusalem Minister Fadi al-Hadami
Iran’s top general says wiping Israel off map is an ‘achievable goal’
Albania’s endangered Jewish museum celebrates ‘rebirth’
Kurz leans towards Greens after far-right losses in Austria
Guyana to hold key election ahead of first oil
Guinea-Bissau spotlights threats of organized crime, Sahel terrorism in speech to UN Assembly
Czech opposition lawmakers fail in bid to remove president
Imprisoned Azeri Journalist Enters Hunger Strike
What turned Azerbaijan into linchpin of energy diversity, security?
Extradition of Azeri banker’s wife blocked by UK court
Romania Opposes Federal Solution to Moldova’s Transnistria Problem
Uneasy calm hovers over West Papua
20 killed, 70 hurt in protests in Indonesia’s Papua province
The people of West Papua on a quest for right to self-determination
Berber pottery on display at Tunisia’s first ceramics fest
A look at the Tuareg, the Islamic tribe in Africa where men wear veils instead of women
Amazigh Wedding Fest Takes Dating to New Level in Morocco
Gabon receives $150 million to preserve its rainforest
A startling photo of a pistol-wielding senator highlights Haiti’s many crises
Haiti Braces for Fresh Round of Protests Amid Calls for President to Resign
Jamaica’s Williams escapes doping ban
Senior US official issues strong new warning to Myanmar on Rohingya amid growing concern about refugees’ future
Bangladesh to fence in over 30 Rohingya refugee camps to halt their sprawl
Hungary joins Trump’s attack on ‘open-borders’ agenda at UN, says ‘national interest comes first’
Protests flare in Lebanon over dire economic conditions
U.S. launches strike in southern Libya as U.N. warns of escalation
Dozens of construction workers feared trapped in Sierra Leone building collapse
Central African Republic: Three UN peacekeepers killed following helicopter crash
Belgium’s ‘executioner of Raqqa’ demands to be repatriated, tried in Belgium
Gems, Warlords and Mercenaries: Russia’s Playbook in Central African Republic
Car Bombers in Somalia Hit U.S. and European Military Bases
Instead of ignoring abuses of its member states, the EU must defend its citizens’ rights
‘What do you fear?’: Catalan president Quim Torra demands agreed referendum in key parliament speech
Record 8 million visit Barcelona between January and August
Catalan foreign action plan won’t be changed despite threats from Spain
Court rejects Torra’s appeal against order to remove yellow ribbon from Catalan government building
Ahead of verdict Catalan parliament insists on the right to self-determination and seeks amnesty for 2017 referendum leaders
Seven more Catalan independence supporters sent to prison
Arrested Catalan independence supporters face terrorism charges
Catalan parliamentary majority ‘denounces criminalization of independence camp’
Intervention of the Catalan National Assembly
On November 19 Five members of Catalan parliament will face trial for their role in the 2017 independence bid
Catalonia human rights abuses ‘should concern everyone’
President Torra on terrorism accusations: ‘We can’t condemn what doesn’t exist’
Birth rate in Catalonia sees another drop in 2018
Two years since the Catalan referendum: a contested story with its verdict looming
Catalan police head resigns on eve of referendum anniversary
Catalonia Independence Referendum Anniversary: Montserrat shines with 131 peaktop lights symbolizing country’s presidents
Unions calls general strike on October 11 with jailed leaders’ verdict looming
Latest Catalan detentions are part of ‘dirty war’, supporter says
Peaceful protest is apparently now illegal in Spain
Catalonia lights up to mark two-year indyref anniversary
Protests begin around Catalonia to commemorate October 1 vote
Government commits to ‘moving forward’ towards Catalan republic
Russia is About to Get A Close Look at the F-35 Stealth Fighter
Offering Treatment to Tigers and Teddies
‘Just Say Yes’ summit brings community together to address youth substance abuse
2 crypto Ponzi schemes flagged in Mauritius
U.S. issues travel ban for Cuba’s Castro over human rights accusations, support for Venezuela’s Maduro
Russian Foreign Ministry Denies the Soviet Union Occupied Estonia
Tallinn summons Russian ambassador after fighter jet enters Estonian airspace
Latvia at UN: Russia’s disregard of international law cannot be recognized as ‘new norm’
Vilnius ‘adheres with one-China policy: Hong Kong protest is not the new Baltic Way
US army deploying to Lithuania with heavy armour, mechanised troops
Judins: reasonable policy is needed to fix Latvia’s demographic problems
Russian pipeline firm launches anti-EU dispute
Estonian-inspired World Cleanup Day brings together 20 million people cleaning their countries
Over 3000 troops begin exercise Silver Arrow in Latvia
MS Estonia disaster 25th anniversary marked in Tallinn, Pärnu and Võru
Baltic states and Georgia join Ukraine in boycotting Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly
NATO jets scrambled eight times in Estonian, Lithuanian airspace
Lithuania holds 4-day nuclear accident response drill as Belarus’ plant nears completion
Chinese anniversary event in Vilnius attracts protest by Tibet supporters
75 fine cars seized from Equatorial Guinea president’s son go to auction
A Place Where The Opioid Problem Is Upside Down
Athletes feeling the heat at Qatar world championships
Europe to get first Capital of Culture north of the Arctic Circle