2016 09 23 Friday

European Court of Human Rights upholds Kurdish language rights

Excommunicating Saudis? A New Fracture Emerges in Islam

Evidence Of Blatant Violations Calls Into Question Validity Of Elections In North Caucasus

Morocco’s stubbornness, continuing colonization exacerbate Sahrawi refugees’ suffering

Taiwan snubbed by UN aviation agency amid impasse with China

Latvia: Think before you clink

Greek Prime Minister Urges Unity on Migrants

U.S. to boost Haitian deportations, but Haiti may not take them

Slovakia gives 550 scholarships to refugees

Secret report reveals Ericsson is ending all manufacturing in Sweden and cutting 3,000 jobs

Catalonia has the potential to lead the Third Industrial Revolution, says American economist Rifkin

Albania passes divisive law on importing garbage

Syria: Turkey Will Not Join Raqqa Operation If Kurdish Militants Are Involved

Kurdistan: Demirtas calls for national unity as he wraps up Erbil visit

The Kurdish Case, Time for a New Policy

This 19-year-old Chinese pro-democracy leader is one of the most hated men in China

Dalai Lama Returns from Poland

China’s new invasion of Tibet

Belarus: People Are Smiling And Signing For White-Red-White Flag On Massive Scale

Nauru’s President raises West Papua at UN General Assembly!

Marshall Islands raises West Papua at the UN General Assembly!

Baghdad complicates Erbil’s pursuit of justice for Yezidi victims of ISIS

Plaid Cymru founder Saunders Lewis gets Swansea blue plaque

Hungary’s Orbanomics starts to produce rewards

Spanish promotion of regional languages did not breach state aid rules

Fifth of Helsinki region children now of foreign origin

Russia moves missiles to Finnish border


Estonia to push the digital single market in the EU

Indigenous Australians the oldest living civilisation on Earth

European human rights group warns on Azerbaijan constitution

Iceland Ratifies Paris Climate Agreement

Native Americans hit hard by opioid epidemic

Hong Kong’s ‘Pro-Beijing’ Camp Is Imploding From Within

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 2


2016 09 22 Thursday

Bulgaria Celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day in Mali



Putin’s man in Chechnya embraces the new chivalry

Western Sahara: EU expresses “concern,” reiterates support to UN process

Crimea situation needs «firm UN reaction»

Leading Catalan political party tries again to adopt a new name

Hopes for Zoroastrianism revival in Kurdistan as first temple opens its doors

Malta becomes independent, 1964: A police stabbing, a grenade, and when having a gay time was cause for an advert

Iraq’s Regional Decentralisation Debate is Heating Up

Rescued Yazidi sex slaves will face no stigma, leader says

Bid to ensure Welsh is taught as a first language in all schools in Wales

From prisoner to president: Ex-ETA terrorist Arnaldo Otegi sets sights on Basque Country top job

Former ETA Guerrilla Trades Bullets for Ballots in Basque Election

BIAFRA: Rights group writes UN over alleged Buhari’s interference in Kanu’s case

Police arrest 12 pro-Biafran protesters in Enugu

Biafra: President Buhari says small nations have right for independence

Shuttered Factories and Rants Against the Roma

Norwegian editor wants Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to talk censorship after ‘Napalm Girl’ controversy

A Development Bank for Wales could be up and running next summer

EU accepts Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership application

5 Cuban Volleyball Players Convicted of Rape in Finland

20,000 sign petition to legalise gay marriage in Northern Ireland


U.S. House Approves Lethal Weaponry For Ukraine

Kremlin’s double standards on language issues in post-Soviet space continued

How EU firms skirt sanctions to do business in Crimea

Ukrainians ask British PM to punish Graham Phillips for tormenting a mutilated PoW

Crimean Journalist Facing 5-Year Sentence for Opposing Annexation Refused Vital Medical Treatment

7 fires, 7 sacred teachings: Winnipeg students learn about Indigenous values

Federal Bill Seeks First Native American Land Grab in 100 Years

Emojis Created for and by Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

New street signs put Toronto’s Indigenous history front and centre

Brazil Report: Up to 900 Indigenous People Killed in 13 Years

Women’s role in tackling crises should be encouraged – Lithuanian president at UN

Kvirikashvili at UN General Assembly: “Occupation is greatest existing challenge for Georgia”

Georgia’s PM at UN: “We’re proud to rank world’s 5th freest economy”

Almost 8 million tourists to Iceland since 2008

Kardashians’ Iceland May Be Getting Too Hot for Investors

The New Native American Tourism Push


2016 09 21 Wednesday

Annual Armenian Independence Day Festival Draws Over 10,000

Belize: 35 years of Independence



Brittany: Breton-speaking History Teacher Transferred to Paris

Catalonia sees itself as the nation-state of the future

Baltic States inspired Ukrainian people – Obama at UN

Wee Ginger Dug: Indyref2 is coming, the only question is when

Scottish nationalists revive independence campaign, with an assist from Brexit

Sahrawi refugees need more than $ 135

Sahrawi delegation takes part in Human Rights Council 33th session

Students and Nationals of Saint Kitts and Nevis in Taiwan commemorate 33rd Anniversary of Independence

EBRD ready to support Bulgaria’s gas hub plans

Kuwait celebrates International Day of Peace

Libya needs compromise to avoid sliding backwards

Malawi: First Lady Stresses Importance of Educating Girl-Child

Botswana At 50 – the End of an African Success Story?

In Singapore, service comes with robotic smile

Expanding care for refugees in Lebanon and Jordan

Serbia has no capacity to shelter migrants long-term

Slovenia sets sight on educating youth for digital transformation, President tells UN Assembly

Kurdish unity reportedly on agenda as HDP delegation visits Erbil

Kurdistan: Demirtas calls on PKK, Turkish army to put down weapons

Kurds are paying the price of Turkey’s post-coup crackdown

Obama Administration Considers Arming Syrian Kurds Against ISIS

Sinajr should be part of KRG and the UN must send troops to protec Yazidis

‘I’d vote Trump’, says Czech president

Tibet: Two monks sentenced for sharing information on self immolation incident

Support Tibetan Education in India

New centre on Tibet to open in Prague

Tibet once again in the spotlight at United Nations in Geneva

Lech Walesa: Freedom Is Sure To Come To Belarus

Young generation Indonesian students support West Papua for Independence

The Sound of Silence: a short video of the exploitation and ongoing genocide in West Papua

Cook Islands on West Papua: Silence is not an option

Sept. 23 sit-at-home day in Biafra

Skopje Authorities Bulldoze Roma Families’ Homes, Then Ignore Their Plight

Carry on regardless: Italy’s Roma eviction toll tops 300 in August

Forced evictions leave Roma children vulnerable in France

Aboriginal rock art in the Kimberley amongst the oldest in the world

Pipeline Protest Recalls Decades of Native American Environmental Concerns

Native American Protests Against A Pipeline Highlight Environmental Inequality

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall

Kosovo Students Stage Sit-In Around Serbian Orthodox Church

Norway’s ‘now or never’ rate call

Estonia’s President Wants Some Of His Fellow Leaders To End “Naïveté” Toward Russia

Crimean activist fined for ‘extremist post’ 4 YEARS before Russian annexation

Estonia declines Russian invitation to Moscow for bilateral defense talks

Estonia’s next president should aspire to global cyber security leadership

Sleeping Districts: A View of Ukraine and Lithuania

Finland: National Police Board to examine outlawing neo-Nazi groups

How ‘Jewish’ should Israel be?

Meet the world’s most isolated Jewish communities

China Wants You to Forget Ilham Tohti


2016 09 20 Tuesday


Brazil Indigenous Leaders Tour Europe to Spotlight Exploitation

Roma Gypsies Flee to California After Europe Turns More Hostile

Independent Scotland within EU most popular option in constitution poll

Why Sahrawis see more hope in war than in peace

Latvian foreign minister says next U.S. president must combat Russian aggression

Spain revokes exequatur of Latvia’s honorary consul in Barcelona for displaying Catalan flag

15 Years Behind Bars in Eritrea

Lebanon positions itself as hub for Syrian reconstruction

Experts urge Hungary to end ‘benevolent segregation’ of Roma

Erdogan’s purge against the Kurds continues as Turkish police arrest students who have protested against the dismissal of their teachers

Belgian authorities give permission for Kurdish festival after losing appeal

Tibetan language advocate imprisoned after NY Times interview

China is threatening the Dalai Lama after he spoke at the EU parliament

China slams EU over Dalai Lama visit

Belarus activists risk the wrath of Lukashenko over flag

How the UN Failed West Papua

Indonesia appoints convicted murderer as new chief of intelligence

Indonesia using the same tactics in West Papua as they did in East Timor

Austria will be without a president until 2017

‘No matter the price’, Amal Clooney seeks justice for Yazidi sex slaves

Somalia: Serious Concern in Somalia As 5 Million Go Hungry, UN Says

PNV (Basque Nationalist Party) is once again likely to receive more votes than anyone else

Biafra: IPOB to hold mass protest against Kanu’s detention

Ukrainian citizens are a group at risk in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia has a years-long plot to influence Balkan politics. The U.S. can learn a lot from it.

Checnya: Putin ally celebrates winning 98 percent of vote in a full suit of medieval armor

Lafayette eyes Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Baloch Republican Party demonstration at the United Nations in Geneva against Pakistan barbarism in Balochistan

Lhakar. Every Wednesday wear Tibetan, speak Tibetan, read Tibetan, eat Tibetan, buy Tibetan – boycott Made in China!